Monday, 4 June 2018

part 6 : pyar ke mod pe....

"tumse milke"

And they became friends…only friends as riddhima took promise from arman…..“see arman,tum utne bure nahin ho jitna maine socha tha aur mumma-papa bhi tumhe pasand karte hain..aur kal friendship day tha..tumne kal hi ‘request’ I accepted..par isse aage badhne ki sochna bhi mat okay?”

“Request?” pooh!...arman malik kabhi kisiko request nahi karta hai miss American….”

“ok,toh thik hai,friendship cancel…”

“No miss American…diya hua cheez wapas nahi le’s a rule..mai tumhari friendship wapas nahi dunga..

“yeh rule banaya kisne?”

“the great dr. arman malik ne…”arman said proudly.

Riddhima glared him for sometime then burst out laughing.

Arman asked looking at her : “hans kyon rahi ho? Mai joker lagta hun?”

Riddhima answered immediately: “101%...

Arman,who was sitting a little bit away from riddhima,jumped on his place and slipped towards riddhima..then looked here and there and whispered : “don’t tell anyone okay?..mai na bachpan me sochta tha ‘jokar’ banunga..dadi ke sath circus dekhne jata tha aur wo jokars bade achche lagte the mujhe.”

Riddhima giggled and uttered : “toh ban gaye ho na?tum Indians aise hote ho kya?”

Arman said proudly : “haan,toh? Mere friends atul,rahul se milogi toh pata chalega..aur isey ‘zindadili’ kahte hain..kisi bhi situation mein hanste aur hansate raho…tumhare America me sab log aise face banakar ghumte hain,mano stomach pain ho raha hai.”

Riddhima uttered smilingly : “yahan stomach pain nahi ho sakta kisiko,tumlog jaise oily,spicy food hum nahin khate.”

Arman uttered with a smile : “tumhe lagta hai na Indian foods sirf oily,spicy aur bekar hote hain?okay,mai tumhe aisi dishes banakar khilaunga ki tum hairan reh jaogi and believe me,usme oil,spice less honge aur healthy food hoga,tasty bhi….aur tumhe bahut pasand aayega. Aaj se one week tak you have to take what I will cook aur pasand aaya toh mere sath tum india chalogi.”

Riddhima uttered frowning : “yeh kaisi shart hui? Mai india kabhi nahi janewali….”

Arman uttered brushing hairs with fingers : “dar gayi kya?”

Riddhima uttered annoyedly : “mai kyon darun?”

Arman : “shart lagane se kyon dar rahi ho?”

Riddhima nodded in na and uttered : “mai kisise nahin darti…mujhe shart manjur hai,par agar mujhe tumhare dishes pasand nahi aaye toh tumhe yahan,America me hi rehna padega…”

Arman uttered smilingly : “manjur….”

And after that day,arman’s routine was changed totally.he stopped to hear music,started getting up early in the morning,after finishing his work,he came in kitchen and made varieties of indian’s foods with low fat and less spicy and when riddhima came in dining table,for breakfast..she was amazed to see the different dishes,arman introduced her with those dishes and served in her plate….sometimes riddhima tried to escape from him making excuses..but arman is arman..he annaounced…. “ maidan se bhagha hua khiladi haara hua mana jata hai…so accept the fact that you gave up..and in next,when I am going india,you will be with me….”

Riddhima glared him angrily and uttered : “no way…mai kisise haar nahi manti..aur mujhe tumhare dishes bahut bekar lagte hain,mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aaye…”

Padma uttered hurriedly : “riddhima beta,aisa nahi kahte..arman kitni mehnat se banata hai,usey takleef hogi.”

Riddhima uttered frowning : “toh kya mai iske sath india chali jaun mumma?”

Arman chuckled : ‘asal baat yahi hai aunty..she is afraid of going india..isliye aisa kah rahi hai,hai na riddhima?”

Riddhima made face and went from there making a sound “huh…”

Padma smiled looking at arman and uttered : “beta,aap agar riddhima ko india wapas le ja sako toh jo mangoge mai dungi aapko.”

Arman asked with a mischievous voice : “jo bhi mangunga aunty?”

