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part 63 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Kripa was dazzling in colorful outfit and reached the sangeet ceremony with Sapna when everyone was wondering at her late arrival. Angad's heart raced at her entry. He was missing her since morning. Kripa was angry on everyone for unknown reason since Gayatri told about the ceremonies before wedding. She avoided the Satyanarayan puja in the morning performed by the newly wedded couple Kartik and Misthy despite Gayatri's pleads. Gayatri gave an excuse of her headache to everyone. Angad suspected about her lie but couldn't meet her since she was resting in her house.

Gayatri received them at the door and took to Devyani. Kripa touched Devyani's feet and took blessings.   Misthy and  kartik greeted her good wishes. Kripa apologized for missing the puja and secretly enquired Misthy about their first night. Misthy blushed and nodded her head as everything went well.

"Kripa! Tum jaanti ho na mujhe Angad ka side lena padega. You can have Misthy on your side on our behalf." Kartik excused himself to reach groom side. Kripa played her brows as stopped Kartik, "Peddabava! Main tum donon ko alag nahi kar sakti. Main akeli kaafi hoon sab sambhalney ke liye." Misthy shyly smiled and kissed kripa's cheek, "Goodluck, Angad abb haarney waley se nahi hai. He won't leave you easily.Tumse gaava kar hi rahega. Main tumhari madat wahan se bhi kar doongi."

Kripa smiled and stared at Angad whose eyes were constantly fixed on Kripa. Kripa's eyes unknowingly lowered with shy. Her eyes checked his charming presence in matching sherwani, and blushed when caught by his stares. She wondered at her pondering heart and touched her chest as if trying to console it. She felt Angad's cheerful smile touched her. Armaan and Ridhima brought Angad into this world by encouraging him to take initiative to pacify Kripa while sangeet.

"Kyon kripa! Kaisi hai abb tumhari tabiyat?" Naina and Dilip greeted with great affection. Kripa smiled embarrassingly. "Bahut khubsoorat lag rahi ho, kripa!" Prithvi appreciated her along with Aaliyah.

"Chalo, abb shuru karein? Who will start first?? Angad ya Kripa??" Atul came with Anjali as formally started the ceremony.

Everyone encouragingly looked at the prospective bride and groom. Kripa tied her lips when Angad expectantly looked at her to start. Angad smiled inwardly and took initiative when everyone yelled his name to initiate.

Everyone waited for kripa to continue next but she kept silent. Sapna murmured to start and kripa signaled her to wait. Angad was disappointed but looked at kripa with a hope of better luck next time. Armaan brought Ridhima hinting Prithvi to continue with a new song when Aaliyah joined him, "I take Kripa's side, Mujhey bhi kuch huq banta hai na?" He winked at Angad and smiled at Kripa. Kripa blushed at his inner meaning and mischievously looked at Angad. Angad frowned but tried to suspend the thought of jealousy.

While everyone was enjoying Armaan and Ridhima's dance, Sapna brought Misthy and kartik to the dance floor.  Anittah, anjali and Atul joined the dance too as gave chorus to Sapna.

Armaan briefly explained Misthy about Kripa's hesitation and decline to participate in Sangeet. Misthy noticed Kripa's silence and Angad's craving to see her mingling. She brought kripa forcefully while Sapna supported her. They brought Angad also to dance with Kripa and left them in center while everyone danced around them.
Kripa stood still till the end of the song and tried hard to escape Angad's expectant looks at her. Angad tried to make her dance but she refused softly by turning her looks away as if enjoying others dance. While everyone was still enjoying the dance and chorusing, Angad took kripa's hands in his and touched to his chest, "Chodo na mujhey'(Rules)" he slowly started soliciting Kripa to accept his love. Everyone stayed calm and watched them as slowly dispersed to their seats. kripa's heart filled guilt and slowly melted at his pleadings through song. Angad brought her fingers to his mouth for soft kisses while singing.

