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part 14 : With U

With U: Double party


 A whole day of tiredness and then the mehendi ceremony

 Opening her eyes in the morning again she was tierd but today she decided to go jogging. Wearing her orange and black tracksuit she made her was through her house wearing her trainers on. Teing her curly hair into a bun she made her way out of the house adn went jogging.

Looking around at the lush grass that grew larger and larger day by day, but the love still stood there within them. The sky was dakr blue, clouds sparkling across looking at thought diamonds were shinning high up, the world was a nice but not it was turning into the most annoying place anyone could ever be in.

 Getting her Headphones out she plugged them into her phone and turned it on, as she jogged across the grass in likin park. Swingging her head to the music it was one of her favourite artist who sang this song and it mostly went with the music she liked.

girl i can notice but to
notice you
noticin' me
from across the room
i can see it and can't stop myself from lookin
and noticin' you noticin me
watch out i seen her type before

that girl is so dangerous
that girl is so dangerous
that girl is a bad girl
i seen her type before she's so dangerous
that girl is so dangerous
that girl is a bad girl

closing her eyes she listened to akon singing dangerous he favourite song, it was actually one of the bests ever. She sat on the bench, looking at the pond which looked extremply beautiful, the flawless water flew so fluidly from one place to another. The dark streaming water glanced along the sides, dark blue, the flow of the water was so peacefull, it had all the tenderness in it that no other would. The thing that made the pont even more beautiful was the ducks which were in all the different colours, orange, blue, green one of the best combination on a bird, it showed off the pin point of the sensitivity of the living creatures which live in this world. Glidding across, quakking, making the sounds that god has made them sound like, moving from one side to the other's with their own kinds. They looked stunningly beautiful but one thing that caught her eyes were the Swans, the enchanting swans one of the most beautiful sea birds ever, they looked terribly beautiful, they sounded too good to be true. And always will

she sat there, looking up into the sky. Tracing paterns of her mehendi last night, she could see the darkness in them the love that still lived for life.

'Hey sweetheart' someone said as she turned around

'rahul tum?'

Rahul: ofcouse Muskaan ji

Muskaan looked at him, dressed in his black tracksuit

Muskaan: tum yaha kaise?

Rahul took muskaan's hand and pulled her towards him

Rahul: tum bohot zyada bolti ho

Muskaan: woh to hai (laughin)

Muskaan looked at rahul as he took her behind a tree and played with her hair

Rahul traced muskaan's neck as she kepted gasping ever time his touch came along, her life now with him was completely differnet she loved him and always will....

Night came with a lot of surprises

Dr kreeti told the interns that the result of their exams would take a few weeks to come

At the end on the day everyone went home, the boys going for their bachelors party and the girls............. well no one knew that till now

As the girls entered prachi's house, wearing their normal clothes

Prachi: hey girls, why don't ya go and change?

Riddz: thanks prachi di

As the girls came out the music in the farmhouse got louder and louder. As the girls went into thier room, prachi and ridhima were sharing a room and muskaan and anjali were sharing a room. As ridhima went o her room with prachi they both got changed as they heard alto of girls coming in.

Prachi's clothes:

Ridhima's clothes:

Muskaan's clothes:

Anjali's clothes:

In prachi and riddz's room

Prachi: Wow riddz you look extremly gorgeous, the playboy bunny suits you alot

Riddz: thank prachi di, you look ravishing youself

Prachi: hehe , thanks, so does any of the guys have a hint what we've been up to

Riddz: btw prachi how many people have you invited?

Prachi: people??? You mean all girls ha! Well all together incuding me and anjali, you and muskaan its 24

Riddz: ok thats good, oh how did you and neev meet?

Prachi: (laughs) a veryy long story but the only thing i can tell you is that armaan played the part of cupid in getting us together and after he left for india i realised that how much i did love neev and armaan was right all along

Riddz: what was he right about? (excitely)

Prachi: love!!!!!!! Armaan always used to tell me that neev loved me soo much but i never gave a damn on what he said but then.................

Riddz: then what!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? (Entusiasticly)

Prachi: Wow ur interested!!!!!!

Riddz: woh bas.............. kitni cute love story hogi tum dono ki

Prachi: Hmmm yeah woh toh thi............ but before all that me and neev getting together i always dreamt of marrying............!!!!

Riddz: marrying who? (Suspicously)

Prachi: (blushing) and (shy) Armaan.....................

'She loved armaan????????? Dreamt of marrying him???? WOW how could!!!! Well she had every right to but armaan???????? My armaan???' riddz said to herself

Riddz: WHAT???????? (A bit angry)

Prachi: Yes, don't tell anyone please riddz (begging)

Riddz: ok fine!!! But how did armaan thing get over and how on earth did u meet neev???

