Tuesday, 26 June 2018

part 26 : Pehchan

News of Abhimanyu's arrest spread like wildfire in Mumbai. Even though, the next day was a public holiday, August 15th, India's Independence Day, the media had a field day reporting the arrest of business tycoon, Abhimanyu Modi for breaking into a women's hostel and harassing it's staff.

Even the Modi family was unaware of his arrest till they turned the news in the morning. The only person Abhimanyu had contacted from the jail was Nikita, who had promised to get him bail first thing in the morning.

Shashank had a series of minor heart attacks when he heard the news. After contacting the police department and his acquaintances in the judicial system, he was informed, "sorry sir….aaj bail nahin ho sakti. Court holiday hai na sir. Haan aap chaahe tho apne bte se mil sakte hain."

Witnessing the drama unfold on TV, had driven all the Modis into panic mode.

"Dad…let's call the police commissioner," Atul advised.

"What was Abhimanyu doing in the women's hostel?" Anjali interrupted, "phir koi chokri phansaa rahe the kya?" She asked, almost gleefully.

"I know why he was there," Rahul walked in, distressed and ashamed of his brother's terrorizing act in the hostel," Muskaan told me everything."

"Muskaan?" Shashank was taken aback, "how does she know? Humein kuch pata nahin aur ek bahar waali ko pataa hai?"

"Muskaan is ghar ki hone waali bahu hai Shashank," Padma finally broke her silence.

"Dad…Muskaan works at the same hostel. Bhaiyya was there because he wanted to meet Riddhima bhabhi, but it was late and against the rules of the hostel, that's when he threw a fit and was arrested for harassing the staff." Rahul lowered his gaze, embarrassed to narrate his brother's, who he had idolized for years, act of humiliation.

"Riddhima stays in a hostel now?" Shashank was at his wits end, the TV reporter added salt to his wounds, "YEH SAB KYA HO RAHA HAI?" He called his public relations officer at the company, "Tripathi saheb, yeh sab bandh kariye. Who leaked this information to the press?"

"Sorry sir, we have no idea. Kya Abhimanyu sir ki bail ho gayi?"

"Nahin! Aaj bail nahin ho sakti….after all it's a court holiday! Independence Day but my son has lost his freedom today," Shashank was furious, "just manage the press….make it sound like a case of mistaken identity."

"But sir, looks like there are a number of witnesses and then Riddhima madam is also at the hostel. That gives legitimacy to the story."

"Mooh bandh kar do sabka!" Angry, Shashank slammed the phone.

"Aapke bte ko apne kiye ki sazaa mil rahi hai," Padma stood calmly next to her husband.

"I know Padma….but why make this a public tamasha? Kya zaroorat thi Riddhima ko hostel mein jaane ki? Tumhari friend ka kya hua?"

"Kya zaroorat thi Abhimanyu ko hostel ke rules thodne ki?" Padma inquired, "I hope he understands that he can't bully his way everywhere. Riddhima has not broken any rules."

"Oh God," Shashank wiped his brow, "theek hai….ab koi jao Riddhima ko ghar le aao. Yeh tamasha aur din nahin chalna chaahiye." He glanced at all the faces in the living room. To his surprise, no one came forward; they all lowered their eyes, unwilling to undertake the task that Padma had so vehemently ordered them against.

"She will come home after she has divorced Abhimanyu." Padma replied.

"What? Kya matlab?" Shashank was shocked, "divorce?"

"Yes, we need to help her get a divorce and then she will come back as our daughter in law again."

"I don't understand what you are saying Padma. There is no logic in what you are saying."

"Yes there is….and that's called love."


"Yes, love. Your son, Armaan and my daughter in law are in love. I want them to get married after her divorce with Abhimanyu."

Shashank's heart almost stopped this time, "what rubbish?"

Rahul, Atul and Anjali were equally stunned.

"Main tho pehle hi kehti thi Armaan aur Riddhima ke beech mein koi chakkar hai," Anjali's crooked smile met with an ice cold expression from Padma.

