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Part 43 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima smile forwarding her hand and Armaan hold it gladly getting up, they reached towards their parents and Armaan called Rahul and others, soon they get ready to move towards home as they have to leave for Delhi early morning, lots of works were pending.

“Oh No! kal to ham chale jayenge” Vansh said.

“Kyu Vansh tumhe nhi jana hai kya?” Muskaan asked.

“Agar meri vacations hoti to mai nhi jata but studies are also important na” he said and they giggle on his explanation.

“Good Boy, chalo ab” Prerna said and they left.

Armaan was holding Riddhima’s hand till they reached upto the car, she look towards him.

“What?” he asked through eyes.

Riddhima indicate towards their hands and he left mumbling a sorry.

She signed him to smile and he did for her as she did a lot for him on his birthday which he can’t even think off. Although he was sad by their separation but he can’t show that to her.

Mallik’s left to home and Gupta’s and Chaddha’s also, early morning Mallik’s leave Mussoorie informing them as it was getting late for their work and moreover there was an important meeting of Anurag and Armaan on the same day.

Riddhima msg him “Good Morning and Happy Journey and Happy Birthday once again Armaan” which make him smile.

Armaan Rahul Nikki Prerna and Vansh were in one car and Vansh slept as it was too early for him to get up.

Rahul look towards his phone and smile looking towards Nikki, she asked what happen and he show her the pic which he took when they were sleeping and Armaan was lying keeping his head over Riddhima’s lap.

Nikki giggle and ARmaan turn towards them.
“What’s so funny to laugh over?” he asked.

Prerna smile as she knew Armaan don’t know about the pic till now.

“Kuch nhi Ammy, you focus on driving” Rahul said.

“Rahul, can’t you see I’m not driving” Armaan said raising his brows up.

“Sorry yar” he said.

“Show me” Armaan forward his hand and take his phone in one go before they can hide it or hold it tight.

Armaan think it might be related to him only else they won’t laugh so much that too hiding from him.

“Areyy Ammy, that’s not fair, mera phone wapas kar” Rahul said coming towards him.

“Hold on Rahul, let me see” he said opening the phone and become shocked by the pic they were watching.

“Ye, ye to,,,,,” he stop.

“Achhi hai na, kitne pyar se so raha hai tu har tension se free hoke” Prerna said.

Armaan smile looking towards the pic hiding his blushing smile and said “But Rahul why you take this pic” he glared him.

“Achhe lag rahe the tum dono isliye le liya” he said.

“Aise kaun karta hai yaar” he was feeling embarrassed that time.

“Mai karta hu” Rahul said showing his teeth.

“Achha, ruko tum” Armaan send that pic in his phone quickly as it was indeed an important and memorable pic then deleted it from Rahul’s phone.

“Ammy no, noooo” Rahul said when he saw him deleting the pic.

“Ye lo tumhara phone” he passed his phone with a smile and Rahul make a sulking face.

“Tu bahut kahrab hai” Rahul said and he smiled.

Rahul’s expression changed into a smiling face and Nikki look towards him being confused.

“Ise kisi ne bataya nhi ki drive naam ki v koi cheej hoti hai, maine sari pics save kar k rakhi hain drive me pahle se hi” Rahul whisper in Nikki’s ear and she hi-5ed with him while Armaan ignore their nautanki.

“Rahul bahiya, maine v kal kuch pics click ki hain but mai nhi dikhaungi inhe warna delete kar diye to, ghar pahuch k aap mere se le lena fir koi tension nhi hai” Nikki murmured in his ear and he nodded in yes.

“Will you guys please keep silent for sometime” Armaan said.

“Yes Sir” they said together and laugh.

Armaan shake his head as they can’t be controlled.

Everyone reached Delhi till afternoon and Armaan quickly left for his room as they have to attend a meeting in evening, he get fresh and lie down for sometime to relax, he was so tired that he didn’t have enough energy to call Riddhima and soon he slept in deep slumber.

Rahul came at 5 o’clock and saw him sleeping, he adore his dear brother who work really hard for his family, although he don’t want to disturb his sound sleep but he didn’tt have anything from morning thus he need to have some food and Rahul came holding a tray full of food for him.

He kept the tray beside and shake him lightly “Ammy, uth ja” he said.

“Sone de yaar rahul, bahut thak gaya hu” he said in sleepy voice.

“I know but teri meeting v hai na 7 o’clock pe isliye uth ja ab aur kuch kha le pahle” he said and Armaan sit back gaining conscious about meeting.

“Oh No! thanks yaar Rahul warna mai to sota hi rah jata” he said hugging him.

“Ammy, agar tu low feel kar raha hai to meeting postpone kar de” Rahul said.

