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Part 47 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Everyone move out leaving Shashank, Doctor and nurses there. 

Rahul left unwillingly looking towards Armaan till exit.

They came out and Riddhima was standing at the door looking towards it not knowing what to do or what to say. She was just staring the door next to which Armaan was lying. Her condition was happy sad mixed as she was happy that Armaan gained conscious but still he didn’t opened his eyes properly yet.

“Riddhima beta” Ananya kept her hand over her shoulder and she came back from thought.

“J,,Ji, Mom” she replied her.

Ananya hold her hands and kissed them saying “Thanku so much beta, tumhare aate hi Armaan ko hosh aa gaya” 

“Mom, mere aane se nhi wo Mata Rani ka aashirwad tha jo Armaan ko hosh aaya, aur apko pata hai maine wo chunari Armaan k hath me baandh di hai, wo Armaan ki raksha karengi” Riddhima said with teary smile.

Ananya nodded and they move towards Padma and Shweta “Mom, Armaan theek ho jayenge ab” she said.

“Ha beta, Armaan theek ho jayega, ham sabko yakeen hai” Padma said kissing her forehead.

She was so happy as Armaan tried to gain conscious and now he’ll fight against every odd things, she just wanted to pray so that everything goes well and move out with Muskaan towards a temple in hospital compound.

“Armaan, aakhein kholne ki koshish karo” Shashank said keeping his hand on his shoulder and he tried a bit, slowly slowly he opened his eyes and look towards everyone, a small smile form on his lips when he saw Shashank.

Shashank hugged him becoming overwhelmed he replied slowly “I’m fine Dad” and he laughed as tears were visible in his eyes.

He didn’t have idea that his condintion shake them to death.

“Doctor, sare medicines shuru kariye jo mai leke aaya tha, now he’ll be fine” Shashank said.

“Yes Sir” he said.

“But Dad, mujhe hua kyat ha, I was just,,,,” he don’t have any idea about his condition.

“Armaan wo,,” Shashank don’t know what to say thus he stopped but other Doctor told him everything which shook him to the core.

“But ab sab theek hai Armaan, as tumhe hosh aa gaya matlab poison remove ho rahe hain tumhari body se, you’ll be fine soon” Shashank said and he smiled.

“Ham inhe private ward me shift karte hain” Doctor said and Shashank nodded.

Armaan was shifted in private ward but Doctor asked them not create crowd near him. He look towards Rahul and said “I think only you should be with him till we bring his new medicines”

“Ok Doctor” Rahul said and move towards the ward.

“Doctor ham” Ananya said.

“Dekhiye mam, abhi wo bahut critical condition se bahar aaya hai, use medicines dene dijiye thoda sa relax ho jaye fir aap sab mil lijiyega kyunki abhi use jyada stress nhi lena hai” Doctor explained them and they nodded “Tab tak aaplog mere cabin me wait kar sakte hain” 

They move towards cabin and Rahul enter inside Armaan’s ward.

He was lying keeping his hand over his head and Rahul smile with tears in his eyes, in these two days he prayed for his life every single minute and finally he was back to sense but now Rahul was feeling scared to go near him, to touch him coz he don’t want it to be a dream in which Armaan gained conscious.

Armaan feels his presence and remove his hand from his eyes, slowly opened his eyes and look towards the door, Rahul was standing there staring him without blinking his eyes, tears were visible in his eyes and Armaan feel bad as his family suffered a lot just because of him. 

He knew Rahul’s condition as always his seriousness was subsidized because of his childish acts but when it comes to Armaan he can even forget about himself and at that time Rahul was broken badly by Armaan’s health, he knew he’ll have to make him normal as he was still shocked.

“Rahul” he forward his hand towards him.

“Please God! Don’t break it, let it be a reality” Rahul murmured slowly moving towards Armaan.

The Armaan he saw from back two days was not like that thus he was having difficulty to believe that Armaan is fine, even after the declaration of Doctor.