"It's not rubbish. It's a fact. Sochiye, agar Abhimanyu se divorce ho jaata hai tho aapko apna khoya hua beta mil jaayegaa aur mujhey apni bahu." Padma stood firm.

"Padma," Shashank pondered, shutting his eyes, ruminating on the second shocking news of the day, "I would love to have Armaan back….but..but how can I accept my daughter in law re marrying her brother in law? Yeh galat hai."

"Haan galat hai…lekin us galati se tho kum hai jo maine ki thi!" Padma could not control an outburst, "ghut ghut ke saalon jeena, kya wo sahi hai? Shaadi ke naam par ek khokhle rishte ko zinda rakhna, kya wo galati nahin hai? I don't want Riddhima to suffer like I did. Yes, I have come to terms with my fate, perhaps because I never stopped loving you. It was my decision to get married to you, so I stuck with it, but Riddhima deserves a second chance. Abhimanyu never loved her, and I doubt she ever felt the same way about him like she does about Armaan. Abhimanyu aur Riddhima ki shaadi hum logon ki zidd se huyi thi. She has a right to be happy, on her terms, with the man she loves."

Atul, Rahul and Anjali were dumbfounded; never before had Padma been so vocal about her husband's infidelity and her years of suffering. Atul and Rahul felt their eyes well up for their mother's pain.

"Dad…Armaan is our brother. Hum sab ne uske saath theek nahin kiya. If Riddhima loves him, she has a right to be happy too. I know Abhimanyu has always taken her for granted and never given her the attention a wife deserves," Atul placed his arm around his mom, "and mom…..sorry for all the pain you have endured for us….hum jaante hain aapne yeh dard apne bachchon ki wajah se hi saha tha."

"Aur ab hum hi aapko dard de rahe hain," Rahul  placed his head on his mother's shoulders, "dad hurt your feelings but bhaiyya has hurt the whole family, most of all Riddhima bhabhi. We are with you mom…aap jaisa kahengi, hum waisa hi karenge."

Once again, Anjali found herself isolated in the family. In the past, she had blamed Riddhima for her miseries, but today, even in her absence, it was she who found herself all alone. Without saying much, she retreated to her room, unsure of what to make of this new development in their lives.

A stunned and numb Shashank lost his balance and almost collapsed. Padma caught his arm and helped him rest his head on the couch, "sorry….main kuch zyaada hi bol gayi lekin aapko yeh sun na zaroori tha."

"You are right Padma. I have been very unfair to you. Maybe God is giving me a chance to redeem my mistakes. Batao," he sat up, unwavering this time, "how can I help Riddhima? Waise Armaan achcha ladka hai….I am proud of him…I hope he can keep Riddhima happy."

"Thanks Shashank," she caressed his temples, "I know you are a good man…shayad iss liye tumhein kabhie chhod nahin paayi."

He smiled back, "thanks Padma."

"First and foremost, you need to change the will. I know Abhimanyu won't divorce Riddhima unless his inheritance is detached from his marriage to her…..Armaan will of course inherit an equal share, that way, Riddhima will be taken care of too." She looke dup at her other two sons, "beta….aap logon ko koi objection tho nahin hai na?"

"Of course not mom…Armaan deserves an equal share," Atul replied firmly, "and I can't believe Abhimanyu wants to stay married to Riddhima, just for the money! Sharam aati usey bhai kehne main."

"Mom…I have no objection," Rahul nodded, "we will do everything to help Riddhima bhabhi and Armaan."

"Shayad yeh sab dekh kar Abhimanyu mein kuck akal aa jaaye," Padma smiled back at her sons, "thanks beta….at least I don't feel like a total failure as a mom now."

"Mom!" Atul and Rahul consoled Padma once again. "Dad…please call Mr. Chaturvedi as soon as possible," Atul interjected, "I will convince Abhimanyu to divorce Riddhima….yeh kaam jitni jaldi ho jaaye, utna achcha hai…warna yeh TV aur press waale hamara tamasha hi khada karte rahenge."

