Thursday, 14 June 2018

part 8 : Pyar ke mod pe

"tumse milke"

Arman didn’t understand what riddhima wanted..she liked him only or loved him…cause sometimes riddhima was very friendly with him..sometimes she made herself so reseved,arman was hesitated to ask her anything. Now she spent less time at home,most of her time she stayed in laboratory. Arman noticed something was happening with her which she didn’t want to share to day she came from lab and went in her room throwing things on the floor. Shshank and padma got scared but they did’t have courage to ask her.when arman came from hospital at evening ,got to know that riddhima had closed herself in ther room and crying.

Padma uttered worriedly: “arman beta,mujhe dar lag raha hai,kuch toh hua hai warna meri riddhima itni pareshan kabhi nahi rahi..subah se usne kuch khaya bhi nahi hai..”

Arman was also worried. He came to her room and knocked the door while called her name.after calling her 2-3 times,riddhima answered from inside.. “arman,I am fine..please don’t disturb me.”

Arman uttered : “no riddhima,tum thik nahi ho.”

Riddhima uttered with a bit angry tone : “mujhe kisika sahara nahi chahiye..go arman..mai khud ko sambhal sakti hun..i don’t want anyone’s support.”

arman uttered : “I know riddhima ki tum itni strong ho tumhe kisika sahara nahi chahiye par uncle-aunty bahut tension mein hain,please have some food..warna tum jabtak door nahi khologi,mai yahin par khada rahunga…”

getting no answer from inside arman sighed but stayed there.after sometime he heard riddhima was talking in phone.she was very angry and saying : “sir,how it can be possible? I started researching on that subject before her but now she was getting credit. No sir..its wrong..its only because I am an Indian..sir,I had left india long ago and now in sometime I will get the citezenship of sir,its totally wrong..i will not leave miss Emna…she is a cheater..i will not leave her…

then arman heard riddhima threw the mobile and started crying and then started throwing the things…padma and shshank came there and shouted from outside the door.. “beta,please door open karo.itna gussa thik nahi beta riddhima.”

Riddhima yelled from inside : “I don’t need anyone..please mujhe mere haal par chod dijiye..”

Padma uttered in a crying tone : “kuch bura hua hai arman..riddhima ko gusse me kuch hosh nahi rehta..mujhe dar lag raha hai kuch kar na baithe.”

Arman consoled her in a low voice : “wo bahut strong hai aunty,don’t worry,wo kuch nahi karegi.”

Shshank uttered : “nahi beta,wo dikhati hai strong hai par andar se bahut kamjor hai wo..tumhe pata nahi ridhan ke jane ke baad she had attempted suicide..aur shayad ab uske research se connected kuch baat hai..”

Arman nodded and uttered : “ek kaam kijiye,aap log apne room me jaiye,I will manage everything,don’t worry..mai riddhima ko lekar aata hun.”

Padma and shshank nodded and went from there.arman looked here and there and got the window which was facing to the balcony side,was opened. He thought a while then went on the terrace ,took the support of cornice and pipe,reached to the edge of the terrace and jumped on the balcony and in a while he was in the room.riddhima,who was tearing some papers angrily..Startled hearing the bang sound and seeing arman,she shouted : “tum!”

Arman got up and uttered : “haan mai..”

Riddhima yelled angrily : “tum is tarah mere kamre men kyon aaye? I told na I don’t need anyone…”

Arman uttered looking at her : “is tarah aaya kyonki tum darwaza nahi khol rahi thi..and aaya isliye kyonki mai tumhara friend hun..mujhe haq hai tumpar…”

Riddhima got up and shouted angrily while throwing papers on him : “koi haq nahi hai…get out…”

Arman caught those papers and saw those are important for her research.he started collecting those papers which were scattered on the floor, while uttered : “itne salon ki mehnat is tarah barbaad mat karo ridhima.i know you are short tempered..par aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai life me..”

Riddhima yelled angrily : “choti baatein!aisa kaise kah sakte ho tum? Tumhe pata hai kya hua hai? Mere hath se yeh research cheen liya gaya because I am an Indian….sach hi toh hai..hum Indians kuch nahi kar sakte..we are coward..we are illiterate…we..we…”

Suddenly she opened the drawer and threw all papers and documents and was about put fire with the help of a lighter.arman,who was watching all these..ran to her and uttered snatching the lighter : “pagal ho gayi ho kya?”

