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part 2 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

The Girl saw her friends coming out of the bar. Anjali was still a bit sober, but Naina and Aman were totally drunk. The girl sighed and hoped for a peaceful night. Naina and Aman were together since 3 year and were in a live in relationship. After dropping both of them to their home and tugging them in their bed, Anjali and the girl got back in the car. That was the perfect moment for Anjali to start the conversation.
An: Yr, wo ladka tera naam puch raha tha
G: Koun?
An: Are wohi, jis ke saath tu itna chipak chipak ke dance kar rahi thi.
G: Oh... tune bataya use?

The girl was holding her breath, she did not want anyone to know her name. It was impossible. If her elder sister would find this out, then she will be dead.
An: Nahi yaar, is se pehle ke me usko kuch kehti, tera msg aa gaya tha. Aur hum bahar aa gaye.
G: Thank God.
The girl whispered and took long breath.
G: Chal teri destination aa gayi.
An: Bye, take care. Kal milte hai, kaam pe.
G: See you.
Then the Girl drove off to her home. She was very late and hoping that her sister would be already in bed. As soon as the Girl entered her house, the lights got on and the girl saw her sister sitting on the couch and looking very angry.
Sis: tumhe waqt mil gaya ghar ane ke liye. Time dekha hai tumne?
G: I am sorry Aapi...
Sis: What sorry ZOYA, yeh sab kya hai? Kya yeh ek shareef ladki ko represent karta hai?
Z: Aapi aisi baat nahi hai, me to bas Anjali, Naina aur Aman ke saath...
Sis: Kuch nahi sun na mene.
As she saw tears in Zoya's eyes, she calmed down and moved to her.
Sis: Me bohot darr gayi thi Zoya, pata nahi, ajeeb ajeeb se khayal aa rahe the. Tu jaanti hai na, tu meri Zimedari hai. Mama Baba ki death ke baad, sirf hum dono hi hai ek dusre ke liye.
Z: Me jaanti hu Riddhima aapi, I am sorry. Mujhe aapko pehle inform kar dena chahiye tha.
R: Agli baar se dhyana rakhna.
Z: jee Aapi.
R: Chalo jao, shukar hai ke kal Weekend hai. So you don't have college. Lekin phir bhi, you have work tomorrow. Jao soo jao.
Z: Good night aapi.
R: Shabba Khair.
Then Zoya left to her room, leaving Riddhima behind. Riddhima sat down and put her head on her hands. Life has been so difficult on both of them. Especially after their parents death. She tried to be both, mother and father for Zoya. Riddhima had just turned 18 when their parents died in a car crash.
Zoya was 15 at that time. Riddhima basically took the custody of her little sister. Not its been 5 years to that incident. Riddhma gave up her studies and started to word. So that her little sister could complete her studies and would not have to worry about anything.
What Zoya did not know, that Riddhima was the famous Doll Face in night, a bar dancer. Yes, Riddhima had two jobs, in the morning she worked as assistant and at night she is a bar dancer. She wanted to keep her identity a secret, because she did not want Zoya to suffer because of her choice of work. But to be honest, she earned a lot as a bar dancer. Enough, that Zoya could have a luxurious life.
Riddhima went into Zoya's room and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed. Riddhima moved to her bed and kissed her forehead.
R: Dua hai, ke tumhe Zindagi me wo sab kuch nah sehna pare, jo mene saha hai. Tumpe ane wali har mushkil ka samne pehle mujhse ho. Mere hote hua, tumhe koi galat nazar se dekh bhi na sake.
Next day
Armaan was in his hotel room when he got a call from his father.
A: Jee Baba.
B: Beta, humari company jo Mr. Mehra chala rahe the, I want you to take it over now.
A: Lekin Baba, mera modeling carrier...
B: Nahi Armaan, its hight time. Mene tumhe tumhari zindagi ke 3 saal diye, apne modeling career ko chalane ke liye. I know tum ek highly required model ho, but I want you to take over my business.
A: Itni jaldi Baba?
B: Meri bhi umar ka ab kuch khas nahi pata, me chahta hu ke mere jeete jee tum sab kuch samjhal lo. Ab tum bare hog aye ho, you have to take over your responsibilities. Me yeh nahi keh raha, ke tum apna modelling carrier khatam kar do, me to bas itna keh raha hu, ke tum apne Baba ko bhi thora support kar lo.
A: jee Baba, jaisa aap chahte hai waisa hi hoga.
B: thank you beta.
Then Billy hung up and Armaan was lost in his thoughts. Then he decided to call Rahul.
R: yes Boss?
A: Rahoooll...
R: Sorry, old habbit. Kya hai Armaan?
A: Baba ki call ayi thi...
R: Ohhh...
Armaan narrated everything to Rahul.
R: Ab?
A: Ab kya? Ab wohi hoga, jo Baba chahte hai.
R: What about our mission?
A: Uski tu tention mat le, Armaan kabhi koi kaam adhura nahi chorta.
R: And what about that girl?
A: Huh...
R: Ab ban mat? Wohi ladki jisne kal raat ko tere hosh ura diya.
A: Aisa kuch nahi hai...
R: Accha, matlab ke mene bina wajah uska name aur address pata lagaya?
A: What?
R: Chal ab tujhe interest nahi hai, to phir me wo phek deta hu.
A: NOOO...
Rahul smirked, knowing were well that Armaan is too stubborn to admit his liking towards that girl.
R: you wanna know?
A: Rahooolll...
R: hahah okee fine. Uska name Zoya hai, last year of Medical College. Weekend ko she works as a waitress. And uski ek badi behen hai, I cant remember her name.
A: Behen itni zaroori bhi nahi hai.
R: hahahha aur kuch?
A: What about address?
R: Wo me tujhe send kar dunga.