“Nhi yar, I’m absolutely fine, don’t worry mai fresh hoke aata hu” he said getting up.

In 5 minutes he came back to room,

“Thanks yaar, tu kuch leke aa gaya bahut bhook lagi thi” Armaan said opening the tray and start having it while Rahul smile.

Armaan offer him some but he said no as he just had food few minutes back.

“Chal tu ready ho ja and agar thoda v uneasy feel ho to just cancel the meeting ok else I’ll be with you there” he said getting up.

“Ok” Armaan smile on his concern as he was taking care of him being serious that was his best quality.

Rahul used to tease him annoy him but when it comes to his health his work he always stand by his side as a supporting pillar, no matter how much Armaan assure him but he won’t pay any heed to it and follow him till he feels satisfied.

“Tu v ready ho ja, mai v ja raha hu” he said leaving.

“Matlab tu nhi manega?” Armaan asked and he stopped at the door.

“Tu manta hai, tere liye kaam important hai aur mere liye tu” Rahul said and he shake his head as he behaves so stubborn sometimes.

Anurag, Armaan and Rahul left for the meeting, Armaan was reading file when Rahul ask one employee to set tepearture of meeting room accordingly as Armaan was having slight fever but he ignored that.

Anurag smile hugging Rahul from side and he smile “Mai kya karu chachu, ye ladka kaam k aage kuch sunta nhi nhi hai” Rahul said.

“Jaise tu apne important cases k aage kisi ki nhi sunta tab Armaan hi handle karta hai tujhe and he follows you, waise tu v karta hai, I just feel happy with your bonding” he said and Rahul smile.

He wanted to throw a party but knowing Armaan is not feeling well so he cancel it but Armaan knew very well how much he love to celebrate his birthday and party thus he arranged a party for him and asked others to reach there.

Meeting was going on and Rahul text his friends about no partying today as Armaan was not fine.

Armaan and Anurag were in meeting and deal was finalized, Armaan was feeling low but he manage himself as Rahul keeping an eye on Armaan whether he is fine or not while chatting with Muskaan.

After the meeting, everyone get up to leave while Armaan smile as Rahul pass a bottle to him coz he was feeling thirsty.

“Thanku” he said drinking water.

“Chale ab ghar, waha chal k aaram karna” he said and they get up.

“Hmm, chalo” Armaan said texting someone and then send a msg to Anurag.

Anurag look towards him being shocked and Armaan blinked his eyes in assurance and Anurag smile that these guys can do anything for each other.

Anurag turn the car towards different side and Rahul become confused.

“Chachu, ham dusra turn kyu le rahe hain, ghar jana hai” Rahul said.

“Ha Rahul chalna hai but ek important document lena hai yaha se isliye” Anurag said.

“Arey to ham baad me v to kar sakte hain na Armaan ki tabiyat v theek nhi hai” Rahul said.

“It’s okay Rahul I’m fine, ye v jaruri hai” Armaan said texting to someone.

“Ha dikh raha hai mujhe kitne theek ho tum” Rahul said and he smile.

“Chalo, ham file leke aate hain” Anurag said coming out of car.

“Rahul tu v ja, mai aata hu” Armaan said.

“Pakka na Ammy” he asked.

“Ha bhai, jao tum” he said.

Anurag move towards the hotel and Rahul asked “Hotel me document lene? Ye aaplogo k clients v na”

“Hota hai kabhi kabhi” ANurag said.

Armaan was smiling taking support of car looking towards Rahul, he followed them.

Anurag move towards a hall and asked Rahul to follow him, but the moment Rahul enter he didn’t find Anurag as it was all dark “Chachu” he called him.

Armaan came from behind till then and clicked the button, Rahul shockingly look infront and become shocked as his all friends and family members were present there and beautiful decoration wishing happy birthday make him smile.

He turn towards Armaan and saw him smiling, he asked through eyes “How’s it?”

Rahul turned and hugged him tight as his brother was a gem, he knew everything he ever liked and think off.

“Bhaut achha hai Ammy, but teri tabiyat?” he was worried for him.

“Are mai theek hu yaar aur agar koi problem hogi to mai bol dunga ya ghar chala jaunga” Armaan said.

“Nhi, tu akele nhi jayega, tu mujhe bolega aur ham sab sath me jayenge” Rahul said.

“Ok baba theek hai, now go meet your friends, kab se wait kar rahe hain sab” Armaan said and he move towards them happily.

“Happy birthday yaar” they wished him and Ammy.

Rahul get busy with them with food and drinks while Armaan smile on his happiness.

“Armaan tum theek ho?” Billy asked coming towards them.

“Ha dad, I’m fine” he said.

