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part 14 : The Night Of Confession

7am at Sanjeevani, in Dr.Shashank's

Somebody knocked Dr.Shashank's door.

Shashank-Come in.

Amna walked in...

Shashank- Arey Dr. Amna. Good Morning kaisi hai aap?

Amna- Good Morning, sir. I'm good.

Shashank- Aur Dr. Amna..interns ka kya haal hai? I've
heard ki kal Dr.Anjali aur Dr. Rahul ne about 30 hours
ki duty ki thi?.. is that right?

Amna- Yes sir. Main two interns at a time leke sabse
long hours karvana chahti hoon. Taki un logon kya
dhyaan hospital ke ilaava aur kahin naa ho. They need
to concentrate at work.

Shashank- Excellent. Aapki decision making skills ki
wajah se maine aap ko yahan bulaya tha.

Amna- Also Dr. Shashank, I thought ..ki jaise mein aur
Dr.Keerti interns ki supervisors hain, vaise hi interns
ko bhi supervise karne ka experience hona chahiye. Ab
se 2 students Dr. Armaan aur Dr. Atul ko assist
karenge. They are just here for learning purposes.

Shashank- Wow! excellent idea again. Isse students bhi
learn kar sakte hai aur humare interns ko bhi practice milegi!

Amna- That's what I thought sir. Ok main ab chalti hoon. Mujhe vo dono students se milne jaana hai.

Shashank- Alright, Amna. Bye. See you around :)
With that Amna walked out of Dr.Shashank's office.


Sitting in the conference room of Sanjeevani hospital were two extremely nervous teenagers, a guy and a girl. Both sat far away from each other and it was complete silence in the conference room. They did exchange looks but neither smiled at each other. They were both re-reading the rules and regulations.

The guy was Nikhil Sharma. Dressed in black pants and a blue collored shirt. Nikhil is currently doing pre-med and scored the highest in school. People who knew Nikhil thought that he was too studious, he took things very seriously and asked wayy too many questions.

The girl was Neha Verma. Dressed in a knee-length black dress. Neha was one of the girls, who concentrated in studies when needed and at the same time gave a lot of importance to her family and friends. She was bubbly when she was with friends and she was serious when it came to work. Also, the only field that interested her was the medical field and she knew that one day she will be a doctor, forsure.

After reading the rules for the billionth time, they started reading them all over again. They had no clue about who they were gonna work under.

Amna walks in the conference room.

Amna- Nikhil Sharma and Neha Verma

Amna again had her intimidating face on.

Nikhil and Neha (together)- Yes, ma'am.

Amna- Ok, here's the deal. Sanjeevani is the most
prestigious hospital in Mumbai. Agar hum aap dono ko is hospital main allow kar rahe hain, thats only because of your good academic record. Also, jab aap dono humare interns ke under kaam karenge, toh you have to give them utmost respect. If I recieve any complaint from the interns regarding you two, then won't be able to assist them anymore. Aaj apke liye sirf introduction ka din hai. From tomorrow, you both have to be in scrubs.
Nikhil, I want you to be clean-shaven everyday and Neha, your hair must be tied up. Aur saare rules and regulations aapke packet mein hain.

Neha- Don't worry ma'am. We will be fine...aur

Amna- Voh toh main decided karoongi ki kaun fine hai ya

Amna being the "strict" Amna again, snapped at Neha.

Nikhil- Ma'am, main jinhe assist karoonga. Unka kya naam hai?

Amna- What's wrong with you, Nikhil? Can't you wait?

Nikhil- Sorry ma'am. Ma'am, kya hum same intern ko
follow karenge, yaa ...?

Amna- I think I am the supervisor here, not you. So I'm gonna decide ki aap kin interns ko follow karenge. Clear?

Nikhil- Yes, ma'am.

This was just the begining of the questions Nikhil had in his mind.

Amna- Ok, now let's go meet the interns.


In the locker room. Atul was the first one to get to Sanjeevani, as the owner of his apartment kicked him out too early. Atul was busy reading the progress of one of his patients when he heard someone singing, "Anjali, Anjali..meri Anjali Anjali
Anjali...sab ki aankhon ka tara Anjali."

Atul suddenly became alert and looked around. He could only hear the singing, but he couldn't see the singer.

It was Armaan singing.

Armaan was hiding in the dressing room.

Armaan (still hiding)- Anjali, Anjali..meri Anjali Anjali!!!

Atul panicked! As he thought that some secret lover of Anjali was singing for her.

Atul- Kaminey! bahar nikal, chup chup ke kya ga raha hai! BAHAR NIKAL!!! Teri himmat kaisi hui meri Anjali
ke liye mera gaana gaane ki!!

Armaan couldn't control his laughter anymore, and he finally came out from the dressing room to the locker room. Before he could say anything, Atul attacked him.

Atul- Kaun hai tu?? jo meri Anjali ke liye...

And then he noticed that the random singer isn't Anjali's secret lover, but he is actually his best friend.....Armaan.


Armaan- CHAMP!

They both hugged like long lost buddies.

