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Kash os : A True Kash

Karan was sitting on the floor with his back resting against the frame of the couch with Shilpa sitting between his legs. Her back was securedly absorbed in his chest and their hands were resting on Shilpa's 26 weeks old bloated tummy, as if protecting the unborn with their love. Yes, Our very own Shilpa Anand, now Shilpa Singh Grover is a first time expecting mother and her husband is the most impatient and doting father -to -be one has ever see or heard about. Be it her vitamins, her creavings at midnight or her false labors...this guy knows how to panic even for the flimsiest reason...when it comes to the twp people who mean his world-his wife and would be child..



Karan :( in a dreamy voice) who do u think our baby would look like?

Shilpa (in a half amused tone) :Karan! u r crazy! Our baby isn't even born how can say?Which world are u living in Mr. grover?

K:(in a lil irritated voice):Tch...that's why I am saying"think"..U knw "think?" ..He air quoted.

Shilpa(giving an  smile and turning to face her adorable hubby);,"I really cant say Karan..But given a choice ,I would want our baby to be a junior you..I want a baby Karan..whenever mamma narrates to me ur childhood story i always feel that if i could be there at that see all your mischief..but since I cant..i want our baby to make up for it.."

Karan looked into the eyes of the woman sitting in his arms..his world, his life, his angel..his Shona..Life is actually full of surprises...and mysteries..and confusions..and is abt twist and turns...Who knew the handsome hunk Karan Singh Grover would actually end up not with any of the women he desired to be with, but wih the only one he always dreamt to be with..

Even after being with and without each other for so long, even after realizing what he wants, even after facing the truth his heart has been yearning to tell him from the first day he met Shilpa, it took him so long, it took them so long.

The day they met on the sets of DMG, they instantly felt smthing...something they could not was soimething different...While Karan felt drowning into the beautiful almond shaped eyes of the gorgeous protagonist, Shilpa herself felt immersing and being carried away in the ocean of love and passion that those blue eyes radiated as he used to look at her..

With time they realized that there was something building up between them which no words could express, no scene could depict, no director could portray.Karan and Shilpa, called KaSh by their fans, had crossed the levels of so called friendship they were sharing. They scenes they shot, the Aur Paas scene, the Lonavla dance scene, the New Year Terrace scene, the Confession-they were not merely scenes they were shooting. To the world they were AR, but to them they were KaSh speaking those lines.Yes, they had become one soul trapped in two bodies that craved every moment to be with each other.Then what had kept them away?

Confusion..Yes it was Karan's confusion that kept them away.Both being extremely career oriented, they were passing through the zenith of success in their career. Life was a bliss.They couldn't have asked for more. But good things at timesdo come to an end...

While Karan was  fancying her whole day, Shilpa was having problems with the production house..that is the CVs. She was not at all liking the way they were shaping her character. From a soft and timid girl character it was being changed to girl who is so confused that she ends up messing up not only her own life,but also the guy's (whose role is being played by Karan)...Whenever she used to complain., they would mum her up by reminding her of her contract. She was always expecting Karan to stand up for her, to talk for her,..but he never did.WHY?

The answer is confusion. She wanted him to support be with her .But he never did.These were tymes whn she doubted him. These acts of him confused her ...of him, and his feelings...

One thing which both these love birds were forgetting was that they already seeing other people in their life.While Karan was seeing Shraddha,   Shilpa was seeing Parikshit. But they wrer already in love with one another ryt? Then why? The answer is confusion...of Karan. Karan was waiting, waiting to gather up courage to go up to Shraddha ant tell her.

 Shilpa was suddenly finding herself at a loss,mainly due to Karan's  uncooperative nature. She quit the show.She was anticipating a fall her success due to her on screen character, but Karan's zenith was reaching a new height every other day ,thanks to the Bechara Lover Boy role he was playing.

Yes it was the success of Karan leading him to confusion which ultimately led to the tragic halt of this budding love story.

Shilpa quit, and he didn't stop her.He was scared of loosing his success. He felt he could afford to lose Shilpa, but not his success. He played along with the CVs. Unknowingly, he could realise what happened...they got separated. He stopped contacting her, because deep down he knwe he had wronged her...They drifted apart from each other...KaSh drifted apart from each other...

Karan Shilpa did talk to each other later if they met smwhere, but that was confined only to Hi n Hello. Shilpa died a million deaths while Karan felt terrible. But eventually because of all these confusions and turmoil, they had actually started doubting each other's feelings. While Shilpa laughed at her own foolishness as to how can such a practical girl like her 4get her 8yrs old love and fall crazily for her 1yr old friend, Karan started feeling more that his success was more important than jst a passing affair W*H a co star who wasnt even wrking W*H him now.They both concluded calling their feeling as nothing but attraction.

However, soon Shilpa realized that how hard she tried,she could not get Karan out herself. It was beyond her control now..her feelings had overpowred her completely...One such day when she could not take it any more, she ran to her sister and cried her heart out." Plz take him away....he has besieged my soul...plz take him away .."..was all she managed to say between her sobs."Clear the mess, and start ur life all over again", Sakshi said.

She could not start a new life, but she could definitely end the old one. Her old life, which was nothing but mess, thanks to two people. Karan and Parikshit. Yes Shilpa and Parikshit's love life was seeing enormous turmoils. While Parikshit could sense the reason, Shilpa kept on denying.But not any more.She called off her relationship W*H Pankit.