“Tumne itna sab arrange kiya Rahul k liye aur wo v khud pe dhyan diye bina, it’s not good for your health” he said.

“Dad, birthday hai aaj aur apko pata hai na wo har baar party karta hai birthday pe, aaj meri wajah se usne sab cancel kar diya mai aisa kaise karne de sakta hu” Armaan said and Billy smile.

“Chalo tum v kuch kha lo” Ananya said coming there.

“No Mom, I don’t feel like eating anything” he said.

“But you can drink this na?” Rahul bring fruit juice for him and he happily hold that.

“Yes brother” he smile.

“Armaan, lets go for a dance” one of their common friend said.

“No, he’s not well aur koi kisi baat k liye force nhi karega aj usko” Rahul said and he smile.

“CAKE to cut kare” Armaan said and Rahul nodded.

They cut hte cake and again gang get busy in dancing while family gather for dinner.

Armaan was smiling and clicked few pics of Rahul happy faces and send to Riddhima and Muskaan.

Since both were sitting together they smile and Muskaan said “Armaan kitni care karta hai na Rahul ki” 

“Rahul v to uske liye sab kuch karta hai” Riddhima said.

“In dono ki bonding hamesha aise bani rahe” she smiled saying and MUskaan video called Nikki.

“Hey Muskan bhabhi, see ham log party me hain, aur ye ek surprise party hai Rahul bhai k liye as unhe apne friends k sath party karna rahta hai but Armaan bhaiya low feel kar rahe the isliye Rahul bhai ne sab cancel kar diya but we came with a blast according to Armaan bhaiya’s plan” Nikki said in excitement and Muskaan Riddhima smile.

Nikki showed RAHUL who was dancing crazily on floor and a girl was dancing beside him, Nikki noticed Muskan’s gaze and tapped Rahul’s shoulder.

“Kya hua Nikki, lets dance” he dance.

“Bhaiya, idhar v dekh lo” she indicate towards her phone and Rahul smile looking towards the phone.

“Are MUSKAAN, hiiii, see Ammy arranged a party for me” he said loudly and they kept their hands on ears.

“Achha wo to dikh raha hai but jiske sath dance kar rahe ho uska kya?” Muskaan said in a sweet coated voice making Rahul get that he was dancing with girls but they were his friends only and Muskaan also know this but still she was feeling angry.

“Sorry, wo pata nhi chala” he said making a cute face.

“You better keep your hands till yourself Rahul” she said and Rahul gulped hard while Nikki laugh on this.

“Ok, mai ja raha hu Ammy k paas” he said and went away.

“Wahh, bhabhi apne to ek minute me Rahul bhaiya ko track pe la diya” NIKKI said.

“Aakhir bhabhi kiski hu” Muskaan said with an attitude and they laughed while Riddhima was searching for Armaan when Rahul said he was going towards him.

Nikki and Muskaan look towards her and asked what happedn but she said nothing, they both tapped their forehead knowing very well she herself won’t say to see Armaan.

“Yaar, ye itni shy kyu hain” Nikki said moving towards Armaan.

Riddhima smile shyly on her comment.

“Kaun shy hai Nikki?” Armaan asked from other side on phone.

“Hai ek ladki, jo bolti v nhi hai ki use apne would be husband se baat karni hai” Nikki said and Armaan confusingly came infront while Riddhima glared Nikki to keep silent.

Armaan saw Riddhima and smile knowing very well she was talking about her only.

“Hi” he said.

“Hie, apki tabiyat kaisi hai ab Armaan?” she asked.

“Fine now” he said and Riddhima smile while Muskaan smirk.

“Bhai, hold this mujhe Mom bula rahi hain” Nikki said and went back to them.

“Mai aati hu” Muskaaan said getting up coz she knew she will not talk properly.

“Nhi ruk, kaha ja rahi hai” Riddhima said holding her hands.

“Ab Armaan phone me se nikal k nhi aa jayega tere paas” she said and Riddhima smile shyly making Armaan smile too.

Armaan went out to talk with her as the music was interrupting their voice.

“Rahul ne bataya apki tabiyat theek nhi hui abhi tak” she said.

“Rahul to aise hi bolta rahta hai, I’m fine now see” he said with a smile and Riddhima knew he was lying at that moment.

“Armaan, I know family ki khushi most important hai but uske liye agar aap health se compromise karenge to problem hogi” Riddhima said and Armaan sighs coz she caught him again.

“Rahul khush hai na, wo hamesha birthday celebration aise hi karta hai aur aaj jab mai theek nhi tha to wo meeting room me v mere sath baitha tha kyunki use khud mere upar yakeen nhi tha aur meri tabiyat kharab thi to kya hua uski khushi k liye mai thodi der to is party me rah sakta hu na” Armaan said and she smile.

