Saturday, 14 July 2018


"I love you," he whispered against her breath, as it started becoming more subterranean than usual. He looked at her standing there, with no answer.

"Please say something," he asked her, as he held her hand close to his lips. His lips caressed her soft fingers, as she shivered in his presence.

"Will you ever leave me?" came out a small whisper from her lips, as tears brimmed down her eyes.

"Never" he said immediately, as she smiled at him.

"Promise" she asked him like an innocent child, giving out a hand for him to claim.

Armaan once again nodded, crossed his fingers with hers, and lightly kissed her hand.

"I love you a lot Armaan, and can't afford to loose you" she told him honestly, and he knew she was sincere.

Pulling her into a tight hug, he tried to prevent her from crying any further as it pierced his heart. She has been through a lot in her life, with the lose of her whole family. At this point, she can't afford to loose anything, especially not the guy she loves more than herself.

"You won't ever leave me right, I would d…" before she can say anything, he captured her lips. Caressing her lips with his, he felt her giving in very passionately.

"Even if I wanted to, I can never leave you," he said as he picked her up in his arms.

She closed her eyes feeling his lips on her neck, while his fingers kneaded through her skin.

Her hands immediately went to his hair, as his hands explored her body, making every part of her his.

"I promise to never leave you baby," he whispered as he moved next to her, after having the time of his life.


"Armaan? What's going on" she asked questionably, as she looked at the woman in his bed.

"Ridhima… you're back already… I… I thought you had work late today" Armaan said fumbling on words, while trying to put his shirt on.

"Who… who is this woman Armaan?" she asked, perplexed as to what's going on. Her eyes were looking at a very vulgar scene, but her heart just couldn't even imagine that.

"Who is it babe?" both heard a girl yawning under the covers. She was naked, wrapped around a bed sheet.

"Who is she Armaan" she asked, while tears were brimming down her face.

Armaan looked at both women shocked, as he just got caught by his dirty lies.

"You're disgusting" Ridhima slapped him hard across the face, as his silence gave her all the answers.

"At this very moment, I can only make one promise… To hate you for the rest of my life Armaan Malik" she said while throwing the ring Armaan had given her on his face.


"ARMAAN" she screamed looking at him in this state. His body lay there weak and vulnerable, while his lips just played a smile.

"Why is it that every time you see me, you always start of with Armaan" he chuckled as she hit his chest.

"Stupid, idiot, moron, you're such a bad boy…" she said, trying to control her tears from exploding.

"After I leave…" he was shut by the hand on his mouth, and lightly kissed the palm.

"Armaan please, never say such a thing… Nothing is going to happen to you… remember you promised… Nothings going to separate us Armaan… we shall always remain together, even if God doesn't approve" she spoke, as the tears dripped down the a river.

"God's the only thing stopping us from being together Ridhima.. don't forget this world is owned by God, and so are we… What ever happens, it's his commands." He looked at her crying uncontrollably, and took a hold of her hand.

"You promised to never leave... you faked to cheat on me, just so I can forget you… how can God be so cruel…" she cried as she held onto his hands tightly.

"Well you promised to hate me… what ever happened to that?" he asked while wiping her tears away.

"I love you Armaan… Please don't leave me… I can't live with out you" she screamed, as everything felt hopeless.

"Ridhima, do me a favor and smile for me… I promise to always cherish this smile… and this one shall not be broken," he said, while she looked away because of the fresh tears arriving.

"Please" he whispered, and started coughing.

Ridhima forcefully smiled, just for her love to be happy… and he actually did smile back.

His coughing stopped, and he closed his eyes cherishing this moment. The next second the grip on her hand loosened.

His palms turned ice cold, as his body turned blue, she closed her eyes with her heart throbbing, "I love you Armaan".


Not all love stories have successful conclusions. Many are filled with hardships and misery, but are still true love. It isn't necessary for the two people to end up together, rather it is necessary for their souls to collaborate into one.

Luv SAZ!

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