Friday, 22 June 2018

part 10 : The Night Of Confession

Rehaan was in awe of Amna, it was def love at first sight. Sadly, Amna didnt't show any importance towards him, but Rehaan had the magic to win her.

Rehaan- So, what kind of doctor are you..?

Amna- Oh, apne to kaha tha ki aapne mere baare mein bahut kuch suna hai....lekin aap ko to yeh bhi nahin paata ki main ek General Practioner hoon...very sad...

Rehaan ( to himself )- OoOo..attitude huh? chalo apki yeh ada bhi hume pasand aayi.

Rehaan- Oh I'm sorry I guess...apne nahin poocha ke main kya karta hoon?

Amna (sarcastically)- Ji..aap kya karte hain...?

Amna rolled her eyes while asking him the question sarcasticallly..

Rehaan- Biomedical Engineer.

Amna (to herself) - Hmmm..Biomedical Engineer, matlab yeh utna bewakoof nahi hai, jitna ke dikhta hai. But , wow Biomedical Engineer ..quite impressive.

Amna did admit that she was quite impressed with his occupation, but he was also flirting with her, and flirting was something she detested.

Rehaan- Vaise apko kabhi kisi ne bataya hai ki..laal rang aap pe bahut sundar lagta hai...?

Amna (giving him a disgusted look)- Flirt karne ki koshish kar rahe hain?

Rehaan (giving a naughty smile)- Koshish nahin...main toh khule aam flirt kar raha hoon.

Listening to what Rehaan had said...Aamir (Amna's brother) cracked up and Rehaan laughed with him. Aamir was 15 years old and he was def old enough to understand what Rehaan and Amna were talking about.

Amna was about to walk away from Rehaan and Aamir ,when

Rehaan called out.

Rehaan- Aye,Doctor..kal aap free hai?

Amna- Matlab?

Rehaan- Matlab ke kal raat...aap mere saath dinner par chalengi?

Amna was surprised by Rehaan's straight-forwardness.

Amna (nervously)- kal main...ummm mujhe kal hospital main long hours karne im sorry

Shahida (Amna's mom) heard Amna lying. As Amna was the only one working in the household, Shahida had Amna's whole work schedule memorized. Shahida recalled that tomorrow Amna gets off from work at 7pm.

Shahida- Amna, beta tum bhool rahi ho. Kal tum 7 baje hospital se nik logi.

Amna couldnt believe her Ammi!!

Amna- Uh vo ammi...

Rehaan- Great! toh phir ....i'll pick you up tomorrow at 8! Cool?

Everything happened so quickly that Amna couldnt come up with an excuse.

Amna (all confused)-

Rehaan had a huge smile on his face....even though the date was kinda forced, but still atleast his magic was kinda working on Amna..!

After the Khan family left. Amna couldnt believe what she had gotten herself into!

Amna (to herself)- aaj mera din itna acha jaa raha tha! un interns ko sabak bhi sikhaya aur hospital main bhi din acha gaya...lekin phir yeh Rehaan Khan??!?!?! Yeh kab aur kaise hua?! Sab ammi ki galti hai! unhe har waqt mere nikaah ki chinta rehti hai! Uffffff!

Amna- Ammi! aap aisa kyun kar rahi ho?

Shahida- Main kya kar rahi hoon?

Amna- Ammi bano mat...main..main vo Rehaan ki baat kar rahi hoon. Apko paata hai ki mujhe in sab baaton main koi interest nahin hai..aur..

Shahida- Aur...aur mera kya? Tujhe in sab baaton mein interest nahin hain, lekin main un saare armaano ka kya karoon jo tere abbu ne kayee saal pehle tere nikaah ke liye sajaye the? Amna, tujh jaise beti sab ko naseeb nahi hoti. Tu independant hai, educated hai, itni badi doctor hai, lekin tere abbu to tujhe dulhan ke roop main dekhna chahte the naa?

Thinking about her mother's words and her emotions, Amna got very emotional. She loved her dad very much and obviously still missed him

Amna had tears in her eyes..thinking about her dad.

Shahida- To tu kal Rehaan ke saath..?

Amna (interrupted Shahida) - Haan ammi...main Rehaan ke saath zaroor jaoongi.

Without a doubt the only reason Amna had approved her date with Rehaan was because of her mom and dad. Even if she would marry anyone, it would be only for the sake of her parents and not because of love; fortunately or unfortunately destiny had other plans for her :)

At Armaan's house.

Armaan was packing very reluctantly, before packing he had talked to Riddhima on the phone and he wanted her to come see him before he leaves, but she couldnt as her naani and dad...both were home.

The worst part was that Armaan didn't even know about how long he was supposed to stay at Lonavla. And also he had great memories with Riddhima from Lonavla. This time around he would have to bum around the little town, all by himself :(

Armaan packed his usual different colored shirts, daily supplies and also the DMG photo frame that had the most beautiful picture in it. The picture of him and Riddhima from the Dandiya function. Armaan was finally done packing at it was about 2 am, he had to get to bus stand at 4.30. So uh yeah..only 2 hours of sleep.

At the Gupta's residence.

Riddhima def couldnt sleep, she kept staring at her watch. As if she was monitoring time for Armaan.

Riddhima- Hmm...2 baj rahe hain. Armaan ki packing ab tak ho gayi ho gi.

Again and again she kept thinking about Armaan leaving tomorrow. How was she going to manage without him?

Everyday she will long to be in Armaan's strong arms... Just the thought of their separation gave her chills. She had to do something. Riddhima got up from her bad and headed towards the study table and started writing something on a piece of paper.

