Tuesday, 19 June 2018

part 7 : The Night Of Confession

Amna had seen Armaan and Riddhima hugging in the fire escape. When she joined Sanjeevani, there was one thing she was definetly expecting and that was love stories. I mean, come on these people are in their 20s...they're successful and this was the right time to fall in love. All rubbish, is what Amna thought about love.

Amna- Agar pyaar karna hai toh log doctors kyun bante hain...? Interns ka kaam hai learn karna aur is umar mein.. aur is profession pyaar karna sabse badi distraction hai!! I have to stop this. Ok, ab mujhe paata hai ki mujhe kya karna. Dr. Armaan, ab main tumhe bata ti hoon ..ki main kaun hoon.

Amna was now off to see Dr. Keerti. She wanted to discuss what duties she wanted to assign the interns. Her mission was to target their weaknesses and test them if they are really capable of becoming doctors or not... Dr. Keerti was good at her job, she thought but she didn't have the ability to turn average doctors into excellent doctors. Which is why Dr. Shashank had called for Amna's help.

Still in the fire escape stairs...Armaan and Riddhima had about 5 minutes to get back to work, but when someone is in love 5 minutes with their love are extremely precious.

Riddhima- To aaj party hai?

Armaan was lost in her....they were now sitting on the stairs with Armaan's head on Riddhima's lap. Armaan ignored the question and got up. He moved closer and closer to Riddhima. Riddhima's heart was thumping and she was nervous like crazy. Armaan pushed Riddhima against the wall and kissed her hair. Riddhima was breathing heavily.

Riddhima- Ar..Armaan please chodo..koi dekh lega..

Armaan- Husssshh...please riddhima...I love you...

Armaan put his hands around her waist and cherished her touch, while Riddhima had her eyes closed. Armaan kissed Riddhima's hand while going up kissing her till her shoulders. Riddhima wished that they weren't at the hospital right now. Riddhima glanced at their watch. Oh God, they both were 2 minutes late!!!

Riddhima literally had to push Armaan away, even though she didn't want to...

Riddhima- Armaan, hum dono late ho gaye hai..

Armaan- I dont care..

Armaan was talking as if he didn't care about the rest of the world. Today, Armaan was high...he was high on love and happiness.

Riddhima - But, I care..

Riddhima started walking out ..while facing Armaan. She looked at him and kissed the ring he had given her. The most precious thing she possessed. It was precious not because of its price but because her love, Armaan had gifted her the ring..

Armaan's words echoed in her ear.."Tumse vaada kiya tha shaadi ka..to you know...im working towards the promise." She knew that Armaan Malik was the guy for her.

Armaan and Riddhima both got back to work. Both were approximately 7 minutes late. Amna saw Riddhima walking in late.

Amna (to herself)- I knew it! mujhe pata tha ki yeh dono late aayeange..! Chalo, aaj to main kuch nahin kahoongi kyunki aaj mera pehla din hai. Aur kal to Dr. Riddhima late hongi hi nahin, kyunki maine Dr. Armaan ke liye kuch bahut special plan kiya hai....ha!

Finally it was 8pm and the interns were finally done with their shifts. Pheww..! They are all in locker room.

Atul- Anjali, tum aaj raat mere saath dance karogi naa..?

Anjali- You wish! Atul

Atul- Ya i know ..i wish..actually maine toh gaana bhi tayar kar liya..hum dono na..."zaara zaara touch me touch me touch me" pe dance karenge..!!! Arent you excited..!?!?

Anjali- Shut up, Atul

Rahoool- Armaan..agar tujhe koi help chahiyo toh mujhe
baata diyo..

Armaan- Thanks Rahoooool...but I'm cool. Alright, guys be there on time ..10 pm..and everyone ..dress sexy ok? hahah

They all laughed. Everyone was looking forward to the party..but no one knew that the coming up day was going to be disasterous for all of them. Everyone left Sanjeevani.

At the Gupta's residence. Anjali knew what she was gonna wear. Anjali got out..a black dress.She was tired of wearing the same shirts, skinny jeans and the vest.
Today was gonna be fun for no reason at all. She wanted to look different so she got dressed in the black dress and staraightened her hair. This is what Anjali's dress looked like..

So..Anjali was all set to go...but Riddhima was very confused. She had no clue whatsoever of what she was gonna wear..

Riddhima- Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Help me out. Main kya pehnoo? Mujhe kuch samajh nahin aa raha hai..! Ahh im going crazy!!

Anjali- Acha mujhe dekh neh do...

Anjali glanced through Riddhima's wardrobe..Her wardrobe was fulllllllll of indian clothes..But they all looked like the same outfits but just in different colors. Anjali was tired of seeing her Ridzy in the same kind of outfits. Now, Riddhima would insist on wearing an indian outfit...so Anjali got out a salwar-kameez that was very trendy and had a modern look to it. The color was very very pretty.

Anjali- Here, yeh kaisa hai...? Mujhe lagta hai ki tum is main bahut sundar lago gi!

Riddhima- Achcha hai lekin..

