Wednesday, 20 June 2018

part 8 : The Night Of Confession

The couples were in position! Standing on the piece of paper, Anjali was concerned about Atul's clumsiness. Muskaan was worried about her partner's over-excitement; however, Riddhima and Armaan weren't worried about anything. Being with each other made both of them feel complete and the game was just an excuse to spend time with each other.

The music started..**Pehli Nazar Main Kaisa Jadoo Kar Diya** from Race played..

Riddhima was just cherishing this moment with Armaan. She couldn't deny that he was incredibly good looking, his big arms were around her. Those big arms just made her feel safe and protected.

Riddhima- Armaan..?

Armaan- Haan, jaan..

Riddhima- Tum mere saath humesha raho ge naa...?

Armaan- Yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai...

Riddhima- I love this song...

"Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyar Hain
Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushvar Hain

Dhadkanoo ko Tujhse Hi Darkar HAin
Tujhse Hain Rahatein
Tujhse HAin Chahatein"

Armaan was lip-syncing the lyrics..but he was actually softly singing the song to Riddhima. Riddhima had her head rested on his chest, she could've fallen asleep...and just then the song changed...

The paper had to be folded...the next song was Dard-e-Disco

Atul- Dil mein mere hai ..dard-e-disco..dard-e-disco..

Anjali- Atul, tumhe yaad hai vo Laxmi..

Atul- Haan! kya vo apni maa ka ilaaj karane aayi thi?

Anjali- Haan, uski maa ko appendicitis kai paise maine de diye ..and now she's fine..

Atul- Anjali, tum kitni achi ho..heyyy dil mein mere hai dard-e-disco..

Anjali- Atul, main tumse kuch kahoon..

Anjali was about to say something but then again the song changed..the paper was folded again. The couples came closer. The distance between them decreased, Armaan and Riddhima were comfortable with the proximity..but there was one couple that felt awkward, especially after the guy had said that he thought the girl was the prettiest. The couple was Rahul and Muskaan.

Muskaan (nervously) - Aye, tune truth or dare main kya kaha tha?

Rahul (romantically) - Kya kaha tha maine Muskaan?

Muskaan- Zyaada ban mat...tune kaha tha ki main...main umm..main sabse khoobsurat lag rahi thi...

Rahul (interrupting her)- To kya galat kaha...aur vaise bhi..

Rahul was about to finish but the song seemed that the games itself was playing with the lovers and the songs had conspired and didn't let them express their feelings, but the game did enough to leave butterflies in their stomachs.

The paper folded again, but now there was only room for one person to stand on the paper. Armaan spontaneously lifted Riddhima and so did Rahul but Atul's was a bit clumsy and landed outside the paper. Atul and Anjali were eliminated.

**Suraj Hua Matham** played. This time only Riddhima and Armaan were talking. Neither Rahul nor Muskaan said a word, because this time she wasn't standing next to him but she was actually in his arms and was wayy to nervous to say anything.

Armaan was staring and smiling at Riddhima again.

Riddhima- To tumhe Dr. Amna kaisi lagti hai?

Armaan was silent, he was too busy staring at her.
Riddhima (giggling)- Armaaaaaaaan! ghoorna band karo!! aur mere sawaal ka jawab do

Armaan- Uh, mujhe vo kuch khaas pasand nahi

Riddhima- No, I like her. Vo mujhe to bahut achi lagti

Armaan decided not to tell Riddhima the whole incident
that happened with Amna. That incident didn't matter to
him, right now the only person he cared about
was..Riddhima. On the other hand, Muskaan and Rahul
didn't even say a word, just exchanged looks that spoke

The game continued and the paper folded again..but
Muskaan felt uncomfortable and she made Rahul quit. The
winners were Armaan and Riddhima.It was dinner time.

Atul- Arrey Armaan, tune to khaana nahi banaya na?

Armaan- Kyun, agar maine banaya hai to?

Atul (nudging Riddhima)- Kyunki hum dono ko tere laddoo
abhi tak nahi bhoolte!! kyun ridz?

Riddhima giggled

Armaan- Acha mera mazaak uda rahe ho? Thanks, but
khaana maine nahin banaya.

