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part 3 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

Armaan left from there, leaving Riddhima in her own thoughts. She was thinking, thinking about Armaan. About his nature. That was the first time that someone put a shawl around her body, to cover her up, instead of taking her clothes off. Riddhima was impressed. Unknowingly Armaan made his entry in her heart.

On the other side, Armaan was thinking about Zoya and ways to find her. He wanted to know that girl, who blew his mind off. He has to know her. Probably get to know her. So he could impress her.
The following day, Armaan got ready to go to his office. It was his first day. Obviously, he was the son of the CEO, but he wanted to start from the bottom. He did not want anyone to treat him specially, so he convinced his father, to let him start from the very bottom. And not to let anyone know, that he is the upcoming CEO.
A: Let's go Armaan. Let's start this.
Armaan entered and went to the receptionist.
A: Hello, mera aaj interview hai.
R: Aapka name?
A: Armaan, Armaan Mallik.
R: ohhh, the famous model Armaan Mallik, ya phir is company ke hone wale CEO?
A: hahahhha kash ke ye company meri hoti. I am just a model.
R: top floor on the right side. Ms. Riddhima aapko receive karengi.
A: Riddhima, got it.
Then Armaan winked at her and left to the elevator. The receptionist blushed and watched him leaving in the elevator. Armaan got out and went to the described place.
Riddhima just got a call from the receptionist that the applicant has arrived. She stood up and went to the door. As soon as she opened the door, she was shocked to see Armaan standing there. Obviously she had recognized him, but he was not able to recognize her. Armaan gave her his hand to shake. Riddhima finally came out of the shock and shook his hand and invited him in.
R: Please come in Mr. Mallik and have a seat. Mera Naam Riddhima hai.
They finally settled down and Riddhima looked at Armaan, who was looking back at her.
R: Soo, aap jante hai ke aapne kis position ke liye apply kiya hai?
A: Yes, as an Assitant.
R: correct, lekin is se pehle ke hum aapko apne Boss ke Assistant banaye, aap ko mere, yani boss ki secretary assistant ban na hoga. do you have any problems with that?
A: No, not at all.
R: Good, aap at least 6 months ke liye mere assistant hoenge. And then, me aapke work ko judge kar ke, aap ki recommendation aage bhejungi.
A: sounds good.
R: now finally, that been down, lets begin with the interview.
Riddhima interviewed Armaan for about half an hour and was really impressed by him. Even though he was a model, he graduated from Yale University. He was a very down to earth person.
R: Thank you Mr. Mallik, I will call you in about 2 weeks and will let you know our decision. it could be earlier too.
A: Thank you Ms. Riddhima.
They both again shook hands and then Armaan left. As soon as the door closed, Riddhima fall back on her chair.
R: ufff, tum to meri jaan leke hi rahoge Armaan Mallik. Kya pata, in six months me tum bhi mujhe note kar lo?
Armaan left the building and went to a cafe shop. He ordered an Cappuccino and sat down, near a window. He was impressed by Riddhiam's business behavior. She was not like the receptionist. Even though Riddhima  realized that Armaan was a model, she was still strict to him. Only some people are that professional. He has to talk with his father about Riddhima, when he will take over the company, he definitely wants Riddhima in it.
Armaan's thoughts were broken by the entry of Zoya in the cafe shop with her friends. Armaan was surprised to see her. He saw her sitting to a table and instantly he moved to that one too. He took a chair and sat beside Zoya. She was looking at him with confusion.
A: hello ladies.
Z: Excuse me, aap koun?
A: Me, aapka hone wala boyfriend.
Anjali started to laugh very loudly and Zoya gave her an deadly glare.
Z: Excuse me, aap pagal to nahi hogaye?
Zoya was looking at him intentionally, and then it clicked. He was the boy from the club. He was the guy, she danced with.
A: Ab pehchana aapne ke me koun hu. Aachi baat nahi hai, aise chor ke chale jana, na name bataya aur na address.
Z: Me aapko apna name aur address kyu batau?
A: Aree, meri Girlfriend ho tum, apni girlfriend ke bare me itna jaan na to lazmi hai na.
Z: I am not your girlfriend.
A: aaj nahi ho, kal to hogi na.
Z: never!
Then zoya stood up from there and left, leaving Anjali and Armaan behind.
A: Yeh hamesha hi aise gussa karti hai kya?
An: Yeh to kuch bhi nahi tha.
After sometime Armaan left from there. As soon as he reached home, he got a call from Riddhima informing him that he got the job and he would start from day after tomorrow.
Suddenly he thought about Doll Face. He was really happy and wanted to share this happiness with his new friend. He book tonight. As he reached there, he thought to get a Gift for her too, on his way to the club, he bought a necklace for her, which looked very beautiful.
As soon as he got to her room, he knocked and entered. He saw her sitting again on the bed as she looked up, a smile was spread on her face, as she recognized him. Because Armaan had already taken his mask off.
R: Tum aa gaye.
A: mera Intezaar kar rahi thi?
R: shayad..
Armaan smiled at her and sat in front of her. He gave her the box. Riddhima looked at it with confusion.
R: yeh kya hai?
A: ek tofa hai, tumahre liye?
R: tofa? lekin kyu?
A: isliye, kyunke aaj meri Zindagi ka sabse khushi ka din hai.
R: aisa kya hua aaj?
In heart, Riddhima was hoping, that it was because he saw her today.
A: Aaj me apni sapno ki raani se mila.
Unknowingly a smile plastered on her lips.
R: Aacha...
A: Haa, aur tumhe pata hai, wo itni kubsoorat hai, aur jab wo gussa karti hai na, to aur bhi zyada cute lagti hai. Mera to dil kiya ke me usko bas dekhta jao.
R: Itni aachi hai wo.
A: Bohot zyaada, Bas dis karr aha hai, ke wapis us coffee shop me jao aur baith ke uske dekhta rahu.
suddenly Riddhimas smile vanished. She realize that Armaan was not talking about her.
R: ohhh...
A: Aur tumhe pata hai, meri job lag gayi hai.
R: congratulations.
A: aur meri jo boss hai na, bohot strict hai. lekin sweet bhi. Maza aayega uske saath kaam karne ka.
R: I am happy for you Armaan.
Riddhima looked down, as she did not want him to see her upcoming tears. Armaan took the box out of her hand.
A: Aree, yeh sirf dekhne ke liye nahi hai, balke pehene ke liye bhi hai.
R: nahi, me yeh gift accept nahi kar sakti. Yeh bohot expensive hai Armaan.
A: to kya hua, tum se zyaada keemti to nahi hai na. Yeh mene tumahre liye liya hai, aur trust me, tumhare ilawa yeh kisi aur pe suit bhi nahi karega. so chup chap ise accept kar lo. Samjhi.
Riddhima did not say anything, but just turned around. Armaan stood up and took the necklace. He placed it around her neck. the he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.
A: Ab lag raha hai na yeh necklace khubsoorat.
then he kissed her forehead.
A: Aacha ab mujhe jana hai, bohot late ho gaya hu. Me jald aaunga.
Then he turned around and left from there. As soon as the door closed, a tear fell out of Riddhimas eyes.
R: wo kisi aur se Mohabbat karta hai, wo kisi aur ko chahta hai
She sunk on the floor and let her tears free run...
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