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part 16 (last part) : With U

With U: The end


 Anjali runs away from atul as he see's atul and nikki dancing

And then the most awaited confession on AR

All of them walked in looking dashing as possible, ridhima walked in blushing like hell remembering ever single this that happened yesterday.

Atul was walking around when he finally noticed her standing with riddz so he was walking over to them

Anji: Hmm riddz i'll go meet prachi and come on

Riddz looked over as she saw atul walking over and knew that something was wrong, even this morning when all of them went shopping something was bothering her but she decided to ask her later maybe now was the time to ask her what was wrong but before riddz could say anything, anji ran from there to prachi. Ridhima stood there looking at her very weirdly

Atul: um riddz anji?

Riddz: pata nahi atul lekin kal se badhi chup chap si hai, i don't know what's wromg

Atul: um ok thanks i'll be back

Riddz: sure (uncertain)

As atul walked off ridhima stood there not understand what was going on

The wedding started all the ceremonies took place, neev filled prachi maang with sindoor and then put the manglestruth around her neck, they took the pheres and then the wedding was taken place.

As the gang sat around the table, neev, prachi, atul, anji, rahul, muski, armaan and anjali. Talking and eating at the same time but as everyone was talking ridhima was thinking what had happened yesterday between her and armaan. A small smile crept around her face, remembering what had happened in the meadow and then in the shopping trip and how he droped her home.

Armaan looked at ridhima and saw her smiling to herself and he knew excatly what she was thinking, yesterday was his and her's best day ever.

Ridhima closed her eyes and thought what happened


Slowly they parted, her eyes flushed, her rosy lips swelled. Every touch that he did made every nerve cell of her's scream. The way they kisses was gentle but then as armaan backed her on the tree and kissed her heavily going, pressing himself right on her. Her breast pressing on his chest, armaan drew his breath as they both parted again.

Riddz: armaan?

Armaan: i love you

He said kissed her again before she could say anything back

Riddz: armaan (hitting his arm) kuch zayda nahi hua kya?

Armaan: zayda? (putting his hand on his mouth) i think it was too less (putting his ahnds around her waist and pulling her in)

Riddz: armaan, tumhe pata nahi ke is din ke liye mein kitni bachen thi, i always wanted you with me armaan.

Armaan: and i wanted you

Riddz: tho??????

