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Kash Os : Seedhi Saadhi and Tedha Medha KaSh

 Standing alone in the deserted parking lot she felt eerie. It was already late; on top of that there was not sight of him. Let alone him, no sight of any human being. Only the faint sound of the street guards blowing their whistle reached her eardrums.

Suddenly, a car screeched to halt in front of her, jerking her out of her reverie. Peeping inside, she saw him on the driving seat- fastened securely with the seat belt, hands placed on the steering wheel, gaze fixed at the dark ahead.Without any delay, she got in.

"Why are you late Karan? You came down before me, what took you so long? Do you know how dodgy this place is?" she said indignantly.

"You should have thought that before refusing to come down with me, Shilpa I thought you were busy with your friend," Karan snarled back, air quoting the last word.

"Why are you being so unreasonable Karan? He is just our director. I was saying bye to him,"Shilpa retorted, irritated at her husband for his "unreasonability".

"Fine you know what? Just leave it!" Karan spat.

"That's what I can do at best, "Shilpa murmured, sighing.

Silence dropped between them. Both silently decided to stay mum as further "discussion"would only deteriorate the matter.

One soul trapped in two bodies, one heart beating in two bosoms. Then how can one rest peacefully knowing the other is not okay?

"I have my checkup tomorrow morning. Your shoot starts from early morning, so I have talked to Sakshi. She will take me," Shilpa said, breaking the awkward silence.

"No need, I have already rescheduled my shoot. WE will go TOGETHER for the check up," he said very lovingly, emphasizing on the last sentence. "After all it's our baby, and you are my responsibility. No matter how big a turkey I am, I cannot repudiate from the fact that you both are my life, and I am nothing without you two." Saying this he turned to her and smiled.

Shilpa looked at the face staring at her. He r best friend- turned- love of her life- turned husband, Karan Singh Grover. Whenever he was disturbed about anything, he would blast it off on her, and she would quietly bear the brunt. He knew she would understand him no matter what, and only venting his anger on somebody would calm him down. Shilpa made him promise her that the person would only be her, because according to Karan no other soul could ever understand his anguish.  Everyone always thought him to be an angry young man, because he was amateur at expressing the right emotion. Sounds rude, doesn't it? But that's how there relation was. They never justified their actions to each other, because they didn't feel the need. They were soul mates, and no one knows us better than our souls. She would hug him to calm him down with her soothing words. In return, he would end up saying something he just said; to imply that he is sorry.\they never had any place for sorry for thank you in their relationship. Small gestures would do it for them, as Karan's smile just did. Such was their relation.

Seeing him grinning like an idiot, she smiled back at him, approving his apology. Since he was calm now, she thought of charging him for his act.

"Karan stop the car please, I want to have paani puri," Shilpa said.

"No way Shona. You are expecting now. It's high time you quit your obsession of street food. It's not at all healthy for any of you." Karan said firmly.

"But I am having the cravings now Karan. You know I won't be able to sleep the whole night if I don't have them now." She pouted.

"Okay fine, you and your tantrums are the boss." Saying he turned the car while she gave him that same idiotic grin he gave her a while ago.


"You know whenever we have paani puri like this it always remind me of the ArSh scene where I deliberately made you lose your match."Shilpa giggled while stuffing the paani puri in her mouth.

"Yup, me too," Karan replied curtly.

They had the paani puri more or less quietly.\ Shilpa tried to probe him to speak, but Karan chose to reply in monosyllables. So she waited for them to finish the paani puri chapter.

Sitting between his legs, her back pressed on his chest and his arms wrapped around her, Shilpa sensed Karan's head not placed on hers. He wasn't even nuzzling in her hain.This was unusual.Karan would never lose chance to nuzzle in her neck as she was very ticklish and his favorite hobby was to tickle her. Turning to face him, she tried reading his face. His muscles were tensed, jaws clenched. The naughtiness and mischief that always hid them behind those blue eyes seemed to have disappeared today. She gently placed her head on his chest and heard his heart thumping rapidly.

