Sunday, 17 June 2018

part 5 : The Night Of Confession

Riddhima entered her room..trying not to disturb or even make any noise with her shoes. After all, it was 4.30am and nobody in the house had a clue that she was gone all night. Where was she? Who was she with? Why did she go? These were the possible questions from her family. She was with Armaan. All night, but no one will understand the purity of their love and they will probably start making assumptions before knowing the whole truth. Finally, Riddhima gathered the courage and stepped inside her room. The lights were off...which means that Anjali was sleeping. Riddhima definetly had a narrow escape. She started walking in and then suddenly, the lights turn on by themselves...or thats what Riddhima thinks. But truely, the lights did not turn on by themselves...they were turned on by her elder sister, Anjali. Riddhima was in deep shock and could hardly breath. Anjali started walking towards Riddhima. Riddhima was already sweating and was rubbing her hands together in nervousness.

Riddhima (nervously)- Di, woh main..main...umm...

Anjali (demandingly) - Ridz, kahan thi tum puri raat...? huh? tum puri raat gayab thi..maine khud tumhe Sanjeevani se bina kisi ko batae nikalte dekha tha..? Where were you, Ridz? Answer me!!

Riddhima (to herself) - Hai Bhagwaan, di ne mujhe Sanjeevani se nikal te hue kab dekha....?!?! Ab main inhe kya javab doo..?

Riddhima- Di.. main..uhhh

Anjali (interrupting her)- I see.. to tum mujhe nahin bataana chahti .....

Riddhima- Nahin di aisi baat nahi hai..

Anjali- Listen Ridzy ...main tumhari badi behen hoon..mujhe tumhari fiker hai. I care for you. Lekin tum khud ek bahut responsible ladki ho. Agar tum puri raat kahi gayi koi zaroori kaam hi hoga..Im not gonna force you to tell me where you were. I wish ..tum mujhe bata sakti but Im not gonna force. You're an adult. Ok, Jaisi tumhari marzi. I hope ek din aisa aayega ki jab tum mujhe apni personal baate batane ke layak samjho gi. Abhi I would suggest ki tum so jao. Atleast for a couple of hours.

Riddhima couldn't thank her sister enough for not asking her the monotonous questions, but on the other hand she felt terribly guilty about not telling her one and only sister about everything.

Riddhima (to herself)- Thanks di..Even I hope ke ek din aisa aaye jab main apko "The most amazing guy Armaan" ke baare mein bata sakoon.

Riddhima- Nahin di, its already 4.45am..Vaise bhi hospital jaldi jaana main abhi shower ke liye jaa rahi hoon..aur phir tayar hoke hospital chali jaaoongi. Thanks di.

Anjali - As you wish...Im gonna sleep for a couple of hours though. And Ridz, dad kal London se vapas aa rahe hain. Lekin dont worry main dad ko aaj raat ke baare main kuch nahin baatoongi.

Riddhima felt more guilty, but the time was not right for her to tell everyone about Armaan.

Riddhima (to herself)- Jab sahi waqt aayega to main ....Rooftops se cheekh cheekh kar baataoongi ke main Armaan se pyaar karti hoon. Gosh! im going crazy.

Riddhima then went into the shower. She started singing "Sone de nakhre ...I love you...Sone de nakhre ...I love you..." Anjali heard her little sister singing the song. She knew that something was going on but she was gonna wait till the day....when Riddhima is gonna tell her everything. That day will definetly come. Thinking about Riddhima and then about Atul, who supported her today, Anjali dozed off.

Again in Riddhima-Anjali's room...Anjali wakes up at 6am. Riddhima was in the shower for almost an hour. Of course she didn't sleep all night. And Riddhima had kept Anjali awake pretty much all night..with Riddhima's tension. Unfortunately, Anjali only slept for 2 hours. Now, both of them had 18 hour shifts....After all, being an intern is not the easiest thing in the world

Anjali (sounding tiredddd) - Ridzy, im gonna go shower.

Riddhima- Ok di.