Armaan: you really wanna know

Riddz: haan

Armaan: teek hai toh beto

Armaan and ridhima both sat on the grass, ridhima's head on armaan's shoulder

Armaan: ridhima do u remember when we first met on that ball, i fell in love with you then. (ridhima opened her mouth to say something but armaan put his fingers on her lips) let me finish, i ddin't fall in love with you when we both started dancing, but i actually fell in lvoe with you when you first walked in the room. I was stunned, i couldn't actually feel my breath, i thought this was it i finally found that right girl, and then the dance god ridhima you drived me crazzy then i just felt like taking you into a room and kiss you till it was morning. Your scent was driving me insane, your lips dark and rosy, i was just dieing to put mine there as well. But i couldn't cause i thought that would be completely awkward for you and then when it was nearly 12 i wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend, i wanted to know everything about you, i didn't care if your poor or if you couldn't hear or anything else all i wanted was you. I could see your pure heart, the way you gasped as i touched you i wanted to feel that everyday, then you ran, i didn't know why, but you did i was totally devastated. I really needed you then i wanted you soo badly but you wentaway i could see the love in your eyes when we danced but i didn't know what went wrong, when i came out to find you i saw you running away wiht your car but you droped one of your earing and a chain, i kep memerising ever bit of it. You seriously crived me insane women. So that night i came here i discovered this place that night because i spent 2 hours trying to find your car but i couldn't so when i got here i looked around and i found this tree, i wrote my name on this tree and i so dieing to find out what your's was. Then the next morning we might remember our car accident, i knew who you were ridhima, i knew excatly who you were but i just played along cause u didn't know, i caught every bit of your face i even sat in my car and took a picture of you, you looked extremly fasinating to me. When i got out of my car and you saw me you looked confused i didn't know if you remembered me or not but i guess you did you just tried to ignore me but i guess faith was playing a liltle game with us, we met again in the same hospital as interns. I was standing so close to you ridhima god knows how i managed to keep my hands of you, and when i pulled you in the staircase wondering if i might finally get my answers i did, your gasp the way you moved was the same way you danced with me that night. And when i asked you and showed you the earing and chain, that's when you finally gave in. i was soo happy ridhima you seriously have no idea. That same night i came back here and on this tree i wrote your name and i knew that i lvoed you so i didn't need a way to say it. Then i asked you out, man my nerves were so high i tried to breathe and talk at the same time, hard job, very hard job, and when you said yes i was on the 9th could by then, when it was the time for our date i spent ages trying to figure out what to wear and then Tia came in, Tia my sweet inncoent naughty sister, and she was the first person i told that i loved you like hell. That night when we were so close together in the cinema and also on the beach god i wished to have kissed you then but everytime we were interupted but today was my lucky day. Ridhiam remember what you said to me on the terrace that night, it really hurts riddz, i only loved you from the start i couldn't believe my ears when you said i played with all the girls' feeling, i enevr did that riddz you are the first girl i loved from my heart but you broke it riddz. Gosh it hurt totally badly, when i went home i ran to my room i was crying that was the first time ridhima, my sister never saw me crying ever, she was so mad that she felt like coming a hitting you (caressing ridhima's hair) but i didn't want that and while i was so busy crying you got yourself in a damn accident which i know happened cause of me and when doctor kreeti told me gosh ridhima it was the scarest thing i my life, i tried to get you out of my head for the next few months and then when you found out the truth i just wished to ahve you in my arms but then i remembered what you said to me that i was playing around with you so fromt hen on i decided to walk away far away from you. Everytime i saw you it was like the best feeling of my life i tried my best, i seriously did, on the mehendi day, ridhima you made me so ahppy by writing 'A' on it, i knew it was for me i knew everything you ddi was for me but i didn't want  you to hurt me like that again. It didn't feel right. And when i gave you back you things in the lcoker room, i felt like a part of me was being taken away but i knew that that would i have been the best for both of us. Today when i saw you dance like that, god riddz, i through away all those thoughts all i wanted was you, just you. When i came into that room, i saw that no one was there, it was only me and you and no one else, your warmth of your skin was feeling of my soul, i wanted you badly. I backed you on the wall and you asked me if i loved you, well you didn't say those excat words but i knew what it meant. Then when prachi came in, you soo regreted telling me that we had to go down, i could see it in your face you looked soo pissed off. Me telling you all this now is giving me the feeling that i know you loved me, and you always will.......... (he stopped and looked riddz, her eyes filled with tears about the confession that he just gave)

Armaan took her face in his palms and put his lips on her tears and sucked it

Armaan: this tears if yours na, are veryy presioucs to me so you better on waste them

Ridhima laughed as she hugged him veryy tightly

Riddz: i love you too armaan

Armaan: i know

He said as he brought her back into a hug

Armaan: do u wanna go home now?

Riddz: hmmm how about a stroll on the beach first

Armaan: hmm sounds good to me

As armaan stood up, he pulled out his hand for ridhima, ridhima looked at him lovingly as she took his hand and stood up, really close to him. Smiling at her, armaan walked towards the car, he opened the car door for her like a total gentleman. They both sat down listening to the sound of the night, when armaan turned the radio on as Zara sa played on


Zara si dil mein de jagah tu
Zara sa apna le bana
Zara sa khawbon mein saja tu
Zara sa yaadhon mein basa

Mein chahun tujhko
Meri jaan bepanah
Fida hoon tujhpe
Meri jaan bepanah

Wooooo hhhhooo ooohhhh hooo'

Zara si dil mein de jagah tu
Zara sa apna le bana
Zara sa khawbon mein saja tu
Zara sa yaadhon mein basa

Mein chahun tujhko
Meri jaan bepanah
Fida hoon tujhpe
Meri jaan bepanah

Wooooo hhhhooo ooohhhh hooo'

They both looked at each other, ridhima opened the door as she realised that they were at the beach. Walking hand in hand they memorised every word and every thing they said and did, life was different now, with one confession alot has changed and that change was for the better. Life was sweether now, his love has changed alot for her, sitting on the rock as the waves hite their feet, ridhima layed her head on armaan's shoulder as armaan hands were wraped around her like he was craddling a small baby.

Riddz: armaan?

Armaan: haan

Riddz: why did you take soo long in telling me this truth

Armaan: (laughs) long? I think i should have taken more time

Riddz: MORE TIME??? (annoyed)

Armaan: ok ok sorry

Riddz: thats better, hmmm i think you should drop me back to prachi's

Armaan: yeah i think so to

Armaan and ridhima both stood up and went to the car, walking sooo close hand in hand side by side. As they talkled about things and how they felt without each other they both finally reached

Armaan: i'll meet u in the morning ok

Riddz: huh?

