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Part 1 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

Loud music, crowded place filled with girls and boys as they move to the beat. They were enjoying the night without caring about the time. Some where just dancing while, others got drunk and tried to keep themselves on their feet not being aware with whom they were dancing.
As the night went on, more people kept moving in to join the fun whereas some were just sitting around and watching the fun. Some people were here to enjoy their night, whereas some were here to forget their tensions and struggle in life.

G1: Common dude, lets shake legs on the dance floor. Puri raat yaha baithke peena ka plan hai kiya?
A Guy said joining the one who was sitting by the bar and drinking one after another shot.
G2: Rahoool Grewaaal... Yaha... Aur karne koh... Hai kiyaa...?
The Guy sitting by the bar asked as he finished god knew how many shots.
R: Kitne shots liye isne?
Rahul asked looking at the waiter behind the bar.
W: Sir woh...
The Waiter was cut by the guy with a drink in his hand.
G2: Arey... Usse kyun puch rahe ho... Mujhse puchna...
R: Armaan Mallik, mind telling how many shots you already had?
A: Chill buddy, itni bhi nahi chadi ke me apne hosh kho dun.
R: Armaan, yaar tu...
Rahul was cut off by Armaan...
A: Kitni baar kaha hai, mera naam zor zor se mat pukaar. Ladkiyon ke attention mere taraf hojaate hai.
R: As if u don't get enough attention from grils and give yours to them, bhulo mat ke tum kiya karne aaye ho yaha.
Rahul whispered the last part, so that only Armaan could hear him.
A: Yaad dilane ki zaroorat nahi hai tujhe, kyunki me bhula nahi hun aur na kabhi bhulunga, samjhe!
Armaan said pointing towards him.
R: Armaan tu...
Rahul started again but was again cut off by Armaan.
A: I know, trust me. I am not drunk. Aisa koi cheez hi nahi hai, jo mere hosh uda de.
R: Tu pakka...
Rahul started but stop midway seeing Armaan giving him a deadly look, which meant he is truly in his character, he is sober and not drunk.
A: Tu apna kaam karna jaake, mujhe mat bata mujhe kiya karna hai aur kitni peeni hai.
Armaans voice turned into an serious one, isntead of the drunken one.
R: Chill, darate kyun ho yaar...
Rahul patted his back and showed a peace sign to him. Armaan gave a stern look to him which made Rahul run away from his sight, very well knowing that if he stood for even a mere second longer, than Armaan would surely punch him black and blue. Armaan watched Rahul leave and then turned back towards the bar, where he noticed that the waiter was starring at him with confusion.
A: What? Aise kiya dekh rahe ho?
W: Sir woh, abhi kuch der pehle to aise lag raha tha ke aapko bohot nasha hai, lekin ab...
Waiter stopped not knowing what more to say. Armaan smiled very well knowing what he must be thinking, smirking as they didn't know the trick he used to not to get drunk too much so that he could lose his sense. Armaan signed through his fingers for the waiter to come closer. A little bit unsure the waiter moved ahead, bending over the counter so he could hear what Armaan was going to tell him.
A: It's my secret, main kyun bataun kissi koh? Common, give me one more.
Armaan winked at him for being able to hide his trick so easily.
W: Are you sure Sir, aapko charr jayegi
A: Aisi koi sharab nahi hai, jiko peekar Armaan Mallik ke hosh udjae
W: Sharab to teek hai Sir, lekin jo sharab nahi kar paati woh ladkiya zaroor kar deti hai
A: Jab sharab Armaan Mallik ka hosh uda na sake toh aisi koi ladki nahi hai is dhuniya mein jo Armaan Mallik ke hosh udae
Armaan took the drink, the waiter served him and gulped it down in one go. Suddenly the music went off making everyone groan but a spot light got their attention as a girl stood over a table with her back towards them. Some people were cheering to her as she opened her hair letting it fall on her back, hiding her revealed back as she wore a sexy black fitted sequin embellished sleeveless short dress which ended up to her upper thigh.
As almost everyone was cheering her, Armaan looked towards the girl as the music started and she started to move her body seductively making some guys hooted and some started to scream like crazy. As the guys started to get crazy seeing the girl, Armaan just rolled his eyes and turned his back towards her as the song started. But the lyric oft he song caught his attention, which made Armaan to turn back and watch the show.
(Guyzz do listen to the following song)
Sau Taha Ke from Dishoom
Kal subah sochenge jo aaj raat kiya,
Kal subah gin lenge saari galatiyan.
Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi
(Girl was sensually moving her body and her fingers on face, hands and bare legs... Some guys were drooling over her while others were just cheer to her for taking the dare with her sensual dance)
Kal subah chale jayenge hai ghar jahaan.
Kal subah bole jo bhi bolega jahaan.
Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi
(Some were having fun watching the girl dance while others were just going crazy and drooling over her as they tried to move closed to her but some were just standing protecting the girl as they danced to the beat along with the girl. Girl winked to the guys near the table and turned her back towards them. Next second, she let herself fall backwards and two guys catches her before she could fall on the ground)
Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le lu.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.
(Guys went crazy seeing her fall, she stood on her legs and again she started to move her body to the beat. Girl bite her lips giving a sexy look to the guys around her, she moved to some guys who were just staring her with lust in their eyes as they want to touch her to feel the warmth of her sexy body)
Tu kahe toh jaan de doon.
Kehne mein harz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai
(Girl move around the place and reach to the bar counter, she move towards Armaan as he was the only one sitting enjoying the drink without giving any attention to her when she was entertaining the whole place by her sexy dance moves. So to get Armaan attention, she turn Armaan around and let her body weight over him with her hands around his neck)
Baahon ko baahon mein de de tu jagah.
Tujhse toh do pal ka matlab hai mera
(Armaan who was all this time sitting with his back towards the crowd got shocked to see a girl so close to him. Before he could understand what was happening, he had the girl in his arms as his hands automatically went around her waist as she let her weight on him. Armaan was about to push her away but when his eyes caught those hazel attractive orbs, he got lost in them)
Tere jaise hi mera bhi dil khudgarz sa hai
Tere jaise hi mera bhi dil khudgarz sa hai
Tu kahe toh jaan de doon
Kehne mein harz kya hai
(Armaan got lost as he didn't realize when his heart skipped a beat. Armaan saw the girl so close up and it seemed like he was hypnotized by the beauty, who suddenly appeared from nowhere in his arms. Seeing Armaan's lost expression, girl moved her fingers sensually on his jawline making a current pass through his veins as her other hand was still around his neck)
Sau tarah ke rog le loon
Ishq ka marz kya hai
So tarah ke rog le lu
Ishq ka marz kya hai
(When Armaan didn't react to her touch and kept staring at her, she thought to do something more to bring him out from his trance. So she moved her face close to his, making his eyes shut down feeling her warm breath on his cheek. Girl moved her fingers, sensually on his throat and down to his well built chest to feel the strong muscles as his shirt first three buttons were left open as she rubbed her softness on his hard chest)
Kal subah tak jhoota bhala pyar kar
Kal subah tak jhooti batein char kar
Tu mera abhi, ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi
(Girl moved her lips near Armaan's lips, making Armaan loose his sense feeling her so close, A girl, who was attracting him towards herself like a magnet, like he was just waiting for someone like her all life long. Armaan's eyes were still closed but they opened when he felt her breath suddenly leaving his skin as she turned around and pressed her back on his chest, pulling his hands on her hips as she moved to the beat)
[ Arabic ]
Tu kahe toh jaan de doon
Kehne mein harz kya hai
(Being lost, a smile formed on Armaan's lips as the girl was dancing in his arms like they would know each other since years. As now her back was towards him, Armaan tried to get a glimpse of her but before he could turn her around to face him, she moved out of Armaan's hold as she danced through the place to join her friends back)
Sau tarah ke rog le loon
Ishq ka marz kya hai
So tarah ke rog le lu
Ishq ka marz kya hai
Armaan kept staring at the girl as she laughed and danced with her friends, he didn't know how long he kept staring at her with a slight smile on his face. Seeing that beautiful smile on her lips, his own smile wasn't leaving his face as if his life depend on that single smile. Only because she was smiling too.
Being unaware of Armaans gaze, the girl was dancing crazily with her friends but soon got tired and moved to the table which they had occupied for the night. As she sat down, she called a waiter to bring a cocktail as she was feeling thirsty. She took of the high heels she was wearing as her feet were hurting because she was wearing them from a long time. Girl massaged her feet as she looked around to the crowd to see her friends dancing crazily as if their day has just started.
Smiling how crazy her friends could be sometime, she wait for her drink to arrive and when it came she left her feet and started to drink it taking small sips. It was than, her eyes fell on Armaan who was sitting near the bar still gazing towards her without blinking his eyes.