Riddhima was soooo excited to see Armaan again. She definetly wanted to look her best today, which is why she didn't sleep so that she had enough time to get dressed. Today she was being a typical girl. First came make-up...Riddhima pretty much had flawless skin so she barely had any foundation on. Her favorite part of her make-up was her blush...blush gave a beautiful color to her face. Also, dark eyeliner for her dark deep eyes accentuated her features even more. Then, Riddhima went on to her closet...

Riddhima - hmmmmmmm....kya pehnooo...itna confusion...hai..

Riddhima picked out one of her favorite purple salwar-kameez. She tried it on. Hmm..she did look good. That when she thought of something.

Riddhima (writing a text message to Armaan)- Armaan, what are you wearing today..??

Armaan (replies with text) - Maybe you should come and help me pick out a shirt...and help me put it on...haha lol jk...Im prob gonna wear the combination of Black and Red shirt :D

Riddhima wanted to match with Armaan, obviously. She took off the purple outfit and wore her Red Salwar-Kameez. Gotta match your bf, she thought.

Anjali too finally got dressed, but then she noticed that Ridz was dressed up very nicely today.

Anjali (to herself) - Aaj Ridzy itna achi tarah se tyaar kyun hui hai..? Uh, I think Im going crazy and examining things wayyy to much.

Riddhima and Anjali had breakfast that Nani had prepared and left for Sanjeevani. Daddy Shashank was already at Sanjeevani before his daughters. He was waiting for someone today.

At Sanjeevani, the atmosphere in Sanjeevani was extremely tensed today. Dr. Shashank had given out special orders that everything had to be perfect...from infection control, patient management, employee presentation and prefessionalism. After all, someone very special was returning to Sanjeevani after a long time.

Anjali and Riddhima finally get to Sanjeevani..on their way to the hospital..they didn't talk much. They just had a normal conversation and most of it consisted there patient. Neither of them mentioned last night.

Riddima and Anjali get out of their car, and start walking towards the hospital and thats when Anjali remembers....

Anjali- Ahhh, Ridzy I forgot my bag in the car..I'll go get it...You carry on..

Riddhima- Ok, di...main chalti hoon..

Riddhima was dressed in her red salwar-kameez. She started fixing her hair and her dress..cuz she knew she will see Armaan inside. Just thinking of him made her shy.

Riddhima opens the Sanjeevani door and enters...just across the hallway she sees Armaan. He points toward the fire escape stair.Riddhima, of course got the message....

Riddhima and Armaan are now in the fire escape...Riddhima is nervous...

Armaan- Oye Hoye....Ab mujhe samajh aaya ki tumne mujhse yeh kyun poocha tha ki main aaj kya pehnoo ga...haha

Riddhima- Kyun poocha tha, Armaan..?

Armaan- Ab zyaada bano mat..I know everything.

Armaan Aur ha...I plan on slacking off today at the hospital...

Riddhima- Kis liye..?

Armaan- Kyunki aaj Dr. Basket itni khoobsurat lag rahi mera to aaj kaam mein dill hi nahin lagega...aisa kyun kiya Riddhima..??

Riddhima giggled. She indeed looked beautiful and she knew it. Armaan could notice the special effort she made after not sleeping all night.

Riddhima- Armaan, kal raat ko main kabhi nahin bhula sakti....vo raat meri zindagi ki sabse khoobsurat raat thi..and thats all because of you..Mujhe maaf karne ke liye ..thanks Armaan...

Armaan made her quiet by covering her mouth with his hand...and said...

Armaan- Sshhh...ab tum kuch nahin kahogi...

Armaan was about to kiss, but just then Riddhima dodged and ran away from the fire escape...laughing at the same time.

Both of them walk towards the locker room. There they see Atul, Muskaan and Rahul getting there stethoscope and lab coats together.

Muskaan- Aaj main bahut ache mood main hoon!

Rahul- Haan aur isiliye ..aaj hum sab ki shamat aa gayi hai...

Muskaan interrupts Rahul..and pulls his arm..basically she's man-handling him...

Muskaan- Ay Ayyy...kan khajurrrrre...tune phir mujhse panga liya...dekh aaj mera mood acha isiliye tujhe hod rahi hoon...varnaa...mein toh...