He slowly forward his hand and touch Armaan’s finger, he feel like he get life again as it was for real, his smile become broad on his face with tears flowing out and he just hugged him suddenly, before Armaan could understand or say something to him, he hugged him breaking all the silence, leaving all the questions, all those worries which were haunting him from past two days.

Armaan smile and hugged him back knowing how much emotionally weak he might be feeling from past two days.

“Ammy, tu theek ho gaya, tujhe hosh aa gaya, it’s it’s reality Armaan, I’m not dreaming” Rahul said touching his face his shoulders and again hugged him.

Armaan become teary eyed as his brother was so shocked that he was not believing that he’s fine and conscious, means he shooked his family badly without knowing.

“Tujhe mai kya bolu Ammy, tu itna sun le aaj ke baad koi v property dealing k liye tu bina security nhi jayega warna I swear mai ye sab dealing ka chakkar hi band karwa dunga” Rahul was becoming angry now.

“Relax Rahul, it was an accident” he said.

“Accident? Really? tujhe kitna mana kiya tha maine but tu nhi suna aur mujhe v nhi bolne diya tune, khud fight ki aur wo v police ko baad me aane ka bol k, mujhe pata hai tu bahut strong hai but ye sab usi wajah se hua na, I wish ham Mussoorie gaye hi nhi hote” rahul said feeling helpless.

“Rahul, stop behaving like kid” he hold his hand and place his other hand on his face “It was our work right and wo chemicals and all were random things which we didn’t noticed that time, it’s just that ye hona hi tha. Tu ye soch ki kitne logo ki jaan bachi us ek fight se, kitne log uske jaal se chute, police ko kitna support mila aur hamara land v clear ho gaya.” Armaan said.

“Lekin ye sab v to hua na, jis se hamari jaan nikal rahi thi” Rahul said.

“Rahul, hamare paas to paisa hai facility hai jis se ham treatment karwa sakte hain and see I’m fine now but unka soch jo gareeb uski wajah se roj thoda thoda marte the, unka kya hota agar ham us gunde ko hatate nhi waha se to, tujhe kya lagta hai mujhe ehsas nhi hai ki tumlogo pe kya gujari lekin unke bare me v soch wo kya karte agar unke sath kuch aisa hota to, wo bechare to treatment v nhi karwa pate, meri wajah se hi sahi lekin pata to chala ki waha pe kuch aisa hai jo poisnous hai, aur itne logo ko bachane k liye agar Bhagwaan ne mujhe choose kiya to I feel lucky isme agar mujhe kuch ho v jata to,,,,,” Armaan said holding his hand.

“Shut up Ammy, kuch nhi hone deta mai tujhe” Rahul sighed and hugged him as he know his brother very well, he will be happy with that he saved others from that chemical and don’t pay heed about what happened with him, that make him the best brother of the world and smile feeling he was fine now “Aur shayad tu sahi kah raha hai shayad itne logo ki duayein tere sath hongi jo tujhe itni badi musibat se bahar leke aai hai” Rahul said and he smile.

“Rahul, mai theek hu, see I’m fine aur mujhe kaise kuch ho sakta hai mera bhai mere sath hai meri family mere sath hai.” Armaan said.

“Aur Riddhima bhabhi v, I’m so happy Armaan that tujhe wo as a life partner mili hai” he said.

Armaan smile on her name “Riddhima v aai hai?” he asked.

“Aai hai? Tujhe pata hai tere behosh hone k baad sab kuch unhone kiya, yaha call karna, ambulance bulana, kyunki hamne phone hi nhi dekha shor me, jab ambulance aai tab hame pata chala” Rahul said and he smile as she handled everything perfectly.

“Aur aapne apne bare me to kuch nhi bola Rahul” Doctor said entering inside.

“Apne bare me?” Armaan asked.

“Doctor aap” Rahul get up and smile.