Riddhima pushed him hard and yelled : “haan ho gayi hun pagal….jal jane do inhen aur mai khud bhi is aag me jal jaun…..and…

But before she could say more…arman caught her by shoulders and shook her while uttered : “riddhima hosh mein aao..kya bakwas kar rahi ho? Please calm down…”

But riddhima kicked him and yelled… “leave me..and get out!”

arman caught her more tightly and pinned her against the wall.his face became red because of anger..but riddhima was not afraid and kicked and wriggled to free herself from his grip and in this attempt she punched on arman’s nose unknowingky and in a while its started bleeding…arman felt blackout in pain and in a while he raised his hand and TARAAKK!!!

Riddhima felt that the earth started spinning around her getting this tight slap from arman..she looked at arman in disbelief and dumped on the floor. Arman,who was standing like a numb..wiped his blood and tried to hold riddhima’s hand while calling her..but she yelled gritting teeth : “hath chodo mera…”

Arman left her immediately and uttered slowly : “sorry…

Riddhima felt bad seeing his blood and started sobbing while uttered in a pleading voice : “I am also sorry,but leave me arman…please go from here..”

Arman uttered in a serious tone : “aur ek jhaapad marunga jane ko kaha toh…:

Riddhiam looked at him and asked slowly : “sachmuch maroge?”

Arman felt pain in heart seeing her sad ,pale face but loved her style of talking like a kid. He nodded in yes and uttered : “mera kaha nahi manogi toh 2-4 thapaad aur padega.”

Riddhima looked at him,caressed her own cheek which became red because of slap and uttered like a stubborn,angry child : “toh mai tumhare sare daant(teeth)tod dungi…”

Arman laughed out loud hearing it.but seeing riddhima’s glaring,he uttered : “sorry..”

Riddhima didn’t reply and started looking other side making a sulking face.arman sat on the ground in front of her and uttered holding her hand into him:“Indians are not coward or not illiterate…jo aaj tumhare sath hua hai yeh toh barson se hota aaya hai you know ‘first test tube baby’ was discovered by our indian dr.subhash mukhopadhyay..who is an Indian but he didn’t get his recognition..and he attempted suicide,then his method was used in US by howard jones and now he is called ‘The founder of test tube baby’.”

Riddhima,who was listening him,uttered in a teary voice : “agar kisike bhi sath ho toh wo aur kya kar sakta hai suicide ke alava?”

Arman uttered pressing her hands… “no riddhima,aisa hota aaya hai par ab nahi hoga..we will fight..tumhara research tumhe wapas milega aur mai tumhe wapas dilaunga..”

Riddhima asked helplessly : “kaise arman? Wo toh meri baatein hi nahi sun rahe?”

Arman looked at her and uttered with a smile : “agar tum rona band karo,aur khana kha lo aur haan,yeh papers collect karne me madad karo..then I will make them to listen you..”

Riddhima asked holding his hand : “sachchi!”

Arman replied smilingly : “muchchi!”

Riddhima uttered like a little girl : “promise me arman…”

Arman entwined his little finger with riddhima’s pinky finger and uttered : “pinky promise…”

Riddhima smiled and warned him rounding her big almond eyes : “if you break your promise..i will cut your pinky finger, okay?”

Arman bent his head in front of her and uttered : “if I break my will cut my head not only finger…okay?”


After some time,Padma and shshank came outside riddhima’s room and peeped through the open door and relaxed seeing that riddhima was sitting on the bed while holding her coffee mug and arman was saying : “tum coffee piker sare documents arrange karo,tabtak mai tumhare liye kuch less spicy healthy food banakar lata hun…”

They slipped from there immediately and came in dowmstairs. Padma uttered folding hands : “thank god!lagta hai arman ne sab kuch sambhal liya.”

Shshank nodded but uttered in a worried tone : “but you didn’t notice padma..arman had an injury in his is swollen and riddhima’s cheeks were red..kya hua hoga dono ko?”

Padma uttered smilingly : “job hi hua,achcha hi hua hoga shshank.ab aap unki chinta chodiye..wo dono ek dusre ke liye kafi hain,humey unhen sambhalne ki jarurat nahi hai…”

Love u all

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