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Part 42 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan happily rushed towards his room, he wants to believe her words although it was quite tough but still he wants it to be true.

He enter in his room and was about to switch on the light but something caught his attention, something kept on his bed and was shining in darkness.

Armaan curiously hold it and smile, it was a card in which Armaan was written with Radium layer that’s why it was shining.

He switched on the light and serach here and there for what Riddhima left for him or what she was trying to say. Suddenly he noticed the words of card.

“I’m sorry Armaan, mai apse mil nhi paayi jane se pahle but trust me I really want to meet you, kuch bahut jaruri baat hai jo apko batani hai and I can’t hide it anymore,,,,,,,”

Armaan’s heartbeat increased by this “Aisa kya hai jo wo mujhe phone pe nhi bata sakti” Armaan murmured.

He saw an address written there and he was in shock for a moment and not getting anything else he just left for the place written in card.

Meanwhile he tried to call her but she was not receiving his call, Armaan was hell worried now, his heart was not ready to accept that Riddhima wrote something like that and moreover what she need to tell but his mind was asking him to clear this with Riddhima only.

He reached near a lake in Mussoorie, few tourists were enjoying beside the lake and dancing on beats ignoring all these he move forward, it was quite vacant place and he saw someone standing to a distance and her back was towards Armaan.

Assuming her Riddhima he move towards her and called her.

“Riddhima” he called her again.

She turn towards him and he become shocked to see her there, although it was dark all around but he can see her clearly, the way she get dressed up make him smile and he again fall for her beauty. He look her from top to down, she was wearing and red and black combination shining dress and dupatta in her neck and it was a body fir dress thus she wore full length shrug over it as it was quite cold there.

She smile shyly and looks down knowing very well how Armaan get lost in her and forget to ask her the main question why she was there.

When their eye lock breaks Armaan came back to reality and look towards her being suspicious.

“Ye sab kya hai Riddhima, wo letter aur ye yaha pe tum akeli is time? You know it not safe here near lakes and all, so many tourists are wandering over here” Armaan said and she smile still looking down.

“Bolo” Armaan said looking towards her and again she smile.

Armaan hold her chin and make her look face to face and before he can again get lost in her eyes he wants answer from her.

Its not that he don’t like being there with her but she came alone at that place, now Armaan was there but before that how could she even think of coming out at night when she was looking so beautiful like any angel.

“Armaan” she called him.

Armaan who was again lost in her eyes and his own thoughts came back to reality and look towards her.

“I’m sorry Armaan” she said looking down.

“Un,,Sorry kyu?” he asked.

“Wo,,,wo” she was stammering.

“C’mon Riddhima tum mujhse to bol sakti ho na” he said.

Riddhima stepped towards him and he was quite surprised as she was coming close to him but she stop before their body can touch and Riddhima was feeling shy looking here and there.

Armaan tried his best but he was getting lost in her every moment he look towards her face.

Riddhima leaned down towards him and he smile being surprised but he let her to do what she wanted.

She bend a little till his ears and smile whispering in his ear “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMAAN” and move away to see his expression.

Armaan was trying to listen what she wanna say with a frown but when he heard what she said he become confused “Birthday?” murmuring to himself, then he recognize it’s his birthday and he smile broadly getting she called him here for his birthday celebration that too getting ready in his favorite red color, that thought bring a beautiful dreamy smile on his face.

“Rid,,,,,” before he could say anything he heard a click and become surprised to see around.

It was all decorated beautifully with lights and balloons which were not visible in darkness, “Happy Birthday Armaan” was written beautifully with lights on entrance and tables and chairs with drinks and snacks and a beautiful cake on the center of table, slow music and lots of flowers, on the bank of that lake it was a proper birthday celebration arrangement and Armaan smile broadly looking all around and Riddhima smile happily looking towards his happy face as his happiness and his smile was reaching upto his eyes which make her smile too.

Between work and all those chaos of work and fight he totally forgot about his birthday and few days back he was dreaming to celebrate his birthday with Riddhima but when it came he forgot it but thanks to Riddhima, she make his wish complete and that too in a very beautiful and special way till now.

“Riddhima, ye sab,,,,,,” finally he get some words to utter but now before Riddhima could reply he heard lots of clapping and now it was again a time to be surprised.

Everyone from his family was standing there clapping for him and he smile shockingly looking towards them.

“Happy Birthday Ammy” Rahul hugged him.

“Happy Birthday Buddy” Armaan too hugged him back tightly.

“Sorry yar tujhe nhi bata paya aur mujhe just thodi der pahle pata chala, you know na mera khurapati dimaag they tried their best to hide this from me also but maine pata laga liya to inka ek surprise pahle hi flop ho gaya isliye maine socha dusra successful ho jaye” Rahul said hugging him and he smile “And ladies and gents please next time jab v mujhe ya Ammy ko surprise karna rahe to thoda dur ka plan banana kyunki paas me rah k mujhse to nhi bach sakta, mujhe sabke behaviour ka change pata chalta hai” Rahul chuckled and they laugh on his nautanki.

