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part 7 : Pyar ke mod pe

"tumse milke"

3-4 days went but riddhima’s car didn’t come back from garage and arman got the golden chance to drop and pick her. At first riddhima refused to go with him but then agreed.actually she started liking to ride his bike while sitting behind him.she loved arman’s blabbering on the whole way…..he talked about his childhood..about his his friends..rahul,muskan,nikki,
anjali…Hearing about them from arman ,riddhima felt that she knew everyone…rahul-muskan’s
fight…atul’s one side love for anjali….anjali’s attitude to atul…muskan’s unique laughing style…dr. subhankar’s shy and confused love for dr. kirti…dr.kirti's fake anger for her juniors and everything…riddhima started seeing them in arman’s eyes..and started liking them..had a wish to meet them sometimes in her life……and when arman asked her…. “riddhima..mai hi bak bak kar raha hun,tum bhi kuch kahon na…”

Riddhima felt that she was awoke from sleep…she uttered : “mai kya kahun..?

Arman : “apne bachpan ke bare me..apne friends ke bare me..kuch bhi…

Riddhima uttered sighly : “kuch nahi arman..bachpan ki baat kahun toh wahan sirf mera ridhan ki yaden hain..wo dard deta hai arman..”

Arman: “thik hai,phir friends ke bare me batao.”

Riddhima uttered nodding in na..”mera koi friend nahi hai..tum batao,kya bata rahe the? Wo jab koi nana naam ka patient aaya tha tumhare hospital me,phir kya hua?’

Arman uttered excitedly : “haan,wo nana…pata hai..wo na……kisi natak company me tha aur…………blah..blah..blah….”

Arman’s blabbering was continued and riddhima listened him silently..sometimes she smiled ..sometimes her expression was .. ‘wow’…sometimes she laughed on arman’s describing style and arman loved it…..he started loving this girl who hated his india and Indians but liked to listen about them.

Once a chill night,when arman came to pick riddhima from her research centre,got she was very busy in somework.seeing him riddhima uttered : “arman,tum ghar jao,mujhe aaj late ho jayega.”

Arman : “mai wait kar lunga riddhima..”

Riddhima uttered looking at arman : “no arman,please..tum yahan wait karoge toh mujhe bhi tension hogi.”

Arman uttered worriedly : “par tum jaogi kaise? Tumhari car bhi toh nahi hai.itni raat ko private taxi lena..its not safe ..”

Mr.stephenson ,who was listening their talk ,uttered : “don’t worry dr. arman ,she can go herself and this is not your india man!india is unsafe for girls,not only nighttime..Even day time also….but this is chill man! Go home and sleep peacefully.

Arman muttered: “sale ko hindi samajh aati hai..humari baat samajh gaya..”

Riddhima heard arman’s words and frowned to him. arman gestured her sorry and addressed to mr.stephenson : “sorry to say mr stephen….par humara india itna bhi bura nahi hai..aur sab kuch achcha aapke country me nahi hai..aur..

But before he could say more,riddhima interrupted : “arman please go from here..we have to finish this work.”

Arman nodded and uttered : “okay jata hun…” and went from there glaring mr. Stephenson in Indian style….like… “mil kahin akele me..phir maza chakhata hun…”


But at 2 o’ clock when riddhima came out,shocked to see that arman was waiting for her on his bike.the temperature was going down in minus and anyone could freeze in out and arman’s face was also became red because of cold wind…he was trying to keep warm himself by rubbing his hands while staring at the gate. Riddhima came to him hurriedly and yelled in a suprising tone : “arman! Tum itni raat ko,itne thand me!are you mad!”

Guard came to her and addressed to riddhima : “sorry ma’m,I requested many times to dr. arman to come inside but he refused..sorry.”

Riddhima yelled angrily : “kyon arman?”

Arman uttered : “ I don’t want to disturb you.”

