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Part 9 : Pyar ke mod par......

"tumse milke"

Next morning arman went somewhere taking some documents of riddhima’s work. before going,he assured riddhima he would bring back her research to her and advised her to go in research center regularly, to continue her research there and if the administrater refused to give her any work,she only investigate about that disease while staying at home..and the most important thing to keep herself calm..not to be panic. Riddhima nodded in his everywords like a good girl then asked with a tensed face : “arman,tum successful hoge na?mera research mujhe wapas milega na?”
Arman uttered pressing her hands : “surely..

Riddhima : “par kaise?”
Arman thought a while then uttered : “apna kaan idhar laao..”
Riddhima came close to him.arman whispered in her ears : “actually mere paas ek ‘magic wand’ hai…yeh…aise ghumaunga…aur 3 baar ek mantr bolunga…bas jhatke se sab thik ho jayega…”
Riddhima smacked on his head and uttered : “kuch bhi….”
Arman laughed and sang : “jadugar jadu kar jayega…
Kisiko samajh nahi aayega…”
But seeing riddhima’s pouting face,he stopped his song and said : “I want 15-20 days riddhima..i will make it.par haan,ek shart hai..”
Riddhima asked through her eyes : “kya?”
Arman was about to reply but riddhima uttered : “bas india jane ko mat kehna….koi aur condition ho,I am ready.”
Arman uttered smacking on head : “dhat tarike..kar diya na gadbad…wahi toh condition tha mera…you will go india with me..”
Riddhima uttered frowning : “no way!”
15 days paased but arman didn’t return or didn’t call her or messaged her. Riddhima was worried like a hell but she had to keep she was doing her work where staying at home. Padma and shshank were also tensed seeing riddhima’s pale face. Sometimes when padma asked her : “riddhima,yeh arman kahan gaya hai? Tumhare research ka kya hua?”
Riddhima replied angrily : “mujhe kya pata aapka laadla kahan gaya hai..apna promise pura nahi kar paya isliye india bhag gaya hoga..”
Padma didn’t get courage to ask anything after that. But she was sure arman was not like that. And one day when padma and shshank was sitting on the drawing room,heard riddhima’s loud but pleasant voice : “what!of course sir..i am coming..ya,I have all documents..original papers ..yeah sir,miss Emna had stolen all information from my personal computer…thank you sir!”
She came running to the room and hugged padma and yelled happily : “mumma….mujhe mera work wapas mil gaya hai….yes mumma..Emna is suspended..and mr.stephenson revealed everything about Emna,usne mere absence me mere laptop hack kiya tha mumma…and she is punished…I am very happy….”
She twirled once and yelled : “yeeeeeeeeee!”
Shshank came to her and uttered caressing her hairs : “mera bachcha!aaj bahut dino baad maine meri beti ko itna khush dekha..”
Riddhima nodded in teary eyes and hugged shshank while uttered : “papa,aapko pata hai na,mere life ka aim yahi hai..ridhan ke jaane ke baad…phir mai kaise khush rehti papa?” tears started flowing from her eyes.padma uttered : “bas beta,ab aansoo nahi..par yeh hua kaise?”
Riddhima nodded in na then uttered : “aapka ladle ne kuch kiya hai…last night messaged me….. “get ready for surprise…..kal ki subah sabse khubsurat subah hogi tumhare liye…”
Padma uttered smilingly : “mai kehti thi na,arman jarur kuch karega….achcha,wo kab wapas aa raha hai?”
Riddhima nodded in na and uttered : “mai research center ja rahi hun mumma...”
Padma and shshank nodded happily. riddhima returned from there at evening and as she entered,her first question was to padma : “arman aa gaya kya?”
Padma nodded in na and uttered : “phone kar na beta,kahan reh gaya wo.”