Armaan- Acha acha ab mere se door ho, nahin to log galat sochenge. HAHA!

Atul- Yaar, tu kab aaya?!?!?!?! Mere Laxman, mere bhai. I missed you, yaar.

Armaan- Bas abhi aaya. Aur pehle decide kar ki main Ram hoon ya Laxman. And I missed you too, champ.

Atul- Acha toh lagta hai ki mera aur Rahul ka plan kaam kar gaya!

Armaan- Huh? Kaun sa plan.

Atul- Woh sab chod. Tu aur kisi se mila? Sab tujhe
bahut miss kar rahe hain. Bi aur nana toh humesha tere
baare mein poochte hain. Aur Rahul, Muskaan, Anjali aur

Armaan- Champ, Riddhima kahaan hai?

Atul- Arey tu bhool gaya! Sab abhi thodi dair mein aayenge. Abhi toh main jaldi aa gaya hoon.

Armaan- Oh acha. Dekh champ mein sabko aisi surprise
karna chahta hoon. Toh tu kisi ko batana nahin ki main
aa gaya hoon. Ok?

Atul- Haan, theek hai. Armaan, mujhe ek baat bata...tu vo "Anjali-Anjali" vaala gaana kyun ga raha tha? Kahin tujhe bhi toh Anjali se...

Armaan- Champ, tera dimaag kharab ho gaya hai. Arey yaar, vo meri bhabhi hai.

Atul- Acha theek hai. Aur bata Lonavla kaisa tha?

With that Armaan and Atul chatted for a while and then Atul continued on with his work, and Armaan was back on his mission to surprise everyone one at a time......

Now it was Rahul and Muskaan's turn. They both
coincidently entered Sanjeevani together, they exchanged greetings but Rahul wasn't really in a mood to talk, since he actually did 30 hours of duty yesterday and was back to work today. The poor guy was literally walking like a zombieeee.

Muskaan- Rahul? Tu bahut tired hoge na?

Rahul- Pooch mat! vaise ab Dr. Amna ke raaj mein toh ab
hume long hours ke liye "used to" hona padega. Thanks for asking though.

Rahul and Muskaan both walked to the nurse's station.
Suddenly they both felt someone's arm around their shoulder.

Rahul and Muskaan turned around.

Rahul and Muskaan (together) - ARMAAN!

Armaan- Wats up, guys!!! I'm BACK!

Rahul- Tu kab vapas aaya??!?!

Armaan- Bas aaj subah hi!

Rahul- Lagta hai ki humara plan kaam kar gaya!!!

Armaan- Kya..?

Muskaan (very politely)- Welcome back, Armaan. Hum sab
ne tumhe bahut miss kiya....

Armaan- Maine bhi tum sab ko bahut miss kiya!

While they were talking Anjali saw Armaan, Rahul and
Muskaan talking. She was surprised!

Anjali- ARMAAN! OMG tum vapas aa gaye?!?!

Armaan- Hey gorgeous! kaisi ho?? I missed you.

Anjali and Armaan hugged.

Anjali- Main bas kal hi Ridz se baat kar rahi thi ki

Armaan (interrupting her)- Anjie, Riddhima kahan hai?

Anjali- Ridz? Voh aati hi hogi..she must be in the
hallway. Go look for her.

Armaan ran from there to see his love, as Muskaan saw
him ran, she knew that he was dying to see Riddhima.


Riddhima was walking in the hallways..she was on her way to the locker room. Of course, she had no clue that Armaan was back. Since, he had left...she kept to herself and was hardly seen cheerful. Riddhima was lost in her thoughts while she was walking in the hallway. Armaan was hiding in the fire escape, at the same time he was peeking out to look for Riddhima. Armaan finally saw her! Before Riddhima could say or do anything...Armaan took her hand and pulled her inside the fire escape.....Riddhima was about to scream, but thats when she noticed that it was Armaan who pulled her in the fire escape....

All Riddhima could do was stare at him and vice versa...

** Asmaani Rang Ho is playing in the background **

Armaan smiled, while Riddhima's eyes slowly started tearing up...she couldn't believe that Armaan was actually infront of her.

Riddhima- Ar..Armaaaan!

Riddhima- OYE HOYE basket, jabse main Lonavl gaya hoon,
tab se tum kuch zyaada hi khoobsurat nahin ho gayi ho?

Riddhima felt soo relieved after hearing his voice...

Riddhima hugged him tightlyyyyy...like she was never
gonna let goo.

Armaan- Oh, Riddhima. I missed you soo muchhhh. Acha
abhi kuch bolo bhi, jabse tumne mujhe dekha hai..tabse
kuch nahin bola tumne.

Riddhima- Armaaan...mujhe aise kabhi chod ke mat jaana.

Main tumhare bina nain reh sakti. Jabse tum gaye ho,
tabse har raat ro ke bitayi hai maine..aur..

Armaan (while wiping her tears off)- Bas bas bahut ho
gaya...Please aur mat ro...main tumhe aise nahin dekh
sakta. Ab se koi gham nahin, only khushi! Abhi smile karo.

