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part 4 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

After her late-night job, Riddhima returned back to be welcomed by a moody Zoya. Unlike other times, Zoya didn't welcome her as she just sat in front of the television but was cursing someone under her breath. Riddhima wondered what happened, as it was past Zoya's bed time. She had college tomorrow.
Seeing her not so happy expression, Riddhima understood something was bothering her. No matter how tired she was, Riddhima could never go without knowing what was bothering her baby sister that she was still up.
R: Kiya hua, kis bechare ko gaali de rahi hai.

Z: Bechara.? Seriously Aapi?
Zoya's frown got deep when Riddhima sided the stupid man from the cafe shop. Zoya could not stop cursing the man, since she left the shop earlier. Zoya never thought, she would meet him again but seems like the world wasn't as big as she thought it was.
R: Kiya hua hai?
Z: Pucho kiya nahi hua Aapi?
R: Aacha batao, kiya nahi hua?
Riddhima hugged her, seeing how Zoya's mood was getting down and down. Zoya thought for a while but she knew that she can't tell Riddhima where exactly she first saw the guy. So, she thought it's better to just to tell about the happening in the cafe. Zoya looked towards Riddhima who was waiting for her to start.
Z: Aapko yakeen nahi hoga Aapi, aaj ek battameez ladke ne aakar kaha ke wo mera hone wala boyfriend hai.
R: What? Kisne?
Z: Mujhe kiya pata koan hai, mera naam puch raha tha.
R: Aur tumne bata diya?
Z: Pagal kutte ne kata tha kiya mujhe, jo main ek ajnabee koh apna naam batati?
R: Kiya pata, kaata hoga?
Riddhima tried to make Zoya's mood better but she just gave her a "are you serious Aapi look making Riddhima sigh, knowing that Zoya wasn't happy at all about the happening today. Riddhima knew how guys are now a days, very few would be as polite as Armaan.
Riddhima's thought went on Armaan, as it reminded her that he loved someone else. Riddhima felt a sharp pain in her heart, realizing that unknowingly she has lost her heart to him. At that moment, she did not even know, that he was in love with someone else. In her first meeting, she somehow lost her heart to him, because of his kind and polite behavior. He did not judge her because of her profession, but he saw her as a person.
Seeing Riddhima getting lost in her own thoughts, Zoya nudged her as she wanted her sister to listen to her and know what exactly happened. Riddhima looked towards her, asking through her eyes what the matter was.
Z: Maine itne badtameez admi ko pehle kabhi nahi dekha Aapi. meri jaga agar aap hoti na, to ek zorr ka Thappar lagati usko. Sirf me jaanti hun, ke maine kitni mushkil se khud ko rokha tha us waqt. Koi aise aakar bolta hai kiya, me tumhara hone wala boyfriend hu.
Riddhima smiled hearing that, she knew that Zoya didn't like to get too much attention from other guys. She surely had a friend zone, which had just only one guy and he was the boyfriend of her friend. Otherwise, she isn't interest in any other guys yet as Riddhima wanted her to concentrate on her studies.
Zoya knew, how hard her sister worked to give a good life to her. After the death of their parents, Riddhima is her everything for her and visa verse. Riddhima left her further studies and started to do jobs, that too two jobs so she would be able to give Zoya a comfortable life.
R: Its ok, ab meri behen hai hi itni khubsurat to ladke to line zaroor maarenge na. Bas tum un logo ko bhau mat dena, simple. Woh log phir apne aap yeh flirting band kar denge.
Z: Bas dubara wo na mile mujhe, pata nahi kyun lekin mujhe bilkul accha nahi laga jaise wo mujhpe apna hak jata raha tha.
R: Ab iss baare me zyada mat soch, bohot der hogayi hai. Tum jaakar sojao. Dinner kiya tumne?
Zoya gave an innocent look to Riddhima, seeing her expression Riddhima understood that she hasn't had her dinner yet. Softly hitting her on her head for being so careless, Riddhima stood up as she was hungry too. It was their routine, when Riddhima would come later than Zoya, which most of the time happens.