"I think that's a good idea. I will call Chaturvedi saheb today and change the will right away. Ab Abhimanyu ki bail bhi karwaani hai…..should we ask Shailendra? He might have connections."

"No Shashank, let's not bend the rules. I want Abhimanyu to be punished this time. Tumne aur maine use laad mein kabhie sazaa nahin di…..usee ka nateeja bhugat rahein hain hum…kaash bachpan mein humne uske saath sakhti barti hoti tho wo aaj ek haivaan nahin, insaan hota." Padma stopped her husband from taking any more obligations from Shailendra, "waise bhi Shailendra mujhey kabhie pasand nahin tha."


"Hello, may I speak to Aradhana jee,"Armaan called Dehradun at the crack of dawn, even before the headlines of Abhimanyu's arrest had hit the news channels. After overhearing Abhimanyu's conversation with Shailendra, Armaan was sure that Shailendra played an equal, if not more crucial part in Riddhima and his miseries. Even though he had tremendous respect for Aradhana, lately, he had had his doubts about her too. Was she really Riddhima's well wisher or way too influenced by her politician husband?

"Haan main Aradhana bol rahi hoon. Aap kaun?"

"Hello didi…main Armaan."

"Oh …Armaan…itni subah subah? Sab theek tho hai na? Tum America se bol rahe ho?" She sounded surprised. He was relieved in a way that Aradhana was perhaps oblivious to her husband's spying activities.

"I am in Mumbai. In fact, I never moved back to the US."

"Oh really? Are you in touch with Riddhima? Kaisi hai wo? Bahut din se phone bhi nahin aaya uska."

Her worried voice sounded as genuine as she had first appeared to him at her parent's funeral.

"She's fine. She lives in a Women's hostel now…working and studying both."

"Really? Achcha hua tumhara phone aa gaya….wo tho mujhey bhool hi gayi ho jaise," Aradhana complained.

"No didi. She has not forgotten you. Maybe she just doesn't trust you like she did before."

"Yeh kya keh rahe ho Armaan?" Aradhana almost broke down, "I am her sister….almost like a mother to her."

"But you are also Shailendra's wife."

"Oh," She understood, "jaanti hoon….Riddhima doesn't care for him."

"But Abhimanyu does. As a matter of fact, Abhimanyu and Shailendra have been in constant touch with each other. Agar koi Abhimanyu ko bhadka ta hai tho wo hai aapka pati, Shailendra," Armaan clenched his jaws, "last night, Abhimanyu tried to break into her hostel and as a result, is in jail now."

"OH my God!" She exclaimed, "Is Riddhima OK?"

"Right now she is, but if your husband keeps inciting Abhimanyu, I am pretty sure her life could be in danger."

"Aisa kabhie nahin ho sakta!"

"Yes, didi. Last night, Abhimanyu was completely drunk; he tried to attack me first and then rushed to Riddhima's hostel. Who knows what he would have done to Riddhima? I overheard him talking to your husband."

"Yeh Shailendra aur Abhimanyu ka rishta hi kuch ajeeb hai…in fact it's not a relationship, it's like a business deal," Aradhana replied angrily, "Abhimanyu donates money for his political campaign and in return, Shailendra has helped Abhimanyu get away with a lot of illegal deals in business." She blurted out.

"Aap yeh sab jaante huye bhi Riddhima ko Abhimanyu ke saath rehne dena chaahti hain?"

"Kya karoon Armaan? We women have to tolerate our husbands the way they are. Yahi yahan ki reet hai."

"I am sorry Aradhana didi! I don't agree. Riddhima deserves to be happy, and that can only happen if Abhimanyu is out of her life."

There was a pause on the other line. Aradhana sighed, "wo akeli kaise jeeyegi?"

