Saturday, 28 July 2018

Intro : To Err is Human


Dr Shashank Gupta:

He is the Chief Medical Officer of the prestigious Sanjeevani Medical Institute (SMI). He is a well respected, honest, righteous man whose life revolves around his hospital and his patients. He is married to Padma Gupta who was a nurse at the medical Institute but now a stay at home dedicated wife and mother.

Riddhima Gupta:

The only daughter of Dr Shashank Gupta, is a very ambitious 22 year old. She is in awe of her renowned Physican-father and her goal in life is achieve success like no woman graduating from the SMI has ever attained.

Armaan Mallik:

Son of a rich and famous surgeon, Dr Abhimanyu Mallik, Armaan's goal in life is 'to have fun….masti…..and panga' He has never been serious about anything in life. The only reason he is at the SMI is to carry on the tradition of the famous Mallik family where 4 generations of famous physicians and surgeons have graduated from. Being the only son, he had no choice but to join the SMI. He is an optimist but not really that ambitious. If it were not for his dad, he would have been a sportsman, movie star or a race car driver rather than adorn the dull scrubs and boring white coat!

Rahul Arora:

Rahul Arora has just graduated from a Medical School in Delhi with high honors. He is very bright, extremely ambitious and very competitive. He hails from a modest background but wants to be a top notch researcher and scientist in the medical community.

Angad Khanna:

An orphan by destiny, but a 'go-getter' and ruthless in his pursuit of happiness, which has eluded him all his life. His parents died at a young age and he was brought up by a distant aunt, Naina Khanna. Having lived a love-less and a penny-less life has made him very cynical in life. He has always dreamt of being the richest and most powerful man in the city. He wants to be a part of the elitist society of Mumbai, and being a good student has chosen the medical field as his chosen path.

Kripa Sharma:

A petite, demure and beautiful 22 year old from a small town in Rajasthan called Ajmer. She is here at the SMI to learn the state of the art techniques in medicine so she could help the poor and needy in her hometown. She is an idealist and sees the world as 'black and white' with no room for grey shades in it. The tragic death of her little sister in childhood due to lack of proper medical care has inspired her to become a dedicated and compassionate doctor. She despises doctors who are selfish or deny care to the needy due to lack of money.

Prithvi Bose:

Prithvi Bose from Calcutta is another idealist at the SMI. He is soft spoken, shy and a man of few words. He is a pleaser, a risk-averse person and hates controversies. He has always taken the path of least resistance in his life and avoids confrontation of any kind with anyone. He is in Mumbai as his parent's wanted him to get exposure to the real world instead of spending all his life in the comfort of his home and hometown. He misses home dearly but is willing to give SMI a shot just to please his parents.

Well, let's see how their paths cross at the SMI and how they change after being at the Institute and then into the real world.

Are they able to achieve their goals?

Do they find true love at this new place?

Does life always give us what we want?

How good are we at judging people? Are they always what they appear to be?

As humans are we allowed to make mistakes in life…..and what about doctors? Can we always forgive other's mistakes? Is life all about 'forgive and forget' or 'vengeance and unforgiveness' are equally important for existence?
When does forbearance cease to become a virtue and when does it become a weakness? 

Let's see if I can answer these questions with this story. 


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