At Armaan's house.

Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tack Tick Tack!!!!!!!!

The evil alarm rang! Armaan opened his eyes and it was 4 am. Time to get up from the bed and get ready.

By 4.30 sharp, Armaan was at the bus stand waiting for his bus.

He literally was half asleep when he heard a very very very familiar voice. The voice got louder every time he heard it. Armaan looked on his right and saw Riddhima running towards him, while screaming "Armaaaaaaaaaaan! Armaaaaaan!"

**Asmaaani Rang Ho** starts playing in the background

Armaan now had a painful smile on his face. Somewhere deep down, he knew that Riddhima would come and she did.

Riddhima- Armaan..Armaaaaaan!

Riddhima made it to where Armaan was standing. Armaan kissed her forehead.

Armaan- Mujhe pata thi ki tum zaroor aogi!

Just when he said that Riddhima bursted out crying. She hugged him tightly and cried. All through yesterday,

Riddhima pretended to be all strong, but that was all an act to keep Armaan strong.

Riddhima (sobbing like a little girl)- Armaan...mat jao.

Armaan- Maine kaha tha mujhe Dr. Keerti se baat karne do. kaha tha na..

It was 4.55....Armaan and Riddhima only had five minutes and then Armaan would leave for Lonavla.

It was kinda the opposite now, this time around Armaan was strong as he d wasn't crying and was actually trying to soothe Riddhima.

Riddhima was still holding Armaan tightly with tears in her eyes and with her eyes shut.

Armaan- Riddhima, meri bus aane vali hogi....

Riddhima finally let go of him and wiped her tears...and got out something from her purse. It was a letter.

Armaan- Yeh kya hai?

Riddhima- Letter. Tumhare liye. Lekin isse abhi mat padna. Isse tab padna jab tum bus mein hoge. Promise me.

Armaan (trying to make the situation lighter)- Ooooh. Toh Dr.Basket ne mere liye letter likha hai. Wow, I'm
honored hahah

Riddhima- very funny.

Armaan- Just playing. Theek hai, main isse bus mein hi padoo ga..happy?

Finally the evil bus came. Riddhima saw the bus and started crying, but then she didn't want Armaan to see her like that, so she started smiling as well. She was basically crying and smiling at the same time.
Armaan kissed Riddhima's hand, picked up his luggage and got on the bus. Riddhima waved him goodbye and just when he was about to get inside the bus, Riddhima kissed the ring that Armaan had given her.

The bus and Armaan were both finally out of sight.
Standing at the bus stand..Riddhima said.

Riddhima- Main tumhara intezaar karoongi Armaan.

It was now five in the morning and Amna's alarm rang.

Amna yawned and finally woke up.

Amna thought about the meetings, activities and tortures that she had planned for the interns.

Amna- Ab tak shyaad saare interns ko pata chal gaya hoga ki Dr. Amna Hussein kya cheez hai. Dr. Armaan Lonavla pahoch ne waale honge. hahahah aur baki ke interns mera intezaar kar rahe honge.

And thats when Rehaan came to her mind and she remembered that tonight he was going to pick her up for dinner tonight. Was she looking forward to the dinner? Def not.

Armaan was on the bus and he was super eager to read the letter Riddhima had written for him. Armaan opened the envelope and started reading..........

Dearest Armaan,

Main jaanti nahin ke main yeh letter kaise shuroo karoon. Kya main yeh bol kar shuroo karo ke main tumse is pure jahaan mein sabse zyaada pyaar karti hoon? Ya yeh bol ke shuroo karoon ke jab tum mujhe dekhte ho, to mujhe lagta hai ki main is duniya ki sabse khoobsurat ladki hoon? Ya phir yeh bol kar shuroo karoon ki main tumhe bahut miss karoongi..? Lekin I'm sure ke tum yeh baatein already jaante hoge.

Main khush toh nahin hoon ki tum Lonavla jaa rahe ho, lekin main mujhe is baat ki khushi hai ki Dr. Amna nai tumhe aur sirf tumhe chuna tha Lonavla jaane ke liye..! why? beacause you're special :) Remember, main chahti hoon ki tum duniyaaaa ke sabse bade doctor bano!!!!
Tum shayaad soch rahe hoge ki main tumhe letter aise likh rahi hoon jaise ki tum kisi war main ladne jaa rahe ho!!! Lekin yeh jo ek saal maine tumhare saath bitaya hai vo meri zindagi ke sabse khushi bhare lamhein the. Is ek saal main tumne kabhi apna pyaar mujhe par force nahi kiya, humare beech bas pyaar yuhi ho gaya.

Ab jab tum Lonavla jaa rahe ho, to main tumhe miss to karoongi, lekin tumhari di hui ring mujhe humesha tumhare vaade ke baare main yaad dilayegi!!!

Toh Dr. Armaan Malik, aap jaldi se duniyaaaa ke sabse bade doctor ban jaye kyunki koi hai jo apke ek vaade ke liye jee raha hai!

Someday, I know that you will fulfill your promise! I am waiting. Love you ?

                                                                                     yours && only yours

                                                                             Riddhima "Basket" Gupta :)

Armaan had tears in his eyes but again the letter was so sweet that it also made him smile. Just like Riddhima, with tears in his eyes and with a slight smile on his face Armaan said...
Armaan- "duniyaaaaaaaa ka sabse bada doctor" aur duniyaaaaaaaa ki sabse sweet ladki.heheheh I'll miss you Riddhima......


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