Zoya would just skip the dinner until her sister would be back home. And when Riddhima would know that she didn't have had dinner, she would just make something easy so they could have dinner quickly and go to sleep.
R: Tum jaake change karlo, main kuch banati hu khane ke liye.
Z: Aapi, aaj na...mera maggie khane ka mann kar raha hai.
Riddhima smiled hearing this and nodded her head as she also was craving for Maggie noddles. When Riddhima agreed, Zoya stood up and huged her sister because it's not every night that Riddhima would agree to make Maggie for dinner as she want Zoya to have proper meals.
Z: You are the best Aapi, main abhi aati hu.
Zoya gave a quick kiss on Riddhima's cheek, before going to her room for changing. Riddhima shook her head seeing the excitement on Zoya's face. Riddhima felt happy that she was able to keep her baby sister away from the pain of this world.
She moved to the kitchen and started to make Maggie. As soon as it as ready, Zoya also came back from her room. Both sister's enjoyed their food with lots of laughing and gossiping. Soon they finished their dinner and bid goodnight to each other before retiring to their respect room. Riddhima did some pending work before she decided that it was finally time to call it a night. After finishing her work she checked on Zoya who was in deep soundless slumber.
Being happy that her sister is happy in her life, Riddhima went back to her room and slept, thinking about the following day as Armaan would be joining her in the office. Riddhima knew it would be hard for her but she decided, she wouldn't let Armaan know the truth or her feelings for him.
Next day
R: Yeh aapka pehle kaam hai, aaj shaam tak mujhe yeh saari files complete chahiyeh.
Riddhima handed a bunch of files to Armaan, which was left pending from months. As she knew the new boss would question about those, ones he would take over the company, Riddhima was trying her best to make the employees do their respective works before dates.
Armaan nodded as he took the files and moved to his desk, which wasn't far away from Riddhima's desk. They were just outside the boss's cabin and Riddhima could clearly see Armaan who took the table just in front of her desk.
The moment Armaan entered and greeted every single person in the office, Riddhima felt that her heartbeat raised. When she remembered that he loves someone else, Riddhima tried her best to control her heart which did not calm realizing he can't be her's. So not to give him too much attention, Riddhima kept herself busy in work while Armaan did the same as he checked those files.
Armaan was surprised to learn, how much contracts were left pending and the due dates where just around the corner. No wonder the company position was going down in the industry market because of carelessness. Knowing he has to pull it back to the top in future, Armaan completed the work by lunch time as he was expert in it. Riddhima was surprised with his super fast work and impressed too.
R: Well done, Mr. Mallik.
Riddhima closed the files after she rechecked his work. Armaan gave her his best dimple smile. It was just the first day and Riddhima knew, by hiring him in the company, she took the right decision. Only Riddhima was unaware that, he is the boss and she would be working under him once he will take over the company. As they have half of the day left, Riddhima gave more work to him and gave him a one week time.
A: Waqt se pehle ho jaege Ma'am.
R: Koi jaldi nahi hai Mr. Mallik.
A: Phir teekk hai, as its soon lunch time. Can I ask you to join me for lunch.
Riddhima who was doing her work stopped and looked towards Armaan being shocked. She raised her eyebrow as she very well could feel the flirting tone in his voice. Armaan smirked seeing her expression, he was just loving her expression as he knew she wouldn't easily get affected by his charm.
Riddhima felt her heart skipping a beat but she managed to hide it as she kept a straight face in front of him. Very well knowing what exactly Armaan was trying to do, but unknown to him, he already snatched her heart out. So Riddhima answered, without looking him in the eyes.
R: No thank you Mr. Mallik, you may go.
Riddhima dismissed him because his present was making her weak, Armaan's smile vanished as his charm didn't work on her. Not liking to force her, Armaan just left nodding his head.