Riddhima finally smiled.

Riddhima- I love you, Armaan.

Armaan- I love you more.

They share an eyelock session for a few minutes..Armaan realized that Riddhima was indeed the girl of his dream, he could never love anymore this much....not
even himself.

Riddhima- Lonavla kaisa tha...mere bina???

Armaan- Like hell.

Riddhima- Aise nahin bolte...aur..

Armaan hushed her, and kissed her cheek. Then Armaan
kissed the ring he had given Riddhima, all this time
Riddhima had her eyes closed.

Armaan- Oh God, I missed youuu. Mujhse shaadi kab
karogi, Riddhima...?

Riddhima couldn't believe what Armaan had said...

Riddhima- Us se pehle tumhe mere daddy ko mana na
padega! HA!

Armaan didn't think that was too funny.

Riddhima- Mujhe bahar nahin jaana, Armaan.

Armaan- Sahi baat hai, hume is fire escape ko hi apna
ghar bana lena chahiye.

Riddhima- true true..acha tum baaki sab se mile?

Armaan- Oh yeh, acha ab hume chalna chahiye ..nahin toh
vo Dr. Amna mujhe naa jaane kahan bhej degi!!

They both walked outside the fire escape, hand in hand.
Armaan held Riddhima's hand tightly, Riddhima finally
left his hand and slapped Armaan's hand lightly for
being mischevious.

Finally, they both walked to the nurse's station for their briefing. On their way to the nurse's station, Armaan and Riddhima's eyes spoke to each other...the language of love...that nobody understood.

Atul- Anjali, agar main bhi Armaan ki tarah Lonavla chala jaoon..toh tum mujhe miss karogi na?

Anjali- Give me a break, Atul.

The moment Amna walked to the nurse's station, all the
interns became attentive. As usual, Amna had her strict/intimidating/disciplined look on...

Amna- Good morning, Dr. Armaan.

Armaan- Yes indeed it's a good morning. Glad to see you again :)

Armaan clearly taunted Amna, and Amna in turn gave him a dirty look. The only reason she had called him back was for the sake of Riddhima and her love.

Amna- Dr. Anjali, orthopedics. Dr. Muskaan- Labor & Delivery. Dr.Rahul- ER . Dr. Riddhima- Cancer Center. Dr. Armaan and Dr. Atul- I have a surprise for you two.

Atul (to himself)- Amna ka surprise yaani ke meri aur Armaan ki shamat aa gayi hai...Hai Bhagwaan, mujhe bacha lo!

Amna- Ab aap dono ko do pre-med student assist karenge. Aap jo bhi karenge, apne patients ke saath..aapko unhe explain karna hai. Also, make them do the ordinary jobs like vitals etc etc. At the end of the month, aap dono ko evaluate karke unko unke performance ke basis pe grades denge. Dr. Atul, Nikhil Sharma aapko assist karenge. Aur Dr. Armaan, Neha Verma aapko ko assist karengi.

Nikhil shaked hands with Atul, while Armaan and Neha simply smiled at each other. Even though, Dr. Armaan is extremelyyy good looking, Neha didn't pay ANY attention
to his looks, she knew that she was there for learning purposes and not to make friends with Dr. Armaan...but that's not what destiny had planned for her.

Atul breathed a sigh of relief.

Atul (to himself)- Arrey is Nikhil ko sambhal na to
easy hai!

...Or that's what Atul thought.

Armaan was simply puzzled by this whole idea, anyhow, he knew that if these students learned at this early age, then they would make brilliant doctors..someday.

Amna- So Dr. Atul and Nikhil in the Path Lab. Dr. Armaan and Neha in the pediatrics ward. All of you get to work now.

As soon as Amna left, Armaan left Neha all by herself and ran to Riddhima.

Neha (to herself)- Oh God, main kuch bhi tolerate kar sakti hoon, lekin kisi ki badi ego nahi handle kar sakti. I hope ki yeh Dr. Armaan nice ho.

Armaan chatted with Riddhima the whole time, while Neha just followed him She felt extremely awkward following him, while he wasnt even interested in her...
As Armaan escorted Riddhima to the cancer center, it was as usual hard for him to say "good bye." When he turned around, Neha forced a smile on her face.

Armaan- Hi, Dr. Armaan Mallik.

Neha- Hello, Dr. Mallik. I'm Neha Verma.

Armaan- It's nice meeting you, abhi chale pediatrics
ward mein?

After Armaan gave his introduction...Neha thought..

Neha (to herself)- Hmm, yeh itne bhi bure nahin hain....

~~ END OF PART 14 ~~


Riddhima- Listen guys, main Armaan ke liye ek surprise comeback party throw karna chahti hoon..


Atul- Arey yaar us Nikhil, sawaal pooch pooch kar jaan kha li hai!!!!


Nikhil- Dr. Atul, shayad mujhe pasand nahin karte...

Neha- Dr. Armaan is the BEST doctor in the world!!!!!!!!!

Nikhil looks at her shocked.


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