Riddhima yelled in same tone : “mai akele ghar ja sakti hun arman..i don’t want your help…”

Arman nodded and uttered : “I know riddhima..tum akele sabkuch kar sakti ho…aur America bahut safe hai,its not india..jaisa ki tumhare us chuchunder mr.stepson ne kaha…par mai akele ghar wapas jata aur uncle-aunty ka tensed face dekhta toh mujhe chain ki neend nahi aati aur na least unko yeh toh lage ki mai tumhare sath hun.anyways,they called you manytimes and not getting response,called me..and I told them ki tum thik ho,bas busy ho.”

Riddhima took out her mobile and mumbled : “shit!its died..mai subah charge karna bhul gayi thi.”

Arman uttered : “ devi ji,kindly ghar chalne ki kripa karein warna mai bhi bhukh se mar jaunga..mujhe bhi ab charger ki jarurat hai..”

Riddhima smiled on his talking style and sat behind him and uttered : “pagal ho..itni raat ko itne thand me bike par waise bhi dono marne wale hain aaj.”

Arman stared bike and uttered smilingly : “mai mar jaunga riddhima par tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga..promise…”

As arman increased the speed , Riddhima shivered feeling cold wind and caught arman tightly while hiding face on his back…arman smiled and concentrated on the road.

Next day riddhima got up early and went research centre alone as her works were pending. When arman asked padma about her,padma informed that she went early and instructed arman not to go there to pick her. Arman uttered shrugging : “yeh aapki ladki badi confusing hai aunty..”

Padma replied smilingly : “actually wo kisika help nahi chahti arman..means she didn’t want to disturb anyone.”

Arman uttered sighly : “shayad mai hi usey disturb karta hun.anyways aunty,mai bhi aaj thoda late ho jaunga.aap tension mat lena.”

padma nodded and bid bye.

At afternoon padma saw arman was back from hospital and went his room.she felt weird and asked : “kya hua arman?itni jaldi aa gaye?”

Arman uttered : “nothing aunty,bas thodi weakness feel ho raha tha…”

Saying he started coughing and sneezing.padma touched his hand ans uttered : “beta,aapko toh bahut fever hai..”

Arman nodded and uttered : “I took medicine aunty..bas thoda rest le lun ,thik ho jaunga.”

Padma nodded and arman came in his room and lied on the bed.after sometime padma came in his room and saw he was lied on the bed half unconscious and his body was burning with fever.padma called shshank and informed about arman’s condition.

Shshank called riddhima but her mobile got switched off so shshank called dr. mohit and arman’s treatment started but dr. mohit advised them to stay with arman that night because if arman’s temparature could increase more, that time he may have to be admitted in the hospital.dr. mohit already started IV as arman’s BP was going down.padma uttered worriedly : “agar riddhima ko inform kar sakte toh achcha tha.”

Shshank nodded and uttered : “mai koshish karta hun.”


Riddhima was busy to discuss about something with dr.charlie.just then the attender came and addressed to riddhima : “ma’m,your call from your home.”

Riddhima got irritated and mumbled : “yeh arman hi hoga..lagta hai hospital mein kuch kaam toh karta nahi,bas mujhe disturb karna uski aadat ban chuki hai.aaj khub dantungi usey.”

She came in counter and picked the call but heard shshank’s voice : “beta,tu kitni der me ghar aayegi?”

Riddhima : “papa,mai late ho jaungi and don’t worry,dr. Charlie will drop me.aur aap log mera wait mat karna,so jana.”

Shshank asked slowly: “kya thoda jaldi aa sakti hai?”

Riddhima uttered : “no papa,bahut kaam hai.”

shshank uttered ok and kept the phone.riddhima came in the cabin where dr. charlie was waiting for her. He continued his topic but riddhima was feeling weird..didn’t why she felt papa was trying to say something her.she excused and called arman but he didn’t reply then riddhima called in hospital but a sister informed her that dr. arman went home early as he was not feeling well. Riddhima got panicked hearing it.she requested dr.charie to discuss about that topic on next day and left for home.

The whole night arman was in that condition..high fever..half unconscious..and riddhima was constantly with him there.padma and shashank stayed for sometime then riddhima sent them in their room to take rest and she was there to take care of him.when padma opposed,she uttered : “mumma,mai bhi ek dr. hun..i will take care of him better and mujhe raat jagne ki aadat hai..please ab aaplog beemar mat panda.haan,kal subah phir aaplogon ki duty hogi.”

