Friday, 1 June 2018

part 9 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Scene shifts to sid at home

He is standing near the window, and replaying all the events that had taken place ever since riddhima returned.. his tears refused to stop as he thought about the guy who was with her.. armaan.. his blood began to boil as he remembered how he had seen armaan lost in riddhima when he first came into her cabin.. and then the way armaan had hit him and made him bleed.. and then finally what he saw today...

But it wasn't really that guys fault.. if anyone had to be blamed for everything that was happening in his life.. it was him.. he had destroyed his own life..he closed his eyes and another tear made its way down his cheek 

 Kya hua ye, jo hua ye

Scene shifts to armaan- riddhima in her cabin

 Riddhima had her back against the wall now and was deeply engrossed in the moment..

 dil ne jo chaha to hua ye.

 Armaan being breathless breaks out of the kiss and stares at her with eyes that expressed pure love

Riddhima looks at him stunned for a second, before she comes back to her senses and thinks about what had just happened

Kab hua ye, jab hua ye, dil bhi na jaane kyun hua ye.

They both stare at each other and the world around them seemed to have come to a standstill

 Dhadkane bhi puche tham gayee

Scene shifts to abhimanyu

Abhimanyu is standing outside riddhima's cabin and witnessing the very interesting scene through the window.. he smiles at them.. very much knowing that his dear friend had fallen in love again

Saari hado ke paar hai kuch aur nahi ye pyaar hai.

Nikki notices abhi standing near riddhima's window.. a sudden feeling of jealousy passes through her.. he sees him smiling and grinning while staring at something..  nikki  steals another glance at him and notices him smiling dreamingly.. she stomps her foot on the ground and starts walking ahead towards the general ward..

She reaches the general ward and finds everyone else laughing away to glory.. of course the new doctor being their friend, they had no worried right.. of course they could take everything for granted now.. but she couldn't.. she closed her eyes remembering abhi near riddhima's window again.. well now, she made up her mind.. she was gonna make abhi his.. whatever it takes to do that

On the other hand, muskaan, sapna and atul were talking about sapna's marriage.. they were updating themselves with all the gossip.. and rahul was sitting in one corner of the room.. muskaan noticed this, but turned back.. deciding to ignore it.. she didn't know why she was bothered though... she decided to ignore these new feelings that were igniting in her..

Rahul notices muskaan stealing glances at him, and that makes him smile.. he knows that even though they keep fighting all the time, there is someone who cares for him atleast, even if she refuses to believe it.. it was obvious by her hesitation and her turning back..after some time, he looked to see muskaan staring at him.. his eyes met hers, and he saw her moving towards him

" oyye... kya hogaya aaj tujhe?"

" kuch nahin yaar muskaan.. bas mood nahin hain" he replied..

But muskaan couldn't be fooled that easily.. she could see through him and his lies

She sat next to him and moved closer to him

" bol na yaar.. ab itna mat wait karva sach ke liye.. bol kya hua tujhe"

 " tu usse jaanti hain na.. naina ko?"

" haan woh chipkali si girlfriend teri.. haan colelge ke dinon se jaanti hoon.. kya kiya us ne?"

" woh mumbai chod ke hyderabad shift kar rahi hain.. apne acting career ke liyye.. telugu cinema mein chance le rahi hain.. "

" haan toh?"

"toh we kind of like broke up after 5 years"

@ riddhima's cabin

Armaan riddhima's staring session was broken when riddhima spotted abhi looking at them with a wide grin on his face..

" he looks like an idiot with that grin on his face" riddhima said, while looking at abhi with a cute frown on her face

" and you look like an angel with that frown on your face" armaan said, still staring at her and noticing all her expressions..

Riddhima smiled, and unlocked the door, only to find sid standing over there with bloodshot eyes


"good to know you still recognize me"

" sid what's wrong?"

" what's wrong? After all that you have done to me? Whats wrong?"

" sid, are you drunk?"

"am i drunk? Cant you see it, or wait, have you changed that too, along with yourself"

" sid, just go home.. you're not in your senses.. we'll talk later"

Armaan was a silent spectator to this drama, for a while, as he also preferred to be a listener rather than a speaker.. but he knew this was getting out of control now..

He stood in front of riddhima, and blocked her from sid's view.. he glared at sid with angry eyes.. but sid just laughed..

" Got angry.. Mr armaan mallik.. you've known her for 2 days and you're this angry.. i've known her for the past 4 years..just get out the way...."

" what if i don't?"

" fine then i'll speak to her from here only.. riddhima.. riddhima I love you and i can't live without you.. i know i was plain stupid all this while.. i tried searching for you.. i've done everything i could to locate you.. please forgive me.. i've realized my mistake... please forgive me riddhima.."

" sid, i've nothing to say to you.."

" then dont say anything.. just marry me"

Armaan looked at riddhima as soon as sid said that.. was he out of his mind or something.. but her face was so expressionless.. why wasn't she angry.. why did't she throw him out?

" sid i would have....."

That's it, with that armaan left the room.. with a broken heart and anger in his eyes..

Riddhima closed her eyes and it was her turn to cry this time.. why was fate playing such a cruel game with her?

Riddhima just stared at the door, while sid was just too happy to say anything.. he just came ahead and hugged her tight.. and she didn't respond.. she was still as a statue.. just staring at the door

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