Prachi: A very long story but i think i have enough time to tell you the whole thing

Riddz: Good, now spill

Prachi: fine fine, well it was just after chirstmas and new years eve was coming along and i thought that on new years eve i'll tell armaan how i feel about him but then-

Riddz: did u do it??????? Did u tell him??? (Interepting)

Prachi: do u want me to tell you the whole thing or not?? (chalenging)

Riddz: ok sorry di

Prachi: Ok then no interuption kk

Riddz: kk you may proceed

Prachi: Ok well, on new years eve we went for a party near East london, it was totally amazing we had so much fun and well got pissed aswell but that was left unnoticed. While me and armaan were walking home after the party and even though i was totally pissed off i knew that i wanted to tell him my feelings sooo-

Riddz: SO WHAT??????? (Interupting again)

Prachi looked at riddz giving her the evils

riddz: Ok ok sorry my bad

Prachi: yes it is, Ok well when we were walking to my house i took hold of his hand and turned him around and looked deeply into his eyes. He just stood there staring back into mine and then i said the 3 magical words that i've always been waiting to say and then....... (blushing)

Riddz: what then (cutely but angry at wondering what prachi would have done)

Prachi: We kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tooooo much blush)

Riddz: WHAT????????? (Devastated)

Prachi: hehe, i know sound awkward now talking about it, but then i really loved him alot

Riddz: what happened then.... (eyes welling up but she took hold of herself)

Prachi: well after we kissed well mostly i kissed him because he was totally pissed off to do anything, so i just ran up to my house and then in my my room. I went to the window and looked outside if he was still standing there but.... he wasn't (a bit sad)

Riddz: Oh (sad but a bit happy inside)

Prachi: you won't believe what happened then next day-  No don't guess i'll tell you, HE DIDN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riddz: HE WHAT??????????

Prachi: yep, he didn't remember anything, when i asked him what his answer was he was totally confused to what i was saying and then he told me that he can't remember anything that happened last night and you have no idea how upset i was i felt like crying my hecks off. I asked him what he thought if i said that i loved him and god his reply was like 'yea i love u your my best friend ever' and then from that day i knew that there was no hope for me and him ever being together.

Riddz: Hmmmm so how did u meet neev then

Prachi: Well neev was a hmmmm what shall i say the most annoying guy ever, he seriously was, when armaan found out he was shocked totally shocked he told me that neev actually really loved me but i didn't believe him but then he was leaving the UK to come to India i left heartbroken, while going back form the airport i was crying on neev's shoulder and he just hugged me back supporting me and then in the middle of nowhere i looked up in his eyes and he looked into mine his eyes bruning with love and passion. I knew that he loved him and sensing that we were in a cab i didn't really care on what i was doing, i just put my lips on his and he gently placed his on mine. First it went so gentle but then my hands were crunhing on his shirt and he pulled me even more closer and we kissed more passionately it was totally a kodak moment but i don't won't it on a pic, hehe. And then from that day on me and neev met up and talked like lovers but more than that we were the closet friends that no one could ever break apart and it's true they couldn't. We're still together right!

Riddz: right!! (nervous) Your love is very strong (Thinking about her love) guess not everyone's is

Prachi: No riddz sabhi ka pyaar masboot hota hai, bas usko time dhena chahiye

Riddz: Don't always bet on it di ab chale nahi toh party start ho jayegi

Prachi: (thinking) Hmmmm ridhima do u-

Riddz: No (quickly)       Lets just go ok

Prachi noticed something in her but didn't say anything, they both walked downstairs as the saw all girls dressed in the most mini clothes they can go into. Walking downstairs ridhima noticed muskaan and anjali looked totally gorgeous in what they were wearing

'if atul was here he would have been on the floor by now' riddz thought as she laughed

Riddz: wow guys you 2 look amazing (she indicated to what muski and anji were wearing)

M&A: Thanksss

Scene shifts of somewhere else

I need you….

Jaana mera janam tu, aur mein hun teri jaane jaan
Aisa boloon waisi mein latki hun kahan
Tujhe dil de dun mein, aaja tera dil le lun mein
Aisi waisi batein mujhe aati hai kahan
Kya hun ek raaz hun, baby bindaas hun
Saach itni khas hun, koye mujhsa hai khan

Sing it
Hey ya, ladki hun ya bhala
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya
Hey ya, dil chahe jo piya
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya

Soniya, soniya, soniya, Sonia…

Armaan stood there near the baar as he saw girls dancing in front of his eyes, he didn't want to be here but he had to come for neev's sake. Everything was going well but then..........

All the lights went off it was too dark now

Neev: what happened to the lights?

Neev's dad and prachi's dad were there

ND: hmmm i don't think the light's going to come back on again

NP: i think you should go to out other farmhouse

Neev: what other farmhouse?

Rahul: yeah which one thats?

NP: Its prachi's farmhouse but prachi's not there she's out with her friends

Armaan: hmmmmmmmmm (thinking)

Neev: kya?

Armaan: kuch nahi

Atul: ok then we'll go there thn

Armaan: ok.