“Yes” he said setting those medicines and piercing drip in his hand “Apne bare me, ye ki aap jab se aaye hain yaha tab se shayad Rahul bas ek baar ghar gaya hoga wo v kuch ek do ghante k liye else sabko bhej deta tha, sabko mana kar deta tha rukne ko but khud yaha se ek minute k liye v nhi hila hoga. Pure time iski nazar tumhare bed pe aur aankhon me pata nhi kitne aansu jise control karne k chakker me ye nazre jhuka leta tha” 

“Rahul” Armaan hold his hand, he knew his brother was worried for him but he didn’t even moved for a while make him feel sad as his condition hurted him a lot.

“Ammy, kuch nhi ye to ainvi” Rahul tried to say when Doctor smile and Armaan turn him towards himself looking towards him.

Rahul feel helpless as he can’t lie to his brother “To mai kya karta Ammy, mai tujhe aise nhi dekh pa raha tha” he again hugged him and this time teras flow out of eyes wetting his shirt and Armaan too become teary eyed “I can’t even think of anything else, kaun meri help karta kaun mujhe sab odd condition se bahar nikalta, kis se mai apni baatein share karta aur kisko mai tease karta bol, ye sab baatein mere dimag pe haavi ho rahi thi, mujhse nhi control ho raha tha” Rahul said and Armaan tapped his back.

“It’s okay Rahul, ab mai theek hu na so stop thinking all those stuffs hmm” Armaan said and make him sit near him.

“Doctor, now he can meet others na?” Rahul asked “Wo actually sab hi pareshan the iske liye, kyunki unhe to pata v nhi tha kuch aur aaj hi pata chala hai” .

“Hmm, sure, now he is stable, mai bhejta hu unhe” Doctor said leving them.

Everyone enter inside and relaxed as Armaan was in conscious now.

“Armaan” Ananya and Padma called at the same time.

“Moms I’m fine now” he said and they came near him and kissed his forehead one by one.

“arey aap log rona band kariye ab, mai theek hu” he said and they smile in between tears.

“Bhagwaan ka shukar hai tu theek hai beta” Shweta said and he smile.

“Aur aise kabhi hame darane k bare me sochna v mat” Prerna said hugging him.

Everyone met Armaan and he was searching for Riddhima as rahul told that she also came.

Muskaan came suddenly and smile happily with tears.

“Bhabhi kaha hai?” Rahul asked and Muskaan told him something which make Rahul run outside.

“Thank God, Armaan you are fine now” Muskaan said and he smile.

“Armaan bhaiya, don’t you dare to fight again” Nikki said sitting beside him and he chuckled.

“Yes mam, Rahul k baad iski bari hai daatne ki” he said and they smile.

Billy and Anurag hugged him and smile after two days as Armaan was fine now, the toughest phase was passed by them.

“Take care ha, don’t stress so much” Shashank said coming towards him and he smile.

“Thanku Dad” Armaan said.

“Thanku mujhe nhi, har ek shaksh ko bolo Armaan, sabki jaan basti hai tum me, tumhe khone ka risk ham nhi le sakte, kabhi v” he said and Armaan smile.

“Lekin Sir, apko thanku bolna to banta hai” Doctor said coming inside “Apne koi kasar nhi chhodi Armaan ko wapas zindagi ki taraf lautane me” 

“Ha Shashankji, aaj Armaan hamare paas hai to sirf apki wajah se” Billy said.

“Kyu Billyji, kya Armaan mera beta nhi hai? Aur koi v pita apne bĂȘte ko bachane me jee jaan laga deta hai to mai kyu nhi” Shashnak said and everyone smile as this was a different bonding of Armaan and Shashank.

Armaan smile and he tapped his shoulder “Ab tumhe jald se jald theek hona hai Armaan” he said and Ammy nodded.

“Ab tum aaram karo thodi der, ham sab bahar chalte hain” Shashank said and he smiled.

“Ye Riddhima kaha rah gai?” Prerna asked and Armaan look towards the door as he was also waiting for her.

“Wo mandir me thi, Rahul gaya hai bulane” Muskaan said.

Armaan smiled as she was his Riddhima who always remains positive for everything, she knew he’ll be back and come to her fighting battle with death also as her support and God’s blessings were protecting him, he touched that chunari tied over his hand.