Padma nodded and uttered : “haan beta…. actually mai aur tumhare uncle Bhi ab india wapas jana chahte hain….aaye the ridhan ke liye par ab apne desh ki bahut yaad aati hai,par riddhima ko yahan chodkar nahi ja sakte hum..

Arman uttered holding padma’s hand : “don’t worry aunty,aapdono jarur apne desh wapas jaoge bas riddhima ka research complete ho jaye.”

Shshank uttered with a sigh tone : “pata nahi beta riddhima successful hogi ki nahi,aur kab tak hogi..

Arman assured shshank: “jarur hogi uncle,aur uske baad main khud aaplogon ko india le jaunga..”


After one week when arman asked about the food which he made for riddhima,she uttered : “thank god! Tumhara 1 week complete hua aur ab mujhe wo sab nahi khana padega.”

Arman uttered smilingly : “jhuth bolna toh tumhe aata nahi riddhima..i know you loved those dishes and now you are missing them.”

Riddhima asked glaring him : “tumhe kaise pata?”

Arman : “kal marco keh raha tha…sir,please teach me how to make those dishes.”

Maine pucha : “kyon bey!tujhe kyon sikhna hai?”

Riddhima uttered glaring him : “tum usse aise baat karte ho?”

Arman nodded and uttered showing his 32 teeth : “haan..maine kaha hum apne doston se aise baat karte hain aur apne doston ko pyar se “bey..ya ‘abey’ kahte hain…”he became happy. Toh maine jab pucha toh usne kya reply diya pata hai? Usne kaha…. “sir,don’t tell to ma’m,actually she liked them so much so told me to learn from you.”

Riddhima felt to kill marco.but she uttered in attitude: ‘haan,toh? Main india nahi janewali.”

Arman laughed loudly hearing it then uttered : “tumhare liye main Indian dulha talash raha hun,tab toh tumhe india jana padega..apne piya ke ghar.”

Riddhima uttered frowning : “tumhe aur koi kaam nahi hai kya?pagal ho bilkul..

Arman uttered immediately : “tumse kam…


But riddhima loved his company and now they started going hospital together. arman bought the most expensive bike Harley Davidson and offered riddhima to ride but riddhima answered …. “no way!” but whenever she said…no way..god made it possible for arman..its like,…. “tere man kachu aur hai,karta ke kachu aur”…so this time also riddhima’s car went in garage for some problem and now arman again offered to drop her in research centre…riddhima wanted to go by taxi but by luck that day was taxi strike..and she was helpless to go with arman in his bike but she warned… “see arman..jyada speed mat lena.”

Arman asked mischievously: “dar gayi?”

Riddhima uttered in attitude : “pooh! Mai nahi darti…”

Suddenly arman yelled in a scaring voice….. “chipkalli…!riddhima…lizard…see there a lizard…!!”

Riddhiam jerked and without thinking anything,hugged arman tightly and started yelling…. “plz.arman save me….plz..”

Arman burst into laughter and in a while riddhima understood his mischief and kicked him hard while uttered angrily : “tum apne aapko samajhte kya ho?”

Arman uttered smilingly : “an Indian…”

Riddhima uttered angrily : “idiot!mai nahi janewali tumhare sath..never!tum akele hi apna khatara lekar jao.”

But next, arman caught her leg and uttered in a pleading voice:“sorry miss American…ab aisa kabhi nahi karunga..please maan jao…lo kaan bhi pakadta hun.”


Padma,who was watching their argument from balcony smiled to see riddhima sat behind arman on his bike and arman instructed her to hold him tightly and zoomed off.she heard shshank’s voice from back : “aaj toh arman maar khayega humari beti se….”

Padma uttered smilingly : “kitne achche lagte hain na dono sath sath…”

Shshank : “toh kya tum bhi wahi soch rahi ho,jo mai soch raha hun?”

Padma nodded and uttered sighly : “bas koi chamtkar ho jaye aur riddhima par arman ka jadu chal jaye!”

Shshank uttered holding padma’s hand… “har cheez ka ek reason hota hai padma..arman ke humare ghar aane ka bhi koi reason toh hoga..shayad yahi ho..”

Padma nodded and uttered sighly : “arman ne ridhan ki kami ko bhula diya hai shshank..bas ab usey khona nahi chahti…”

Love you all

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