The whole night she was beside arman taking his hand into her …keeping wet cloth on his forhead and observing his BP which was fluctuating…and got sad seeing arman’s pale face, who was mumbling something in his sleep..riddhima concentrated and got he was mumbling dad’s name…dadi’s name and remembering his mumma in this half unconscious state. that day riddhima understood how much arman loved his family and missing morning,arman’s fever was down and he slept peacefully.riddhima checked his Bp and getting its normal, removed the IV bottle and went hospital while instructing padma and shashank about arman’s medicine and also said them to inform her at regular interval.

When arman opened eyes,saw padma and shashank was there but not riddhima.he tried to remember what was happened to him but seeing medicines and IV bottles,he understood.padma asked : “ab kaisa lag raha hai beta?”

Arman uttered with a light smile : “I am fine aunty..bahut pareshan kiya kya aaplogon ko?”

Shshank nodded and uttered in a serious tone : “haan bahut…”

Arman uttered making a sorry face : “sorry uncle.”

Padma uttered smilingly : “beta,yeh mazak kar rahe hain.”

Shshank uttered caressing his hairs : “haan arman,isey pareshan karna nahi kahte..apno ke liye apne hi kaam aate hain na?”

Padma uttered : “mai aapke liye kuch light breakfast lati hun,dr. mohit ne itni sari medicine di hai,abhi lena hai aapko.”

Arman nodded and got up to go to washroom.after sometime dr.mohit came,checked him and uttered : “you are fine my boy!now I am relaxed…kal raat toh sabko dara hi diya tha..”

After dr. mohit went,arman was resting on his bed and padma was sitting there.arman asked in a slow voice : “aapki beti kal ghar nahi aayi?”

Padma was about to reply but they heard shshank’s voice from door : “no arman..i called her but she was very busy.i told her about your condition but she was excused saying that those works are more important than you..”

Padma was amazed to hear shshank’s reply. She looked at shshank with a opened mouth But shshank asked in a normal tone : “will I call riddhima? You need her?”

Arman nodded in na and uttered in a sigh voice : ‘nahi uncle..uski jarurat nahi,par kya wo whole night wahan kaam karti rahi?aise toh beemar pad jayegi.mai ekdin uska dhyan nahi rakha toh wo apna manmani karne lagi hai,aaplog usey kuch kahte kyon nahin?”

Shshank sighed and uttered : “beta,is age (umr)me ab ma-baap kuch kahe toh bura lagta hai,haan..agar uska koi dost ya life partner hota toh shayad wo uski baat sunti..bas ab ek aisa ladka mil jaye….” he heaved a long breathe and gave a sigh look.

Arman uttered annoyedly : “waise riddhima ko bigadne me aaplogon ka pura hath hai..mai abhi bhi apne dad ki baat sunta aur manta hun.”

Shshank nodded and uttered : “I know arman,that was Indian culture.hum apne elders ka respect karna,unka khyal rakhna jante hain par isey dekho..

But arman cut his words immediately : “par riddhima aaplogon ka bahut respect karti hai uncle..she is not bad like that..

Padma tried to hide her smile.she heard arman was saying : “mere liye usey ghar aane ki jarurat nahi hai,par apne health ka toh khayal rakhe..subah se kuch khaya bhi nahi hoga yeh workaholic ladki..aunty,aap marco ke hathon uske liye soup aur kuch light breakfast bhej do.”

Padma nodded and they came out.padma asked in a slow voice : ‘aapne jhuth kyon bola arman se?”

Shshank uttered smilingly : “bas uska reaction janna tha…and I understood he loves my daughter unconditionally…..pyar isey hi kahte hain padma jahan na koi sikva na koi shikayat ho..bas apne sathi ka khyal ho..

Padma uttered rounding eyes : ‘aap toh bade romantic ho rahe ho?”

Shshank uttered smiling : “aaj se 25 saal pahle jab tumhe dekha ,tab se romantic hun,haan ulajh gaya tha zindagi ke dukh-dard me. Bas ab toh ek hi sapna hai ..humdono jaise har such-dukh men sath rahe,us tarah yeh dono bhi rahe..and I am sure,arman meri beti ko hardam khush rakhega.”