“Aap log chaliye aur Riddhimaji ko bhej dijiye” Doctor said “Apko pata hai Armaan, Riddhima se hamari receptionist abhi tak dari hui hai, aisa data tha usne ki kya batau mai” he laughed as he was also becoming familiar with them.

“Matlab?” he asked.

“Wo mai batati hu” Muskaan told him everything and he smile knowing she can do anything if it any how relate with him.

They move out of room and Armaan lay down still staring the door waiting for Riddhima.

Riddhima was standing in mandir staring at the idol and tears were flowing out of her eyes, she don’t know how to react, feel happy or sad, she was not having courage to see Armaan in that state thus she came here to gain some strength.

“Riddhima bhabhi” Rahul came towards her but she was lost.

“Bhabhi” Rahul shaked her a little.

“Unn, Rahul tum” she wiped her tears.

“Ab rona band kariye aap, Armaan theek hai, he’s fine now, use hosh aa gaya hai aur ab aap mil sakte ho us se” Rahul and she smiled happily that she can meet him.

“W,,wo” she stammers.

“Ha wo bilkul theek hai aur baatein v kar raha hai, sab theek hai ab” he said making her trust that he’s fine now.

“Apko v to milna hai us se” he said and she rushed towards his ward.

Riddhima came running but stop near the door, she turn around to see everyone standing nearby, tears were still visble in her eyes.

“Mom” she look towards Ananya and Padma.

“Beta Armaan bilkul theek hai ab, ab to rona band karo” Ananya said and she smiled.

“Jao beta Armaan se milo” Billy said and she look towards Shashnak and Padma they too nodded in yes.

She wiped her tears and slowly opened the door enteing inside.

“Chaliye ab aap log ko mai ghar chhod deta hu phir doctor se baat karunga Armaan k liye, kafi raat ho gai hai aur raat me itne log ruk nhi sakte na” Anurag said and they left unwillingly.

Armaan’s eyes were fixed at door and he smile when door opened, he knew Riddhima came thus a smile form on his lips showing his dimples.

She stop at the door and didn’t dare to look towards him, his smile become deeper as she was still scared.

Riddhima slowly move towards Armaan looking down and reached near his bed.

“Riddhima, dekhogi nhi mujhe” Armaan said slowly and her tears fall on his hand, he become worried and look towards her.

“Riddhima, aahh” he tried to get up when needle pained him.

“Armaan, careful” she hold him and he smile as he feel her touch.

“Kam se kam tumne mujhe dekha to sahi” he smiled and she make him lay on bed properly.

“Riddhima, please don’t cry” he said closing his eyes as her tears were hurting him inside.

He can’t bare those tears.

Riddhima wiped them and whisper “You scared me Armaan” .

Armaan open his eyes and look towards her “Sorry baby, unknowingly, I just,,,,” he was trying to say something when Riddhima stopped him placing her hand over his lips.

“Kuch kahne ki jarurat nhi hai, mujhe pata hai sab aur abhi to apko kuch v nhi bolna hai” she said with a scolding tone and he smiled.

He held her hand and kissed them.

“Thanku Riddhima, for being with me” he said and she smile.

“Aap aisa kaise kar sakte hain Armaan, chhodiye achha ab aap aaram kariye” she said getting up when Armaan hold her hand.

She stop and turn towards him with a smile triying hard to be normal infront of him, resisting her tears and expressions.

He make her sit beside him and get up slightly “Riddhima, tum ro sakti ho” Armaan said looking towards her and she look at him being shocked.

Armaan nodded and she feel bad that she was trying to hide her feeling from the person who understand her every single action and word.

Riddhima hugged him tight and cried while Armaan too hugged her back, feeling her care and love for him, he knew she was trying to control her emotions and be normal infront of him so that he don’t feel bad but he knew her very well more than herself.

“Shushh, Riddhima chup ho jao kuch nhi hua mujhe, see I’m fine” Armaan said.

