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Epilogue : Pehchan



Hamari sabse badhi pehchan ab hai 'dada-dadi.' Despite all our differences and shortcomings, God has blessed us with the most adorable grandchildren in this world. Kavya is the oldest but the responsible 'big brother' to Muskaan and Rahul's, one year old boy, Rohit, Abhimanyu and Jiya's adopted three year old daughter, Aashna and of course our most precious 9 month old Aditi and Rohan.

Shashank: Perhaps taking care of my grandchildren, spending time with them, being their 'gang leader' in initiating all pranks at home is my way of giving back to my family what I had deprived them of, for decades- unconditional love. It's through my wife, Padma and my son, Armaan that I have learnt what true love is- being selfless and giving in a relationship is what holds us all together. Despite my weaknesses, they have forgiven me time and again. I know I don't deserve their forgiveness, but they deserve everything I have to give and that is my unconditional support and love to them.

Padma: Being a dadi has given me back much more love than I had ever given to my children. Being there for my children and grandchildren is my mission in life. I also spend a lot of time volunteering at the local women's shelter. Helping these battered and betrayed women has helped grow as a person and taught me that even though I have seen a lot of ups and downs in my life, I am still a privileged and lucky woman that I have a loving family around me. I pride in myself for helping Riddhima find her true love and happiness in life. Not all of us get a second chance in life, but by letting Riddhima find herself once again has helped me heal my own wounds of the past. Shashank has changed a lot; his unwavering dedication to his grandchildren is perhaps his way of redeeming himself of his shortcomings as a father and a husband. Who says we don't learn anything from our children and grandchildren?


Hamari pehchan hai hum, hamara parivaar aur hamara restaurant business. We have moved to our own place now, a mile away from mom and dad's house. This gives us the independence to be ourselves but at the same time we are close enough to our family. Kavya is busy with school now, but still the center of our little universe.

Anjali: thanks to a new experimental treatment, some doctors from London have helped me learn how to walk again. Even though, I am still clumsy and need a cane, I have said good bye to my wheel chair forever. Kavya, Atul, our business and our family is my life. Riddhima and I are good friends now; I no longer see her as a competitor, but a good friend and little sister.

Atul: I am a content and happy man now. Alcohol and my other weaknesses are all behind me. Kavya ko sahi raasta dikhana ab meri sabse badhi manzil hai. Hope he grows up to be like his chacha, Armaan who I have tremendous respect for and to this date credit him for helping me be, who I am today.


Hamari pehchan hai hamara rishta aur hamara chota sa parivar. Last year, we adopted a two year girl, Aashna from Ashirwaad. She has changed the meaning of our life forever. As a couple, we have gone through a lot of turbulent times together, but it's Aashna who has been the stabilizing factor in our lives. We still live with mom and dad and are their immediate support systems.

Abhimanyu: I am a changed man thanks to Jiya, Riddhima and foremost Armaan's influence on my life. Our telecom business is not as big as it used to be- it's just perfect for us now. I am the managing director of our company but have adopted a new style of management now- it's based on honesty and merit now. Rahul helped our company from sinking into bankruptcy and I will always be indebted to him for that. My life revolves around my work and my family now. Other women and transient pleasures don't attract me anymore. I am a content man, happy with his life, not interested in feeding my ego anymore, rather being there for people who care about me.

Jiya: Aashna, Abhimanyu and my psychiatric practice keep me content and happy now. Being an orphan myself, I am proud to be a mother of a girl who could have been labeled as an orphan all her life. Since Aashna has been with us, Abhimanyu has not required any of his medications either. I had no idea children can have such healing powers in our lives.


Hamari pehchan hai- hamara ek jaisa gham aur hamara akelapan.

Shayad hamara gham humein ek doosre ke kareeb laaya hai. Even though an unorthodox match, we have found comfort and happiness in each other's company. Hopefully, one day, we will take the plunge and tie the knot just like Armaan and Riddhima have.


Hamari pehchan hai hum do aur hamara ek'.soon to be do! We still live in Bangalore but visit Ranikhet and Mumbai frequently. We want our Rohit to know his family and cousins well, so he would grow up to be as close to them as we are'.away but still attached to everyone!


Hamari pehchan hai- hamara pyaar, hamara saath aur hamari pyaari se yeh zindagi.

Aditi, Rohan and our 150 kids from Aashirwaad are our symbols of our dedication and love for each other.

Armaan: I am still a famous singer, just like my mother wanted me to be, but I sing and record for myself rather than sing at the tunes of my music producers. My one album a year satiates my appetite as a musician and generates enough sales to run Aashirwaad and take care of my family. When I had moved to India, I had just asked for a little acceptance and 'pehchan,' but thankfully, I have been blessed with a bottomless pot of happiness, love and recognition. I owe it all to one woman- my wife, the love of my life, Riddhima. She defied all traditions and boundaries to accept the man she fell in love with. I will always admire her for her courage and love her like no man has ever loved a woman on this planet.

Riddhima: Main kya kahoon apni zindagi ke baare mein? Yeh ek chota sa sher likha hai'a dedication to the man who changed me, my life and my pehchan forever'

Main nahin hoon apne wajood mein, mujhe jaaney kis ney chura liya...

Mere saath rehta hai ek shakhs, koi jadoo usne chala diya...

Meri rooh mein Wo samaa gaya,Meri Zindagi Wo ban gaya...

Mujhe jeena usne sikha diya, Main to khud se bhi thi na aashna,



Both Armaan and Riddhima: By the way if you are wondering if we ever went back on another honeymoon after the cruise? No we didn't need to! As Aditi and Rohan grew older, we found ways to convert different corners of Aashirwaad into our 'premium honeymoon suite'- more exotic and romantic than any luxury cruise line could have offered us.

"Hello! Is this Mrs Malik?"

'Yes, doctor, this is'report aayi kya?"

"Congratulations! Aap phir se maa ban ne waali hain!"

"YES!!!!" Armaan jumped five feet in the air as Riddhima stood still with her jaw wide open, "from now on, stay away from me Armaan!"

"Sorry Mrs. Malik! That's one command I refuse to obey." He pulled her into his arms and twirled her around with ecstasy.

"Tum kabhie nahin sudhroge Mr. Malik!" Riddhima laughed out aloud.

"You are right Mrs. Malik'.aur main sudharna bhi nahin chaahta!" He bent down to kiss her, rendering her defense less once again.

''''THE END''''''

I would like to dedicate this song to my favorite couple before I sign off on this one'.

'sau janam' from 'what'syour rashee'

[Sau janam haan lenge hum,

Tere hi pyaar mein aye sanam] ' 2 times

Har ghadi aur har kadam,

Hoo rehna hai saath mein aye sanam,

Yaad aa gayi bhooli hui wo daastaan,

Tum kaun thi, main kaun tha,

Hum the kahan'

Sau janam haan lenge hum,

Tere hi pyaar mein aye sanam,

Har ghadi aur har kadam,

Hoo rehna hai saath mein aye sanam..

Kismat ko bhi hum hara ke mil gaye,

Har doori ko hum mita ke mil gaye,

Wo gum ho ya wo khushi wo,

Wo maut ho zindagi ho,

Hum saath hai saath hai ,

Hum saath hai'

Jo khwab soye the saare, jaag uthe,

Beete hue lamhe saare, jaag uthe,

Hoo gunj uthi hai saari vaadi,

Jo dono ne yeh sada di,

Hum saath hai saath hai ,

Hum saath hai'

Sau janam haan lenge hum,

Tere hi pyaar mein aye sanam

Har ghadi aur har kadam,

Hoo rehna hai saath mein aye sanam'

 thank you


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