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part 5 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

It has been weeks since Armaan has been working for Riddhima in her office. He noticed little and simple actions of hers. Like every time she would be nervous, she would start biting her nails. Every time she would be lost in some thoughts, she would chew on the pen.
Armaan found those actions of her cute. At the same time, he found her extremely professional. She would never ever mix her private life with her professional life. And that is also a thing he adored about her.

And about Zoya, they were finally a couple. Yes, Zoya agreed to give them both a chance, only because Armaan would not leave a single chance to jump in her life. And above all, he asked her out, in front of her friends on the campus. She did not have a chance to even say no to him. But to tell a little secret, she started to like him too. he is kind of sweet.
And now coming to Doll-Face, urf Armaan's so called Girl Friend. Armaan noticed that she has opened up to him. he went to her, almost every night, to share his day with her. And now she also started to talk about herself. Like Armaan knows that her parents died in a car crash. That she has a little sister, and she is doing this job only to make a better life for her sister. Else its almost impossible to stay above the water in Nottingham, England.
Right now Armaan was on his way to his Girl Friend aka Doll-Face. He was waiting the whole day, so that he could finally see her. Well at-least her masked face. Today a lot of things happened to him. To start with, Zoya and he had a big fight in the morning. Armaan started to recall it:
Zoya and Armaan were on the campus, it had become a daily routine for him to accompany Zoya to her college. They were walking hand in hand.
A: Zoya, mujhe tumahri family se mil na hai.
Zoya stood still in her tracks. Armaan also stopped, as he noticed that she was not following him.
A: what?
Z: Meri family se kyu mil na hai tumhe?
A: kyu nahi, boyfriend hu me tumhara, I hope ke tumhe apni family ko bata ho, ke we both are in a relationship?
Zoya looked down at the floor. Armaan sighed.
Z: I am sorry Armaan, lekin mene saach me ghar me kuch nahi bataya.
A: Why not Zoya. Are you ashamed of me?
Zoya looked up at him with horror and wide eyes.
Z: What? nooo, not at all, tum aisa sooch bhi kaise sakte ho?
A: to phir...
Zoya was fighting with herself how she could tell him.
Z: Actually, mere parents nahi hai, bas ek bari behen hai. Aur wo bohot strict hai. Wo nahi chahti, ke mujhe zara si bhi takleef ho. Me nahi jaanti, ke wo is news pe kaise react karengi. me nahi chahti ke Aapi mujhse disappoint ho. Me sahi waqt aate hi unko sab kuch bata dungi.
A: Aur sahi waqt kab aayega Zoya? I like you Zoya, damn, I even think that I am falling in love with you.
Z: Armaan...
Armaan put his hands on her cheeks.
A: Listen Zoya, me jo feel kar raha hu, mene wo kabhi feel nahi kiya. There is something special about you. Aur me tumhe kisi bhi halat me khona nahi chahta. I am not talking about marrying you or anything, but I know that I want you be a part of my life, as long as possible.
Z: Armaan, we know each other for hardly a month, how can you say that you love me?
A: me nahi jaanta ke kaise, bas itna janta hu, ke me karne laga hu.
Zoya put her hands on his and stepped a step back.
Z: I am sorry Armaan, lekin mere liye yeh sab bohot jaldi ho raha hai. Mene abhi tak Aapi se bhi baat nahi ki hum dono ke bare me. I think, ke should take a break.
A: What do you mean Zoya, are you breaking up with me?
Z: noo, no, I just want some time. Yeh sab digest kare ke liye. I mean, i dont know. Hume hamara relation pause karna chahiye,
A: Fine.
To say that Armaan was pissed, would be and understatement. he was hurt, angry and many more emotions were running in his head.
Z: I am sorry Armaan, please, lekin mujhe kuch waqt chahiye.