Riddhima got the most deserved free time from Armaan, she was dying to have for. Riddhima stopped her work as she looked towards the lift as it closed behind Armaan. Riddhima let out the breath, she has unknowingly holding.
R: Control Riddhima, ab roz tumhe usse dekhna padega. Ek din mein yehi haal hai to ane wale 6 mahino me kya hoga. Koi chance nahi hai ke woh tumhe note kare kyunke uske dil mein already koi aur hai.
Tears formed in her eyes but before they could fall, Riddhima cleared them. Riddhima didn't want to get weak due to a guy, So the best thing to do was, to remember, why she was working so hard. Thinking about Zoya, Riddhima continued her work as she always spend her lunch time alone.
As she wasn't feeling too happy, she wasn't in mood to have her lunch. So skipping it, Riddhima continued her work as she wanted the time to go fast and end the day so she could go home. Riddhima thought to take off from night job, knowing her boss wouldn't mind as she never asked for a leave in all these years.
By Anjali and Zoya
An: Tum jaanti ho ke wo kon hai?
Z: Kiske baare mein baat kar rahe ho?
An: Arey woh hot dude, jo kal cafe mein mila tha.
Z: Please Anji, mujhe uske baare mein kuch nahi sunna. Kitna batameez tha.
An: offo Zoya, maine uske baare mein pata kiya hai. He is the Armaan Mallik, the famous model.
Z: To me kiya karun?
An: Tu kuch mat kar meri maa, hamesha tera gussa teri naak pe baitha hota hai.
Zoya rolled her eyes as Anjali couldn't stop talking about the Armaan Mallik, Zoya wasn't interest in him at all. Don't know why but she didn't like the way he tagged her as his girlfriend without knowing a single thing about her.
Zoya was glad that Anjali still didn't tell Armaan her name and she wished he would never find out. Anjali was literally torturing her by talking about how hot and handsome Armaan. But Zoya did not found any difference in him and the other boys.
But now she understood, why Armaan was so full of himself. After all he was a famous model and how can he not be proud of it when he knew, girls like Anjali drooled over him seeing his shaped muscle body, which is very common nowadays by boys, to impress the girls.
An: Lecture ke baad cafe chale?
Anjali's words broke Zoya's trance as they all stood up to go to their last lecture for the day. It's their routine to go to the cafe after collage, their they would complete their work before leaving to their respective houses.
N: Not the same place, ab waha jaakar bore hogayi hun.
Am: Me too.
An: Haan haan Naina bore hogaye to tu bhi hoga. Tik hai, kal jaha gaye waha chalte hai.
Z: aur koi cafe nahi hai kiya in duniya mein.
Zoya didn't want to go there, because she thought, that maybe Armaan would be there too. Anjali raised her eyebrow asking what's wrong with that cafe as they hardly went there. Zoya just rolled her eyes very well knowing Anjali suspected something.
Am: I don't mind.
N: Neither me.
An: Zoya?
Z: I think I will just go home, I'm too tired and I have evening shift in work.
Am: It's fine, waise bhi tum apne works time par hi complete karti ho.
N: Yeah, I don't know how you do that Zoi.
Z: Neither me.
Soon they reached to the classroom and got busy with their lectures. After lecture, Zoya left to home while others went to the cafe to have something to drink and also completed their work. Zoya was glad that no one forced her because she didn't want to meet Armaan again.
Back to Armaan
After coming back from work, Armaan thought to go and visit the Doll-Face. So without wasting time, he called to book the night but was disappointed to know that she wasn't available for the night as she took an off. Thanking the owner, Armaan cut the call wondering what happened to her suddenly.
Armaan freshen up and laid on the bed, still thinking about Doll-Face. Didn't know why but he was thinking about the girl who seems to be very nice and Armaan knew, she is doing the job only because of some reasons.
