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part 9 : The Night Of Confession

Amna- Toh, kal subah Lonavla Medical Camp,kareeb 5 baje bus chale gi...toh aap 4.30 baje bus stop pe aa jaye ga...fine?

Armaan couldn't believe what this woman was doing with him. Armaan looked at Riddhima. Riddhima was too shocked to even make contact with him. Armaan was aggravated, why was Amna doing this...? Revenge? But why, he hardly knows her.

Armaan- What? Lekin, achanak mujhe Lonavla jaane ki kya zaroorat hai. I dont think I can go there. Main Dr. Keerti se baat karna chahta hoon.

Amna(angrily) - Dr. Armaan! Don't try to act smart with me! Maine Dr. Keerti se hi nahin Dr. Shashank se bhi consult kiya hai. Aur hum sab ka yehi faisla hai ki aap Lonavla jaaenge. Got it? I do not want any arguments.

Armaan was grinding his teeth. He has always respected women, but he couldn't stand Dr. Amna Hussein.

Amna- Alright, toh phir aaj aap ICU main 1 am tak duty karenge ...aur kal 4.30 baje bus pe...lonavla ke liye niklenge.

All the interns were shocked by Amna's behavior. If Armaan worked till 1am..and then if he got home till 1.30..and it would atleast take him 30 minutes to pack for lonavla...that means he would only get 2 hours of sleep!!

Anjali- Ma'am..yeh unreasonable hai. Aap Armaan ke saath aisa kaise kar sakti hai? I mean yeh to saaf hai ki aaj Armaan ICU main duty karne karega aur uske baad usse bas 2 ghante ki neend milegi..! this is very unfair!

Amna ( got more angry )- ab TUM mujhe bataogi ki mujhe kya karna hai! huh? Main apki supervisor hoon, you dare not talk to me like that! Aur haan aaj aap Cancer Center main atleat 18 hours ki duty karengi, aaj vahan bahut saare patients hain. Is that clear?

Anjali (feeling disgusted)- Yes, ma'am.

Amna- Good. Aur Dr. Muskaan, surgery shuru hone main abhi ek ghanta hai...toh main chahti hoon ki aap Dr. Shubhankar ke paas jaa ke unse case discuss kar le. Aur surgery kam se kam 7 hours last karegi. Maine bahut mushkil se Dr. Shashank ko manaya hai. So you better not let me down!

Amna- Dr. Rahul, Labor and Delivery ward main ...kam se kam 5 ladies aaj deliver karengi. Lekin emergency kabhi bhi aa sakti hai. So you better stay alert. Aur Dr. Atul, have fun doing 19 hours in the path lab. I'll make sure ki aap humesha busy rahe.

Rahul rolled his eyes. He thought the Labor and Delivery ward was a piece of cake for him. The thought of the path lab disgusted Atul.

Amna- And Dr. Riddhima, Emergency Room. Now ER koi mazaak ki baat nahin. Mujhe Dr. Keerti se pata chala ki apko ER ka zyaada experience nahin hai..Isliye main apke kadi nazar rakhoongi. Keep that in mind!

Riddhima was just in too much pain and just couldn't accept the fact that Armaan will have to leave her. Riddhima reluctantly nodded and hardly heard what Amna had said to her.

Amna- Alright, everyone get to work. Agar mujhe koi bhi kaam ki ilaava idhar udhar nazar aaya toh .....i wont be nice with you, trust me. Got it?

Everyone- Yes, ma'am.

Aman left and the interns simply stared at each other.

Atul - yaaron, main bata nahin sakta ki mujhe aaj gabar pe kitna pyaar aa raaha hai! mujhe lagta tha ki Dr. Keerti strict hai, lekin yeh toh shyaad is iraade se aayi hai ..." ki main Sanjeevani ke interns ka band baja ke hi rahoon gi"...Bechara Armaan...aaj itni lambi duty..aur phir lonavla.

Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other in grief. All of the interns left for their respective duties. Armaan took Riddhima to the fire escape.

In the fire escape.

Armaan- Riddhima..Riddhima tum theek to hona?

Riddhima had to admit that she was not in a good condition at all. After so many hurdles and problems,
Armaan and Riddhima, were together again, but Riddhima decided that she was going to pretend to be strong.

Forcing the tears back....she said

Riddhima- Haan Armaan..main bilkul theek hoon. Tum sirf kuch hi dino ke liye Lonavla ja rahe ho. Trust me, im fine. Aur vaise bhi hum doctors hain..aur doctors ka kaam to aise hi hota hai...aur..

