Saturday, 2 June 2018

Last Part : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

 I am so happy Riddhima.. after seing the new you i thought i'd lost you.. thankyou for forgiving me and giving me another chance... I.."

His words had been left incomplete as riddhima broke out of the hug and left the room

Riddhima didn't know what to do.. she didn't know anything...Why was Armaan affecting her so much? He was only supposed to be her neighbour after all

She was wandering in the corridors when she bumped into abhi.. but she was deep in thought and continued walking, without even stoping to apologize to the person she bumped into..

"Riddhima what's wrong?"

" huh what.. uhm.. ar... i mean abhi"

" riddhima what happened?"

"uh nothing.. did you see armaan"

" riddhima.. what's wrong? I saw sid entering your cabin and armaan leaving.. now you are

wandering around aimlessly what happened?"

" uhmm.. abhi .. sid.... he... he kinda... asked me to marry him"

" and you said no right?"

" no"

"good.. so when you telling armaan that you love him"

" i did not say no to sid.. i said that i would have.. and armaan left the cabin before i could complete my sentence"

" so what were you gonna say to sid"

" i was gonna say that i would have married him, but i dont think i love him anymore"

 " so who do you love?"

"ar.... uhmm... noone"

"armaan right?"

" ah no.. no.. why do you think so?"

" who are you fooling riddhima.. dont tell me you really dont know...dont you know that you love armaan? Why didn't you like it when nikhita was staring at him? Why were you so lost in him the other day when you arrived? And why are you so bothered now.."

"uhhm... because... I... I"

" you have no answer right? I'll tell you... you are in love with Armaan mallik"


Armaan was in the sanjeevani balcony looking at the moon.. he replayed all the events that had taken place today.. why did she ever say yes.. he hit himself against the mirror when he thought that she still loved him..

Riddhima heard the sound of a glass breaking.. and this time, her heart was asking her to follow the sound and reach the place... she thought of whether it was a good idea.. but this time, she followed her heart and ran towards the balcony"

She reached the balcony and saw something that literally broke her heart into a million pieces

"armaan.. stop that! And i need to talk to you"

" shaadi mubarak"

" armaan.. tumne ye?... 1 sec.. i'll just get first aid"

" sid ki dekhbal karo.. meri chinta chod do na"

" armaan i am not marrying sid.. and have patience for heaven sake.. you're bleeding"

" why do you care riddhima? you said i would have married you.. toh why such formalities?"

" this is the last time i am telling you.. i am not marrying him.. and i care.. i care because you're important to me.. i care because you've done a lot for me and mom.. i care because i've known you for long and have become quite close to you.. i care because I love you"

" I would have believed you had said that some time ago.. but not now.. if you loved me then why exactly are you marrying sid?"


" what are you trying to prove? You yourself said that you would have married him"

"thats right" but this voice came from behind.. they turned to look back, to see abhi and sid?

" thats right armaan.. she said that she would have..but that was not all.. she said she would have if she still loved him.. but she doesn't love him anymore.. her heart belongs to someone else now"

" thats right armaan.. she ran away from me this time.. like the way i ran away from her 3 years ago.. we are not getting married"

 " so you were not lying? You really love me?" armaan asked her, with hope rising within him

"yes armaan.. i was not joking... i really love you"

 " I love you too riddhima.. i love you so much"

--- muskaan ' rahul---

Muskaan : oyye rahul ke bache.. tu phir se mujhse jhoot bol raha hai na.. teri chipkali si girlfriend toh hyderabad ko bilkul pasand nahin karti.. toh woh hyderabad kyun jayengi?

Rahul : woh actually..... tujhe kaisa pata muskaan?

Muskaan : wo maine.. usne mujhe kaha tha

Rahul: tum dono aek dusre se baat bhi nahin karte muskaan.. tujhe kaise pata?

Muskaan : theek hai yaar.. amine teri diary padi thi... woh tune use locker room mein rakh diya tha.. toh usme sab kuch likhava tha.. tere baare mein aur woh chipkali ke baare mein

Rahul (tensed now): tune kaunsi waali diary padi? Brown ya black?

Muskaan : brown thi shayad.. kyun?

rahul : oh thank god.. mein toh dar hi gaya tha.. woh kya hai na.. brown waali aur black mein alag alag cheez likheve hain.. black waali zyada personal hain

Muskaan : woh chod.. tune us chilpkali ko kyun choda?

Rahul : mujhe kisi aur se pyaar ho gaya tha

Muskaan : kisse?

Rahul : chod na yaar abhi.. chod..

muskaan was very curious now.. she went into the locker room when noone was there, broke open rahul's locker and stole the black diary.. she needed to know who this girl was..

She went  into the fire escape and opened the diary... she was shocked to see pictures of hers in his personal diary...

She flipped the pages and turned to the last entry...

Dear diary,

I cannot do this anymore... who am i fooling? Myself? Or her?

I cannot forget muskaan whatever i try to do... whether it is fight with her or hang out with other friends..

The always was and still is the same....I am deeply in love with this junglie


Muskaan closed the diary, when she heard someone open the door and enter the fireescape.. it was none other than rahul...

"no point hiding the diary muskaan.. i saw it"

"haan woh sorry maine tumhari diary phirse padi"

"kya pada tumne?"

" wohi joh tumne mere bare mein likha tha?"

" toh tumne sab padh liya?"

"haan rahul... main sahi thi.. tum aek bade budhu ho.. tumhe abhi tak ye pata nahin chala ke main bhi tumse pyaar karti hoon?"

" really?"

"haan rahul"

Well as they say all's well that ends well Smile... armaan and riddhima got married a year later.. and sid was invited as well, now that he had paid the price for his mistake, he had lsot riddhima forever.... anjali came to india from france for her sister's wedding, and it was love at first sight for her and atul...

muskaan and rahul continue to fight, well it's a habit now..the only difference being that they apologize and make up for their mistake every time.. well after a lot of counselling from riddhima and armaan, abhi finally understood that he loved nikki..

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