Anjali- Lekin lekin kuch nahin..tum yeh pehen ke aao..thats it...!!

This is what Riddhima's dress looked like...

Riddhima walked out wearing the outfit. She resembled a fairy..she moved like a dancer...she looked like a perfect angel. People say, that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but today anyone who looked at Riddhima could say that she was indeed very beautiful.

Anjali- WOW!! Ridzy, tum kitniiiii sundar lag rahi ho!!

Riddhima- are you sure di..? kyunki mere liye to aap sabse sundar lag rahi ho!

Anjali- Oh whatever, Riddhima... watch aaj to kisi bhi ladke ko tumse pyaar ho jayega... ;)

Riddhima- Well...phir us ladke ko yeh pata hona chahiye ke "Im taken"

Anjali- What? Im confused

Riddhima (realizing what she had said)- Kuch nahin di...Chale..?

Anjali- Ya , lets go.

They both left in excitement..it was 9.30 pm. The party was suspposed to start at 10 pm..but they didn't want to waste any minute of fun!

At Armaan's house. Armaan was all ready but was still getting things ready for the party. Atul and Rahul had been to his house but none of the girls had seen his house, except Riddhima. Armaan wanted it to be a romantic night, not only for him but also for Atul-Anjali and Rahul-Muskaan. The door bell rang. Armaan opened the door

Armaan - HEYYYYYY champ!

Atul (all worried) - Hi Armaan.

Armaan- Kya hua ..tu itna tension main kyun hai?

Atul- Main bahut nervous hoon yaar.

Armaan- Dekh, jab bhi hum hospital main hote hain..to
Anjali mujhe bhaav bhi nahin deti. Aur aaj jab hum hospital ke bahar mil rahe hain..to pata nahi kya hoga?

Armaan- Arrey, champ bad itni si baat..tension mat le
yaar...maine aisi tyaariyaan ki hain ..ki aaj to Anjali teri hi hogi ! I promise!

Atul- Thanks mere dost. Tu hai mera Ram aur main tera Laxman!

Armaan- Champ, we've been through that conversatin before. It doesn't work out.

The door bell rings again.

Armaan- Hi Rahul and Muskaaaann..Hmm, tum dono saath main aaye..? I see

Muskaan- Oye nahi nahin...is kaankhajure ke saath aana kaun pasand karega. Hum dono coincidently saath pahuch gaye..

Rahul- Yeah, coincidence.

Armaan (to himself) Ahi jitna ladna hai lad lo....kyunki aaj se main .."Love Guru- Dr. Armaan" sab ki love problems solve karoonga. AHA!

Everyone was sitting on Armaan's couch when the door bell rang again. Armaan knew who it was. The winds suddenly blew faster. Armaan's heart was almost in his mouth. Armaan opened the door. It was Anjali and
Riddima. Armaan's jaw dropped looking at Riddhima. Armaan kept staring a Riddhima.

**Asmaan Rang Ho is playing in the background**

Armaan had never seen her this pretty. Armaan had never seen ANY girl this pretty. They have their own staring session for a while, until Anjal interrupts

Anjali- Umm...Armaan hume andar nahi bulaoge?

Armaan- huh..? Oh im sorry .please come in

Armaan just couldn't get his eyes off her. She looked
stunning in her sea-greenish outfit

Armaan (to himself)- Oye Hoye, aaj to Dr. Basket
qayamat dha rahi hain..Ufff ab mera kya hoga?

Armaan joins the interns.

Armaan- Alright, friends...ab aap log soch rahe hoge ke
is party ka reason kya hai..? well no reason at all. Hume party karne ke liye koi reason nahi chahiye!! But
if you really want to give it a reason..then lets see...yeh party hai Dr. Amna ke aane ki khushi main..haha pssshhh..Ok so plans for the evening...pehle hum khelenge "Truth or Dare"..then .." Dance on the paper game" and then you can suggest some random game.

Muskaan- Waah hero... kya plan banaya hai..!!

Armaan - Thank YOu ..Dr. Muskaan..chalo abhi sab mere bedroom mein chalo for the truth or dare game.

Everybody was on there way to Armaan's bedroom.

Atul- Anjali... aaj tum aaj tum badi ...

Anjali- pehle lambi lag rahi thi..to aaj bahut patli
lag rahi hoongi..? right?

Atul- Nahin Anjali aaj tum badi khoobsurat lag rahi ho..!

Anjali- Thanks Atul, (to Riddhima) Arrey Ridz, kitna door hai Armaan ka room.

Riddhima- Zyaada door nahin hai, di. Dekho wo raha!

Anjali- Tumhe kaise pata ki Armaan ka room wahan hai..

Riddhima (stammering) -uh...vo..uh..maine guess kiya.
hehe he

Anjali looked at Riddhima weird...She was behaving a little weird today.

Armaan (on his bed)- Ok everyone, here's the bottle.
Aur hum isse spim karenge aur jis ke upar yeh point karengi..usse hum poochenge "Truth or Dare" !!

Everyone sits on a circle. Armaan is right across
Riddhima. Riddhima winks at Armaan..and Armaan is just surprised by her flirting

The bottle spins and stops on Rahul!

