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part 15 : With U

With U: Marriage


 A henz party all the boys sneak in to see the girl, AR cute momment and the confession about to happen

 Riddz: armaan (questioningly)

Armaan didn't say anything they both just stood there staring at each other, now words escaped their mouths, he was leaning sooo close to her, her entire body pressing against his. Armaan wanted to say something but didn't he just closed it again, being there with riddz was his happiest momment ever. Looking at her face very confused at his reaction.

None of them whispered a word, they both continued staring at each other. Armaan hands around ridhima's waist and ridhima's hands aound his neck, her fingers rufeling in his hair

I'll sing it one last time for you
then we really have to go
you've been the only thing that's right
in all I've done

And I can barely look at you
but every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

Not saying a word they both looked at each other, armaan slowly skimmed his hand from her waist to her cheek, caressing every bit so carefully. Ridhima closed her eyes as she left armaan's scent convering her fully. Ridhima glanced at him, his eyes beautifully piercing her beauty. His lips lush red and devoted waiting to be in her's but would it ever happen, and his delicious body one that ever girl would die to sleep with. Ridhima closed her eyes again and dreamt of what she could do with those lips.

Armaan looked at ridhima observing her every move, her every breath she took, her flawless skin just waiting to be touched waiting to be discovered by him, and he wanted her more then he could ever think he needed. He watched as she closed her eyes, her every moe was like getting himself drunk my her. He dripped her waist more forcefully as he felt her arms tighten around him, he gently placed his lips on her neck, she gasped, her gasp was like getting himself in a park with hot womens all around him. He parted his lips on her neck and kissed it gently at first and then pulling her whole skin with him, he wanted more of her, much more.

Riddz: Armaaaaaan (gasping)

Armaan: shhhhhh you want it ridhima so....... be quiet (looking in her eyes)

He was right she did want it, but no she wanted more she wanted him to tell her that he loved her. That he loved her more then anything in the whole world, that he could keep her safe when the bad times come along. Ridhima wanted him to say those 3 magical words that she'd been waiting for all her life, well for 9 months. But would he, would he do that.

Riddz: armaan say it first (she tried to say)

Armaan's hands stopped, his hands were slidding up ridhima's top, he wanted her, YES he had to say those words, those words that she's been longing to her, those words that he'd been longing to say.

Armaan: ridhima......................... I-

Armaan was about to say something when they both heard someone knocking on the door.

Riddz: Ummmm

Armaan: check who it is (He took a step back from her)

Riddz: but armaan-

Armaan: we'll talk later ok

Riddz looked at him, she didn't want to let go now, she was so close to him, so close that he was finally going to say those words but wow life comes up with new problems

Riddz: Ok fine

Armaan gently kissed ridhima's head

Armaan: huh (nodding towards the door as he went to hide behind the curtains)

As ridhima opened the door she saw prachi standing in front

Prachi: guess what!

Riddz: what?

Prachi: the boys have crashed our party (giggls)

Riddz: what????????????

Prachi: yeap all 23 boys are here in the dancing room and well i can't find armaan which is so not like him. Atul and all told that he came but he dissapared, did he come here?

Riddz: here- um..... no.... why um would mmm he be here??? (stammering)

Prachi: ummmm ridhima you ok?

Riddz: ok yeah, ofcourse, what would be worng with me?

Prachi: Ok, i'll see you downstairs then Ok.......

Riddz: Ok.....

Ridhima watched as prachi was leaving, just then armaan was trying to come out but then prachi turned around

Prachi: and yeah the boys said that you looked preety hot while dancing (laughing)

Riddz: OMG your kidding me (emmbarrsed) was it all the boys???????? (turning towards where armaan was hiding)

Prachi: YEAP, alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the boys. They all said that you've been hiding a lot inside (giggling)

Riddz: Oh mi daise, i'm soooo not coming downstairs (blushing)

Prachi: you better do, the boys are waiting desperately

Prachi ran before ridhima could blush or hit her

Ridhima turned around and saw armaan coming out of the curtain looking very guilty and laughing a bit to himself. Ridhima stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for an explaination........

Riddz: AND................????????? (waiting)

Armaan: ummm it wasn't just me the boys-

Riddz: pushed you into it (finishing it off angrily) Whatever

Armaan: oh, riddz please listen

Riddz: yeap sure, of course, so on the mehendi were you really pushed in or not? (demanding)

Armaan: wellll.................... at first i was but then...........

Riddz: THEN WAT (angry)

Armaan looked at ridhima and walked closer to her as she tried to turn around but he took hold of her arms and pulled her towards him. He pressed his chest on her breast. Ridhima got stunned by the incredible electricity that was involed within her and him, they room felt like the garden on eden and then the bed...... the bed was just a few feets away, just a few feets and if she didn't know if she could handle it, she just wanted him, wanted him for life......

Armaan: ridhima look up

As ridhima looked up, he took her hands and gazed at them

Armaan: 'A' ???????????

Riddz looked at him as if he already knew it but was just asking to tease her for fun

Riddz: you know

Armaan: really???????????? I don't seriously (innocently)

Riddz: tell that who can actually believe you armaan

Armaan: come on riddz, tell me (seducively)

Riddz: armaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Armaan: one line that god knows when will change (he said hitting his head)

Riddz: urggg guys these day-

Armaan: i know so cute na? (giggling as he interupted)

Riddz: armaaaaan

Armaan: kya?????