Everyone wished them Happy Birthday and they hugged each other once again feeling happy on the celebration.

They both cut cake together and feed each other then to everyone.

“Kaisa laga surprise?” Muskaan and Nikki asked.

“I’m really surprised yaar, I mean didn’t even thought about it” Armaan said and they smile.

“Wo to hona hi tha aakhir hamara plan tha, I mean excute karane me baki ki preparation to apki hone wali biwi ne kiya hai apke aur Rahul k liye” Muskaan said and he smile looking towards them.

“Waah! I mean bhabhi ho to aisi, Muskaan kuch seekh” Rahul said hugging Riddhima side wise and she smile.

“Oye, maine v help ki hai iski ye sab karane me jyada bol mat” Muskaan said.

“Bolunga to” he said.

“Tujhe apne birthday wale din v maar khana hai mere se to bol” Muskaan said and they hold them to stop for now.

“Kya karte rahte ho tum log, Muskaan stop it now” she said and Muskaan make faces and Rahul poked his tongue towards her.

ARmaan and Rahul took blessing of everyone and hugged them, they had photo session on lake side and Rahul Muskaan enjoyed a lot together forgetting the fight while Nikki was busy clicking perfect poses of them randomly and everyone else’s also.

“Mom Dad, kisi ne mujhe nhi bataya” Armaan said.

“Mai kya karu kisi ne mujhe bolne hi nhi diya” Ananya said.

“Aur Rahul to hai hi shaitan apna dimaag chala k pata kar liya usne lekin tere chehre pe jo ye khushi dekhne ko mili wo hamare liye jyada important hai” Prerna said.

“Ha hamne to socha tha ki dono ko ek sath surprise denge lekin Rahul se koi baat chupana impossible lagta hai, sab cheej ki khabar nikaal leta hai” Shashank said and he smile.

“Chalo tum log enjoy karo, ham log udhar baithte hain” Daljeet said and they sit on chairs enjoying the drinks and talking about them.

Ananya start telling them stories of Armaan and Rahul and everyone listen to her being amused.

Armaan move towards Nikki and Rahul where Riddhima Vansh and Muskaan were standing.

“Aa jao birthday boy tumahri hi kami thi” Rahul said holding his hand.

“Wo sab to theek hai but inspite of surprise it was about to result in a shock” Armaan said looking towards them.

“Us card me jo likha tha us se” Armaan said and Riddhima look towards them.

“Mujhe nhi pata tha Riddhima,,,,” Armaan was saying somewhere he knew it was not Riddhima.

“Wo hamne likha tha” Muskaan and Nikki said bending their head down.

“Aur idea mera tha, kyunki wahi ek baat thi jis se tum bina kisi se kuch v puche turant yaha aate” Rahul said.

“Matlab?” Armaan asked.

“Are aur kisi ki baat rahti to aap mujhse ya ghar me kisi se to puchte na, lekin Riddhima bhabhi k naam pe aap aa gaye aur apko pata v nhi chala ki us time ghar me koi tha v nhi” Nikki said and he smile shaking his head.

“Tum log pagal ho” Armaan said getting up and move towards the lake standing near the edge.

Rahul Nikki Muskaan and Vansh again get busy in their pictures while Riddhima gets up.

Only she haven’t fed cake to Armaan thus she took a piece of cake in a plate and move towards Armaan.

Armaan was lost looking towards moon when Riddhima came and stood beside him covering the half view of moon and Armaan smile looking towards his moon.

Riddhima forward the plate towards him and he smile, he was about to hold the plate but some idea popped out in his mind and he smirk turning his face to other side.

“Armaan kya hua?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi” he said.

“To aap cake khaiye na” she said.

“Kaise khau?” he said.

“Matlab?” she asked.

He kept his both hands in his pocket and smile cutely looking towards her and said “Matlab my hands are not free, to kaise khau”

Riddhima become shy knowing what he was trying to say but she make him look towards everyone nearby but Armaan didn’t listen to any of her urging.

“Armaan please” she said.

“Riddhima please, it’s my birthday” he said and she smile shyly.

She look here and there and move towards him while Nikki noticed them and she came slight close to them to click picture without making it obvious to them or anyone else.

Riddhima hold the cake piece and move towards his lips, Armaan smile and hold her hand while she smile shyly looking away, he hold her hand and took a bite from the cake and smile, she urged him to leave her hand from eyes but he ignored that and move it towards her lips and she also took a bite and he smile.

“Ab complete hua mera birthday celebration” Armaan whisper in her ears and she smile shyly.

Nikki took much photos till then and left from there.

“Sorry Armaan” she said slowly.

“Kyu?” he asked being confused.

“Wo card, maine mana kiya tha un log ko ki aise mat likho but sabne mujhe hi chup kara diya” she said and he smile on her innocence.

“Riddhima, I know that, wo log kisi ki nhi sunenge aur wo v tab jab baat surprises ki ho to. Aur kahi na kahi mujhse lag raha tha ki ye tumne nhi likha hoga but dimaag ne kaha ek baar tumse mil k puchhu. Aur Rahul v sahi kah raha tha, agar yaha pe baat tumhari nhi hoti to mai atonce ghar se bina kisi se puche nhi nikalta to overall itne pyare surprise k liye itnu sa pareshani wala moment chalega” Armaan said touching her nose and she smile broadly now being relaxed.