Armaan: we all are going shopping. everyone

Riddz: Oh ok

Armaan leaned forwards kissed riddz on the cheek and then on the forehead

Riddz: good night

Armaan: hmm night, i think all the boys have left. How long have we been gone for

Riddz: i think for about 3 hours

Armaan: that was one long conversation (grinning)

Riddz: (smirking) not much of a conversation hehe

Armaan: good night

Riddz mvoed closer and gave a peck on armaan cheek and ran inside

Rahul and muskaan were still there, in a room where no one came

Rahul: Hmmm muskaan?

Muskaan: (yawns) kya hua?

Rahul: kya tum mujhe shadhi karogi?

Muskaan: KYAAAAAAAAA ???????????? (Gobsmacked)

Rahul: haan, will you marry me?

Muskaan: rahul (shying and she stands up rahul follows her) NO

Rahul: KYA??????? But why?

Muskaan: because i don't want this small proposel, if you really love me then tommorow at the marriage in front of everyone you'll propose

Rahul: WHAT??????? Lekin muskaan

Muskaan: lekin, wekin kuch nahi, either your in or not. Your choice

Muskaan said as she moved closer to him and put her arms around him, making him go weak by his knees

Muskaan: if you want me for life, than you've got to take this risk

Rahul looks at her, as muskaan gave his a kiss on his lips and opened the door and went out

'OMG, yeh muskaan bhi na, ab kya karu, mein toh mar hi jounga' rahul thought nervously

'how can he be so heartless, can't he see how i feel about him. Why? Was it because i can't be nice to him. Why atul? Bhagvan tum hi meri raksha karna. I don't know what's going onw ith my head but whatever it is please make me well enough to handle it' anjali thought as she cried herself to sleep

Morning came with beautiful surprises

Ridhima was looking sooo happy, there was a smilen on her face which woudln't wipe off

Anjali sat there, right across Nikki, praying that she would go out of her life

And muskaan well she was bubbly as usuall laughing inside about how tonight rahul was gonna confess. She knew that rahul couldn't do it cause it would be too scared

Prachi came in holding cups on teas in a tray

Prachi: ohey, everyone ready for the shopping

Riddz: we're ready since ages but where are the boys

Just then armaan, neev, atul, and rahul came in

Rahul: app ne yaad kiya aur hum aah gayye

Atul: haan yaar, (looking at anji) so chale

As everyone went out ridhima and armaan were the only one left to come out

Armaan: Kuch To Hua Hai
Kuch Ho Gaya Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai
Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

Kuch To Hua Hai
Kuch Ho Gaya Hai
Do Chaar Din Se Lagta Hai Jaise
Sab Kuch Alag Hai
Sab Kuch Naya Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai
Kuch Ho Gaya Hai

Riddz: armaan????

Armaan: kya hua, sach hi toh bol raha hoon (hugging riddz from the back)

As everyone shopped till they drop, they finally had an aamzing time there, armaan romancing with ridhima at every time he got a chance and then muskaan worrying rahul even more about tonight and well anji was quiet not talking to anyone because well atul was shopping with nikki all the way and she couldn't stand it.

Flashback ends

Rahul: ohey riddz kaha koh gayyi ho

Armaan: meri kayalo mein (whsipers to riddz)

Muskaan: rahul mujhe tumse kuch baat akrni hai (knowing excatly wat he was thinking)

Rahul: actually No, i've got an annocement to make

Muskaan: huh??

'I really hope i can do it, god agar nahi ho saka toh??' rahul thought as he stood up

Rahul looked around and saw as how many people were there and god there was loads, rahul didn't know how he was going to get across all of them. Then he noticed a mike and he stood up on a stage well where the pheres took place.

Nikki: yeh rahul kya akr raha hai??

Muskaan: pata nahi (scared herself)

Rahul: hum hum (coughs) Ladies and Gentleman, well you all know that today is Neev and prachi's wedding but there's something else aswell. For the past 9 months that i've been in sanjeevani, i've met a lot of people, all good and all bad. But from those i've had one specail one. One someone that's been on my heart for a veryy long time, first we both fought like cats and dogs but then 2 months later i found myself getting attracted to her, i didn't know how or why but i couldn't do anything about it. One night it was just me and her doing night duty and i felt this rush in me in telling her that i loved her, when i first told her we both were in a small room cause she was trying to do some work but i knew she was only running away from the truth. I said 'I LOVE YOU' to her 3 times but she kept saying she hates me, i tryed again and again but she declind it, at the end i got really mad and pulled her towards me and thats when i heard her 3 maginal words 'I LOVE YOU TOO' i was soo happy i didn't know what to do or say after we confessed but we both decided to keep it as a sceret. Well last night i proposed to her (getting down from the stage and walking toward muski and nikki) but she said NO. (everyone gasped) well yeah i know but she said that she wanted a bit porposel and that i had to propose to her infront of everyone. (right infront of Nikki and muskaan) So Would you marry me now? (everyone looked at who he was saying it to, muskaan or Nikki?) (Rahul bent down on hsi knees and took a diamond ring out)