Atul- Riddhima tum jao, mujhe Armaan se kuch baat karni

Riddhima (confused)- uhhh..okay

Atul hugged Armaan and kissed him on the cheek!!!

Armaan- Atul, tujhe sharam nahi aati Anjali ke hote
hue...tu mujh par "line" mar raha hai!!

Atul - Armaan! mere bhai i love you!!! kya party rakhi
hai tune!! pata hai vo paper dance mein main aur Anjali
itna paas paaaaas the...

Armaan- You're welcome Atul, lekin is ke liye mujhe
kiss karne ki zaroorat nahin hai..

Atul- Armaan, meri jaan, tu sach mein mera laxman hai...

Armaan- Ok cool ab meri help kar dinner lagane mein..

Armaan and Atul got the dinner table ready....looks
like the Gupta girls were gonna get good husbands ;)

Everyone was happy like a family during dinner, Rahul
and Muskaan were still very quiet even thought Rahul
did open his mouth a couple of times to talk to Armaan
and Atul. Muskaan just ate her food and laughed at
jokes. Thats it, looks like Rahul's magic was finally
rubbing off on the tough Muskaan Chaddha.

Anjali- Oh my God..Ridzy it's 1.30 am!!! kal hume
hospital 6 baje pahoch na hai!! i think hume ab chalna chahiye ..

Riddhima (looking ar Armaan)- Umm, I guess aap theek keh rahi ho di...

Armaan gave Riddhima a sad puppy dog look.

Riddhima- Di main bathroom hoke aati hoon..Armaan can you show me ke bathroom kaha hai...?

Armaan - AHA! sure !!

Anjali - Ok I'll be waiting.

Armaan and Riddhima were "supposedly" off to go to the

Armaan instead took her Riddhima into his room.

Riddhima- Armaan..koi dekh lega..

Armaan- Ok this is not FAIR!! tum pehle bahana bana ke
Anjali ko bolti ho ki tumhe bathroom jaana hai..aur
phir "koi dekh lega..??!!"

Riddhima- Awww...mujhe tumhe tease karna meh bahut
mazaa aata hai..and vo puppy dog face...?!? tumne jaan
booj ke vo face banaya tha taaki main jhoot bol kar tum
hare paas aaoon..right?

Armaan (with a naughty expression)- Dr.Basket!! aap
mujhe itni achi tarah se kaise jaanti hai..!!?

Riddhima- very funny...!

Armaan got closer to Riddhima..

Riddhima- kya iraada hai..?

Armaan - Kuch khaas nahin...bas ek good night kiss..

Armaan kissed Riddhima on her cheeks..and and hugged
her for the longest time.

The door was slightly open...inside Armaan and Riddhima
and were hugging and someone saw them again. However, this time the person who saw them didn't want to take revenge from Armaan like Amna did...this person was in shock and could feel the pain from inside...Muskaan had seen Armaan and Riddhima hugging passionately.
Muskaan was in complete shock. She couldnt believe what
she had seen. Yes, its true that she once and maybe still liked Armaan...but she never ever had even suspected Armaan liking Riddhima..just thinking about them together..ached her heart..

**The sad Sanjeevani tune played**

Muskaan started walking back towards the living room ..with tears falling down.

Muskaan (to herself)- Armaan aur Riddhima? kya yeh sach hai..main humesha se sochti thi ki Armaan mujhse pyaar karta hai ki nahi?? Babaji...(sobbing) apne mere saath aisa kyun kiya..?!?! KYUN! Armaan mera pehla pyaar tha...aur vo..maine aisi kya galti ki hai ki..

Interrupting Muskaan's thoughts...

Atul called out for Armaan, Riddhima and Muskaan..because it was time to leave...Muskaan wiped her tears and headed off the living room..Armaan and Riddhima joined as well.

Anjali- Armaan, thanks for the party...we ALL really needed it!

Armaan- No problem, beautiful.

Muskaan's head was spinning after what she had seen.
She was kinda trying to hide her face, because her red eyes made her crying evident; however, Rahul noticed that there was somthing wrong with her.

Everyone said there "byes" and left. It was 2 am and Rahul was worried about Muskaan. He knew she wont say anything about her red, swollen eyes in front of he followed her home.