Chhodo Na Mujhe Yun Beqaraar Saa

Kar Bhi Do Izhaar Tum Apne Pyaar Kaa

Tumhaare Dil Ki Hai Ye Manzil Mera Deewana Dil

Bolo Tum Bolo

Ho O Ho O

Kar Doge Inkaar To Jee Na Paayenge

Jo Kar Doge Iqraar To Mar Hi Jaayenge

Tumhaare Dil Ki Hai Ye Manzil Mera Deewana Dil

Bolo Tum Bolo

Ho O Ho O Yeah

Itne Paraaye Jo Ho Tum Pahle Kabhi Bhi Na The

Mere Jahaan Mein Ghamon Ki Ho

Tum To Vajah Hi Nahin The

Dil Se Mere Tum Khud Ko Nikaalo

Yaa Phir Mujhe Hi Apnaa Banaa Lo

Bolo Tum Bolo

Ho O Ho O

Khoyee Khoyee Zindagi Ki

Raahon Mein Ab Aa Bhi Jaao

Jo Tum Nahin Aanaa Chaaho Mujhko Hi Paas Bulaao

Kab Tak Jiyenge Aise Bataao

Mujhko Nahin Tum Aazmaao

Bolo Tum Bolo

O O Ho O

Chhodo Na Mujhe Yun Beqaraar Saa

Chhodo Na Mujhe Hun

Kar Bhi Do Izhaar Tum Apne Pyaar Kaa

Tumhaare Dil Ki Hai Ye Manzil Mera Deewana Dil

Bolo Tum Bolo

Ho O Ho O Ho O Ho O

Angad succeeded to make kripa take steps along with him. Both enjoyed the closeness though kripa showed stiffness till the end of the song.

Naina and Dilip exchanged looks as Gayatri worried about Kripa's behavior and shared her concern with Surya. Aaliyah and Anittah twitched lips and played brows at Kripa's silence. Ridhima felt guilty and Armaan consoled her, "Dekhti raho, Kripa jawab degi iss baar."

As if Kripa heard his words, released her hands from Angad and slowly stepped back. Her lips stretched with mischievous smile. Angad wondered at the change and waited for her to continue. She pointed at him and touched her heart as continued singing in her mother tongue. and/or

Angad was bemused at her for choosing Telugu song. He was happy that she came out of shell though he understood few the words of the song. He cheerfully looked at her and slowly walked to her. He cupped her face with one hand when she finished her song. She stared into his eyes with moistened eyes.

Devyani approached and dropped her hand around kripa, "Kitna achi gaayi ho, Kripa!" Kripa hugged Devyani and hid her tears behind her shoulders. Devyani caressed her back, "Itna pyar mann mein chupakar rakh kar mere pota ko sata rahi ho?" Kripa quickly looked into her face with moinstened eyes, "main kahan sata rahi hoon. Aapke pota ne kiya kaam hi aisa hai." Angad interrupted as watched them with a smile, "mainey kya kiya?"

Kripa gave a stare at him and turned to Devyani, "Nani! Yeh toh sirf gana hi hai. Tumhara pota yeh dawa karta hai na ki mujhey behud pyar karta hai. Batado ussey ki apna pyar izhaar karney ka ek aisa gana gaye humarey basha mein." Devyani heartfully laughed and raised brows at Angad for his response.

Tanya and Sapna reached both sides of kripa and challenged Angad at the same time. "Bava Ji! Now you have to sing in her language. After all you learnt her language for her, right Kripa!! Sapna teased Angad as kripa coyly looked at him. Angad stroked his back of head, "I don't mind but I'm not familiar with Telugu songs. If she could help me I can sing a song for her." Tanya showed her thumbs down, "No way, Angad! You have to choose a song on your own. Hum bhi toh dekhey aap kitna pyar kartey hain humari kripa se. Though she said it was just a song, She showed all her dedication to you through her song. Now you have to show the same feelings. Aap aapke group mein kissi se bhi pooch saktey hai."

Angad scratched his head confusingly, "I don't know any new songs. Dadi! Aap bhi na mujhey purani filmi songs hi sikhaya hai. Abb yeh naye ganey kahan se gaaoonga?"

Tanya and Sapna groaned teasingly, "toh aap Dadi se Telugu ganay seekha tha!! Wahi gaayiyega."

Angad coyly looked at them as glanced kripa from corner of eyes, "wo ganey sirf hum donon ke liye, private waqt per."

Kripa opened her mouth and amusingly looked at Devyani. Devyani cheerfully laughed, "Angad! Hum pata karengey kaisey ganey gasakogey. Tab tak Prithvi manage karlega." She grabbed Angad's hand to take to their side.