“Ab khush?” he asked.

“Bahut bahut bahut khush” she said.

“I know coz abhi tak tum usi baat pe pareshan thi ki mujhe tumhare card ki wajah se pareshan hona pada” Armaan said and she smile broadly how easily he always understands her unspoken words.

Armaan also pass a soft smile indicating how much he take care for her.

“Achha aur mera gift?” he asked sitting down there.

“Armaan, apko gift v chahiye?” she asked looking towards him being confused.

“Ha to mera birthday hai yaar” he said.

“Stop behaving like kid” she smile shyly looking towards him.

“Arey ,,,,” he said but Rahul came there just then.

“Ammy ye dekh Muskaan mere liye kya lai hai” Rahul said coming towards them.

It was a beautiful cool bracelets with initials of RM, Armaan smile and praised Muskaan.

“Kya baat hai Muskaan, beautiful choice” he said she smile saying thanku.

“Ammy, pehna de na” he said giving that to him.

Armaan smile on his nautanki and helped him to wear that bracelet while he hugged Muskan side wise and kissed that bracelet making Muskaan blush. Armaan smile looking towards them and make Riddhima look at them.

“Waise Muski, mai kya soch raha tha tu aise hi chup chap rahe to kitna achha hai na mujhe bolne ko milega” rahul said.

“Kya? Matlab mujhe nhi bolna chahiye, Rahul ruko jara tum abhi batati hu mai tumhe” Muskan said running towards him and he ran away for his life.

“Hehe, pagal hain dono” Riddhima said.

“Jo v hai but she bought gift for Rahul aur tum mere liye kuch nhi lai” Armaan said.

“Armaan, ye decoration maine ki” she replied.

“Thanku so much” he said getting up to leave when Riddhima hold his hand with her little finger like he used to stop her everytime. He smile as his face was opposite to her and making a straight face he turn back to her.

“Sit” she said.

“Kyu?” he asked.

“Are baba, baitho na” she said again and Armaan sit back.

“Armaan, I don’t know apko pasand aayega ya nhi but maine apke liye ye liya hai” she said forwarding a box towards him.

“Ohoo, aur jab gift lai thi to diya kyu nhi abhi tak?” he asked.

“Mai soch rahi thi aap free ho jao pahle tab du” she said smiling.

“Achhaji” he said and start unwrapping the gift.

He opened it and was left surprised by the gift, he look towards her and she was eagerly looking into his eyes waiting to know about it.

“Riddhima ye,,,” he take it out and smile.

First he take out a mini card which holds so many small small wish cards and sweet birthday wishes for him, they were kept in little envelope attached with those cards and it was really tricky and time taking, he feel her hard work for making this card as it was written beautifully and kept properly and one after other total 24 cards were attached for each hour of day and on next side 12 mini cards were attached with her messages for whole year.His small pics on every small envelope which hold those cards with a heart symbol, he was speechless at that time, how she manage to do all these for him only, that card show how much special Armaan is for her and his eyes filled with tears of happiness feeling the intensity of her pure love.

“Armaan” she just wipped of tears from his eyes and he hugged her tight feeling blessed to get her.

“Thanku Riddhima, thanku so much for so much love, now I’m even short of words to say anything and I’m really very lucky to have you in my life” Armaan said and she smile cutely as he liked the gift.

“Actually Armaan, mai apko kuch aisa dena chahti thi jisme maine kuch kiya ho, mera apna pyaar, apni feelings aaye aisa kuch karna chahti thi isliye maine ye banaya” She said and he smile “Ek aur gift hai” she said and he open the small box kept inside it.

“Looks like my happiest birthday” he utter while opening and she smile.

“kaisa laga?” she asked looking towards her.

“It’s really amazing riddhima, mujhe nhi pata tha meri wife itni creative hai” he said and she smile as his words were filled with happiness.

It was a ring with initials of AR and in between AR their extremely small pics were embedded which was irreplaceable and that can’t be removed also.

“Is se mai hamesha apke paas rahungi” Riddha said with her perfect smile and Armaan too smile back.

He forward the ring towards her and she look towards him being confused while he smile with a brows raised up and Riddhima inderstand what he want.

She pick it up and hold his hand while he smile.

“But ye kis finger me pehnaogi tum?” Armaan asked.

“Ofcourse jaha pe pahle pehnaya tha wahi pe” she replied and Armaan smile as his engagement ring was quite comfortable so he can hold the another ring in that finger as both were comfortable to wear.

Riddhima make him wear that ring and he smile looking towards her “Happy 2nd Engagement” Arman said and she smile on his antics.

"Happy Birthday" she said.

“Ab chale?” she asked.

“Itni jaldi?” he pouted.

“Armaan sab log wait kar rahe honge kitna time ho gaya hai” she said and he smile getting up.

“Ab kya kare tumhare sath time ka pata hi nhi chalta” he said and she smile.

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