A: jab tumhare liye hamare relation ki koi valu hi nahi hai, to phir waqt bhi kuch theek nahi kar sakta. Tumhe jitna waqt chahiye, tum le lo. Me jaa raha hu.
Z: Armaan...
But Armaan did not stop, he just kept walking. His mood was very down. that even Riddhima noticed it, when he reached the office. Riddhima gave him his work and the moved back to her desk, from where she was observing his every action. He was disturbed. He was not concentrating on his work.
Something was nagging him, and Riddhima felt uneasiness, she wanted to take away his pain. She did not know why, but she also felt restless, seeing him like this. Finally giving up her ego, she stood up and made two cups of coffee and then moved to Armaan's desk. She put on cup in front of him. He looked up at her surprised.
R: What, aise kyu dekh rahe ho. Ek coffee hi to hai.
Armaan smiled at her answer. He took the coffee and looked at Riddhima. Instead of going away, she took the chair opposite of him. She was looking at him. He was looking back at her.
R: kya hua?
It was a mere whisper, but Armaan heard it. He also heard the concern in it. He loved the concern in her eyes for him. Never had someone done that for him. Asked him with so much concern and love.
A: Meri girlfriend...
R: ohhh...
Riddhima turned around to stand up, but she felt a tug on her hand. As she looked back, she saw that Armaan was holding her hand. Riddhima looked up at him.
A: Riddhima, mat jao.
Riddhima did not know why, but she obligated and sat back in the chair. She noticed that Armaan did not left her hand, and she also did not pulled it out of his.
A: hum dono ka jhagra hua aaj. The first time. Me uski family ko jaan na chahta hu, lekin usne abhi tak apni family ko hamare relation ke bare me bataya hi nahi. Aur wo abhi batana bhi nahi chahti.
R: Shayad wo abhi is step ke liye tayar na ho.
A: isme tayyar hone ki kya baat hai Riddhima, isme itna mushkil bhi kya hai.
R: bohot mushkil hai Armaan, apno ko batana, ke ab koi aur bhi hai, jiske liye humara Dil dhadakta hai. Koi aur hia, jisko dekh ke jeene ka dil karta hai. Koi aur hai, jisko dekh ke yeh ehsaas hota hai ke Zindagi kitni haseen hai. Koi aur hai, jiske hasne ya phir rone se hume bohot fark parta hai.
all the time Riddhima was looking in his eyes. As Riddhima realised what she was talking about, she caught and tired to change the sentence.
R: I mean, jo kabhi kabhi bohot asan lagta hai, wohi kaam sab se zyada mushkil hota hai.
Armaan did not say anything else. He let go of Riddhima's hand and she stood up. She turned around to leave, but then stopped. She looked back at him.
R: Mere saath luch karoge aaj?
A big smile appeared on his face.
A: I would love to.
R: zyada khush mat hona, yeh first aur last time hai.
Then Riddhima left from there, a smile not leaving her lips. They both had lunch together, and talked about anything and nothing.
Coming back to the present, Armaan was on his way to Doll-Face. He could not wait anymore. He has to see her, as soon as possible. He has to share his day with her. As soon as he reached the club, he automatically moved to her room. But the happenings inside shocked him. He saw his best friend, his Girl Friend sitting on a mans lap and giving him a lap dance.
A: What the hell his happening here.
Armaan did not know where all this anger came from. He did not know, why he was reacting like this, the only thing he knew, was his Girl Friend sitting on another mans lap. He rushed inside and pulled Riddhima up from that man and pushed her towards the bed. Then he moved to the man on the chair.
Riddhima was also shocked to see Armaan here, and that also is such an anger, she knew that he had a bad day, but they way he was behaving was ridiculous. he looked like, he could kill each and every single person, who would come in his way.
Armaan grabbed the collar of the man.
A: How dare you, teri himmat bhi kaise hui, isko haath lagane ki.
R: Armaan...
Riddhima was shocked at Armaan's reaction. She moved to him and put her hand on his shoulder.
