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part 2 : The Night Of Confession


After Anjali saw Riddhima leave, she headed back towards Sanjeevani. She was planning to go to the locker room and gather her stuff. But Anjali just could not stop thinking about Riddhima asking for Armaan and then without telling anyone leaving at midnight. Ahhh she was soo tired. But she knew one thing that no matter what..Riddhima was a mature and responsible girl and she probably left for some important work and that she'll be back pretty soon.

In the Locker Room

Everyone is soo tired. But our two lovely cartoons Atul and Muskaan are singing "Race saanson ki..Race dhadkan kiii..My heart is racing on" loudly as if there is no tomorrow.

Atul-Nashaaaaaaaaaa....teraaaaaaaa...nashaaaaa ....nashila nashila haiii...

Both (Muskaan and Atul)- Allah duhai hai..Race toh ab bhi jaari hai.....

Rahooooooooool (screaming) - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! arre bas karo...tum dono ne kya mujhe torture karne ke paise liye hue hai..!??! Raat ke baara baj rahe hai..Aur tum dono race ke gaane gaa rahe ho!!! Whats wrong with you two..!! Apne patients ko to nahi lekin mujhe to baksh do..

Muskaan- Ayee ladke! Tu apne aap ko kya Hrithik Roshan samajhta hai??? Shakal dekhi he apni..!! Kisi bander se kam nahi lagta. Aur tu hota kaun hai hume chup karne waala..

Rahoooooooooool- Pehli baat main apne aap ko Hrithik Roshan se bhi zyaada smart samajhta hoon..Kyunki main doctor hoon. Aur wo nahi. HA! Sach kahoon mujhe tere hone wale pati pe bahut taras aata hai...!!!

Muskaan- Chal be Dr.Hrithik Roshan. Apne aap par taras khana band kar.

Muskaan suddenly realize about what she had just said..

Muskaan (to herself) - OH bhagwaaaaaan maine yeh kya keh diya!!!

Rahooooooool- Kya bola tune. ?!?!?!

Muskaan (nervously) - Kuch nahin...kuch nahin.

Rahoooool couldnt catch the meaning of what Muskaan had said and continued on with his work.

Atul was listening to Muski-Rahul's conversation. For this time, he wasnt stupid and did understand what Muskaan had said accidently. Oh wow, he was so tired! The "Diane-of-Control (Riddhima) had assigned him the Path Lab farrrrrr away from Anjali's Pediatric's Ward. Atul loved Anjali like crazy, but sadly didnt know how to express it..sadly

Anjali walks in.

Rahooooooooool- Hi Anjie..! Tired?

Anjali- Very tired yaar.

Atul jumped UP looking at Anjali

Atul- Anjali, Anjali, meri Anjali Anjali (**singing**) Kaisi ho Anjali??? Pediatrics ward ke bachon ne zyaada tumhe tang to nahi kiya naaa? Aur sabse zaroori question. tumne mujhe zyaada miss toh nahin kiya na..?

Anjali- Atul, mujhe bachche bahut pasand hai. Aur maine tumhe miss nahin kiya. Ok now leave me alone.

Rahooooooooool- Arre Anjie...Riddhima ji kahi dikhayi nahi deri.

Anjali- Woh..uh uh...umm...Ridzy tired thi to wo ghar chali gayi.

Anjali lied to everyone. Saving her lil sis from all the question. But no one asked for Armaan as if no one cared about him :(

Rahooool and Muski said their bye-byes and left. Now only Atul and Anjali were left in the locker room. Anjali started walking towards her car in the parking lot and Atul followed.

Atul- Wow Anjali, tumhari car bhi tumhare tarah kitni khoobsurat hai..!!

Anjali- Atul, tumhe bilkul bhi taarif karni nahi aati!!!

What Anjali said was true, I mean who compares there lady love with a Car..!?!? Only Atul could!

Anjali sat in the car.

Anjali-Atul, ab tum jaa sakte ho. Main ghar jaa rahi hoon Bye!

Anjali tried to start her car but WHAT!!!!!!!! the car wont turn on. Anjali tried and tried and tried but the car wont turn on. It was past midnight and there was no way Anjali would find a cab. Looks like Atul was in luck !

Atul -Arre, Anjali lagta hai ki tumhari gaadi kharab ho gayi hai! Lagta hai ki gaadi ko meri nazar lag gayi. Im sorry Anjali.

Anjali (still trying)- UGH!!! what the heck! yeh gaadi kyun nahi chal rahi!!

Atul- Anjali agar tum kaho to main tumhe ghar drop kar sakta hoon. Meri bike mein.

Atul used to have a bicycle...but now after saving the money from internship he had bought himself a bike. Not a very fancy one like Armaan's. But a pretty comfortable one.

Anjali had no choice but to say yes. Atul was ecstatic

Atul (to himself) - TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!

Back to Riddhima. (Finally) (Ishq leta hai intehaan is playing in the background) Riddhima was in the cab, thinking about her good times with Armaan. How he saved her from Vicky. How he kept the karva-chauth fast for her. I mean what guy keeps a fast for his love..?!?! And then she started thinking about the time she had hurt Armaan saying "Tab to mujhe sach mein bahut nasha ho gaya ho ga kyunki apsi hosh mein to main aisa kabhi nahi kehti." Thinking about her mean comment to Armaan. Riddhima broke down in tears. She was literally crying like a 5 year old.

Cab Driver- Madam aap theek to hai?

Riddhima- Haan, main theek hun. Thank you

Cab Driver (stoping the car) - Chalo, aa gaye hum. Jahan aapko aana tha.

Riddhima (paying him)- Thank you bhaiya.

Riddhima started walking towards Armaan's house. The wind was blowing like crazy. Riddhima was dressed in her favorite blue-ish - sea green salwar kameez. Wow, Riddhima was nervous...very nervous more nervous than she had been when Armaan saw her in the Black skirt!!! On top of that, she was crying. Now only Armaan's love could stop her from crying. Thats it. Nothing in the world could make her feel better..rite now.

Riddhima was standing infront of the door. Without thinking, she just tries to open the door knob. And the door opened. Of course, Armaan didn't lock the door. He's a bachelor who lives by himself and a street fighter. Who would mess with him..?? Pssssh. Nobody. Plus he was too depressed to lock the door. ( Ya, boys are like that. )

Riddhima thought that the house was beautiful. Everything was kept neatly, but rite now her eye were looking for Armaan or more likely yearning for Armaan. She finally saw Armaan sitting by the fire reading a medical book. Armaan might be slipping off at work but the field of medicine will always be his love.

Riddhima (tears in her eyes and voice crackin up)- Ar..Armaan..???

Armaan heard Riddhima's voice. First he thought he was hallucinating. But then he could also hear her cry.

Armaan ( to himself ) - Riddhima?? Nahin nahin. Main pagal ho gaya hoon.

Armaan finally turned around and saw Riddhima in the biggest mess with tear all over her face. Thats one thing Armaan couldnt tolerate. Armaan could not tolerate tears in Riddhima's eyes. Every tear in her eye was like getting stabbed for Armaan. He could feel the knot in his gut.

That was part two. Still no confession ... But trust me its coming up. WOW so much has happened in one night. and def more and more to come.

Hope y'all like it

Enjoy Reading :D


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