“Hmm, bas apna dhyan rakhiyega” she said.

Armaan was trying his best to act normal coz in reality he was not feeling well and dizziness was covering him up. 

“Riddhima, tum so jao, kafi l,,,late ho gaya hai” he said being normal.

“Hmm, so jaungi thodi,,,,,,,” she said looking towards him but he felt dizzy again and collapse down being unconscious.

“Armaaaaan” Riddhima shouted getting up from bed.

Armaan was lying down on ground unconscious and she can see him clearly but she was not getting what to do.

Riddhima called Rahul, Anurag and others from her number but they were not listening the call due to music.

Riddhima controlled herself and thought what to do as she can’t disturb her Mom Dad also at that time of night.

Muskaan came and she also get panick by the view.

“Ridzi ham kya karenge ab, kaise” she said.

“Wait Muskaan, kuch to sochna padega ruk ja…” Riddhima said walking here and there.

“Tu bas Armaan pe focused rah aur agar koi v dikhe uske aas paas to bolna mujhe” she said and start searching something.

She get details of a nearby hospital coz she traced Nikki’s phone location and called them in emergency telling them about that incidence there.

“Ok, lekin aap kaha se bol rahi hain?” receptionist asked.

“Mai Mussoorie se bol rahi hu” she said.

“Ok, w,,,,what?? M’am ye hospital hai aur apko joke soojh raha hai, aap Mussoorie se call kar k bata rahi hain ki Delhi me ek patient hai unconscious stage me” she said.

“Are you nuts? Tumhe samajh me nhi aa raha hai yaha pe kisi ki zindagi aur maut ka sawal hai and you are taking it lightly, listen mai khud ek hospital handle karti hu apne Dad k sath, Sanjeevani hospital k bare me jarur suna hoga apne, it’s quite famous out of Mussoorie also mai uski administrative head hu and I don’t have enough time to argue with you this time, so better do your duty else I have different other ways to handle your carelessness through your admistrative staff” Riddhima was hell angry at that time, there Armaan was lying being unconscious and this girl was just arguing her.

“S,,,,Sorry m’am mai abhi ambulance bhejti hu” she said being scared by her scolding.

“And listen,,,,” she ask her to send some necessary medicines and glucose bottles for the sudden treatment.

She nodded and cut the call ordering ambulance to leave with those necesseties.

Riddhima cut the call and composed herself, she look towards the screen, Armaan was still lying there and her eyes filled with tears, she was feeling too helpless that time.

“Armaan” she just utter those
words touching the screen and Muskaan hugged her sidewise.

“Don’t worry he’ll be fine, hmm” she said and Riddhima wiped her tears.

Soon the ambulance arrived and she smile in between tears as they took Armaan upto the stretcher and someone hold the phone.

“Aap?” he was someone from hospital staff.

“Maine hi apko call kiya tha, andar hall me MALLIK family hai unme se kisi se baat karaiye meri” she said.

“yes mam” 

Meanwhile ambulance siren was heard by one of the guest and they become curious what happened. Rahul slow down the music and they move forward.

Same time that hospital staff was coming inside and Nikki saw her phone in his hand.

“Excuse me it’s my phone, what are you doing with this” she said taking the phone.

“OMG! Bhabhi kya hua, aap ro kyu rahe ho?” she asked looking towards her face and everyone look towards the phone.

“Nikki, Nikki w,,wo Armaan” Riddhima said in between crying.

“Armaan bhaiya, kyu hua unhe ye phone to unke pass tha?” she asked.

“Rahul sensed something fishy and rushed outside alongwith his friends and Anurag Billy while ladies gather around Nikki to aks what happen. Muskaan hold the phone and told everything to them, they stood there being shocked.

Rahul rushed outside when he saw Armaan lying in ambulance.

“Kya kar rahe ho tum log? Ammy ko kya hua?” he asked holding him as they inserted drip in his hand.

“Sorry Sir, ye unconscious ho gaye the, hame Mussoorie se call aaya ek emergency me to ham yakeen nhi kiye fir wo mam ne hame bahut data aur yaha bheja.” He said.

“What?” they stood there being shocked.

They take out their phones and saw Riddhima’s missed call on everyone’s phone.

“Damn itt” Rahul punch the side wall being frustrated.

“Dad, aap yaha ka dekho mai hospital ja raha hu” he said sitting inside the ambulance.

“Ok” Billy said.

“Mai aata hu tumhare peeche” Anurag said and he nodded.

“Move to the hospital” Rahul said and they left the place while he sit holding his hand in tears.

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