Friday, 29 June 2018

Part 2 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

After what Shilpa said in the basket ball court, Armaan was not able to concentrate on anything. her words kept on ringing in his head. Did I really made her feel that way?He asked himself. He sighed as he went to his room after saying goodnight to his parents. I think I should apologoze.

The next morning he asusual went to the joggers park to play basketball. Ofcourse he had basket ball court of himself, but he didn't wanted to wake his parents that early. As he jogged towards the basket ball court, he was shocked to see Shilpa playing Basket ball there. What is she doing here?

He slowly went towards her without disturbing her as she was just going to shoot the ball into the basket, which landed into the hoop perfectly. She turned around bumping into his masculine structure.
"Hey ..uhh..Ar..Armaan" She stammered looking at him.

"Hi! ummm never saw you here before, What are you doing here?"

"I...actually i came to apologize to you for my behaviour yesterday. I shouldnt have said that. I ..I am Sorry!" She said, and started going out of the court.

"This is cheating Shilpa!" He said smiling to himself with his back towards her.

"huh?" she said in surprised tone as she turned to look at his back.

"Khud sorry keh liya, aur mujhe chance tak nahi diya?"

"Kaisa chance?"

"Sorry kehne ka, Duh!!!" He said looking at her confused face.

He came towards her and said with a apologetic face.
"I am really sorry Shilpa, I didnt know ki I was so rude to you. I was a fool, I am sorry." he said cutely holding his ears. She couldnt help but pinch his dimples.

"Its ok, she said with a smile. And walked away to go.

"Hey Shilpa" He said making her stop in her tracks.

"Yeah" She asked turning around with a smile.

"umm...wanna match? one on one?" He said hoping she would say yes!

"umm.....ok...." she said moving towards him to grab the ball out of his hands.

"but ...on one condition" he said moving the ball away from her.

"condition?what condition?" She asked.

"If I win you will take me out for an ice-cream treat. And if you win. I will take you out for ice-cream. deal?" He asked moving one hand forward to her.

"Deal" She said joining her hands with his.


"Girl you are such a player!" He said walking towards their house after the match.

"Never underastimate anyone Mr.Mallik" She said laughing.

"well so I guess the pleasure mine to take you out for an icecream" He said bowing down at her with a twinkling in his eyes. To whiich she couldnt help but laugh at his antics. She smacked him on his arm.

"ouch...Jungli billi!"

"huhhh???" she exclaimed

"what huhh!! That was a hard smack." He said rubbing his arm.

"Ohh am really sorry" she said with a concerned face.

"Aree...I was just kidding dude. Calm down" he said chucling at her concern.

"Waise, I didnt knew ki you speak soo good hindi, with perfect accent." She saaid looking at him with a grin.

"wohh, I dont know, its just born talent of Armaan Mallik I guess." He said scratching his head.

She just shook her head.

"So I guess meet you in the evening. Dont forget the treat in you "parties" " She said making a quotations with her finger on parties.

"ofcourse not. Today the evening is yours mam." He said again with a naughty wink.

 she shook her head and poked his forehead with her finger.
"ok then bye"

"Hey Shilpa" He said after her.

"Yeah" she said turning around with a frown on her face.

"soo friends?" He said forwarding his hands towards her hoping to feel her touch once again.

She stood their thinking for a while.

" I thought you hated me Armaan"

He sighes as he took his hand back.

"I never hated you. I was just a jerk." He said looking disappointed. He looked down.

"What if I say Friends?" Shilpa asked as he looked upwith a jerk and hugged her. Shilpa was surprised rather shocked at this behaviour.

"Thanks'' he said as he broke the hug.

She smiled and went away to her house before he asks anything else.


"Woah! Girl, you are a chocolate lover" He said looking at her she got three scoops of chocolate.

"so I am" She said grinning at him.

he got himself different flavours. Shilpa made a face looking at his stack of ice-cream.

"are you really going to eat so much??" She asked.

"Yupp!! Coz this is my dinner" He said as she laughed.

"I think girls dont really eat much ice-cream. it makes them fat"

"armaan, I am not one of those girls you date ok! They like to impress the boys, and I like to impress - "

"The girls????" he asked making up a fake shocked expression.

"Armaan!!! I--I hate you." She said making an angry face.

ouch!!He always felt like the worst person on earth when "she" says she hates him.

" I am sorry, I thought we were friends,I was just joking....I didnt knew you will hate me for this." he said looking down at his ice-cream.

"Armaan!! Wow...I have never seen this side of you. You even say sorry for this small matter??" she said surprised at him. but he just shrugged still not loking at her.

"arre, its ok...even I was kidding, ofcourse I dont hate Hate you"

"well, Please dont say 'I Hate You' it Hurts." He said finaly looking up.

"Ok....I wont say it now on, I promise. Ok?" She said looking at his cute adorable face.

He smiled back.
"Oh By the way, I dont say Sorry to anyone. I said to you because, well I dont know, I just didnot feel right." He said shrugging again.

"Aww...I  feel special.." she said laughing at him. While he just sat there smiling.

Suddenly his cell phone vibrated. "oh shit" he said

"ya hua? You had a date today?" She asked tryling to hide her smile.

"Noo!! I had to study! Tomorrow is my chem test" He said worriedly.

Shilpa laughed at him and he looked at her with angry face.

"I..I am sorry...but you and study??"

"well yeah.Because I am turning out to be a badboy, everyone hates me. And i want to prove that I can be good too!" He said with a serious face.

Shilpa looked at him with a smile.
"Mind If I help you?"

He looked up at her with a grateful smile.
"Ofcourse" he exclaimed.


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