Friday, 15 June 2018

part 3 : The Night Of Confession

Armaan turned back and saw Riddhima's tears. Ahh the tears..! Why the tears..!

Armaan ran to Riddhima. He put his hand on her shoulder..she was literally trembling.

Armaan- Riddhima...Kya hua Riddhima..? Tum ro kyun rahi ho..? Mujhse koi galti hui kya..?
Dekho Riddhima agar mujhse koi galti hui hai to mujhse please batao lekin kam se kam yun ro ke mujhe itni badi saza to mat do. Please.

Riddhima- Ar..Armaaaan Armaaan...tum mujhse pyaar mat karo Armaan. Main is pyar ke kaabil nahi hoon. Please Armaan mujhse itna pyaar mat karo ki main khoodh mein itna kho jaoo aur..aur

Armaan (cutting her off)- Riddhima jis dine maine tumhe pehli baar dekh tha. Ussi din se tumse pyaar ho gaya tha. Aur ussi din mein sirf tumhara ban gaya tha. Lekin tum ho ki....

Riddhima- Lekin main bahut buri hoo na Armaan..?

Armaan- Riddhima, maine aisa nahin kaha..

The wind was blowing like anything. Suddenly Riddhima's duppata flew away. It landed where Armaan was sitting near the fire. Riddhima and Armaan both ran to get it. Riddhima just followed Armaan. Mainly Armaan was running behind the dupatta. The dupatta landed on the rocking chair. There lied Armaan's medical book was. But then Riddhima saw something else underneath the book. Riddhima saw the DMG photo frame. They both looked at each other.

**Ishq leta hai kaise intehaan is playing in the background**

Armaan simply took Riddhima's dupatta and wrapped the dupatta around her. Riddhima knew that this was it. She had to say it now. It was high time.

Riddhima (to herself)- Ab mujhe kehna hi hoga...Ab nahi to kabhi nahi....

Armaan was about to turn around when Riddhima held his hand and Armaan stopped. Riddhima wasnt wearing heels so she had to stand on her tippy toes..Riddhima stood on her tippy-toes and went up to Armaan's ear. She gave Armaaan a gentle kiss on his ear and whispered....

Riddhima (whispering in Armaan's ear) - Dr. Armaan Mallik...Main tumse apni zindagi se bhi zyaada pyaar kar bethi hoon..I love you Armaan. Tumse itna pyaar karti hoon ki tumhare bina saans bhi nahin le sakti. I cant live without you. I love you so much.

Armaan close his eye the moment he heard "I love you"

** Asmaan Rang Ho playing in the back ground **

Armaan couldnt believe the words he was hearing. He had his eyes closed the whole time. Her whisper sounded like soulful music to him. Ahhh is she really saying this..? Am I dreaming..?

Armaan- Itnaa waqt kyun lagaya basket....? Mujhe satane mein bahut maaza aata he kya...??

Armaan kissed Riddhima on the cheek. He wiped her tears. And she wiped his tears. They hugged for the longest time. This time around Armaan wasn't yearning for kissing her on the lips.Riddhima ka saath hi Armaan ke liye sabse badi khushi hai. Now there love was there souls were connected.

Armaan lifted Riddhima in his arms. ( as in Armaan ne Riddhima ko apni godh mein uthaya) Riddhima was not crying anymore,...she giggled. Armaan was the only man who made her feel the most beautiful girl on Earth.

Armaan ( resting Riddhima on the couch and sitting next to her )- Pata hai yeh sabh sunne ke liye mein kitni raat nahi soya..??

It was 2 in the morning.

Riddhima- haan haan aur vaise bhi meri yaad mein tum vaise bhi kahan sote ho..

Armaan- acha Dr. Basket..itna confidence??. Kher chodo ...Vaise bhi aaj raat bhi tum sone nahi dogi.

Armaan got up to his CD player and played some music. Some romantic music, he thought and smiled. The title song of U, Me aur Hum was playing...the lyrics went like..

Apne rang gawaen bin, mere rang mein ghul jao
Apni dhoop bujhaye bin, meri chhao mein aa jao
Oh chalo yoon kare,
Tum, tum bhi raho, main, main bhi rahoon
Hum, hum bhi rahein..."
Armaan came back and sat next to his Riddhima. Armaan couldnt stop staring in Riddhima's eyes. He kissed on the forehead..on her eyes...cheeks..Riddhima surrendered herself..just as Bi said.."Riddhima, mere Armaan mein samaa jao.." The only reason Riddhima surrendered was because she knew Armaan wont cross his limits. She trusted him and he respected her. Riddhima for the first time was very open and kissed Armaan on his neck.

Riddhima ( with a little drop of tear in her eye )- Armaan mujhe kabhi chod ke mat jaana.
Armaan- kabhi nahi..
Now the lyrics of the song U, me aur hum went like....
"Ek din toh who lamha, bhi aana hai
Dono me se ek ne, chale jaana hai..."
Riddhima was totally lost in Armaan. Her head on his laps, but these lyrics caught her attention. She thought about the lyrics..." Ek din toh who lamha, bhi aana hai
Dono me se ek ne, chale jaana hai.."

Now, Riddhima just could not imagine Armaan going away from her. Just the thought of it shivered her and brought her eyes started tearing up....
Riddhima( in a paranoid tone )- Armaan, baby, yeh kaisa gaana laga rakha hai..kaise words hai iske.."Ek din toh who lamha, bhi aana hai, dono me se ek ne, chale jaana hai...Mujhe aise gaane bilkul pasand nahi...please change the song.
Armaan- hahaha...ok jaan abhi change karta hoon.
Finally, Riddhima felt normal after the song changed.

Armaan- You know, Dr. Riddhima Gupta.. Main tumse or sirf tumse ek din shaadi karoonga..
Riddhima- Acha really...? To mein yeh vaada samajh kar chaloo
Armaan- Ha..yeh mera tumse vaada hai.
The promise sealed their relationship so tightly that there was room for nothing but love. All Riddhima could think of was Armaan and his promise.

~~~ End of Part 3 ~~~

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