Saturday, 30 June 2018

Part 3 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

Armaan and Shilpa have been really close to each other. But Shilpa always stays away from him when they are in school. Because she knows, if his friendsfind out that he talk to her or is his friend, they will make fun of him. But Armaan, he always gets too hyper when he finds shilpa ignoring him.

That day They were sitting in Shilpa's room studying, when suddenly Padma came in.

"Shilpa! Are you done with your packing." Padma said without noticing Armaan there.

"Mom, uhh yeah, I will complete it tonight." She said glancing at Armaan, who
looked at her confusingly.

"Ok, Beta, are Armaan, when did you come here?" Padma said with a smile as soon as she saw him.

"I came here an hour ago. maybe you didn't see me, you were watching your show.

"oh I am sorry. Anyways, Shilpa, complete your packing, we are leaving tomorrow, ok.

" Yes mom. Dont worry I will" she said, not looking at Armaan.

" where are you going Shilpa?? and why didnt you tell me?" Armaan asked her as soon as Padma left the room.

"umm.. Armaan, I am shifting to India" She said looking at everything around the room but Armaan.

"WHAT THE-" he stopped midway standing up.

"Armaan, look..." She said standing up with him, but Armaan's gaze stopped her.

"Thats it shilpa. You..never ..never took me as your friend did you?? You didnt tell me such a big thing."

"Armaan, I am sorry, I didnt mean too. And I didnt have guts to tell you, as i knew your reaction, Armaan I am soo sorry. please!

"Bye Shilpa, have a nice journey" he said walking out of her door. For the last time.

She sat there tears rolling down her face.


That night she completed all her packing. She sat in her bed thinking about how her life was going to change. She switched off the light and layed down in her bed for the last time.

Suddenly she heard something. Alot like her name. She got up scared, and looked at her window. Her mouth fell open when she saw Armaan trying to jump inside her bedroom.

"Armaan!" She almost screamed.

"Chupp Chupp! Shut up! Just pull me!" He said in a low voice.

She went towards him pulled him up. She looked at him with angry expression demanding for an explanation.

He looked down and then at her. "i can explain" he said with low voice.

" You better" she replied and went towards her bed and sat there waiting for him to start.

"Actually , I am sorry for my behaviour in the morning." She looked at him and he went towards her and sat down in front of him, not moving his eyes away from her. " I don't know why you didn't tell me. and why you are suddenly leaving for India. But it hurts, when you find out that your best friend is going away from you without even telling you." She looked at him and saw how hurt he was.

" I am sorry Armaan, but I cannot tell you. Its way too complicated." She said getting up and moving towards the window.

"I understand, Its ok. But" He hesitated for a moment and then continued, " You have to promise me that you will meet me again."

She smiled at him and nodded in agreement. He hugged her with affection.
"Bye, he whispered to her.

"bye, will miss you" She said smiling at him.

" I will miss you too. Shilpa!"

They stared at each other for a while, then he climbed down the window and went away to his window. She stared at his retreating figure then looked at the moon " I will miss it all"

7 Years Later

"Hello Mr. Mallik. Miss Malhotra is here for the interview, shall I send her in?" His receptionist asked through the intercom.

"Send her in Priya" He replied and then disconnected it. He sighed and layed his head back on his chair. He heard a knock on his door after some seconds.

"Come in " he said getting back in his sincere position, but as soon as he saw the sight in front of him he stopped moving. As if the world paused he couldnt take his eyes off her.

There she stood with a knee length black dress. Silver sterling earings. Black and silver bracelet in her hand. Straight shining hair that flew backwards becoause the fan was facing her. With a sweet smile on her face , naah it was actually a naughty one. She had a file in her hand.

"Good Morning Mr.Mallik" She said with a smile.

"Good M-morning ,Shil...I mean Ms.Gup...I mean Malhotra." She pressed a laugh in her. Only she knew how she controlled it.

" Umm can we start the interview now" she said looking at him not moving an inch.

"Oh yeah .. umm" He took the interview but it looked like he was the one taking the interview for the job not her. He stammered nervously now and then.

"So Miss.Malhotra Join the office from tomorrow at 9. ou can start after an hour from today if you want to." He said looking at his watch.

"Ok sir, I will Join in from after an hour" she smiled at him and moved towards the door.

" Excuse me Miss.Malhotra" He stopped her in her tracks.

"yes" She said looking back at him.

He stood up and went towards her. He stood in front of her putting his hand in his jeans. "umm can I talk to my best friend?" He said titlting his head at her. She smiled and nodded indicating a yes. Next thing she knew was she was enveloped in a bear hug. She smiled and hugged him back.

" I missed you soo much. I cant believe I finally met you. I mean seven straight years. and look more beautyfull then ever before. you are growned up, and wow...I just cant believe my eyes!"

" Calm down Armaan. You are getting too hyper." she said detaching herself from the hug. then she continued. "and look at you, You are all sincere and serious. kya hua?? what happened to that naughty, free, Armaan?? " she asked surprised.

"Woh Armaan do saal pehle mar gaya" He said, which shocked her to death.


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