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chapter 13 & 14 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 13

The next day was Armaans operation so they did breakfast early and Armaan made it… He made her eat it with his own hands….n she ate it savouringly….. they cracked jokes…..with each other… n then..she said.. Armaan its time… he stopped what he was doing.. just stared at her….. She got up and walked to him.. and told him I am there for at every step…..come lets go… Hesistantly they go… and reached Sanjeevani….. rAhul ws ready with his team and was just waiting for them… As soon as they cam e in welcome Riddhima.. u looked beautiful.. the baby is making u glow.. armaan said eey rahul she officially mine.. rahul said.. yeah yeah I kno… kya abhi taarif bhi nahin kar sakta man..
they all laughed… was time for armaans operation…..the nurse aksed him to wear the pateienst clothes.. he wore them n cam in the ward.. the nrse said dr Armaan we will go into the operation in 30 min… everyone came to wish him a speedy recovery……….he took everyones blessing at the end it was 5 min left to go he told Rahul plz don't send anyone in for 5 min…Rahul agreed and took everyone with himmm to the OT to get things ready it was only Riddhima and Armaan…

Armaan: Riddhima(he said holding her hand) so this is it….

Riddhima tightened her grip on his and said, " This is a new beginning for all the three of us" He smiled. She added, " Don' forget tum biwi bacche wale ho. We will be waiting for you." He asked her, "Riddhima, you will be there for me na." A tear rolled down her eyes, "Armaan I wil always be there for don't believe me. I know you believe ur baby more." He smiled. She took his hand and put it on her tummy…, "See you baby's heartbeats… the baby is saying daddy come soon.. I will be waiting for you." He was about to cry but he could say nothing. The nurse came in and said Dr. Armaan we are ready to go. He looked at Riddhima took her hand gave her a kiss on the hand…she took it on her lips. HE SAID, " I have to go now Riddhima." She nodded . He went with the nurse and Riddhima just stayed there looking at her hands….that he had kissed. Rahul came in and said, "Riddhima, you are really very brave. Always be this brave. You know we are not sure what would happen.. but I will try my best u know it na…(she nodded a yes) u need to take rest go home and rest I will call u and tel u the details of the case.. She said, "No Rahul.. I promised him I will not leave him… N I won't " Rahul said, "Riddhima u need to take care of your baby too." She said, " My baby kknows that her dad need me after all (she touched her belly) shes a daddys girl na…" A tear roller her eye….. Rahul put a hand on her head (a blessing gesture) and just left from there…..

The Operation started… Armaan was conscious he kept looking at the window in the OT at her. She kept looking at him and assuring him by signals that she and the baby are fine and that nothing will happen to her. Not for a minute did she move.. because she knew his eyes were on her. The nurse came to her and said, "Maam you will be tired please sit down" Without even looking at her, still looking at Armaan she said, " I am fine sister. My husband is depending on me. I cannot move. Thankyou." The sister just kep looking at her.then she left…. All through out the operation they gazed at each other. Rahul kept loking at her just to check on Riddhima and see if she is alright.. he would send someone or other outside to check on her…the operation lasted 12 hours….Finally the light closed and she just collapsed.. Rahul was out there he caught her made her sit. Rahul said, "Riddhima what is this? You promised him you wil wait for him and if you do this how wil u fulfill his promise?" She didn't realsie what he said she asked him, " Rahul how is he..?" Rahul said, "Riddhima, he is out of danger the tumor ahs been removed.. he will be under observation for the next 24 hours… but Riddhima Are you listening to me…"Riddhima says as if in a trance.. "Huh.. kya..Rahul can I see him please……" Rahul thinkg to himself…. " these two are just impossible… he was ready to sacrifice his life on her n she is ruining her health for him" Rahul tries to brign her to reality but she just keeps saying "Rahul let me see him once." He says" Oky I will let you see him but if u promise me that after seeing him u will go home and eat well.." She doesn't listen to what he sys she just hears that he said he will let her go …she agreed and he took her to Armaan.. He made her sit next to him…She just looked at him…at the bandage on his head… she touched his face…. She was about to cry but Rahul controlled her told her Riddhim I fulfilled my promise now u have too she kept saying Rahul let me be by hs side.. plzz.  Rahul called up Subra….. for help.. In half and hour Subra came in… She told Riddhima that Riddhima Armaan wants u too b thr na so u wil hv to tk cr of ursled to be with him.. someone this finally got to her… she thanked rahul an  said I wil be back….Rahul tahnked Subra….n Subra took her home. She called her husband and told him that she would be staying withRiddhima tonight because her condition is not stable… he agreed to it…S ubra made some dinner and made her eat… she ate quietly just thinking abt Armaan abt the momnts she hadwith him… abt his touch ,the dinner they had yesterday..She just cried out loud..Subra went to her she cried on SUBRAS SHOULDER…..Riddhima said "Subra I am just afraid for him… I want hm to be safe….."Subra consoled her saying he wil be he has u don't worry…Subra finally made Riddhima sleep. Next morning she got a call from Rahul and said Subra…I called u first because I kne u must be with her.. I hv mixed news … good news is that he is safe but…the bad part is…he doesn't rememberthe past 2and half years….… Subra was shocked.. she said to Rahul that she will bring him but she didn't know how to break this news to Riddhima….Riddhima came downstairs all dressed and told to Subra…..lets go..Subra was unable to tell her anything….they reached the hospital n she just went past everyone to Armaan Rahul asked Subra did u tel her.. she said no I didn't kno hwo to…He said then we must stop her cuz Armaan is awake but he know nothing of their marriage and if her sees her like that wont he question her abt her pregnancy….. THEY run to stop her but when they reach the room they see that Riddhima is already by his bed… They think its too late now…. Armaan is about to open his eyes Riddhima is sitting next to him on the chair..She takes his hand and touched her belly…. Armaan wakes up and is pleased to see Riddhima he says Riddhima kaisi ho….tum yahan kaise.. she doesn't realize why he said that.. but moves on Armaan tum thik ho na…. he said ha Riddhima… mujhe bus thodi sic hot lagi thi us bike accident main isiliye toh yahan pe hoon.. its like her world just comes crashing down……she asks him bike accident.. he says ha remrb mere aur rahul ke beech main…. She stil looks puzzled rahul come s in and says.. kya yaar tujhe har e k bike accident main hosp pahunchne ki jaldi hoti hain…Riddhima looks at Rahul and is about to ask him when subra comes in Armaan tells her hi subra….abhi kaisa hai.. shaadi ke baad to tum gayab hi ho gayi ho…. Riddhima asks him Armaan tum aise baat kyun kar rahe hoon..