Armaan (in disbelief) - jhoot jhoot...sab jhoot. Tum to aise behave kar rahi ho...jaise kuch bhi nahin hua. Main jaanta hoon ki tum aise behave is liye kar rahi ho..kyunki tum jaanti ho ki main tumhe rote hue nahin dekh sakta..natak karna band karo Riddhima. Main abhi Dr. Keerti ke paas jaake kahoonga kai main Lonavla nahi jaaoonga!!!

Riddhima- Nahin Armaan, tum aisa kuch nahin karoge. Suna tumne?! Tum Lonavla jaaoge!

Armaan- Lekin Riddhima....main tumhare bina kaise rahoonga..?

Riddhima- koi baat nahin, Armaan ..sirf kuch hi dino ki baat hai..lekin tum Lonavla jaaoge...mere liye...

After arguing for a while, Riddhima and Armaan went
ahead for their duties.

Riddhima (to herself)- Tum shayaad soch bhi nahi sakte mere liye tumhare bina jina kitna mushkil hoga...Lekin shayaad yehi humare pyaar ka imtehaan hai. Koi nahin samajh mere liye Sanjeevani mein aana kitna mushkil hoga...jis Sanjeevani mein mujhe mera Armaan hasta hua nazar aata hai...

Riddhima gathered all her thoughts and entered the ER.

Today was a horrible day..first Armaan was leaving and second ..Riddhima had rotations in the Emergency Room. Ugh

So here's the scene...Armaan in the ICU. Riddhima in the Emergency Room..Rahul in the Labor and Delivery
Ward..Muskaan was going to assist Dr. Shubhanker with surgery.. Anjali in the Cancer Center and Atul in Path Lab.

In the Labor and Delivery Ward. Rahul checks in with all the nurses and they explain him the cases. All of them were supposed to normal deliveries and one Cesaerean Section. Piece of cake, Rahul thought
One by one Rahul got the normal deliveries done and also the C-section was done.

Rahul (to himself)- Yeh Dr. Amna apne aap ko kya samajhti hai! Labor and Delivery ward to aise assign kiya tha...jaise yeh mere liye bahut baada challenge hoga.Ha! all the deliveries happened normally.

Just then Dr. Rahul's thoughts were interrupted ..a nurse came to him ..panicking..

The nurse- Dr. Rahul!!!!! abhi emergency main ek naya case aaya hai!!!

Rahul- Sister, aap itna tension main kyun hai..main hoon na.. main sab theek kar doonga.

Nurse- Nahin Dr. Rahul...yeh bahut hi complicated case hai...yeh ladki 17 saal ki hai! Aur yeh ek bacha nahi ..balki do bache..yaani ke twin expect kar rahi hai! Aur sabse dangerous baat yeh hai ki yeh....abhi sirf apne 6 month main hai..Matlab ki 17 saal ki ladki aur premature twins..kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

Rahooool lost his cool and felt defeated already.

Rahul- Oh God, yeh sach main bahut complicated case hai!

Nurse- Dr. Rahul abhi karni padegi! nahin toh shyaad hum us ladki ko bhi nahin bacha paye..!

Rahul (nervously) - Aisa kijiye...aap us ladki ko room 9 main admit kariye...aur C-section ki tyaari ki jiye!

All the preparations were done, but everybody was so scared. Rahul's hand were literally trembling! The C-
Section started.

A mere 17 year old was going to deliver twins! and that too 3 months premature.. Everything was stable when Rahul started, but after a while the girl's heart rate went on a decline. Her heart rate went on from 86 bpm (beats per minute) to 55 a matter of minutes.

Rahul panicked.

Rahul- yeh iski heart beat itni kam kyun hai!!! oh god!
Rahul felt defeated. He thought everyone was going to the die..the mom and the twins. And just then, Rahul withdrew....

Rahul stopped performing the C-section..and moved back. He was in shock and didn't know what to do. He was numb...and wont respond to the people around him. Just then..a nurse paged Dr. Keerti, since she was a gynaec.

Keerti rushed in the Labor and Delivery Ward. She was shocked to hear the complextity of the case. Rahul was sitting on the ground and would not respond to anyone.

Keerti took over the C-section. The case was very complicated...even for Keerti. After struggling for hours. Keerti could only save one of the babies. The twins were supposed to two girls..but one of them died.

The 17 yeard gave birth to a baby girl who was premature and was born 3 month early...