Riddhima uttered sadly : “mumma,I tried many time but he didn’t pick the call and I messaged also,his phone is switched off.”
Shshank uttered : “aa jayega wo,tension mat le. Tera kaam kaisa raha?”
Riddhima uttered happily : “all welcomed me papa..wo bhi sad the ,unko bhi sab pata tha na…par yeh arman kyon nahi aa raha?” she made a sad face.
Padma smiled and uttered : “aa jayega,tu rest kar,kuch khayegi?”
Riddhima nodded in na and uttered : “arman aate hi mujhe batana mumma..”
Padma nodded.after riddhima went from there padma addressed to shshank : “agar isi tarah riddhima ke life me arman ka rehna important ban jaye toh isse badi khushi kuch nahi hoga mere liye.”
Shshank nodded and uttered : “aur mujhe lagta hai wo hoga…bas humey patience rakhna hai..”
Riddhima was tired but couldn’t able to sleep as she wanted to know everything from arman and also she wanted to thank him.she got up,called arman again but his phone didn’t respond..she threw the mobile in anger and uttered helplessly : “yeh arman kab aayega?”
Next day she woke up early and came to arman’s room but sad seeing that it was locked from outside.she went dowmstairs and saw padma was doing puja.she sat there quietly.padma understood she wanted to ask about arman so uttered : “arman nahi aaya riddhima,phone kar na.”
Riddhima mumbled : “idiot!”
Then replied with a sigh face : “his phone is not responding mumma..”
Padma uttered : “kahan reh gaya yeh ladka?”
Riddhima : “mumma,wo kal ‘University of Washington’ me tha,he attended the meeting. mr.stephenson ne bataya mujhe,He met with arman.”
Padam uttered : “toh phir tu pareshan kyon hai? Aa jayega wo.ja tu ready ho ja,tujhe bhi toh jana hoga na?”
Riddhima nodded and uttered : “abhi toh 7 hi baze hain,mai 9 baze jaungi.”
Padma : “thik hai,phir tu rest kar le kuch der beta.”
Riddhima kept quiet for sometime then asked slowly: “mumma,arman ke room ka key kahan hai?”
Padma asked surprisingly : “kyon beta?”
Riddhima uttered with a hesitant: “no,means..actually mere kuch papers wahan reh gaye the,means arman le gaya tha,I need them.”
Padma nodded and gave her the key.riddhima came upstairs,opened arman’s room and came in….and smiled seeing his things were scattered in the whole room.she arranged all things,kept arman’s cloths in wardrobe and uttered caressing his photo : “missing you arman..par mai tumse bahut naraj hun,baat nahin karungi..idiot!i hate you!”
3-4 days paased but no news of arman..riddhima was going centre but couldn’t able to concentrate in every half an hour she checked her mobile and not getting arman’s call or message,she called but got his phone switiched off. She was now started irritating and scared also why arman was not calling or not coming back but one day when she back home,padma informed that arman called here and said he was out of America and will come in 2-3 days.
Riddhima asked surprisingly : “india chala gaya kya?”
Shshank : “nahi beta,humey bhi tension ho rahi thi so I
Called india and balvinder said me arman was not there..he went japan where his friend Reo invited him.
Riddhima asked surprisingly : “yeh reo koun hai? Kya karta hai?”
Padma : “she is arman’s childhood friend.”
Riddhima uttered surprisingly : “friend!ek japani ladki!”
Padma : “haan,balvinder bhai sa’b kah rahe they dono ek sath bade hue.par kuch saal pahle Reo apni family ke sath japan chali gayi, uske baad se har saal arman japan jata tha ,around 1 month rehta saal hi nahi ja paya tha.”
Riddhima felt that something was burning inside her…arman told her about everyone but not about Reo….is she arman’s girlfriend? So arman hid about her…haan sahi hai,koi apni gf ke bare me kaise bata sakta hai?”
She came in her room hurriedly as her eyes already started raining…she dumped on the bed and mumbled…. “toh yeh baat hai..apne gf ke sath hai isliye call bhi receive nahi kar raha..toh kya mai usey mana karti?”