"jaise ab jee rahi hai….she is living her life the way she wants….and she is very happy."

"Yeh kaise keh sakte ho tum?"

"Because I know her very well." He replied softly.

"Kya rishta hai tum dono ka?" Aradhana became a little suspicious.

"Dosti ka….sachchayi ka…aur pyaar ka," he added.

After another long pause, she sighed, "kya chaahte ho mujhse?"

"If you want to see your sister genuinely happy, then put reins on your husband. Make sure, he snaps all contact with Abhimanyu and convince Abhimanyu to divorce Riddhima."

"Aur phir Riddhima ka kya hoga?"

"We love each other, and I promise you I will always keep her happy. Bas aapka saath aur aashirwaad chaahiye."

Since their visit to Dehradun for the funeral, Aradhana had wondered about their close friendship; her doubts were now confirmed. Her greatest concern had always been Riddhima's security and future; Armaan had just laid to rest those concerns with his confession of love for her.

"Armaan, thank you," she whispered, "jab main tum se pehli baar mili thi, tab hi soch ti thi ki kaash Armaan jaisa ladka Riddhima ki life mein pehle kyun nahin aaya….thank you again for taking care of my sister." She was tearful.

"I should thank you for being supportive. Before I called you, I was a bit apprehensive."

"My only apprehension is my sister's future but now that I know she has a wonderful and faithful future ahead of her, I have no worries. I assure you, I will keep Shailendra out of your way."

"Thanks didi. Bye now."

"Bye. Take care of Riddhima."

"I will."


More than an Independence Day parade, the front porch of the police station where Abhimanyu was jailed, was bustling with reporters, onlookers, his office employees and a handful of old friends. Nikita and his family were nowhere. The Modis had been humiliated by their middle son, and chose to keep a dignified silence about his arrest instead of being hounded by the media.

As the reporters lurked around in search of more scoop, Riddhima stunned everyone by alighting from a cab outside the police station.

"Arre , yeh tho Abhimanyu Modi ki wife hai!" Someone from the crowd recognized her, "chalo chalo, ab naatak hoga!"

"Suna hai dono separated hain!"

"Haan…Abhimanyu apni wife se milne hi gaya tha hostel…lekin galat ladki par line maar daali….suna hai hostel warden ke saath bad tameezi ki thi……..ha ha…ha..ha!"

"Waise itni khubsoorat biwi ko choda kyun?"

"Shayad wo hi chhod gayi usey!"

"Abhimanyu ka chakkar tha kisi office ki lady se!"

"Chee chee…chee….bade log….choti harkat…ram ram ram!"

Without paying heed to the sarcastic remarks, Riddhima paved way for herself through the journalists and inquisitive public. She refused to talk to anyone, "excuse me…I need to go inside."

"Kya bail dene aayi ho jaane man?" A hooligan shouted, "hum bhi khade hain yahan, zara humari bhi bail kar do!"

"Apne pati par taras aa gaya hoga…aakhir bhartiya naari jo hai….hai hai….mar jawaan!" Another person chuckled.


"I need to meet Mr. Abhimanyu Modi!" Riddhima walked right up to the police inspector.

"Aap kaun?"

"I am his wife, Riddhima Modi," she replied coldly.

"OH I SEE!" the inspector had a grin on his face, 'aakhir apne pati ki yaad aa hi gayi. Itna tamasha kyun karte ho aap log? Madam kyun choda bechare ko….hum aadmi log aurat ke bina pagal se ho jaate hain, jaise kal raat aapke husband ho gaye the," the inspector giggled, adding his two cents.

"Excuse me inspector! I need to meet him in private."

"OK madam….ghar par privacy nahin milti kya?" He mocked at her, sending a rage of fury inside her, "can I lodge a complaint here?"

