Friday, 1 June 2018

kash os : Our identity..our baby Love

There she is, the  apple of her father's eye. Wrapped in the labyrinth of two Dora quilts, covered from head to toe with all sorts of winter clothes possible. Only the hands were bare, and that is what seems to have created the trouble for her...He chuckled seeing her  struggling to hold her left pinky finger precisely with her right hand and frowning at her failure.. She was his life.. no matter how tired she was after coming  from shoot, his two angels were enough to de stress him.. They were his de stressing factors, as he fondly called them..

His smile widened moving towards the cot as his eyed caught a better view of the cutest and according to him the HOTTEST baby of the world..Angel Karan Grover..The frown was still visible on her face, so he decided to take  over..Also it had been more than 12 hours he hadn't cuddled his baby jaan in his arms..Now no more wait..

He picked her up very  gently..As soon as she saw her most favorite person, she began to squeal and hop and clap her hands in delight(still wrapped securely in her father's arms).."Hey baby love,how is my princess doing?"he murmured against warm, feathery cheek of the two months old..."Umumumum", she yelled, "Wachchooo...nininihuuuuuu...bishpummm"..Craddling her closer to him, he replied, "dada misshed u too baby pie...I misshed my Angel shooo much...But now dada is back na, I plomish I will make  it up to you..Dada loves hish Angel the mosht.."He gently pecked her tiny nose and finally managed to calm her down..

The duo got busy in their world, unaware of a pair of eyes watching them..Now since daddy was done calming his angel she decided to approach them..As soon as he saw her he spread out one of his hand and invited her to their world, while holding the baby with the other.She happily joined them, and the trio stayed silently in each other's arms, immersed in their world of love...

Finally Angel broke the silence, as her eyes travelled to her teddy lying alone in the bed.."Achkoooo..puchigkaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm" she squealed."

Let her be on the bed, otherwise she will drive the whole house mad with her yell", the woman suggested.He did as she told her, because as much as he loved his baby, he was equally scared of her tantrums.She was truly her mother's daughter..

As the chaos died, he turned back to his wife and pulled her bak in his embrace. lightly kssing her hair.He inhaled the sweet lavender scent of her hair, while she inhaled his masculine cologn. Her head resting on his chest while his chin on her head.She kept rubbing his back, relaxing each of his nerves with her touch.

 "How was your day Karan?", she asked , eyes still closed."

Boring..I hate shooting without you Shona..I cant even remember my lines properly these days. All the time I keep thinking about the two of you. I guess that is why the director has changed my role to a patient who has slipped into coma. Even he has realized that it is better if I  have to act less," he  blabbered, chuckling.

Smiling at his remark Shilpa said, "Even we miss you too Karan".

"When will yoou come back to shoot Shona?", an impatient Karan asked.

Moving her head away from his ches to look at him, Shilpa said amusingly, "I have just given birth Karan, look at my size..Not everyone is as blind as you to find a 60 kg woman highly sexy, Mr. Grover."

"To thats good na, I always say no one can love you more than me. Its you who  never acknowledges it," He pouted.

"You know its nothing like that Karan, I know how much you love me," Shilpa said defiantly and went back to grabbing her position on his chest.

"Right, that is why u haven't given me a single kiss ever since I have come home", he pouted in a melodramatic way, very well aware of the fact that she will catch him.

Realizing her folly, she bit her tongue and quickly kissed him on his chest. Feeling him ease down, she thought of pulling his  leg, This is your house Karan, not the set. So stop this melodrama.", Shilpa said.

Circling his arms around her waist, he sighed." You know Shona, with you around, I never have to act..Whatever character we are roped in, to the audience it is a drama, to the production house it is an act, but for us, they are all true..Hain na?"He murmured against her silky hair.

Instead of saying anything, Shilpa simply moved her head up and hiding her face in the crook of his neck, pecked it softly as her approval.

"Because I can lie to evryone, but not you.I can never hide my selfhood from you.And my biggest identity id that I love you.", He paused.

"Me neither," she looked up to face him..

Smiling, he  continued, " Yes  , and your biggest identity is that you  are Mrs. Shilpa Karan Grover.", Karan said in a smiling yet possessive tone, borong into the pair of almond eyes staring at him with nothing but pure love.

" No, I have only one identity, and only one name, nad that is I am Your Shona, Karan's Shona."Shilpa corrected him.

Smiling, they both got back in each other's arms.As they looked with content at their little angel. Karan whispered, "And we have only one identity,"

"That she is our Angel our symbol of love," Shilpa finished for him.

"Our Baby Love, " they whispered in chorus..


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