Muskaan parked her car near her house and started walking towards her house..and then she heard..

Rahul- Muskaan...

Muskaan turned around and was shocked to see Rahul.

Muskaan- Rahul? Tu? Yahaan kya kar raha hai?

Rahul (coming closer to Muskaan)- Aye, tune apna haal
dekha hai..saf pata chalta hai ki tu ro rahi thi..!

Muskaan (nervously) - Tera dimaag khraab ho gaya
hai...main kyun rongi! main nahi ro rahi thi!

Rahul- Dekh, muskaan mujhse jhoot mat bol...mujhe pata
hai ki to rahi thi...

Muskaan started tearing up again. The picture of Armaan
and Riddhima hugging had been captured in her
brain...and engraved painfully in her heart.

Muskaan started crying out loud and hugged Rahul

Muskaan (sobbing)- Rahul...mere saath aisa kyun hua..?
maine kya galat kiya tha..? mujh mein kya kami hai..?

Rahul didn't ask her any question, because he thought
that maybe his questions will just make her feel worse, but one thing was for sure..that Rahul was in love with
Muskaan and that no matter what he plans to win her heart. Muskaan simply needed a shoulder to cry on, she sobbed endlessly in Rahul's arms. After all, nobody can forget their first love and Armaan was her first love.
After a while, Muskaan came in her senses and let go of Rahul. Now, she was too embarrased to say anything..she wiped her tears and ran home.

Rahul (to himself)- Muskaan, main nahin jaanta ke tum ro rahi thi...lekin i promise main tumhe humesha khush rakhoonga. I promise.

Next morning, after party all night....all te interns

made it to Sanjeevani on time..but were very tired and

all of them were walking like zombies.

In the locker room...

Atul- chalo dekhte hain, ke Dr. Amna hume kaise duties deti hain...

All of them left for their briefing...

At the Nurse's Station.

Amna- Good Morning interns...Dr. Keerti ko koi kaam hai...isliye aaj maine duties assign ki hai...aur..

Amna got distracted and noticed something...

Amna- DR. ATUL!! apka name tag kahan hai..?!??!?

Atul- Ma'am lagta ..vo main..uh..main name tag ghar chod aaya..

Amna- WHAT??! how irresponsible...ok toh apne paise deke naya name tag banaye ge...aur...5 hours ki extra that fine..?

Atul- 14+5= 19 hours..!! ma'am...LEKIN?!

Amna (looking evil) - i dont want any arguements!! aur aaj aap path lab mein duty karenge.

Atul hated the path lab..and now he had started to hate

Amna (to Rahul and Armaan) - Dr. Rahul and Dr. Armaan.
Button up ur shirts.!! yeh hospital hai...ko modeling
ramp nahi..yahaan dress code naam koi cheez exist karti hai!

Armaan was about to say something..but he didn't wanna spoil his mood..Rahul and Armaan both buttoned up there shirts.

Amna- Dr. Rahul..labor and delivery ward.

Rahul thought the labor and delivery ward was an easy
place to work at...but he didn't know what was in store for him.

Amna- Dr. Anjali...cancer center.

Amna- Dr. Riddhima...Emergency Room.

Riddima panicked...Emergency Room?!?!

Riddhima (to herself)- Oh God, main emergencied toh
bilkul handle nahin kar sakti..!! ab mera kya hoga!

Amna- Dr. Muskaan...aap Dr. Shubhanker ko surgery main assist karengi!

Muskaan also panicked....surgeries was her biggest fear..after all the partying and the whole Armaan and Rahul situation, she had hardly slept last night. How in the world was she gonna assist in a surgery..??!?!!?!
Amna (turning towards Armaan and with an evil look)- Dr. Armaan, aaj aap ICU main kaam ki jiye..lekin kal subah aap..Lonavla jaa rahe hain...akele..aap vahan ke medical camp main kaam karenge.

Armaan was in shock..Dr. Amna was sending him to
Lonavla..! all by himself. Armaan looked at Riddhima in shock and grief. Riddhima was also in shock.

How are Riddhima and Armaan going to live without each other???



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