"Arre madam…itna gussa kyun hoti ho?" He smiled sheepishly, "yeh leejiye….wo rahe Abhimanyu saheb," he unlocked the cell and let her in. She turned around to make sure the inspector had departed before confronting Abhimanyu.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu, sat in a corner with his head buried, noticed a woman enter his cell. Without his glasses, he was blind as a bat, "kaun Nikita?" For a brief moment, Riddhima's heart melted at seeing a normally well attired Abhimanyu in striped jail clothes, bruised and battered, but the tender moment vanished into thin air, the moment she heard Nikita's name.

"Sorry, wrong number Abhimanyu!" A caustic reply announced her arrival, "looks like we have always had a wrong connection...what's new?"

"Oh Riddhima?" He placed his glasses back on his nose and with a smug look, came closer, "main jaanta tha tum zaroor aaogi. After all, a sati savitri like you would be heartbroken to see her husband in jail."

"Actually, I am not here to sympathize with you, nor here to give you company," she folded her arms, "I am here to give you a warning."

"Warning?" He laughed, "warning about what?"

"Leave Armaan alone."

"Armaan?" He acted ignorant, "who is he? I don't know what you are talking about."

"I don't want you to hurt Armaan in any way."

"Why do you want to drag a third person between us Riddhima?"

"Exactly! Yeh ladhai tumhari aur meri hai….beech mein Armaan ko kyun laa rahe ho?"

"Kyunki beech mein tum laayi ho usey!" He growled, "sharam nahin aayi shaadi shuda hote huye ek paraaye mard ke saath….Oh God I can't even say it!"

"Ab samajh aaya meri itne dino baad yaad kaise aayi?" She smiled sardonically, "how hypocritical!"

"Riddhima! You are a disgusting woman! How could you?"

"Just like you could."

"So there is no difference between you and me then?" He mocked at her.

"There is a difference Abhimanyu. You broke my trust….and I have broken your inflated male ego! Ek paraaye aadmi ke saath rahi hoon main, wo aadmi jo tumhara sautela bhai hai aur tumhara sab se bada dushman. Isn't it ironical that what happened last night at the hostel is so symbolic of our lives Abhimanyu? You tried to reach me by bullying and threatening everyone, without any consideration for me or my safety, and Armaan just managed to sneak into my room without your knowledge, just to make sure I was safe?" An acerbic smile fell on her face, "waise hi hamari zindagi mein tumney sirf apne baare mein aur apni zarooraton ke baare mein socha, apni patni ke baare mein kabhie nahin….shayad issilye ek ajnabi aadmi chupke se hamesha ke liye mere dil mein ghus gaya."

"What crap are you talking about?" He was livid, "so he was in the room with you last night?"

"He is always there with me," she evaded his query.

"kya rishta hai tumhara Armaan se?"

"Pyaar ka! Yes, I love him…very much. Jo pyaar main apni paanch saal ki shaadi mein na paa saki, wo Armaan ne mujhey diya hai," not intimidated by him anymore, she looked him in the eye and rattled the earth beneath Abhimanyu.

"YOU B$&*$#@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!" He scowled, "I can't believe I married a woman like you."

"Me too! I can't believe we were ever married to each other."

"I will kill that man!" He gnashed his teeth angrily.

"Nahin tum Armaan ko haath bhi nahin lagaaoge. If you try to hurt him in any way, I will make sure those tapes of you and Nikita from the hotel would be made public as soon as possible. Even if the courts don't accept them as evidence, I am sure the tabloids and media will pay me a hefty sum to ruin the reputation of business tycoon, Abhimanyu Modi. Imagine having your video with Nikita on the internet, TV channels, cell phones? If I was a millionaire as your wife, I'm sure I can easily become a billionaire by staying away from you and selling those tapes."

He was foxed by his once-upon-a-time-docile wife, "kisne sikhaya hai tumhein yeh sab?"

"Tumne! You have always treated every relationship like a business deal, haven't you? Shailendra jijajee and you have used me as a trump card for five years. I am not that ignorant Abhimanyu! Sirf tumse yahi seekha hai…..business, sauda, faayda aur deals," she chuckled derisively, "I am sure you understand what I am saying. Tho deal pakki?"

