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part 16 : Pehchan

Na jaane kaise, pal me badal jaatey hain
yeh duniya ke badaltey rishtey
na jaane kaise, rangon me dhal jaatey hain
yeh duniya ke badaltey rishtey


"Hello mamaji….this is Armaan."

"Hello beta….how's everything going?" Dilip answered the call from his nephew.

"Not good….I'm coming back."

"Kya hua beta? What happened?"

"I don't like this place…..I miss you mama."

"Did something happen with the Modi's?"

There was silence on the line..

"Hello! Hello! Armaan? Kya Shashank ke saath kuch prob-blem huyi kya?" Dilip asked hesitantly.

"I wish you had told me the truth before."

"I'm sorry beta….I didn't have the heart to tell you." Dilip shut his eyes apprehensively.

"That's Ok mama….I am coming home….I have made reservations for tomorrow afternoon."

"Theek hai beta….I'll wait for you."

Armaan hung up, his eyes red and swollen from the incessant tears he had shed all night. It was 3 in the morning. He had enough time to pack all his belongings, write a letter to the dean of the music school and then take a cab to the airport at the crack of dawn. With a heavy and dejected feeling inside, he forced himself to prepare for his journey back home……


Tanha Tanha Yun Phira
Apno mein reh kar Akele
Aisa gira na uth saka
Main chala
Main Chala Main chala
Main Chala aaaaaa a
Main chala
Main Chala Main chala
Main Chala aaaaaaaaa

lamha lamha ghutan hai
Aankhe bin tere Nam hai
Mere Jalte jahan mein
Bas yehi ek Gum hai
Dil ki viraniyan
Dhundhe tujhe
Raahon ke fasle kyun badh gaye

Kaise yeh zindagi jo hum jeeye
Isne Aasun aur gum diye

Main chala
Main Chala Main chala
Main Chala aaaaaa a
Main chala
Main Chala Main chala
Main Chala aaaaaaaaa

Ankahi yeh kahani
Bin kahe hai sunani
Lab pe khamoshiyan hai
Aashko mein hai rawani
Saanson ke silsile
Thamne lage
Labzon ke shabd yeh bujhne lage
Lamho ki aag mein kuch yun jala

Mein aap se hi kho gaya

Main chala
Main Chala Main chala
Main Chala aaaaaa a
Main chala
Main Chala Main chala
Main Chala aaaaaaaaa


"Mrs. Modi, we are lucky it's not a heart attack this time," Dr. Mathur spoke softly as Shashank lay asleep on a hospital bed surrounded by his sons, their wives, Muskaan and Padma, "I think we need to keep him here for a few days….uh….just for observation. Looks like he has suffered a major emotional setback…..kya hua Padma bhabhi, sab khairiyat to hai na?"

Padma nodded gently, "har ghar mein choti moti problems tho chalti rehti hain na doctor saheb….bas yeh tassalli hai ki Shashank theek hain." She glanced at Abhimanyu from the corner of her eyes as everyone stood silently with their eyes lowered. As she had always done, Padma shielded her family from any controversies by downplaying the major incident that had rattled the whole family just a few hours ago.

"Good…I hope you all take care of your dad well….I will see you in the morning," Dr. Mathur nodded at the sons and marched out with his stethoscope.

"Rahul beta….go an drop Muskaan home," Padma ordered once she realized Shashank was out of danger and there was no need crowding the hospital room.

"Aunty…I can stay….aapko koi help chaahiye tho?" Muskaan asked.

"Nahin beta….it's late…I'm sure your parents are worried about you….please let them know that we appreciate their concern and now that uncle is stable, we can all take a sigh of relief."

"Ok aunty, I'll be back in the morning," Muskaan hugged Padma and left with Rahul.

"Atul aur Anjali…tum log bhi jao….Kavya ghar par naukar ke saath akela hai," Padma turned towards her oldest son, avoiding any eye contact with Anjali. She was still upset with her oldest daughter in law for accusing Riddhima of adultery when they all knew Riddhima could never commit such a sin.

"Jee mom," Atul did not argue; he knew his mom was always right and removing Anjali from any potentially sensitive situations was the wisest thing he could do. Her caustic remarks had done enough damage; Armaan, the man who had saved their lives had been accused of having an affair with Riddhima. He would have to personally apologize to Armaan once things were more settled.

Riddhima, relieved that her father in law was out of danger, had been restless all night. The impact of the the volcano that had just erupted in their house had jolted her even more than the scene at the hotel.  The burns from the lava had charred her soul completely. Even though, physically she was present with her family, her mind and heart cried for Armaan and his pain. She could tell by his parting glance, that he had been completely devastated and shattered by Shashank's ruthlessness. Even though he was her father in law, his ill treatment of Armaan had severed her respect for him.

