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part 13 : With U

Part 13: Delicious


 A whole lotta fun on the engagement

Anjali jealous of Nikki, atul's friend

 Rahul and Muskaan have a veryyyyyy close moment

AR sweetness with a whole bitterness

Oh baby if you find I'm not the loving kind,
I'll buy you flowers; I'll pour you wine,
Do anything to change your mind.
I know you may be disinclined,
To find the love we left behind,
So kiss me then make up your mind,
I'm not the loving kind

As she slowed the music down, she walked out of the bathroom wearing a towel around herself, as she saw her sister doing the same, but she was on the bed, still undressed with a towel around her aswell. She loved this song, Girls aloud one of Uk's best girl bands and this new song really hit them off good

She looked sad today, no wonder she would. After yesterday she always was, things would have been so nice if she wouldn't have doubted him, after that very night everything changed from a good day to the most horrible day ever.

More things were making sense now, love didn't exsit in this world now days, only hatred and the hatred form him was the worse she could ever seen. She wanted to be with him, she wanted to say the 3 words that she's alwys been waiting for. Ever in their entire life they never confessed their love, they went out but never said anything to anyone and the main thing was they didn't have a kiss ever..... she wanted him now, she wanted to feel him, his lips were just gorgeous to her.

Nothing's changed, and nothing could changed his mind in one night.

Looking around she sat on her bed as she saw her sister singing through the song, it was one of her favourite's too

Making her way to the window she sat on the but that was sticking out off the window. Did life had to be soo hard? That was one of her questions that she could never get answered. Didn't love mean anything to him? Didn't he feel the love?? Why shouldn't he forgive me?? Nothing could change his mind once set its always there. She sat there closing her eyes listening to the song lyrics as the filled the room, wholey into the form. She made sure she wouldn't be disturbed.why were things going the wrong way just for once can't things be great. No i guess.....

Somewhere on a Monday morning,
In a rush hour of another day,
Standing on a crowded platform, carelessly we lost our way.
Sometimes I watch you when you're sleeping,
I wonder what you're feeling,
Both wide awake and dreaming, of yesterday.

Oh baby if you find I'm not the loving kind,
I'll buy you flowers; I'll pour you wine,
Do anything to change your mind.
I know you may be disinclined,
To find the love we left behind,
So kiss me then make up your mind,
I'm not the loving kind

The song kept on but came to a utter stop but her mind was still racing with question. YES? OR NO?

'Hmmmm chale' a voice interepted her thought

Ridhima jumped up as she saw her sister sititng there thinking to herself aswell, but she was still in her towel

Riddz: di lets change first

Anji: hmmm yeah come on

Riddz went to change while anji stayed outside in the room and change

'Do i love atul??? It can't be his a friend na? But then why do i hate that chikki so much oops i mean that nikki so much. Pata nahi kya ho raha hai? Lekin joh kuch bhi hoga acche ke liye hoga' anji thought as riddz walked out wearing jeans and a tight silver top

Ridhima walked out and looked at her sister dressed in a short purple dress with dark purple high heels shoes. Making her way to the dressing table she sat down on the chair and looked in the mirror, she could see anji staring out of the window, things were getting complicated now. Either she gets him or she lose him!!! And ridhima wasn't the one who was going to lose before even getting up there and giving a chance. She smiled to herself, she wasn't gettign beaten by a jerk who wasn't ready for challenge, well now she was going to give her a challenge. If she wanted him, she's gotta get him!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking the eyeliner in her hand, she put dark black eyeliner in her eye. Anji knew now that whatever it was about her and atul she'll be happy she won't think about it and now was the time to go out there and tell everyone that she didn't care what anyone said she'll do what she wants to do. And this nikki's a got to go girl,even if i haven't got anything with atul, i don't care but this girl has got to go. NO MATTER WHAT.

Ridhima looked at her sister smiling and wearing eyeliner. Ridhima took the silver eye shadow and lashed it down on her top of her eyes. She looked gorgeous now, grabbing the pink lip gloss, she glossed her lips as she saw her sis doing the same thing. Anji and ridhima were going different ways but aiming for the same; anji for getting atul away from her mind and nikki away from him and ridhima for getting armaan near her and making him hers for life. Both their aims are the boys..... no matter what happened now. It was either today or never. And they both pick what's the best for them

Ridhima picked up her silver purse and anji picked up her purple purse

Looking at each other their smiles were enough to know that today was a beatiful day. The song still continued as they both sat in their car and raced to sanjeevani with a great big smile on thier face. She wanted him and she wanted to get rid of him. 2 different wished but 2 the same people

I'm not the loving kind,
I'm not the loving kind

Oh baby if you find I'm not the loving kind,
I'll buy you flowers; I'll pour you wine,
Do anything to change your mind.
I know you may be disinclined,
To find the love we left behind,
But kiss me then make up your mind,
I'm not the loving kind.