Armaan- Ok Rahoooooooool..our very first bakra...truth or dare..?

Rahul- Umm..truth i guess.

Muskaan- ha ha ha...kyunki Rahoooool bilkul bhi daring nahin hai

Armaan- I 100% agree with you Muskaan! Ok question..Dr.
Rahoool...holi vaale din..in ladkiyon mein se sab se in ladkiyon main se sab se khubsurat kaun lag raha tha? aur mujhe sach ke ilaava kuch nahin chahiye.

Rahul felt nauseated by the question. He knew the answet but was too nervous to say it. He wanted to say "Anjali" to be safe but he knew Atul would kill him! So , Rahul blurted out the answer..

Rahul- Uh vo..Mus...Muskaan

Rahul's answer completely caught Muskaan off guard.
Everybody in the room just smiled and nudged Rahul.
While Rahul shied away.

Muskaan (to herself) - Kya? is Rahooool ne mera naam
liya..? Holi ki sabsi sundar ladki. Muskaan

Muskaan blushed and looked down..

Armaan (nudging Rahul) Oye Hoye...Rahoooool mujhe bina
bataye tune heroine dhoondh li..

Everyone was teasing Rahul, while Muskaan was blushing.
Suddenly, she looked up and caught Rahul's eyes. They
both stared at each other ....and smiled..finally, the
game continued. The bottle spinned and stopped on Anjali.

Riddhima- Diiiiii, Truth or Dare..???

Anjali- Uh, chalo ..Dare.

Armaan- Ok so I dare you to make some kind of
confession to Atul.

Anjali- Kya? yeh kaisa dare hai..?

Armaan - This is it. Tumne dare pick kiya tha...

Atul slightly fainted but Rahul catched him from the
back lol

Anjali- Ok Atul, ummmm tum mujhe jitna bhi annoy karo
lekin tum mere bahut achche doston main se ho...aur kal
raat ko main kabhi nahin bhool sakti. Thanks for you

Armaan- Raat..??! Champ, kal raat ko kya hua tha..? tune mujhe bataya nahi..?! Theek hai...ab samajh ayi teri dosti...

Atul - You're welcome Anjali, main to humesha se hi tumhara lover...mer matlab dost raha hoon..aur Armaan kal raat ki baat bad mein bataoonga...

Anjali was not good at confessing anything...but today she made Atul feel very special. The bottle spinned againnnnnn...and stopped at Armaan..

Muskaan- Armaan. Truth or Dare..?

Armaan- Truth.

Muskaan- Dr. Malik, apko kabhi kisi se sache dil se pyaar hua hai..?

Armaan- sache dil se..? haan. Mujhe kisi se 2 baar sache dil se pyaar hua hai.

Armaan answered with a a very honest smile on his face,
while looking straight at Riddhima.

Riddhima- Mujhe yeh game nahin khelni, I have to use
the bathroom.

Riddhima left. Armaan kinda felt a little disturbed.

Armaan- Main tum sab ke liye kuch peene ke liye laata

Armaan followed Riddhima. He saw her walking towards
the bathroom. Before she could realize anything. He took her hand and took her behind the curtain.

Armaan- Kya hua? Tum game chod ke kyun aa gayi?

Riddhima- Tumhe "2" baar kis se pyaar hua hai...?

Armaan ( laughing )- hahahahaa...itni si baat..Dr.
Riddhima Buddhu Gupta..mujhse tumse hi "2" baar sache dil se pyaar hua hai.!!! acha yeh sab chodo..have I told you ki tum kitni kitni kitni khoobsurat lag rahi ho..

Riddhima blushed.

Riddhima- Thanks. Abhi chale..?

Armaan pulled her arm.

Armaan- Aise kaise chale...pehle ek kiss..

Riddhima- Pagal ho gaye kya..koi dekh lega..

Armaan(while coming closer)- dekhne do...

Riddhima- Nahin Armaan...di aa jaye gi..

Armaan- aane do..I dont care.

Riddhima- Please..Armaaaaaaaan...

Armaan kept coming closer. Riddhima was worried because
they were literally just behind the curtains, and
anybody could have seen them...Riddhima finally escaped and ran away..

Armaan- Aye..not fair.

Time for Game 2. Dance on the paper game. Every could has to dance on the a piece of paper..and everytime the music stops the paper needs to be folded...the couple standing on the paper till the last wins..!!

Armaan- So everyone pick you partner. I pick Riddhima.

Armaan pointed towards Riddhima.

Riddhima(to herself)- Maine bhi kis naughty ladke se
pyaar kiya hai...

Atul- Anjali..Anjali meri Anjali Anjali!!!

Rahul- Muskaan, meri partner banogi..?

After the truth or dare question, there was some kinda
awkwardness between both of them. They didn't fight at all. Everytime they looked at each other, they just smiled.

Armaan- Riddhima. Atul- Anjali. Rahul- Muskaan. The couples were made in heaven. The game was about to start, and the music was rocking. But, tomorrow was going to be awful. Thankfully, for them the party was still not overrr..



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