After padma-shshank went from the room,arman turned other side and just then he got the familiar fragrance…a sweet aroma..with whom he was addicted from sometimes..he mumbled : “riddhima….”and looked around but riddhima is not there.he sighed but his heart jumped with joy getting riddhima’s pink hanky was on his bed.he picked it and inhaled.just then his eyes went on the vase,which is decorated with white orchid.arman knew it was riddhima’s favourite flower and she kept it in vase without missing a day.he smiled and mumbled…. “I know riddhima..tum yahin thi..mere paas.tumhe meri fikr hai riddhima..bas dikhana nahi chahti ho.”

The whole day,riddhima was very busy cause in next week she had to go japan and had to finish her pending work but in between she called padma or shshank and asked about afternoon,she came home and went to arman’s room directly and saw he was reading comic books.seeing her,arman looked once…uttered ‘hi’ and again made himself busy in book.riddhima kept the fresh flowers in vase and uttered : “ are you?”

Arman uttered only : “fine…

Riddhima stood there for sometime then not getting any response from arman,she asked : “kya padh rahe ho?”

Arman : “comics…

Riddhima uttered surprisingly : “tum abhi bhi comics padhte ho?”

Arman stared her and uttered : “kyon?mana hai kya?”

Riddhima uttered confusingly : “nahi,par maine kisiko nahi dekha so I was your day?”

Arman replied making face : “very bad…bore ho raha hun.india hota toh mere relatives..mere dost mujhe is tarah kabhi akela nahi chodte aur yahan kisiko meri fikar tak nahi hai..”

Riddhima chuckled : “haan toh yahan log busy rahte hain..wahan toh kisiko koi kaam rehta nahi hai,so bas time- paas karte hain.”

Arman made a pout face and engrossed himself in the book.riddhima sat beside him and tried to look his face but arman covered it with book and uttered like a kid : “don’t disturb me.”

Riddhima got up ,shrugged and uttered : “ok..par ab bulaoge toh nahi aaungi..and tonight I am going out with mr.stephenson..”

Arman uttered annoyedly: “mujhse permission lene ki jarurat nahi.”

Riddhima uttered staring him : “I am not taking permission..just informing you.”

Saying she stepped but as reached to the doorstep,stopped hearing arman’s voice : “kal stepson ka murder hua toh mujhse mat puchna kyon kiya.”

Riddhima laughed and uttered rounding her big almond eyes : ‘noutanki!”

Arman uttered immediately: “tumse thoda kam.”

They looked at each other and burst into laughter.arman kept the books aside then uttered : “waise kal maine ek khubsurat sapna dekha..”

Riddhima asked through her eyes : “kya?”

Arman hummed…….

ek khoobsurat ladki
mujhe raat ko mili thhi
dil ki kali khili thhi
dil ki kali khili thhi
jab wo mili thi…………………..

riddhima uttered making face : “kuch bhi!huh!”

arman got up ,caught her hand and uttered : “aage toh suno…..

ghar mein usey hum apni
dulhan bana ke laaye
baahon ki doli mein hum
us ko bitha ke laaye

riddhima asked curiously : "phir?

arman smiled and hummed....

"jab raat ho gayi to
armanon ko jagaya
yaani ke apni bigdi
taqdeer ko banaya

riddhima asked frowning while trying to hide her blush : “haw! Naraj nahi hui?”

arman peeped in her almond eyes and whispered…..

naaraaz kaise hoti
naaraaz kaise hoti
wo so rahi thhi

riddhima smacked on his head and uttered in a complained voice : “idhar mai sari raat jaagkar tumhari dekhbhal karti rahi aur tum us khubsurat ladki ke sapno me khoye rahe? Very bad...ab se usey hi bulana jab beemar padoge toh…”saying she went from there with a pouting face.

Arman looked at the way and mumbled……”wo toh tum hi thi riddhima jo raat ko mili thi….par baki sapna sach hoga ya nahi yeh sirf tum hi bata sakti ho…”

Love u all

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