I'm not the loving kind,
I'm not the loving kind

As they both came to a stop right in front of sanjeevani hospital. Anjali and ridhima both looked utterly beautiful today it just wasn't from their looks taht all the boys were giving but it was also the happiness which was coming right from the heart. Picking up their purses and puting them over the shoulder and then landing on the other side, anji looked in the mirror from her purse. Ridhima turned to god and said a small prayer as the both walked in, while everyone was just staring at them. Step by step they walked in, both happy in days love wasn't the thing that could happen so easily but ridhima knows that if it happens, the first love always give u pain than all the other one's.

Nurse: kitni khoobsurat lag rahi hai na?

Nurse 2: haan, kissi ki nazar na lagge

Ridhima and anjali heard this and looked at each other. Anjali winked at her and walked on until they were near the lockers

They both steped in the locker room, armaan, atul, muskaan and rahul were there just staring at the girls who were laughing as they walked in

Muski: ohey, ajj kal tum dono intni pyaary kab se?

Riddz: kyun phele hum pyaary nahi thi kya????? (teasing)

Muski: arre meine-

Anji: hum bas mazak kar rahi thi

Ridhima laughed as she came to the locker, she saw armaan's gaze. The world was coming down, every gaze that he gave her it was ridiculas, she shoudln't have felt this way. But everytime he looks at her, its like their together and no one else is there beside them, its just them 2 and no one else.

Anjali, atul, muskaan and rahul were talking about how fun it was yesterday. Anjali stayed right away from atul, she didn't even bring the topic about nikki

Ridhima was still by her locker, she couldn't do anything cause armaan was right beside her. Even though he wasn't so close, ridhima had shovers going right through her. He came closer and closer, he was now right behind her. Ridhima turned around and she was shocked to see armaan just an inch away from her, ridhima looked around and realised that anjali, atul muskaan and rahul left ages ago and she didn't even remember. There was no one there now except armaan and ridhima.

Armaan came even more closer, ridhima backed against the her locker, she had no space to escape.

'Plz don't let the same thing happen to me as it happened yesterday' she prayed

Armaan's body was pressing against her's. It was like a heavy truck laid on her.

Ridhima: armaaaaaaaaaan plz

Armaan didn't say anything back, his hands went to her face. Skimming down her cheek, to her shoulder and then down her arm. Ridhima gasped at his every touch, it was drving her totally crazzy to death. But when armaan's hand came to a stop by her fingers, he put something in them. Ridhima looked at him questioningly, she looked in her hand and found her heart shaped chain........................ her chain????????

That night. That night when they both first met, on the ball and she dropped her chain and her earings. He gave her earings back but not her chain and now here he was giving back the thing that he treasurred the most. Giving up. Giving it all back, like nothing really happened.

Nothing else was said, he just looked at her. Ridhima's eyes were no welling up, before she could cry armaan's left, without saying anything and now there she stood knowing that whatever that happened 9 months ago was nothing to give. Plain nothing. No love was there and now no life.

Closing her eyes, ridhima took a deep breath and left the locker room.

Walking down the corridoor, ridhima remembered all the memories she and armaan had shared, but now could it be all over.

All the interns stood there, in front of Dr kreeti as she just stood there telling them what to do.

Dr kreeti: Ok interns, it's been 9 months since you've been here and now's time that you guys should have a test

All the interns moaned, ridhima knew that today couldn't be good at all.

Dr kreeti: i'm sorry, lekin yeh test mere haath mein nahi hai, yeh test dr shashank gupta dekh lenge, usko yeh janna hai ki app sab kiss level pe hai Ok.

As Dr kreeti gave them a test on each patient and how they should be treated, they all had to write a report of each patient that they took care off. It was a hard day seiously for all them and now the good thing was that they got let out early because of prachi's mehendhi.

As all of them went home really tired, muskaan was going to fall off in a few minutes if rahul didn't come in the right time and get the hold of her as the both walked to his car and went off.

At prachi's house

All the girls were sitting around, playing singing and dancing

As prachi, anji, muskaan and ridhima sat around and nikki was there aswell because nikki was prachi's cousin.

Muski: ohey prachi, kal rath tumhne henz party kaha tha na????

Prachi: oh haan, thank god u reminded me.

Riddz: what's this party anyway???

Nikki: well i'll tell you, like boys have bachelors party, girl's have henz party where they have a lottttttttttttttttt of fun

Prachi: excatly and tommorow its gonna be a sleepover henz party, meaning that you have to bring the hottest and the most sexiest looking night clothes that u have and that's when the fun begins.