Rahul: MUSKAAN KYA TUM MUJHE SHADHI KAROGI??? (everyone was shocked)

Muskaan looked around as she saw everyone watching her, their mouths waiting for her answer

Rahul: Haan ya Na muskaan. Its all your choice

Muskaan looked deep into his eeys, no way could she leave without him. He was her everything

Muskaan: YES (she breathed deeply and said)

Rahul: what? (suprised)

Muskaan: Haaaan, meine haan kahi (getting rahul on his feet)

Rahul: really???

Muskaan looked at rahul who was soo confused, so she just hugged him as atul and armaan put their 2 fingers in their mouths and blew wistles really loudly

Everyone was screaming and shouting having thier time of their lives. Anjali looked happy from the outside but from inside she was sad, sad that she couldn't be happy today. Seeing rahul and muskaan she felt like atleast one couple in this world had been united, it was different for her because now seeing atul and Nikki she felt like murdering her right there but prevented herself from doing that.

Walking towards the garden behind the avenue she sat there on a swing, thinking about her life, how could she be happy now? But then she left a hand on her shoulder, she looked around and was shocked to see atul standing there looking confused.

Anjali: um tum yaha?

Atul: kyun mein nahi aah sakta?

Anjali: oh no, aise baath nahi hai mujhe laga ki tum us i mean woh Nikki-

Atul: tumhare aur Nikki ke beech kuch hua kya?

Anjali: nahi toh (she said getting up to go in)

But when she was going to pass atul he caught her hand and pulled her back as she hit the back of the swing

Anjali: atul mera haath chodo (sternly)

Atul: nahi (seriously) anjali, whats wrong with u? You're upset everyday, and since Nikki came your even more mad at me then before

Anjali looked at him as if he was missing something

Anjali: Nothing. So tum aur Nikki-

Atul pulled anjali soooo close to him

Atul: are you jealous?

Anjali: WHAT, Nooooooooo why would i be (turning around)

Atul: cause i can see it anjali, u r jea-

Anjali: FINE (angry) i am jealous OK happy (angry)

Atul pulled anjali so her face was 2 inches away from him

Atul: why anjali why?

Anjali: atul please

Atul: nahi anjali ajj sach sach batoa

Anjali: Kyunki mein..............

Atul: kyunki tum????

Anjali: kyunki mein tumse-

Atul: pyaar karti hoon

Anjali: KYA??? Meine toh

Atul: karti ho na?

Anjali: NAHi

Atul: then why do u feel sooo jealous??? Then huh?

Anjali: i can't love you cause u love Nikki (annoyed)

Atul: WHAT???????

Atul pulled anjali and took her inside and when she saw what was infront of her eyes she was shocked completely in utter shockness. She saw Nikki hugging some other guy

Atul: that's abhi, abhimunyu Modi. Nikki fiance

Anjali looked at him in total shock

Atul: yes anjali I LOVE YOU

Anjali looked at atul if he was kidding

Atul: anji answer me for god sake

Anjali looked at him again, tears were flowing from her eyes and then she hugged him. Crying uncontrobly

Anjali: i love you too (crying)

Ridhima and armaan stood there by the pillar looking at rahul and muskaan as everyone were teasing them and then riddz saw anjali standing next to atul, laughing and happy again

Armaan: i guess today not 1 but 4 couples were made

Riddz: huh? Four?

Armaan: yep, prachi and Neev, rahul and muskaan, me and you and atul and anjali and oh oops Nikki and abhi

Riddz: di and atul????????????????? WHAT?????

Armaan: haan, atul told me that they confessed

Riddz: OMG really????

Armaan: haan

Armaan took her behind and pillar and backed ehr there where no one could see them. As armaan kissed her on the neck, she kept on gasping.

Armaan: Hmmmmmmmm so Miss ridhima gupta are you read to me Mrs ridhima armaan mallik

Ridhima blushed as the thought came into her mind

Armaan: My life would have been incomplete without U

             My whole world is U

            If i wanna spend my life with anyone it would be WITH U

'only and only YOU, just WITH U'


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