Padma sensed Riddhima's restive state. "Abhimanyu….zara mere liye ek cup chai le aana," she directed her son firmly. Abhimanyu, who had not uttered a single word since his dad's collapse in the living room, complied and stepped out of the room, "yes mom….I'll be right back."

Riddhima stood frozen, snubbing Abhimanyu's presence in the same room.

"Riddhima beta….kya soch rahi ho?" Padma asked.

"Mummyji….kya insaan ko apni aankhon dekhi baat par vishwas karna chaahiye ya kaano suni baat par?" Riddhima asked. She was obviously confused between what she had seen in the hotel room and heard from Abhimanyu.

"Sirf apne dil par vishwas karna chaahiye," Padma sighed, "you know when in doubt, listen to your heart."

Tears rolled down Riddhima's eyes, "I think Armaan is innocent…..Abhimanyu is wrong…..yeh main sirf apne dil se keh sakti hoon."

"Jaanti hoon…..and that's why I want you to go and stop him from leaving."

Her mother in law's words came as a stunning surprise, "Leaving?"

"Yes beta….if I know Armaan well…..this incident would have devastated that poor boy….I think only you have the power to stop him from leaving….jao….jaldi jao…kahin der na ho jaaye."

"Mummyji," Riddhima smiled tearfully; Padma had read her mind so well. Since they had arrived at the hospital, she had been craving to talk to or see Armaan, "lekin aap yahan akeli?"

"Abhimanyu hai na," Padma picked Riddhima's bag and hung it on her shoulder, "jao…driver bahar hi hai…leave before Abhimanyu gets here."

Warm tears of relief flowed with full force as Riddhima embraced her mother in law and tip toed out of the room towards the parking garage.

Shortly thereafter, Abhimanyu returned with two cups of tea, "here mom….tea for both the ladies….arre Where is Riddhima?" He looked around.

"I sent her home," Padma lied.

"Home? Mom….how could you do that? She needs to stay with you and dad…..yeh uska farz hai." Abhimanyu shook his head.

"NO…you will stay back with me….yeh tumhara farz hai…..after all you are responsible for dad's condition."

"MOM! How can you blame me for dad's condition?" Abhimanyu clenched his fists from frustration.

"Abhimanyu…'ve hurt dad's and Riddhima's feelings."

"Mom you still don't believe me? Can't you see that we are all paying for dad's sin."

"Yes, we are," Padma reflected at Abhimanyu's statement, "but right now dad's health is of paramount importance….I want you to apologize to him….and to Riddhima tomorrow."

"OK….I will….on one condition," Abhimanyu folded his arms angrily.

"What condition?" She was surprised.

"Dad will have to change his will."


"Yes mom….dad told me that right now none of us brothers have stake on the inheritance unless their wives are with them….what if….what if Riddhima decides to leave me after this incident?"

Padma was appalled at Abhimanyu's train of thought. Even now, he was more worried about his inheritance rather than feeling guilty about cheating on his wife or exposing his dad's past in front of the whole family. At that moment, she realized that the years she had spent in silent depression and anger after finding out about Shashank's infidelity had been Abhimanyu's formative years when a child develops moral values and respect for truth and honesty. Partly, it was her fault as she had tried to 'save' her family from breaking down, but in exchange had created a monster in the form of her middle son. She would have to rectify her own mistake and at the same time ensure justice for all the family members.

"Theek hai Abhimanyu…..main vaada karti hoon ki dad ki will change karva doongi… long as you promise to apologize to dad and Riddhima." She wanted to add Armaan to Abhimanyu's apology list too, but purposely omitted his name, as that would give away her plan. Abhimanyu, as she had figured out, was more cunning and calculating than any of her sons. The only way to teach him a lesson was to play her cards carefully, safely and cleverly. She would have to keep Armaan clear of Abhimanyu's radarscope and make sure Shashank's will was changed to include Armaan as an equal and rightful heir.

"Thanks mom….you're the best," Abhimanyu embraced his mother with a big smile.

"I know…..after all it's my sons who will take care of me when I am old," she smiled back.

"Mom…you'll never get old," he grinned, "I am so happy that you believed me over that cheat Armaan."

"I can smell the truth from afar…..achcha ab main thodi der soti hoon….tum dad ke saath baith jao." She released herself from his selfish hug and lay on the sofa next to the patient's bed. Abhimanyu had no choice but to stay up on an uncomfortable chair all night, next to his father. Every so often, he made sure that Shashank was still breathing. He had to stay alive, at least till the next day, when he would call their family lawyer to help change dad's will.