“Mai bahut darr gai thi Armaan bahut jyada, mujhe kuch v nhi pata tha maine bas hospital bheja fir kisi ne mujhe kuch nhi bataya lekin mera dil darr raha tha, mai bas apko dekhna chahti thi ek baar, mujhe kahi chain nhi mil raha tha kisi v tarah nhi, ek darr tha jo mere andar tha apko leke mai bas chahti thi ki aap theek ho jaye. M,,mai soch v nhi sakti Armaan ki apko kabhi kharoch v aaye, hazaro tudke hote hain mere dil k jab apke upar koi pareshani aati hai to aur yaha to aap, apko koi hosh hi nhi tha Armaan, meri himmat nhi ho rahi thi ki mai apko dekhu, mai khud se darr rahi thi kyunki mai nhi dekh pati apko aise, Armaan wo insaan jo mere liye sab kuch hai use is halat me mai kaise,,,, mujhe kuch samajh me nhi aa raha tha bas aisa lag raha tha jaise jeene ki wajah hi mujhse dur ho rahi ho.” Riddhima cried her heat out and Armaan was shocked by her action.

He scared her so much that she didn’t have reason to live.

“Riddhima, chup ho jao abhi, bilkul chup hmm” he said consoling her.

“Nhi Armaan, nhi ho pa raha tha mujhse , mai kya karti mujhe khud nhi pata tha, mai nhi rah pati mai apko aise dekh hi nhi pati Armaan, wo ek lamha jab maine apko dekha ICU me wires k beech me, meri jaan nikal rahi thi us se, mai jitna v strong banu lekin apko leke hu mai kamjor aur mujhe nhi pata kyu kya kaise bas mai apko kabhi takeef me nhi dekh sakti, kabhi v nhi” she said.

“Riddhima, mai theek hu ab bachha, see mujhe kuch nhi hua hai, please rona band karo” he said.

“Maine kisi se kuch nhi bola Armaan, maine bahut try kiya strong rahne ka, but mai kaise karti agar apko aaj hosh nhi aata to, apne socha ek baar v, mai nhi hu itni strong ki mai apni aankhon k samne apko aise lifeless pade hue dekhu, mai marr jati Armaan” she said not listening any other thing.

“Riddhima” Armaan came out of hug by her last word “Don’t even think about this, kuch nhi hoga tumhe na mai tumhe kuch hone dunga, jaise tumne mujhe kuch nhi hone diya” he said and Riddhima look towards him being confused.

Tears were still flowing out of her eyes, Armaan wiped them slowly and kissed her forehead.

She smile feeling blessed after whole scenario, she was longing for his smile, his touch, his stare and everything.

“Ha Riddhima, mujhe nhi pata tha ye sab kab kaise hua, I just became unconscious uske baad se mujhe koi hosh nhi tha, kuch v pata nhi tha, mai kisi tarah zindagi ki taraf aane ki koshish kar raha tha but kuch to tha jo mujhe drag kar raha tha darkness ki taraf, mujhe roshni me tum sab dikhai de rahe the lekin mai waha tak pahuch nhi pa raha tha fir thak k meri aankhein band hone lagi jab mere upar kuch aake gira shayad usi waqt jab chunari mere upar aai thi tumhare aane k baad. Fir mujhe tum aur Rahul dikhe jinhone meri taraf hath badhya hua tha mujhe bas kisi tarah tum dono tak pahuchna tha and I tried aur pata hai maine tum dono ko touch v kiya and you held my hand tightly moving towards the light. Use waqt mujhe hosh aaya tha jab maine mehsus kiya Rahul ka touch and aankhein kholne ki koshish ki, maine tum dono ko dekha hospital me apne dono taraf and I holded hands of you guys. Uske baad fir se cheejein blurred hone lagi and I heard your voice when you aksed Rahul to call Doctor, mujhe pata tha ab mai theek ho jaunga kyunki tum sab mere sath the.” He said remembering that tough phase when he fight for his life being unconscious.

Riddhima was having tears in her eyes getting how much vulnerable his condition was and she wiped his tears nodding in no and hugged him uttering “I love you Armaan aur mai hamesha apke sath hu” 

“I love you too” he whisper and she smile as this word make her happy as Armaan utter them after like ages for her.

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