Chapter 14

 Subra tell s her Riddhima I hv to tlk to u…..rahul keeps Armaan busy in talks.. subra takeshe out and Riddhima asks her subra why is behaving like this.. subra tells her calm down.. Riddhima listen to me very carefully….she explains everything to her…. Riddhima stares at her shocked…"how can this be he forgot our marriage.. he forgot abt the baby.. he forgot everything……..subra tells her he remrmbers u he just doesn't remrbr the marriage… n the baby.. Riddhima asks hr subra… how can he forget all that…..the baby is about to be born.. he told me to wait I waited forhi……….. subra consoolled her made her understand.. but I want to be with him/ Riddhima subra explains…. He still loves u remrb he used to… he just doesn't remrb abt ur marriage….riddhima tells her shouldn't we tellhim then.. rahul come sout and says….riddhima if we tell him now.. I m afraid… that his condition might worsen ridhhima says  but he will want tomeet me I want to meet him n when he asks bt the bump I cant lie…RAHUL sasy I understand but just one more day.. let me knowhis condition properly and we will tell him about it….b ut until then plz Riddhima …Riddhima says" Rahul I don't kno how to react.. I thought that the first thing I would do was go to him n hug him tighly U knothe baby s waiting for its touch.. (baby kicked) see its saying the same thing…..n then she broke down and sat on the chair.. just not knowing how to react… Inside Armaan asked for Riddhima.. Rahul said that yeah I wil just send her… Rahul came outside.. n told her that he is calling u… she aksed he will see me ans ask me ques… rahul said here put a shawl on u and cover the belly he woudln know that ways.. Riddhima was about to cry.. Rahul held her hand… and said trust me I will find a solutions in ina  day or son….now go…..u wanted to tlk to him na..just don't tlk abt marriage and baby…..She went in.. Armaan saw her… and smiled.. Riddhima tum thodi badi ho gayi ho…..Aur yeh shawl kyun… She made an excuse that she was feeling cold…. He told her to come close to her….and sit he held her hand and said… mujhse naraz ho… she cried to act her part but was crying inside…… He told her I love u riddhima……those 4 words the ones that she really wanted to hear… she finally heard it… she said I kno he said.. arre.. she tried to laugh it out.. he smiled….. he told her u kno we should get married soon…. Aur phir bache bhi toh hone hain na… she couldn't control at that point she left his hand and just ran from there….she cried out on Subras shoulder….Armaan asked Rahul why did she run away like this.. he said she just shied away I think.. Armaan knew this was not shying away…..she left from there and told subra to drop her home ….. Subra dropped her home and wanted to stay with her.. but Riddhima said I am fine subra.. u go n thanks… Subra hesitated but left….Riddhima sat in her room and lay on her bed just thinking about all that happpenend today…..she thought abt her baby she didn't know how would Armaan react on knowing abt her pregnancy would he believe her or would he think that she lied to himmmm…….she didn't know just what to dooo…..she decided to go and see him and then make a decision…… she put on a shawl and covered herself up and sneaked into armaans room. He was fast asleep/. He was sedated to sleep because she tried to wake him but he didn't wake up…. She took his hand and put it on her belly….. it was as if she was waiting forever for this…. Tears rolled down her eyes….she just stayes there holding on his hand on her belly her eyes closed… cuz she didn't know when would she be able to get tha feeling next….. Armaan woke up slowly looked at Riddhma and that his hand was inside the shawl that she was wearing.. He asked her Riddhima what are u doing.. She got startled…. Didn't know what to answer… He got up she was still clutching his hand to hers on the belly….he moved ahead to remove the shawl but she said no armaan plzz no.. he asked kyun Riddhima.. tumhi ne mera chooha hua hai.. she let her hand go off his… but his hand was still on the belly….Riddhima held her shawl tightly….. Armaan came closer to her.. and told her.. Riddhima u r scaring me plz remove the shawl… She slowly followed and opened her shawl………. He looked at her eyes… crying… he asked why r u crying… n then…..he looked at her tummyyy… n his hand tocuhign her tummy… Riddhima he asked…R ..rr u pregnant…….She just looked at hm… He asked Riddhima when did this happen We have never been together…. Riddhima.. he held her hands and pulled her closer.. Riddhima…explain…….. (Riddhima didn't know what to say….. She knew she couldn't tell him the truth because of the fear that it would affect him… )Riddhima( he screamed..)Rahul came running… he saw Riddhima thre and her shawl on the floor .. he knew what happpenend he was just worried now…. Rahul came in and said arre Riddhima tum yahan… Armaan asked her RIDDHIMA tell me… Rahul tried to side her… Riddhima bahut moti ho gayi ho tum…. U need to loose weight…. Armaan hold Riddhima by her arms and pulls her closer….She said Armaan u r hurting me… n our…..she couldn't complete the sentence…. Armaan : and our what ….baby…… Rahul n Riddhima looked at him… shocked…..Armaan said, " Tumhe lagta hain I will believe you… Riddhima…..whose child is this.. Riddhima s heart stopppped how could he ask soemthign like thatl.. she said" Armaan… yeh hamara…"he didn't let her complete "Hamara jab hamare beech kuch hua hi nahin .. Riddhima…yeh kiska baccha hai…… RIDDHIMA… tumne aisa kyun kiya…… main ………"(he just let her go….. n collapsed on the bed just go Riddhima……………….he said)