Her heart mocked…… “toh itna pareshan kyon hai tu?young hai,,handsome toh hona chahiye,sab tere jaise thode hote hain?”
She mumbled … “mere jaise kya? Mujhe kya parvah hai wo kisise bhi dosti kare,gf banaye..wo toh mera dost hai..only friend…”
Her heart asked : “toh phir tu pareshan kyon hai?”
She mumbled… “mai kyon pareshan houngi?i am fine..par kya usey koi khubsurat Indian ladki nahi mili?itna khubsurat hai aur ek japani ladki uski biwi banegi!”
Her heart : “haan,toh bachpan ka pyar hai dono me….”
She mumbled unknowingly : “kash!wo bachpan me na mili hoti arman se!kash!mai aramn se pahle milti!
her heart asked laughing… “kya kaha?
She uttered angrily : “kuch nahi…
Her heart chuckled : “kahin tujhe pyar toh nahi ho gaya arman se?”
Riddhima uttered angrily : “never…..mai aur us idiot se pyar!pooh!”
But she felt upset and lied on the bed.she closed eyes to sleep but that girl’s name came in her mind repeatedly…she got up and thought : “kaisi hogi wo dekhne me? Mujhse khubsurat?”
She came in front of mirror and looked at her image and sighed.may be she was not beautiful like that girl…she mumbled: “Japanese bahut gore hote hain…”
She looked at the mirror and mumbled : “tu bhi toh gori hai..bahut jyada..”
But again she sighed thinking… “mujhse bhi jyada hogi…”
She felt restless and started thinking about the image of that unknown girl but not getting any clue,she opened her laptop and put ‘beautiful japaneese girl’ in Google and started seeing their pictures.after some time she closed the laptop getting despair and lied on the bed but her eyes were refused to sleep only two names coming in her mind…..arman-Reo…Reo-Arman…Arman-Reo…….”
At morning her sleep was broke hearing the song……
“Imtehaan ho gayi…intzaar ki..
Aayi na kuch khabar mere yaar ki
Hai humey yeh yakin
Bewafa toh nahi….
Phir wajah kya hui..intezaar ki….”
She jumped on her bed,moved down and came out like running and got the music coming from arman’s room.she banged loudly and kicked the door and in a while arman was in front of her while humming the song…riddhima looked at him once and in next moment she attacked him like a jungli billi….kick,punch..its like de dana dan….where arman was trying to save himself with screaming…..”aunty!bachaoooooo!kali mata gussa ho gayi hai!arey koi mujhe bachaooooooooo!meri raksha karo bhagwan…..jay hanuman gyan gun sagar…..bhut-pisach nikat nahi aave…jo hanuman ke gun gave….”
Riddhima punched him and yelled : “mai bhut –pisach hun? Kali ma hun?”
Arman nodded in na then uttered in a mischievious voice : “tum angrejon ka yahi problem hai…gender problem..tum bhut nahi bhutni ho..pisach nahi,pisachini …
But before he could complete riddhima hit him hard and uttered : “wapas kyon aaye?jahan gaye the,wahin rehna tha.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “haan Reo toh bahut request kar rahi thi but I said her,meri ek pagal friend hai,abhi nahi jaunga toh maar degi mujhe.”
Riddhima uttered frowning : “waise bhi tum marnewale ho mere hathon se…kab se wait kar rahi hun..apne aapko samajhte kya ho tum?”
Arman uttered making an innocent face : “dr. arman malik…
Riddhima yelled angrily : “dr. gadha malik ho tum…
Arman laughed and uttered : “yeh naam bhi achcha hai,abhi sabko batata hun mai,miss American gave me a new name..and I liked it………”
Riddhima yelled angrily : “sabse pahle apni girlfriend ko batana…..”
Arman repeated surprisingly : “apni girlfriend ko!” and in a while getting the meaning he laughed out loudly while uttered : “hu…lalalala.jalan…!!”

To be continued…sorry guys jitna likh payi,post kar rahi hun….

Love u all

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