Rahul- Varna kya..huh..??!?

Armaan and Riddhima walk in.

Muskaan- Varna...( she gets distracted ) Hi Armaan..Hi Riddhima..

Rahul- Hello Riddhima ji..aap kaisi hai....? raat ko theek se soi..?

Riddhima glanced at Armaan when she heard Rahul....Armaan winked ;) at Riddhima.

Riddhima (keeping her eyes on Armaan) - Ha Rahul...mujhe kal raat bahut achi neend ai..Thanks

Atul and Anjali also walk in together..coincidently....both of them are walking like zombiesss....tired like anything..

Muskaan- Atul mere dosttttt...main aaj bahut ache mood main hoon..ek gaana ho jai..??

Atul (with dark circles underneath his eyes)- Nahin yaar..phir kabhi..aaj main bahut tired hoon...?

Muskaan- tired? kyun?

Atul (smiling at Anjali) - vo mujhe kisi ne bahut pyaari baat boli...jis ke vajah se main saaaari raat nahin so saka..

Ajanli just smirked..

Armaan- Lagta hai..mere champ ...ko bhi love-aria ho gaya hai....?

Riddhima (teasing Armaan) champ ko bhi..? kyun Armaan kya tumhe bhi kisise pyaar ho gaya hai..?

Armaan- mujhe nahin lagta tum is sawal ka jawab sab ke saamne sunna cha ho gi...

Both of them laughed...while the rest of them were clueless of Armaan and Riddhima's inside joke. Today was a good day.. all of the interns were happy and enthusiastic about the day...However, they didn't know that someone was about to enter their make their lives miserable...They had no clue about what was gonna happen in the future....

Dr.Shashank was very eagerly awaiting for his guest. The guest was his junior...but very particular when it came to discipline.

Dr. Shashank- Unhe maine 11 am ka time diya tha...aur ab 10.58 hue hai...Where are you Dr. Amna Hussein...??

Exactly at 11 am..walks in Dr. Amna Hussein. Dr.Amna and Dr. Shashank have known each other for 5 years now. They met in Delhi at a hospital, where Dr. Amna was handling a very critical case, but due to the nurse's medical negligence ..Dr. Amna's patient almost died. Dr. Amna was known for her discipline, her strictness and her accuracy. She made sure that the nurse recieved appropratiate circumstances for the mistake she made. All of Dr. Amna's collegue were very intimidated by her....However, Dr. Shashank admired her for her discipline. After Delhi Dr. Amna worked for the army..she was the Commander Of Millitary Hospital. Being in the army as doctor strengthened and enforced her discipline even more...

Shashank- Amna, exactly at 11 ...I expected this from you..How are you..? Paanch saal ho gaye tumhe dekhe hue..!!

Amna- Hello Sir, kaise hai aap..?

She sits down after Shashank sat...respecting him as an elder. Dr. Amna Hussein was pretty strict ..everyone knew..but also she was a beautiful woman with very stricking features. Dressed in a white churidaar..she looked like a fairy but as soon as men came to know about her.. they felt only one emotion... intimidation.

Shashank- Amna, I cant thank you enough ..for joining Sanjeevani...humare interns ko tumhare discipline ki bahut zaroorat hai..sabka performance dheere dheere kharaab hota jaa raha hai..Im quite worried for them.

Amna- Sir, aap thank you kis liye keh rahe hain..aap mere senior hai..aur aapki help karna mera farz hai..Aur aap chinta mat ki jiye..Ab main aa gayi hoon..main in young interns ko seedha kar ke rakh doon gi...ab inhe pata chalega ki doctor hona kya cheez hai ( with an evil smile)

Amna ( to herself ) - mera mission hai ki jo interns lazy hai...unko din raat kaam darte hai...unhe death ke kareeb lekar over confident hain...unhe zameen par laana..aur jinhe pyaar ho gaya hai...unhe din mein taare dikhana...ab aayega maaza ...

P.S. - Plying the role of Dr. Amna Hussein is none other thann....

Amna Sharif

~~~ END OF PART 5 ~~~

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