Girl smirked seeing Armaan's expression, very well knowing that how much her sensual dance had affected him as she made him the main target. True, she was dancing for just the dare given by her friends but she was in her sense that with whom she was getting so close to.
Knowing she would get many looks from the guys around her, she moved her eyes back to her friends as one of the girl came being tired as well as it was almost 1 in the midnight. Seeing the biggest party queen is tired, girl knew it would be better for them to leave for the night.
G: The Anjali Sharma got tired? Not so usual...
The girl teased looking at her tired friend.
An: The Miss I-Am-Not Sexy makes the guys go crazy? Not so real too right.
Anjali winked at her bestie.
G: Of course, I still believe that i am not sexy at all...
An: U wouldn't accept that u are sexy?
G: Never...' Girl said as she finished her drink in one go...
The girl finished her drink and then she decided to leave and the girl searched for her purse.
G: Ab party queen tak gaye hai toh, I think we should head back home
An: Common, abhi toh party shuru hui hai aur tum abhi jaane ki baat kar rahi ho?
G: Darling, its 1 am. Mujhe kaam pe jaana hai and I don't want to get drunk and wake up with an hangover tomorrow.
An: I wish tomorrow we wouldnt have to work.
G: Sorry darling, your wish is not granted. So let's move out, I will drop you all before heading back home.
An: Yeah sure, you get your car. I will get the rest of the party freaks.
G: Ok, come soon.
The Girl left and Anjali moved in the crowd to call their friends and soon she was dragging two guys with a girl as they were laughing being drunk. They were making fun of the song which was playing now as they didn't actually understand the meaning of the lyrics of the song.
While Anjali was having a hard time handling her drunken friends, Armaan came back in search of the girl who was dancing getting every single guy attention. For a moment, Armaan left the bar to attend a call which he couldn't ignore but when he came back he could not find the girl.
As Anjali was with the girl when Armaan left, he saw Anjali in the crowd trying her best to get her friends off of the dance floor but they were giving her a hard time. Armaan knew, he had to ask her about her friend, else he would not be able to ever find that girl again. Armaan stopped in front of Anjali.
A: Excuse me..
An: Yes?
A: Woh, mujhe aapki friend ke baare mein puchna tha.
An: Koan?
A: Jo dance kar rahi thi na, uska naam jaan na hai.
An: Oh woh...
Before Anjali could say anything, she was interrupt by her mobile as it was buzzing flashing her friends name as she was waiting for them in the parking zone. When her friends kept dancing and laughing, Anjali spoke a little louder making them scared and obey her as obedient kids. She looked back at Armaan.
An: Sorry I have to go.
A: It's fine but can you tell me her name?
Before Anjali could answer, she was dragged by her friends outside. Armaan sigh, seeing Anjali was in hurry and left without answering him. Not knowing what to do now, how to get some information about the girl? That girl was making him restless.
Checking the time, Armaan thought to leave as now it was past 1am. So just being helpless, Armaan turned around to be faced by Rahul, who had a smirk on his face as if he has caught him doing something he shouldn't and hasn't done till now.
Seeing Rahuls expression, Armaan knew Rahul must have heard his conversation with Anjali. So to avoid any questions from him, Armaan moved to the bar counter to pay the bill before making his way out of the place as now the place seems empty with just one persons absent. Now they both were by the counter. Rahul was smirking as Armaan was still avoiding his eyes.
R: Common Dude, don't even think I would let you go so easily.
A: Why would I avoid you Rahoool, I am just heading back home. Are you coming or you have other plans.
R: Of course I have other plans, tum jao. I will leave after another hour or so...
A: Ok, meet you later
Armaan turned around to leave but stopped when he heard Rahuls voice.
R: Waise, uski naam pata chala...
Armaan stopped hearing Rahul's question and not feeling the teasing sound in his voice he knows Rahul was actually taunting him for not being able to get information about that girl. So grinning as Armaan has his answer ready for Rahul, he turned around knowing his answer would shut him for the moment.
A: Abhi nehi toh baad mein sahi, main toh pata kar rahunga uska naam. Kyunki Armaan Mallik, itni aasaani se chodte nahi kissi koh.
Armaan left leaving Rahul to think what must be going in his mind because he could feel the determine in his voice and if Armaan decided he would do anything, than by crook or hook he would do it. Knowing he can't do anything, Rahul just stood as Armaan exist the place thinking about the girl.
Hello Friends and Readers...
Here you got the first part of the story...
Really hope that you will like it...
With Lot's of Love,
Rihoo & Amna...

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