"I don't deserve this!" He groaned.

"In life, one doesn't always get what one deserves, but what one negotiates," she repeated Keerti's words.

"Theek hai main Armaan ko kuch nahin karoonga….lekin tumhein ghar wapas aana hoga….back as my wife and never again meet Armaan!"

"I am sorry I don't think there is a condition attached with our deal Mr. Abhimanyu Modi, "I want a divorce from you….as soon as possible and Armaan is my life now….I can't part with him nor my life, never for you Mr. Modi. Good bye! I will make sure the divorce papers get to you in time."

"I WILL NEVER DIVORCE YOU!" He glared at her, "NEVER!"

"Yes you will!" She glared back, "kyunki usee mein sab ki khushi hai. Tumhari bhi aur meri bhi."


"Time up!" The inspector was back with his crooked smile, "privacy mil gayi madam?"

Without replying to him or saying a goodbye to Abhimanyu, she gave both men a dirty look and walked out of the cell with mixed feelings. At least, she had managed to keep Abhimanyu out of Armaan's way, but his stubbornness and unwillingness to give her a divorce had her exasperated. She consoled herself and thought, "I have survived enough hurdles so far, I am sure I can overcome the last big one also," she hailed a cab right away, without heeding to the reporter's mikes and cameras.

As she drove off, tears rolled down her eyes. Never had she imagined that one day, the man she had shared seven pheras and all kinds of sacred ceremonies with, just five years ago, would be at such cross roads with her. She shuddered at the thought that till a few weeks ago, she had worshipped this man and catered to every whim and fancy of his. She had been fooled for so long; there was no way he would get away this time.

Her heart ached to be with one person at that time- the only man whose magical touch had such a soothing effect on her that even if she was in the midst of a tsunami, his presence would have that tranquil effect like a gentle wave of the ocean.

"Hello Armaan," she picked her phone, "I want to be with you."


Armaan followed the news closely from his TV set. Several calls to Riddhima had met with a familiar fate: her voice mail. Dilip mama had called several times after hearing the news, "beta….I hope Riddhima is safe."

The hostel was a deserted place that day, as most women had left the premises to spend the holiday with friends, boy friends or family. Finally, thanks to 24/7 TV coverage, he caught a glimpse of Riddhima walking out of the police station.

"Oh my God! Riddhima wahan kyun gayi hai," he was worried, but before he could hurry to be with her, she surprised him with a call, "Hello Armaan, I want to be with you."

'Me too," he sighed, "why did you go there?"


"Jail mein…Abhimanyu se milne kyun gayi thi? You should have asked me to accompany you."

"No Armaan. I had to meet him. It's between me and him, I don't want to drag you in this mess."

"I know Riddhima…lekin mujhey tumhari fikar hoti hai….that man is capable of doing anything."

"Nahin ab kuch nahin karega," she reassured him, "I miss you…..kahan ho tum?"

"I miss you too," he smiled, "Let's meet at the music school. I have to show you something."


"Great! See you soon."


An anxious Armaan awaited Riddhima's arrival at the academy. The hallways of the school were barren and quiet as everyone was away.

"ARMAAN!" She ran and hugged him fiercely when she saw him waiting for her.

"Phew! I am glad you still remember me," he squeezed her in his arms, "kuch der tho main darr gaya tha ki kahin jail mein Abhimanyu se milkar tumhara dil na pighal gaya ho." He teased her.

She punched his chest with her tiny fists and whispered softly into his chest, "yeh dil ab sirf tumhare liye dhadakta hai."

"Phir se kaho," he whispered back in her ear.

"I-I love you," she hid her face in his chest.

"I love you too," he brushed her hair gently with his fingers and held her in his arms. Bathed in each other's warmth, they stood quietly in the middle of the large hallway, in their own harmonious and melodious world. Armaan broke the silence, "divorce ki baat ki?"