Riddz; lets go, their waiting for us downstairs

Armaan walked and opened the door and looked back to riddz

Armaan: OH i guess you don't wanna here I-..........

Before ridhima could say anything he laughed and ran downstairs after sooo long they both finally were smiling and laughing and totally in love again

'Oh gosh, his back, i'm getting him back, everything about him. I want him back. His going to say it................... urgggg why did we ahve to leave now and me with my big mouth. Oh please say it soon armaan' ridhima prayed

As armaan walked down the stairs he knew that ridhima is totally regretting that she told him that they had to go down now.

'gosh ridhima you're missing the biggest confession' giggling to himself

We're driving slow
Through the snow
On fifth avenue
And right now radio's
All that we can hear

Now we ain't talked since we left
It's so overdue
It's cold outside
But between us its worse in here

The world slows down
But my heart beats fast right now
I know this is the part
Where the end starts

I can't take it any longer
Thought that we were stronger
All we do is linger
Slipping through my fingers

I don't want to try now
All that's lefts goodbye to
Find a way that I can tell you

I hate this part right here
I hate this part right here
I just can't take your tears
I hate this part right here

As she walked across the room She saw him staring right back in her eyes, he tried to say something but tears just flowed from her eyes, she couldn't take it anymore she ran from the room, by doing what he did he hurt him like hell. Now she was running away far far away from him

She saw him dancing more like hugging nikki again, how could he, how could he not see her 'love'???

Anjali turned around turning away to run away from him

Atul: anajli please listen to me (he saw her with tears)

Atul left nikki and ran to anjali but anjali didn't wait she just ran to riddz

Wipping her tears as quick as she could she tapped riddz on the back

Anjali: riddz i need to go!! (angry)

Riddz: kyun di?

Anjali: Woh i've got a tummy ache really badly and i really miss home riddz

Riddz: Hmmmmm ok di i'll see you tommorow (suspisus)

Anjali: thanks  (hugging riddz she ran before she cried)

As anjali ran out before atul could catch her, she went into her car and drove away


Atul came running towards ridhima

Atul: riddz where's anjali??? (breathless)

Riddz: Ummmm she left

Atul: s**t

Riddz: atul kya hua?

Atul: ummm kuch nahi ok

As atul left, ridhima stood there wondering what was going wrong when armaan came right infront of her

Riddz: oh tum!

Armaan: kya hua???

Riddz: kuch nahi (she lowered her gaze)

Armaan: Ummmm chalo (taking her hand)

Riddz: kaha??

Armaan: you ask a lot of questions

Riddz: and you don't answer

Armaan: excatly, ab chalo na

Riddz: teek hai chalo

Armaan and ridhima walked out, towards the car and armaan opened the door for her, ridhima looked really questioningly at him, wondering where they were going off to.

As both of them sat in the car. Armaan looked at ridhima who was figiting with her fingers looking veryyy nervous. So he turned the radio on

Dhaage tod laao chaanadani se noor ke
ghoonghat hi bana lo roshani se noor ke
sharm aa gayi toh aaghosh mein lo
ho saanson se ulajhi rahein meri saansein
bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
honth se halke halke, bol na halke

aa nind ka sauda karein, ik khwaab de, ik khwaab le
ik khwaab toh aankhon mein hai, ik chaand ke takiye talein
kitane dino se yeh aasamaan bhi soya nahi hai, isako sula de
bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke
honth se halke halke, bol na halke

Ridhima looked towards armaan, the song was no help to add on her nervousness, it made her even more consicous that how close they were to each other and she didn't have a clue where he was taking her but having the faith in him she believed that whatever it was it was going to be the best thing in her whole life. They both sat there in silience not wanting to say anything, more like they both didn't know what to say. What could they say? How were they suppossed to say anything at all, this could be it. The thing that she's been waiting for so long.

The car came to a stop, ridhima looked around, it was dark. They had come to this beautiful meadow. Trees, grass, flowers covering the whole place, lush with loveliness. It felt so good when ridhima got out of the car and took a step out, she was feeling extremly cold, wearing the playboy bunny night suit she felt shivers going through her and then sensing armaan gaze on her, she blushed remembeing how they had been inside in that room and in that few minutes if she didn't remind him about the party, he would have said those words.

She felt something cozy and sheltering around her shoulder, she looked around and saw armaan put his jacket around her, knowing that she would be feeling cold at this time of the hour and the way she was dressed now she looked extremly gorgerous.

Riddz: armaan???

Armaan: chalo

Taking hold of her hand he took her through the meadow and stopped at this tree, this one tree that looked unique from all the others and he had some writing on it.

Ridhima looked at it, turning towards the tree she read what it said

Riddz: 'AR'................  Armaan loves ridhima???????

Ridhima turned around and stared at armaan, he didn't say anything back. The only thing he did was pressed her on that same tree, and place his lips right on her's with no reservation what so ever. He kissed her, he kissed the living hecks out of her, his hands gripping hold of her........... ridhima closed her eyes feeling right home as she should be and kissed him back..

Armaan: I Love You ridhima (breathless)

Riddz: I love you too (gipping his shirt and pulling him more closer)

Riddz: yeh sab (pointing towards the tree)

Armaan: i'll tell you later but for now get back her (he said passionately)

She kissed him, back again where the left...........................

Wedding Night ............................


everyone dancing on the wedding night, but then everyone's face in shock but one shock that stunned everyone

atul trying to talk to anjali but anjali wouldn't talk to him at alll

One confession taken place but can the second on happen aswell????
and will the secret on RM be realesed??????


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