It was 4 in the morning. Armaan had just packed the last of his suitcases with his CDs, music books and guitar accessories. Surprised at the knock on his door, he hesitated, but after a few persistent knocks, he decided to answer the door.

"Thank God you are still here," Riddhima barged into his room, relieved to see him. A bewildered Armaan stood at the door expressionless. The last few hours of emotional turmoil had drained him of any display of any sentiments. Riddhima's sudden appearance had surprised him. After Abhimanyu and Shashank's slurs, he wasn't sure Riddhima would have the courage to defy them so openly.

"Riddhima…why are you here? Why do you give Anjali bhabhi another reason to doubt our relationship?"

"You are my friend…Anjali is not," she replied softly

"Please leave me alone," he said wryly, "I don't need anyone."

"I do."

"I am sorry but I have nothing to offer anyone."

"Yeh suitcases…..kahan ja rahe ho? Why are you all packed?"Ignoring his comment, she walked over to his bed and table, "and this letter?" She picked the handwritten note to the dean announcing Armaan's departure from the school and his tuition cheque for the following month.

Armaan remained silent and averted his gaze.

She tore up the letter and cheque into pieces, "you can't leave me like this."

"RIDDHIMA!" He yelled, "how dare you tear this letter and cheque….kya haq hai tumhein?"

"HAQ HAI!" She held his arm and shook it vigorously, "is this how they define friendship in your country? Ek dost ko besahara chhod kar chale jaana…kya yeh sikhate hain America mein?"

"Riddhima…Riddhima….I can't stay…..and I am not a good friend…..remember what Abhimanyu said….I am a bad man…..I…I broke your marriage….interfered in your family affairs….I should have never come here in the first place." Armaan stared up at the ceiling, trying his best to hide his tears.

"Main bhi tho buri hoon na? Apne pati ko chhod kar ek paraye aadmi par zyaada vishwaas karti hoon…haina?" She came back with a rebuttal, "that makes two of us…..we are both evil Armaan….and if that's what other's want to say, so be it….I really don't care."

"Why do you believe me Riddhima? No one else does…not even my own father," Armaan broke down and walked away towards the window.

Riddhima sensed his anguish. His shocked and hurt facial expression when Abhimanyu had revealed Armaan's identity was a heart wrenching sight. She knew that Shashank's denial to accept Armaan and his insults  had shattered Armaan's heart into pieces. She followed him and placed her arm on his shoulder, "Abhi tak main sochti thi ki mera gham duniya mein sab se badha hai….ek patni jiska pati usey dhoka de….is se zyaada bad kismati kya ho sakti hai ek aurat ke liye? Par main galat thi Armaan…..tumhare gham ki tho koi seema hi nahin hai…..tumhein tho tumhare pita ne dhokha diya hai……at the end of the day, every child knows that even if everyone else deserts them, their parents love them unconditionally, but where does one go, when their parent's betray them?" She rested her head on his broad back and sobbed softly till he felt her tears soak through his shirt.

Armaan turned around and held her close to his chest. His swollen and bone dry eyes found themselves misty once again. They stood silently in each other's arms, two tortured souls, betrayed by their own loved ones. Ironically, their tormentors were oblivious to the fact that by betraying their loved ones, they had betrayed themselves of lifelong relationships of trust and loyalty.

 Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Hum Dono Kee Ek Kahani
Aaja Lag Ja Gale Dil Jani
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Hum Dono Kee Ek Kahani
Aaja Lag Ja Gale Dil Jani
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam

Mai Achhee Buree Jaisee Bhi Hu
Tu Achha Bura Jaisa Bhee Hain
Mai Teree Hu Kaisi Bhi Hu
Tu Meraa Hain Kaisa Bhi Hain
Tu Meraa Hain Kaisa Bhi Hain
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Ham Dono Kee Ek Kahani
Aaja Lag Ja Gale Dil Jani
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam

Tute Huye Dil Kee Kashtee Ko
Tufan Me Kinara Mil Jaye
Tu Tham Le Mera Hath Agar
Dono Ko Sahara Mil Jaye
Dono Ko Sahara Mil Jaye
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam
Ham Dono Kee Ek Kahani
Aaja Lag Ja Gale Dil Jani
Tera Gham Mera Gham Ek Jaisa Sanam. Latest Movie LyricsMore Lyrics From GHULAM-E-MUSTAFA
Tera Gham Mera Gham
Sara Shahar Aaj Jagega
Ho Mubarak Tujhe
Dum Dum Danke Pe Chot Padi

…………….to be contd…………

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