One soul trapped in two bodies, one heart beating in two bossoms.How can then one's life run smoothly while the other's is such a mess?Karan's confused life was had also become a mess. So he thought may be a marriage might clean it up.But alas! He was wrong again.He was not being able to adjust to Shraddha.To overcome his "maladjustment-led-disturbed married life" he joined a dance reality show to get himself busy.But instead of the reality show, the loss of Shilpa haunting him deep down was keeping him busy.Yes,his confusion messed it up yet again.He separated from Shraddha and hooked uo W*H his choreographer Nicole, hoping for a remedy .Getting back to Shilpa seemed to have been imposibble now.. He had gone too far away from her.

 Now he also started facing problems with the CVs..mainly because of his disturbed nature...So he decided to take a break for a compose himself..but its a SOLE SOUL lurking in two bodies..even their fates match...Karan could do nothing to keep Shilpa's memories away..His immensely deep feelings failed him every time he tried..This time was no exception...His workless like was trobling him even more...Eventually CVs called him back to the show bbecause of the falling TRPs.He came back..not for the CVs, but to flee away form his conscience,,which spoke nothing but the plain truth..The truth that he loves Shilpa...the thruth that he wronged her...the truth that he should go to her...the truth that he should bring her back...But it was impossible now...he didnt even know wheather she stiil reciprocated those feelings for him..It was impossible...

Suddenly the most impossible turned to be a miracle. Shilpa was called back to the show because of its still falling TRPs.The first thing they both did upon hearing the news was just smile.Yes, they simply smiled, from the one heart that they were sharing-the smile of content...The first thing they both said as they smiled was "Yes".While Shilpa said it as her approval, Karan said it out of happiness.

As they met on the set yet again, instead of hugging and crying their heart out, they simply smiled.They did not hug as they were still scared of the electric wave that would pass thru them if they do, and they smiled as that was enough to tell each other v what they felt. Their love was beyond words, and they knew it now.

As fate had given them another chance, they decided(to themselves) not to hurry.They took time to rediscover and reexplore each other especially Shilpa. Karan was sure of what he wants, but still he could feel some insecurity from Shilpa's side.She was scared.Yes she was scared to trust him again.What if she is again misled..what if he fails to love up too her hope again...She was scared..But Karan did not tell her nething.This tym he wanted his feelings to speak, not his words. He wanted to cure the wounds in her delicate heart with his love. Love is the best cure....

They bonded up really well. Stealing glances at each other, Karan's teasing with his eyes and flirting with his words along with Shilpa's blushing-all were back...Love was again in the air on the sets of DMG...In short, KaSh was back..Were things falling in place?Did fate give them another chance?Would they be able to make up for the previous time?

Amidst this, Karan had an offer from another reality show, the pfffer was really attractive..But quite unlike to him,he was hesitating to give a nod. .For some unknown reason,he feared leaving Shilpa behind and fly  to Brazil to shoot. This did not go unnoticed by Shilpa.She sensed his discomfort, and decided to talk to him.

One day, after pack up she dragged Karan to her van and asked him the reason.The reason why he was UNREASONABLY being stubborn.  She kept on screaming at him...demanding him a logical explanation..For some reason she lost her cool that day..may be because she was frustrated with the yet prevailing distance between them...Like him, she too was probably scared..So she was probably letting out her fear in this way..Confused Boy's Confused Girl...

But Karan stood mum.As Shilpa repeatedly kept on asking him,he just kept staring at the angelic beauty in front of him...He savoured the delightful view of his gorgeous girl  shouting at him..He felt as if he was drowning into those almond shaped eyes...Suddenly he rememberd the dialogue he once said in a scene for Riddhima,"in mein doobki laga sakte hain"......"that wasn't Armaan, that was Karan saying those lines", he chuckled at the thought.

"Karan, I am demanding an answer from u dammit", her growl brought him back to reality.

As soon as the words escaped her mouth, Shilpa felt something warm on her lips. Something that was sweet , but in a diffenrent way..She never tasted something like that before....She had never felt like that before..she felt the earth around her disappear...What was happening?

Then realization dawned on her...She was being kissed...Yes... she was being kissed by the person she shed a million tears to be with , the one she died a million deaths to love..and to be loved back...but W*H no avail..till now.... In no tym she found herself reciprocating, and soon they were kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Their kiss told how much they missed each other, how much they craved to be with each other, how much they love each other, and how incomplete they r without each other.

As they broke apart to catch some air, they bored in each other's eyes...their foreheads still joined, noses touching...While Shilpa's cheeks had turned crimson,he sighed out of content..and completeness...All the two lovers could manage to whisper against each other's trembling lips was "I LOVE U".

Yes, they finally destroyed all their distances,  and finally they claimed their love..


Karan bent and gave a soft peck on Shilpa's nose.

"What would have happened if u wouldn't have kissed me that day?"Shilpa asks  innocently.

"We would have gotten together by some other beautiful way, simple", Karan replied politely, playing with a strand oh her silky hair.

"How can u be so sure that we would have ended up together?"She still seems not so convinced W*H his answer.

He Cuddled her in his arms and she snuggled closer to him, hiding her face in the crook of his  neck.

"He who has written our love story,Shona..We were destined to be together," he says pointing upwards,"

"Yes , together, forever"...

They smiled and closed their eyes.

"One heart trapped in two bossoms

Two bossoms heaving in one beat

One soul lurking in two bodies

Two bodies swaying in one rhythm"

This Is The Secret Of KaSh..

The story is titled such that I do not need to say anything more..I believe that it is not a fiction(apart from the confession part)..It is a real story...That is the only way I could justify to myself the intense chemistry Karan Shilpa showed on screen..They cannot be acts.. They ought to be real.n this is how you can justify it...Thank u all for spending sometime with thier magically magnificent world of KaSh love..

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