Anji: wow sounds cool to me

Muski: hmmm same here, i'm in

Prachi: Ok then meet me tommorow, at my farmhouse in the south and REMEMBER don't tell the boys and don't even give them a hint at all

Riddz: Ok ok

Anji: ok then, ab mehendi laga le

They all laughed at they put the mehendi

Outside the boys

Ar: guys hum yaha kya kar rahe hai??????????? (asked for the hundredth time)

Neev: we are here to meet our loves

Ar: WHAT LOVES????????????????? And why am i here

Atul: armaan mere bhai plzzzzzzzzzzz yaar mujhe anjali se milalo aur yeh neev ko prachi se

Ar: No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right rahul we are not helping i. RAHUL ' RAHUL

Rahul: come on armaan help karo na

Ar: ohey tumhe kya hua????????????????????????

Rahul: woh hamera dost hai

Rahul: aur mujhe muskaan se milna hai (whisper)

Ar: Kya?????????

Rahul: kuch nahi, ab help kar ok

Ar: teek gai, teek hai. Hmmmmmmmmmm ok, atul tum woh 4th kidhi se jaanna ok

Atul: teek hai

Ar: rahul, tum woh 2nd kidhi se janna right

Rahul: right

Ar: hmmmmm aur tum neev tum 1st kidhi se jaana got it

Neev: got it

Ar: aur mein 3rd kidhi se jouga Ok and Guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't get caught nahi toh hum mar gayye

All: haan haan

Ar: aur ek baath, agar neev tumhare sasorjee ne pakad liye toh chup chap yaha se chalo OK

All: ha ha Ok

Ar: ab chalo

As all of them left

Ridhima looked at her hands, no one was around her as the mehendi lady did her hands. She kept on wondering about armaan, about why he was so important to her. He was her everything but why today did she feel was left out, like she didn't mean nothing to him. Her life was getting over just cause he said no.............

ML: Ridhima jee app ko kaunsa letter lagana hai

Riddz: A....................(she whispered closing her eyes)

ML: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Riddz blushed as she wrote the letter on her palm, right in the middle

Ridhima stood and was walking tot he washroom to wash her hands and look at her palms. As she wasled down she heard a noise coming out of a room. She looked around, and went to the room where the noise was coming from. She gazed around, the room was soo dark no light as all and this noice was creeping her out. It was quieter and then right after that alot of noise liek something crashed on the floor. Ridhima screamed soooooooooo loudly, she felt the switch and turned it on, and that's when seh saw him right in front of her eyes she saw 2 same looking eyes looking right back into her's

Riddz: Armaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Ar: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh itna kyun chila rahi ho

Riddz: tumne to mujhe daara hi diya armaan

Ar: haan sorry woh-

Riddz: its ok, btw tum yaha kya kar rahi ho

Ar: neev aur atul ki help kar raha hoon

Riddz: ha ha

Ar: haan haan haso haso

Riddz went and sat down on the bed as armaan looked around trying to find a way to start a conversation, right then he noticed ridhima's mehendi, it was dark as it was ever been tooo dark

Ar: tumne mehendi lagaye??? (Whispered)

Riddz: haan.............. dekhne chate ho

Ridhima laughed and put her hands out, armaan was stunned by the love it showed the dark colour that was their love and right in the middle he could see the 'A'

Riddz: achi hai na meine wo-

Ridhima was stopped half way as she felt armaan's hand on her mouth. She looked up and saw armaan's head titled and both just staring at each other with eyes full of love...............

Ar: bohot pyaari hai

Armaan looked at her hand and traced the 'A'. Ridhima shiver's couldn't should, she could feel her skin stick up, was love still there between them after all that's happened.

Riddz: Thanksss

Riddz: hmmmm armaan tumhe ab jaana chahiyeh, kyunki tum yaha kuch karne ke liye nahi aayeho na? Neev aur atul prachi di aur anjali di se milne ayya hai, lekin tum to sirf unke maadath kar rahe te na...... so isiliye tumhe jaana chahiyeh (She closed her eyes as she left the pain that he came here just because of helping his friends but not for HER.

Ar: Hmmmmm teek hai toh mein chalta hoon (he looked at her as she tried her best to hid her tears)

Riddz: haan tum joa

Ridhima closed her eyes and kept her back towards him as he went to the window and looked back to her.................

As anjali made a way through the hallway, she was stunned again and this time tooo much anger was involved

'Urggggggggggggggggggg atul aur yeh nikkki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' she said as she looked at them 2 hugging

She saw atul leave from the window and nikki waving him bubye. How much she hated to see atul with nikki how much she could just wish and kill her right away but no she couldn't do it. She was helpless watching........... watching who??? Her friend or ?????????????

Turning her back on them anjali left nikki standing there watching atul go

Didn't love mean anything to anyone. Only the hatred that was still living between them. Ridhima sat down on the bed as she thought about her passed. Closing her eyes ...................... All her dreams came crashing down the same night her love went away from her and that too for good


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