"Karan what is it bothering you? Ever since I got in the car I could sense something bothering you, please spill out the beans honey. I am there with you. I swear we will make everything work," Shilpa said very sweetly, desperately struggling to look normal.Karan sighed; He hated himself for seeing her like this. Even though she looked serene, only he knew her inner turmoil, thanks to his curt behavior." I can be such a monster at times," he thought.

"Its nothing Shona, please don't stress yourself," he cupped her face and continued, "I was just thinking about something, and ended up spoiling our mood."
"If you know I am stressed, why don't you share it with me?" Shilpa pouted authoritatively.

This was his Shona, his doll. The only soul in the world who has the authority and audacity to charge him. No matter how upset he would be, her childish acts would always make him smile. She was his life, his reason of existence.

"It's something about her director Shona. I don't like his body language when he directs you. Even though the scenes are between us, I always feel he is more interested in doing the scenes with you than me. I know I am sounding illogical and that's why I feared saying these to you. Shona. Can you please maintain a little distance with him? I am not saying to stop interacting with him, but please try to avoid one-to-one discussions with him. Talk to him when others are around you. Shilpa before today I never said anything about your behavior towards any on your male friends or colleagues. It is the first time. I am just concerned about you love, nothing more. I know I am sounding like a chauvinist pig but'" before he could continue he felt her hand on his mouth.

"How could you even think I would think so low of you Karan? I am sorry I never realized anything about that man. But I trust you, I f you are saying something like this, then definitely there must be something. You don't worry. I will be careful from now on. I won't talk to him alone. It will always be with you around. You were upset because of this right? I promise I wont let you down", a determined Shilpa said.

"But Shona, I do not want you to listen to my words blindly. Don't do anything because I told you to. Use your rationale and then take a decision," Karan insisted. "I cannot always be right."

"No Karan. I trust you. I know you can never be wrong when it comes to me," Shilpa tied to convince him.


Cutting him she continued, "I know why you are saying this. You are not bad Karan, neither are you always wrong- I am saying this for the millionth time now. Just because you had dated many girls before me doesn't mean you are bad. Why do you always feel so lowly of yourself? You think I shouldn't trust you completely just because you were a playboy before? So what? I have embraced you with all your follies then who are you to despise yourself? I know you don't trust yourself but at least trust me? You are perfect for me Karan. If you were bad, you wouldn't have been so concerned about me, never loved me to this extent," She stopped, frustration visible on her face she had shoved off his hands from around her long ago, so she was no more in his embrace. She was simply sitting between his legs.

This is something Shilpa could never understand. She couldn't stand Karan thinking so low of himself just because of his past affairs. But seeing Shilpa's clean track record in terms of relationship he couldn't help but think himself inferior to her.

Nevertheless, the fact still remains that he had upset her, and he ought to make up for it. He couldn't piss off his world who trusted him with her soul.  True, she was one of a kind. Otherwise who would instantaneously agree to such an illogical plea? Well, though it sounded utterly rubbish, he knew this was needed. And she knew, if he said so, he can't be wrong.

Hugging her sideways, he mumbled against her feathery cheek, "I didn't know I have married such a seedhi saadhi traditional girl who nods to everything her husband says."

While he was busy nuzzling her hair (yes he was back in form), she took one of his hand and placed it on her tummy. "Promise me you won't ever think such things again,"Shilpa demanded, pouting again.

"Pakka Plomish", came a reply.

Seeing her trying to hide her smile, he pulled her towards him and whispered inn her ear, "Can you please stretch your lips a little more? I love it when you smile, my  seedhi saadhi girl,"

"And I love you always, my tedha medha boy."

Smiling, they closed their eyes as they sat in each other's arms, locked in lifetime imprisonment of love..
Kash Love...

Sacred Shirine

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