M: Chill dude, you can also have your time with her...
Riddhima looked down with shame, she never wanted Armaan to hear something like that about her. Whereas Armaan's anger grew more. He punched the man on the face and throw him out of the room.
A: Don't you dare to come here ever again.
He shut the door close and put his forehead on it, to calm himself down.
R: Armaan...
He heard her whisper, and again all his anger came back. He turned around and saw her wrapped in a blanket. He saw the pain on her face.
A: What the hell Girlfriend, yeh sab kya tha?
R: What do you mean Armaan, yeh mera profession hai. Aur tumne kya kiya? Tum aise uske saath kaise behave kar sakte the?
A: Are your serious GF, tum usko defend kar rahi ho.
Armaan run his hand through his hair.
R: I am not defending him Armaan, me bas yeh keh rahi hu, ke tumne uske saath kiya wo galat tha. Itna gussa. Itna anger. What's wrong with you Armaan.
A: What wrong with me, what's wrong with you GF.
Then Armaan did something, which he never dreamed of to do. He moved forward and grabbed Riddhimas hand. He pulled her towards himself and then turned around, so that Riddhima was pinned to the wall.
R: Armaan...
Armaan did not let her finish, before Riddhima could react, he claimed her mouth with his own. Riddhima shoved her hands against his chest and forced their bodies apart. Armaan was shocked with her power.
R: What the hell Armaan, you cant just...
But he once again cut her off with yet another kiss. This time it was fast and punishing. He wanted to punish her, for letting any other man touch what is his.
He forced her mouth open as Riddhima still struggled. She tried to push him away, but Armaan pushed his tongue inside her mouth, which leaked a moan out of Riddhimas mouth. She began to melt in his arms, as the kiss turned more passionate and less aggressive.
After sometime, Armaan grabbed both of her hands and put them above her head. That action caused the blanked to fall down. Now Riddhima was only in a fancy Bra and fancy panties. Pressed between the wall and Armaan. After few moments, Riddhima found herself responding without even thinking, because she was only thinking, that Armaan, her love was kissing her.
He body felt like it was on fire, he body tingled everywhere he touched her, it made her feel alive. He made her feel alive. Finally he left her lips and moved her neck and started to suck there.
R: Ahhh, Armaaan...
Riddhima moaned his name as he bit her and then sucked the spot, to sooth her pain.
Armaan sounded so dangerous, that not even Riddhima was able to reply.
R: Armaan...
She put her hands on his face and made him look into her eyes. She noticed that is eyes were pitch black, danger, anger, passion, lust. Everything was playing in it. With all strength she had, she pushed him away.
R: Yeh galat hai Armaan, in so many ways.
Armaan grabbed her hand and turned her around.
A: Aur wo admi, tumhe aise dekh raha tha, aise touch kar raha tha, kya wo sahi tha?
R: yeh mera profession hai.
Riddhima looked at him shocked. Even Armaan lost his tongue, as he realized what he said. He bend down and took the blanket lying on the floor and put it around Riddhima. Then the turned around and left, without saying anything to her. Armaan went to the manager.
M: How may I help you Mr. Mallik.
A: Wo ladki, Doll-Face. Whats her price?
M: Excuse me?
A: to be more explicit. I don't want any other men in her room, ever again. Not even one single male guest. Not even female. Only me.
M: But Mr. Mallik, its against our law.
A: Agar tum seedhe tareeke se nahi manoge, then I wont have any other options than to buy this club.
All the color flew out of the managers face.
A: I want Doll-Face, 24/7 available for me. And one more thing, agar usko is baat ke bare me zara si bhi khabar hui na, then I will make your that you will come on the streets.
Armaan turned around to leave, but then again stilled. He looked back at the man.
A: And one last thing, increase her income 3 times. I will pay for it.
M: Yes Sir.
Then Armaan left from there, still angry and shocked about his own reaction.
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