Keerti felt exhausted...but she had to talk to Rahul

Keerti- Dr. Rahul...its okay...main samajh sakti hoon..vo case aap ke liye bahut complicated tha. Apko pehle hi mujhe bula lena chahiye tha..

Rahul- Dr. Keerti...I'm not capable of anything..Agar aap nahin aati toh main to maa aur bachon ko nahin bacha paata...

Keerti- it okay Rahul.. aap mujhe bahut shock main lag
rahe hain...

Rahul had never been this scared before. He always thought that the Labor and Delivery ward was the easiest place to be...but that was a myth created by him.

Muskaan and Dr. Shubhanker's surgery went well, but only because Muskaan barely had to do anything. Even though their surgery went well..Dr. Shubhanker was def not impressed by Muskaan, which is why he assigned her to do minimal duties.

Anjali in the cancer center...she had a very emotional day. After all, she was surrounded by patients ranging from little kids to the elderly who were fighting the deadly ..Cancer. She found herself crying a bunch of times. The over-confident doctor felt helpless.

Amna might be very strict with the interns..but after all she was teaching them all a lesson. However, Armaan performed exceptionally in the ICU. His only weakness was Riddhima, and Amna knew that which is why he was sending him away. Also, she didn't believe in love.

The long day was finally over. Atul smelled extremely bad after being in the Path lab for 19 hours. Rahul was too disturbed to talk to anyone. Riddhima was too stressed and Armaan was too sad. He was going to miss everyone...all his friends..his patients and obviously Riddhima....

In the Locker Room..everybody was silent. Everyone was too tired to say anything...

Atul walked up to Muskaan..

Atul- main bahut tired hoon...aaj..

Muskaan- Dekh Atul ..tu mere paas mat aaa.....tere mein se bahut smell aa rahi hai...chi ...

Everyone gathered their stuff and hugged Armaan goodbye :(

In Amna's office..the phone rang. Amna's family consisted of her mom (Shahida) and her little brother (Aamir). Her father passed away when she was very young. Her mom had called.

Shahida- Amna, beta ghar aane ka kab iraada hai?

Amna sighed.

Amna- bas aane wali hoon, ammi.

Shahida- Chal phir jaldi aa ja...tujhse kuch kaam hai.

Amna- Theek hai, ammi ..main jaldi aati hoon..Khuda Hafiz.

Amna wondered about why her mom wanted her home
asap...oh well, but Amna was very happy today.. all the interns had started to face the tough realities of the medical field.

Amna gathered all her stuff and headed home.

Amna was dressed in a red salwar kameez. She might be strict and everything but dressing up was her hobby.

Although , she was beautiful naturally ...she liked to enhance her features by dressing up.

The moment she walked in the door...her brother Aamir pulled her in.

Aamir- Chalo ander chalo..

Amna- Aamir...kahan le kar jaa rahe ho mujhe.

Amna reluctantly walked in her living room, and noticed that her ammi was seated with another family. Amna was all confused and thats when she understood.

Shahida- Amna..beta hain Khan family...

Amna understood that the Khan family was present to pick her for their son. Amna was infuriated!!

Shahida introduced Amna to the parents..but the main guy was missing. Amna was very polite to Mr and Mrs Khan, but from the inside she was very mad at her mother.

Mrs Khan- Shahida ji, apki beti toh mashAllah bahut hi khoobsurat hai! Aur humara beta bhi aata hi hoga..

Just when Mrs Khan finished..the door bell rang.

Amna's mom opened the door. A handsome young man, full of charisma wished Shahida.

Mrs Khan- Aur lo vo aa gaya....(walking up to her son) aur yeh hai mer beta...Rehaan ..Rehaan Khan.

Amna looked at Rehaan. He was smiliing brightly and just then Rehaan noticed Amna....

Everything aroung him kinda pause. All Rehaan could notice was ..a beautiful and angellic girl standing infront of him ..dressed in red.. It was love at first sight for Rehaan. Her beautiful eyes took him in another world, oh yes he was mesmerized.

Amna looked at him with no interest...he might be good looking...but she was beyond the stage where girls thought every average looking guy was good looking and when girls loved the idea of falling in love..Looking at Rehaan, she knew that getting rid of him..from her life..would be an easy task...

Rehaan - Dr. Amna Hussein..bahut suna hai apke baare main...Salaam Wale Kum...Main...Rehaan Khan.

Rehaan was indeed very charismatic with his appealing smile. But ofcourse, Amna didnt care..

Precap- Armaan is waiting at the bus stand..and thats when he sees Riddhima running towards him...screaming "Armaan ..Armaan"!!!



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