Kripa immediately stopped them, "nahi Nani! Jab tak 'bava' gana nahi gayega tab tak koyi aur nahi geyengey. We wait for his song only." She mischievously looked at Angad and waited for support from Sapna and Tanya. They both showed thumbs up as agreed to her conditions and looked at Angad for his concern. Angad wondered at sudden change in kripa and searched his memory for an appropriate Telugu song.

Arman came to rescue Angad, "Tanya! This is not fair; you are supposed to be with us." Tanya and Sapna put hands on waist as wondered at his support to Angad. "Bhai! You are supposed to support kripa. Aapney dekha nahi Angad ne Ridhima ki kitna khayal rakha tha. This is not fare. Hum peechey nahi hatengey. Angad has to sing in Telugu, wo bhi pyar se bhara hua gana." Kripa still stared at Angad with a challenge filled looks. Everyone on groom side cheered Angad.

Angad settled his throat and set his sleeves as if got ready for the war. Kripa blushed and tried to hide her smiles behind her lips. He slowly walked to her and spelled the first lines of the song. She opened her mouth and lowered her eyes when he played his brows at her for her consent. "Gao mere saat, kripa!" he softly pleaded in her language and continued the song. She joined her voice with his among everyone's claps and whistles. Angad held his hand out for her to dance with him and she placed hers immediately. All young pair joined them as they continued singing in complete joy.

Angad overjoyed as kripa opened her mind atlast. Her blushes made his heart over thrilled. Both promised each other to become true life partners through the song. Angad knew though kripa said the song as mere song she meant each and every word of what she sung.

Gayatri overjoyed the smiles on kripa's face and hugged Naina as Naina showed her happiness at the same time. Devyani adorably watched her beloved grand children together.

Everyone dispersed for dinner after enjoying some more mix of songs from both languages.

Angad tried to speak to Kripa while dinner but Kripa took one or other excuse to avoid him. "Don't worry, dost! Ek raat ki baat hai. Kal subah tak tumhari bavi tumhari hojayegi." Mannan teased Angad. "Yeh ek raat gujarna hi bahut mushkil horaha hai, Mannan! Kripa ki Dil ki baat pata honey ki baad aur bhi '" Angad blushed before completed his sentence.


"Mehendi ka rasam bhi kitna mazedar rasam hai. Tumne toh honey hi nahi diya." Aaliyah complained while appraising her mehendi designs. Kripa smiled and roled her eyes as defended her decision, "kyon, kiya tha na, Ridhima ki shadi ke waqt? Aur kitney karengey? Ek rasam kaafi hai."

Anittah barged with flower plates, "Kaafi nahi, honeywali bhabhi! Hum behnon ko bhai ka shadi se jyada enjoyment kahin nahi milti. Abb yeh mut kaho ki bhai ko  apna naam dhoondney nahi dogi."

Sapna came with Tanya and Ridhima and teased kripa, "kyon nahi degi? Hum toh Angad ko bata hi dengey ki kahan kaisey dhoondna hai." She bit her tongue after said it. All women burst into laughs. "Haan hum kahengey ki iss baar Angad ko toh haat aur paon mein bhi apna naam dhoondna padega." Kripa widened her eyes as she heard for the first time about Angad's name in her mehendi designs.

Ridhima seconded Sapna's statements, "True, kripa! Humne toh tumhari donon haaton mein aur paaon mein Angad ka naam likhne ko keh diya tha. Abb yeh dhoondney ka kaam toh tum thal nahi sakti, kyon ki Angad toh ek bhi chance nahi chodega tumhey tung karney ko. Tum toh ussey aaj tak itna tadapaya, abb tumhara koyi bahana nahi chalega."

The long waited auspicious time reached. Kripa stepped into the ocatagon shaped Mandap decorated colorfully with all kinds of flowers.. Angad took special care in the decorations. He selected the dress code and made sure kripa followed it. Ridhima and Armaan helped him in every point.

Everyone was captivated to the mandap till all rituals were completed religiously. They couldn't turn their eyes from the gorgeous couple in front of them. Everyone praised the pair was made for each other. Angad didn't lose any chance to touch, caress, and convey his love to kripa throughout the event. Kripa couldn't help herself not to compare her previous wedding to the present. Whenever she did so she couldn't enjoy Angad's lovable mischief.


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