Riddhima took his hand  Armaan tumhe lagta hai… aisa.. (he tried to jerk off her hand…)Armaan ek minute….. just listen to me once……(she made him touch her belly touched it deeper into the skin)Armaan suno suno baby kya keh rahi hain….woh keh rahi hai… papa we were waiting for u only y are u dong this to us…..he jerked off his hand….and it hurt her.. she breathed a heavy sigh… Armaan tumhe yaad hain…. Tum Subra kki office main aye the…..aur tumhine mujhe hamari khushi ke bare main bataya tha … tumhe yaad nahin raat raat bhar tum baby se baatein karte the(she takes his hand again)tumhe yaad nahin us din hum jab mountain top par gaye the….aur meri tabiyat kharab ho gayi thi.. kyunki hamari baby tumhari baby ne tumhare sparsh ko apnaya tha….Armaan tumhe yaad nahin who dinner .. jab humne dance kiya tha…. Armaan tumhe kuch bhi yaad nahn………….

Armaanlooks at her..and says… "yeh sab jiske saath karke ayi ho usi ko sunana mujhe nahin"

Ridddhima just looked at what he said….."Armaan"she whispered..

He said" maar gaya Armaan… tumne ek baar nahin socha… hamare bare main ek baar Riddhima…………………….."

It was hurting her so much.. Rahul tookHer and told Armaan to shut up.. and took her away…..

ARMAAN said " Rahull toh eyh hai wohh"

They were both shocked….and stopped "Armaan.. "Rahul said tujhe hosh nahin hain tu kya keh raha hain….

Armaan "nahin hosh toh abhi aya hai…… mere peet peeche yeh sab karna tha… toh kyun ayi meri life.. chali jao.. Riddhima….chali jao"

Riddhima could take it no more…. She ran out of the roomran all the way…….. int o the parking garage….Rahul told subra to go after her… but Riddhima stated the care even before Subra could come and just drove…… AAlll the while she was driving…..she thought of the accusations that Armaan put on her…….She reached home but was afraid to go in because his memories would haunt him his words would taunt him…..She just stay in her car… afraid to go in afraid to go out… she just stood there……she touched her belly and cried……Subra reached her home she told her to come out of the car finally she made her come out….n made her sit down

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