A: Main itna kyun uske baare mein soch raha hun, shayad issiliye kyunki kabhi kisi ladki se dosti nahi hui meri. Woh pehli ladki hai, maine bina hesitation ke uske saath dosti ki hai. Nahi to har koi mujhe dekhte hi fida ho jata hai mujhpar, lekin yeh ladki.
She is different from other girls. Kash main uski help kar sakta, kyunki me jaanta hun aise job karna kitna mushkil hoga. Pata nahi kyun lekin main uski help karna chahta hun, jo bhi problem hai uski, usko us se nikalna chahta hun.
Log shayad sochenge, main bhi dusron ke tarah waha apne hawaas pura karne jaata hun lekin. Sach sirf main aur woh jaante hai, pata nehi kyun lekin mujhe usse milke apne problems share karne ka dil, apne khushi share karne ka mann karta hai. Shayad issiliye, kyunki woh mujhe judge nahi karti. Mere baate sunti hai aur shayad samajhti bhi hai.
Feeling an unknown restless, Armaan stood up and moved to the window, looking outside at the half moon. Armaan felt the eagerness to see the face behind that mask as she has became a good friend of him with whom he can share anything and everything. Just two meetings and it seemed to him that, he knew her from years.
Armaan felt bad that he couldn't meet her tonight, he was hoping to share his first day in work and how his colleague got friendly with him. Everyone in the office knew, that he is the Armaan Mallik.
Armaan get every single person's attention leaving one person, Riddhima. Armaan mind drifted from the Doll-Face to Riddhima as she was another girl, who like the Doll-Face didn't show interest in him.
A: Kiya yaar Armaan, lagta hai tera charm kam ho raha hai. Na us ladki ka hosh uda aur na hi usne tujhe bhauw diya. Na Riddhima aur na wo Doll-Face. Riddhima aur Doll-Face to theek hai, lekin Zoya. Pata lagana padega, aakhir kyun woh the Armaan Mallik se impress nahi hui.
Soon Armaan's focus shifted to Zoya, he thought to take Rahul's help as he was the one who got information about her. As it was late, he thought to call him the following day knowing if he will call now, Rahul wouldn't leave a chance to tease him.
So deciding that he would find out more about Zoya, Armaan went to sleep with a smile on his face. Only he didn't know, he had stolen someone's heart and the person was feeling restless somewhere in the city.
To Riddhima
Riddhima was standing in the balcony, looking at the moon. She was feeling very lonely tonight, she knew if she had gone to the bar, Armaan would surely come to meet her but she couldn't face him tonight. After knowing he loved someone else, Riddhima felt everything shattered which was built two days before.
Seeing the caring side of Armaan, she thought she could at least get some happiness but she did not even know that this happiness will vanish so soon. A lone tear fell out of her eyes as Armaan's imagine came in front of her eyes.
R: Nahi Riddhima, tum kamzor nahi par sakti. Na tumhara kusur hai, na Armaan ka. Woh nahi jaante, tum usse pasand karti ho, pyar karte ho us se. Woh toh jaanta bhi nahi, ke me Doll-Face hun jisko wo apni Dost maan ta hai.
Clearing her tear, Riddhima moved in the room. She took a photo-frame which was on her bedside, it was a family picture of her and Zoya with their parents. Riddhima softly caressed the photograph as her eyes once again get filled with tears.
R: Kyun chale gaye aap dono humein chodke. Kyun Allah ne humein aap dono se judaa kiya. Kash, kash aap dono humhare saath hote Ammi, Abbu. Phir hum sab kitne khushi kushi rehte.
Riddhima hugged the photo frame as she laid on the bed with her legs hanging down, she closed her eyes letting the tears fall. Riddhima was just hoping, to feel her mother love tonight. So she could share her pain but there was no one to share her pain.
Like that, holding the photo frame, Riddhima didn't realize when the sleep took over her eyes. She was tired, physically and emotionally as she had a hectic day in office, just because she wanted to avoid Armaan's presence. After coming back home, still she couldn't stop thinking about Armaan, which made her emotionally tired.
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