'This ought to be veryyy fun' armaan thought

24 boys including our 4 hero's they all reached the farmhouse 

Nasheela nasheela tera naina
Cho raile humra chaina
Ab humre dil mein rehna
Nasheela nasheela tera naina
Cho raile humra chaina
Ab humre dil mein rehna

Naaa… naa…

Chhaliya chhaliya chhaliya
Ruh churalo mein hu aisi chhaliya
Chhaliya chhaliya ohhh chhaliya
Haath na aao mein hu aisi chhaliya

Neev: Why is there so much music around??
atul: fristly who is here?
rahul: yeah uncle ne kaha tha ki yaha per kopi nahi hai
armaan just stood there looking up to the farmhouse cause he knew excatly what was going on inside he took the most amazing guess and he was absaluty right

Rahul: OHEY armaan kya soch raha hai?
armaan: HENZ PARTY
all: KYA??????????

Armaan: yaha per henz party chal rahi hai!
Neev: aur yeh tumhe kaise pata???
armaan: agar hum bachelars party rak sakte hai toh yeh lakiyan henz party kyun nahi rak sakti?
Neev: point taken
rahul: toh chale?
Neev: ofcourse dekhe ki hamari ladkiya kya jalwa dikhate hai!!!!
Armaan: then lets go

Inside the girls were dancing around having drinks and partying.

Just then the music turned off, all the boys were in the house now and hiding behind the curtains, nor anji, muski, prachi or riddz could be seen cause the were hidden between

Rahul: ohey why did the music turn off?

Neev: rahul??????????? Mujhe kya pata yaar

samrat (one of the friends): OMG gunjan bhi yaha hai???????????

Rith: OH god ashly's here aswell

Atul: ofcouse yaha per hi hogi na party toh hai

Armaan: excatly nos hut up and look what's happening

Prachi: sorry girls, but i have an annocementn to make, One of our darlings have just volentered to dance to the most sexiest song ever


Neev: wow who could it be

Armaan: shhhhhhhhhhhh


Riddz: WHAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????? (a samll voice came)

Anji: cool riddzie

No boys could see riddz

Armaan: WHAT???


Prachi: Come on riddz plz

Riddz: No way


Riddz: Fine fine

Riddz came up as ever moved out of the way

Thats when armaan's eyes first layed on her it was totally incredicble

Armaan: She loook WOW

Atul: I know yaar

All I seee…
In hersszzz Touch

Wats d fun ? ah ah
Do u know wht i mean it isz ?
Sup sup
Can i get ya
Can i touch ya
Can i get ya
Can i touch ya

Riddz danced along veryy well, all the girls started joining in aswell

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah zara zara .. Oooo ooo ooo

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo ooo ooo

Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum
Dum da dum da dum
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum

Riddz: Anji i need to go to the toilet

Prachi: yeh its upstairs ok

Anji: yeah wi'll see u back K

As riddz made her way to the toilet armaan was getting restless to talk to her

Armaan: Ok guys now we've got to get in

Neev: yeah come on lets go

As all the boys tried to make their way in the dance floor armaan tried to make his way out to where riddz was heading

Riddzz walked out of the bathroom and was making her way downsatris when she saw a s shadow ina  room

'GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!' he said staring at her right in front of his eyes

'What??? are u doing here' she asked trying to close the door

'You look........... wow' a bit speechless he repyled back

'Hmmm thanks..... but... u i mean' she said blushingly

'I got pulled into it' he repyled back again

'I'm glad you did!!!!!!!-' She whispered slowly as he couldn't here her but unfoutunately it didn't go unnoticed by him

Ridhima looked at armaan she could see his pericing gaze in her

He was staring right back in her eyes she stood there looking at him

As she saw him walking closer to her, she had no way to escape and no way did she want to. She went a bit back, her back was hugging the curtains; she looked up back into his eyes. He just stood there right in front on her eyes, his lips crunched into his teeth so he wouldn't do anything wrong now.

She tried to hold herself back by covering herself but she couldn't she looked naked in front of his eyes. Backing up against the curtains she watched his fingers crawling in her –

Riddz: Armaaan (she gasped)

Her gasped went louder as she left his fingers crawling up her thigh making his way into her but he knew that she wouldn't like it

Riddz: armaaaan

She looked up into his eyes, his lips were now on her neck, making his way into her cups, his fingers crunching her top violently

Riddz: armaa kehdo please ajj kehido

Armaan looked up deeply in her eyes, his face gazing deeply at her's. His fingers caught her hair and pulled her so that her face was just 2 inches away

Armaan: RIDHIMA I-.......................


Will the confession happen today???

Or not????

Will armaan make ridhima's day by saying the 3 words??

Or not????

She saw him staring right back in her eyes, he tried to say something but tears just flowed from her eyes, she couldn't take it anymore she ran from the room, by doing what he did he hurt him like hell. Now she was running away far far away from him

Could this be it???

Or not??


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