Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Last part : The Night Of Confession

As I introduced Neha and Nikhil in the previous update, Nikhil was shown as the highly studious and confused guy and Neha as the fun loving girl. Neha never thought she would actually fall for Armaan, but fortunately or unfortunately ....she did. Neha Verma was totally in love with Dr. Armaan Mallik and she felt that way not because of his good looks and all. She actually loved him for his benevolence, intelligence and selfless nature. She loved the way he took care of his patients and handled their cases with all his capability. Even though he was a doctor, he was fun loving and oh yes...good looking. Basically, Neha viewed Armaan as the perfect man. She had never seen such a man, who was so perfect in everything.....he might not have been perfect for the world but he was perfect for Neha. Armaan also made Neha feel intelligent and motivated to do her best in her education, he was more of an inspiration to her than a lover.

Of course, as Neha liked Armaan, she was curious to know everything about him. Sadly, like everyone she couldn't find out anything about his family. But she did know that Atul and Rahul were his best friends. The fact that ached her heart the most was the she knew that Armaan and Riddhima loved each other. She wasn't blind, it was obvious that Armaan and Riddhima were in love, but she had no regrets about falling in love with Armaan. Her love for Armaan was unconditional and selfless, she knew that she they didn't have a future together, which is why she continued to love him with no demands.

As far as Nikhil was concerned, the studious boy had no intentions of falling in love with anyone with at Sanjeevani. Nikhil didn't fall in love with anyone at Sanjeevani, but he found an older brother in Atul. Even though Nikhil bothered the heck out of Atul, Atul actually admired his curiousity towards the medical field. Atul being a wonderful human being now tutors Nikhil over the weekend.

Finally, the day came when Nikhil and Neha had to part ways with Sanjeevani and their favorites Dr. Atul and Dr. Armaan respectively. Nikhil knew he was going to see Atul again as Atul promised to tutor him, but for the Neha the situation was tough. Even though she knew this day would come, she didn't want to leave Sanjeevani and Armaan. Armaan was always her secret love and she admired Riddhima for being so intelligent and pretty, but somewhere deep down she wanted to be in Riddhima's shoes. Oh well, she had to part ways and the girl was brave enough to say goodbyes without even shedding a tear. The reason Neha didn't want to cry was because she wanted to remember her time with Armaan as joyful and not sad.


Now comes the turn of the lover boy Rehaan Khan and his strict fiance Amna Hussein. Amna finally realized that Rehaan was her prince charming. She had obviously developed feeling for him, but after a few months she started to respect him immensely.

Amna thought that she could possibly never find a guy like Rehaan, who treated her mother like his own and her Aamir as a pal. He was family-oriented, he respected women, he was super good looking, intelligent and most of all he loved her more than he loved himself.

After realizing all these aspect, Amna herself popped the question to Rehaan. Rehaan was taken aback, as a girl was proposing a guy this time, but considering Amna was so head strong, he expected that from her. Rehaan said yes and the couple got married after a month.

After a few months of their marriage, Amna is now expecting twin girls. Rehaan is very excited and oh ya...these days his best friend is Armaan. Rehaan's new mission is to get Armaan and Riddhima hitched ;)

Now back to the DMG and Sanjeevani couples, Atul and Anjali are still on the undecisive note. Atul is madly in love with Anjali, whereas, Anjali doesnt seem to care about his emotions. Here's hoping that Atul wins over Anjali soon.

After finding out that Muskaan used to like Armaan, Rahul helped Muskaan get over Armaan. During this process Muskaan and Rahul have become the thickest of friends. Rahul is still unsure if Muskaan likes him or not. But this time, he has decided to brave and tomorrow he is officially going to ask Muskaan out. Lets wish him all the luck! :D


Finally, to our fav couple Armaan-Riddhima. Apparently Rehaan went to Riddhima's house and talked to Shashank about their love. Now that Shashank knows everything, he talked to Riddhima about it and Shashank agreed to get Armaan- Riddhima married.

Now, at Sanjeevani, Riddhima paged Armaan and asked him to meet her in the fire escape. Riddhima plans on telling Armaan that Shashank has agreed to their relationship.

Riddhima is apprehensively waiting for Armaan...and Armaan enters.

Armaan- Riddhima, tum ne bulaya?
Riddhima- almost in tears....

Armaan- Oh my God, tum roh kyun rahi ho?

Riddhima- Armaan vo Armaan, Rehaan mere ghar aaya that humare rishte ke baare mein papa se baat karne...

Armaan's heart skipped a beat and skin got cold.

Armaan (stammerd)- Aurrr --rr , tumhaare pp-apa ne kya kaha?

Riddhima fakes her cry more...

Riddhima- Papa ne "no" keh diya...unhe humara rishta pasant nahi hai!

Of course, Riddhima is only scaring Armaan.

Armaan- Oh no, ummm ab hum kya karenge?

Riddhima- main tumse shaadi nahin kar sakti....

Armaan felt nauseous.

Armaan (eyes started getting teary)- theek hai, phir ya phir to humari shaadi hogi nahin toh mein tumhare bina nahin jee paaoonga....

Riddhima covered his mouth with her hand....

Riddhima- Armaan! Aisa mat kaho..mein toh bas mazak kar rahi thi. Armaan!! papa ne "haan" kehdi hai!! Armaan, papa said "yes"!!

Armaan and Riddhima both started tearing up..

Armaan- Oyyee Hoyee, basket. Yeh jhoot toh tumhe bahot mehenga padega.

Armaan had the naughtyness in his eyes. Armaan leaned over to kiss Riddhima.

Understanding Armaan's intentions...Riddhima ran outside the fire escape and Armaan followed her.

As Armaan ran after Riddhima around the hospital, Asmaani Rang Ho played in the background.

AR will get married in 6 months

And everyone lived happily ever after....




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