A: Great, see you soon.
R: Take care.
Armaan hung up and smiled at himself. He finally knew her name. Zoya. Beautiful.
Riddhima moved into Zoya's room to wake her up. In one hour, she had to start her work, and that lazy girl was still sleeping.
R: Zoya, utho. Wake up baby. Tumne kaam pe bhi jana hai.
Z: aapi bas thori der aur...
R: Bilkul bhi nahi, sirf ek hour reh gaya hai tumhare pas, nahi to aaj tumhe tumhara boss zaroor fire kar dega.
Zoya's eyes open wide and she stood up instantly.
Z: Kya, sirf ek hour. Aapi aapne phele kyu nahi uthaya mujhe.
Riddhima smiled at her as she watched her running in the bathroom. Riddhima went to the kitchen and made breakfast for both of them. After Zoya left for work, Riddhima sat down and thought about the upcoming night and finding an excuse for her absence.
It was night and Rahul dragged Armaan in a bar with bar dancers. Coincidentally it was the same bar where Riddhima worked.
A: Rahul, yaar mujhe nahi jana.
R: Come on yr, bas 2 din ki azadi hai tere pas, phir to tu typical businessman ban jayega.
A: Yaar, agar mujhe yaha pe kisi ne pehchaan liya to?
R: Don't worry, mujhe iska bhi khayal hai. Ye ek baar hai, jaha pe sab mask pehente hai. So don't worry, koi tujhe nahi pehchane ga.
Armaan finally gave up and went inside with Rahul. The lights were dim and people were everywhere dancing and enjoying their night. Some men's were sitting with a bar dancer sitting on their lap, some were watching a strip show and some where there with their partners.
Rahul moved to the manager of the bar and asked for the most famous bar dancer for Armaan. Armaan was looking at Rahul with skeptical eyes. He was dragged by a girl to a special room.
G: Yeh humari bar ki sabse famous bar dancer hai. Doll Face.
A: Doll Face?
G: Aur nahi to kya? Yaha pe koi bhi apna asli naam use nahi karta, its against the rule. Tum bhi apna real name nahi bata sakta.
A: Don't worry, mene yeh plan bhi nahi kiya.
Then the girl left and Armaan went inside. The room was almost pitch dark. Red lights were coming inside through the window. Armaan saw a girl sitting on the bed, her face hidden by a mask. He saw at her revealing clothes. But what caught his attention, were her long black hair. They were very long and thick. And looked perfect.
A: Doll Face...
Riddhima finally looked up and sighed. Again a night with a private costumer. She stood up, but before she could talk, Armaan took off his mask. Riddhima gasped, looking at his beautiful eyes. They held her captured. As is they were telling her a own story. Soon Riddhima came out of the trance and started a conversation.
R: you broke a rule.
A: huh?
R: Yah ape Mask utarna allow nahi hai.
A: Yaha pe hum dono ke siwa aur koi hai bhi nahi.
R: still...
Riddhima turned around, and put a hand on her heart. She tried to stop her increasing heartbeat.
R: Me tumhe rules bata du, no touching, no personal talks, no asking about names or anything. Theek hai?
Armaan noticed the shiver in her voice, and somehow he had a feeling, that the most famous Doll Face, wasn't actually bar dancer by her choice. He studied her body and his doubts confirmed, as he saw her head hanging low. Even through her back was towards him. He moved forward and took the bed sheet and wrapped it around her body.
Riddhima was shocked and taken by this gesture. No one ever had noticed her discomfort. Everyone, who came in tried to take her clothes off, but this man hid her body in a blanket. Riddhima turned around in his arms.
A: Tumhe yeh sab kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai, me bas kuch der yaha pe baith jaunga, aur phir I will leave. Agar me abhi gaya, to mera dost mujhe bohot sawal jawab karega, aur mera mood nahi hai ke mujhe uske kisi bhi sawal ka jawab du.
R: ohhh...
Riddhima still had the blanket around her and sat down on the bed. Armaan took a chair and sat in front of her.
R: Tumhara dost tumhe zabardast kyu leke aaya?
A: mujhe laga ke koi personal questions nahi puche jayenge?
R: sorry...
Riddhima looked down, Armaan smiled seeing her gesture and started to talk.
A: kyunke usko lagta hai, ke agar me ek businessman ban gaya, to phir meri social life khatam ho jayegi. Pagal hai wo, lekin mujhe meri bhai ki tarha azeez hai.
R: Aap apna business khol rahe hai?
A: aree, nai nai, me to bas apne Baba ka business take over karunga. Wese I am a Model by profession.
R: Really, aapko pehchana nahi mene...
Riddhima teased him. Armaan's mouth was hung open and he looked at Riddhima with disbelieve. Riddhima could not hold her laughter back. Of-course she knows who he is. Everyone in the world knows the Armaan Mallik. But to be honest, at first she could not place his face to any name.
R: hahahha me to mazak kar rahi thi. I know ke aap Armaan Mallik hai.
A: kya yaar, mazak bhi aisa tha, jisne almost heart attack de diya mujhe.
R: hahahhahaha.
A: Wese tumhari hasi bohot aachi hai.
Riddhima stopped smiling and looked towards him.
R: Aap ko ab jana chahiye, time is almost up.
Armaan stood up from there. He reached the door and then turned around.
A: Me phir zaroor aaungi Doll Face. Tumhe baat karke bohot aacha laga. Aisa lagta hai, ke koi bohot aachi dost mil gayi ho mujhe.
Then Armaan left from there, leaving a Riddhima with a increased heartbeat behind.

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