"Haan," she nodded, leaving all the details of her painful conversation with her husband, "Yahan kyun bulaya?" she replied shyly, releasing herself from his arms.

"I wanted to show you something. Come with me." He held her hand and pulled her into one of the recording studios.

"Yahan kya hai?" She was curious.

"Here….look at this," he grabbed a wad of legal looking papers, "contract hai yeh."


"Hmm," he nodded, "my first contract to sing for a new album."

"Really?" She was thrilled, "I am so happy for you Armaan," she hugged him and kissed his cheek, "kaise hua yeh? I-I mean, you are still a student here…tho contract?"

"It happened because of you. Remember that song kaho ek din?"

"Of course, how can I forget it," she turned red as she recalled that fateful day when they had confessed their feelings for each other, all thanks to his mesmerizing song.

"Well, they loved it…..and most of all they loved your voice in the end."

"NO WAY!" Riddhima was aghast, "tum..tumne wo erase nahin ki?"

"Never…..wo awaaz tho meri jaan hai," he smiled mischievously, "and now I can say, you are my lucky charm…..mere har naye gaane mein tumhari awaaz zaroor honi chaahiye."

"Armaan," she was touched by his gesture, "lekin agar main tumhare paas nahin hoon tho? You will have  to record without me at times."

"I don't care. I need my lucky charm wherever I go," he kissed her hands and then to her surprise, slipped a beautiful silver bracelet on her narrow wrist.

"Yeh-yeh kya hai Armaan?" She was stunned.

"Our friendship and love bracelet. Abhi waqt nahin hai ki main tumhein aur kuch de sakoon," he hinted at an engagement ring, "but for now, I want you to wear this bracelet for me….our forever love and friendship bracelet."

"Thanks Armaan. This will always be dear to me," she kissed the bracelet and gazed at him lovingly, "itna pyaar mat karo mujhey….kahin aadat na padh jaaye."

"Even better….mujhey us din ka intezaar rahega," he winked at her, "chalo, now that someone is in captivity for the day, let's celebrate our independence day in style."

"Not a bad idea. Kahan chalein?"

"Hmm….movie?" He asked.

'Sure. Haven't seen one in ages."

"Love aaj kal ya Kaminey?" He asked.

"Love aaj kal sounds better, I just saw Kaminey this morning," she rolled her tongue mischievously. Raising his eyebrows, he grinned with pursed lips, "got it! You mean Kamina!"

"Samajhdaar hote jaa rahe ho dheere dheere."

"Dheere dheere…..sab theek ho jaayega," he came closer and kissed her neck, sending a tingle through her, "aur dheere dheere hamara pyaar bhi badh jaayega…I can't wait for the day when you will be mine forever."

"Dheere dheere," she blushed and ran out of the academy as he ran after her like a child runs after his beloved possession.

Koi Aarzoo geet ga to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere

Meri zindagi mein tu aa to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere


la re yeh la re yeh ta ra ra na na na ta ra ra na na na la re yeh

Jage jage na jane kaise hai yeh armaan
Hoooo Lamhe lamhe dil mein nache jaise pariya
Ohh Jage jage na jane kaise hai yeh armaan
Hooo Lamhe lamhe dil mein nache jaise pariya

Reshmi si hawayein aate jate sunaye
Chahat ki ek daastan
Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere
Dheere dheere

Koi Aarzoo geet ga to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere..
Aaa dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere

Haule haule bane hai kaise afsane
Khoye khoye mile hai kaise anjane
Haule haule bane hai kaise afsane
Khoye khoye mile hai kaise anjane

Laga raha hai abb aise
Ghomege taho jaise
badlega sara sama
Magar Dheere Dheere
hoo hoho ho
Magar Dheere Dheere
Dheere Dheere
Magar Dheere Dheere

Koi Aarzoo geet ga to rahi hai
Magar dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere..
Magar dheere dheere
Dheere dheere dheere
Magar dheere dheere


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