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Intro & part 1 : Shades of Love (AR)

CHARACTERS: Riddhima , Armaan , muskaan, rahul , anjali , atul , nikitha ,                                             abhimanyu

                               CHARACTER SKETCH

riddhima gupta:

a famous author, from australia, who has come to india to search for a few unique stories  for her new book which is going to be a combination of 6 short stories... 24 years old.. also won the title of miss autralia 2008.. daughter of shashank gupta and padma gupta, who own a hospital (sanjeevani)in india...

armaan mallik :

A famous cardiologist, currently working as a senior doctor in sanjeevani... 26 years old, won many awards for his dedication towards his career.. was recently named the most eligible bachelor of india..son of a famous businessman, billy mallik

Nikitha malhotra:

Armaans childhood friend.. a fashion designer.. 24 years old.. a very confident, open minded person.. people love her for her honesty..

Muskaan chadda:

Riddhimas best friend.. born in punjab, lives life to its fullest.. just cant keep secrets though.. currently working as an intern in sanjeevani

Rahul mallik :

Armaans brother.. loved by all becuase of his humour and witty nature.. a model..

Anjali gupta

Riddhima's sister.. a supermodel and television actress.. known for her attitude towards her co-stars... but very caring when it comes to her family

 Atul sharma

an intern at sanjeevani.. orphan.. a very dedicated doctor.. and dr.shashanks favourite.. loved for his childish behaviour

 Abhimanyu modi

Armaans friend but competitor.. senior doctor at sanjeevani..

part 1 :


Muskaan:  yeh atul ka bacha kahan reh gaya.. jab jarurat padi toh gayab.. aur jab jarurat nahi tab toh piche hi pad jata hai..aane de use ab..

( muskaan wants to organise a party for her friend riddhima who is coming back to india after years.. she wants to think of something unique, but fails to think of something.. wants atul to help her in the process, but atul is nowhere to be seen)


Riddhima: hey guys.. time for the suspense to end.. so hmm.. where do i start.. ya.. this party has been organised by me, for me, as-in my farewell .. i am going to india for a year.. and will be back with plenty of ideas for my new novel.. well i hope so atleast.. so guys.. enjoy, while i pack up my belongings.. well yes.. i know it will take me hours.. but better late than never right.. so.. enjoy the party.. and dont worry i will pay the bill

(yup you guessed it right.. a farewell party has been organised by riddhima for her close friends)

Vivek( riddhima's friend): hey ridz.. have you told your parents that you're coming..? i mean.. howcome you haven't been receiving calls from your mother asking you to eat enough before the flight, pack all your belonging carefully and all that stuff.. she does that everytime right..?

Riddima : have you ever heard of giving people a surprise?  Well yes.. i have told my best friend that i'm coming.. i need someone to pick me up.. or i'll get lost again..

*FLASHBACK*- 3 years ago

Riddhima : bhaiya.. yeh adress .. please bata doge mujhe..

Person : oh yeh.. take the first left from here.. then 2nd right.. and then go striaght and then take the 3rd right and the 1st left again and the 5th last house over there is this bungalow..

Riddhima: hmm.. what did he say again? 3rd right... 1st left.. 5 th right.. 1st house?? Wait what??


Vivek (rolling on the floor with laughter): have you ever heard of a GPS system or google maps.. or even calling your friends up to ask them for the address?

Riddhima (irritated): just shut up now vivek.. i couldnt think of anything then..(sighing) poor me.. i spent hours looking for my own house...

Sanjeevani:(after 20 mins)

Atul :  hi muskaan.. tune mujhe bulaya

Muskaan : teri toh main.. maine tujhe 20 mins. Pehle bulaya tha.. ulu ke bache..

Atul : main kya karu yar.. sonia mujhe jaane hi nahin de rahi thi

Muskaan : sonia? Woh rose plant?  Itna time tha.. kuch acha excuse toh sochna tha..

Atul : nahin yaar.. tujhe toh pata hain.. sonia mere bina kita udaas hoti hain.. use mana raha tha..

Muskaan: chodd yar.. tu sunne toh wala nahin hain.. aur mafi.. woh to dur ki baat hain na?

Atul : acha tune kyun bulaya tha? Aaj toh meri chuti thi?

Muskaan: woh meri dost aa rahi hain.. australia se.. toh main aek party rakh na chahti hoon.. help kar na yaar..

Atul:  kisko bula rahi hain?

Muskaan : anjali, uski behan, tujhe aur main

Atul : ye bhi koi party hui? Party main toh atleast 50 jane hone chahiye. Aek kaam kar.. DR. abhimanyu aur DR. armaan ko bula leh.. unke picke 50 ladkiyaan to party main aa hi jayengi..

Models room:  ( preparing before the show)

Rahul : yar.. aaj show stopper kaun hai mere sath?

Model 1 : anjali gupta.. woh famous TV actress

Rahul : acha? Maza ayenga kaam kareke.. use toh main aisa maza chakhaunga..

Model 1 : kyun? Usne kya kiya?

Rahul: usne kuch nahin kiya.. lekin uske papa.. mere bhai ko naukar bana ke rahe hai.. kaam kaam kaam.. unke waje se bhaiya aaj bhi mujhe ramp pe dekhne naki ayye

precap: muskaan inviting armaan and abhimanyu... riddhima arrives....anjali - rahul show... armaan - riddhima , atul - anjali first meeting..

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