Friday, 13 July 2018

last part : Need you now (ss)

New text ** BEEP **

Armaan- Watcha doin now?

Ridhima- Still sitting in front of you' lol

Armaam- lmfao I wonder if this habit of texting will ever leave our souls' lol

Ridhima- hehehe never' I mean look at us' we are right next to each other, and yet we r texing' makes ny sense to u?

Armaan- lol no' I guess it just become a daily life habit 4 us'

Ridhima- hehe I agree' DAMN! R we dat lazy'.

Armaan- I guess so' lol I mean I don't feel like talking now'

Ridhima- Yeah same here' lol let's just continue our texting' :D

Armaan- anything you say baby ;)

Ridhima- Stop flirting with me' :p

Armaan- y dun you try and stop me' my little dumpling'

Ridhima- Armaan' stop calling me little L imma big girl now'

Armaan- Awww my little sweeto' choo cute'. Muahh

Ridhima- nope dun need ur text kisses anymore.. :p

Armaan- HAW! Kyun? :[

Ridhima- because of this'

Armaan- of wat???

She put her lips on his rapidly, surprise attacking him.

"Ridhima' what was that?" he asked.

"Why would I want your text kissy when I can have a real kissy" she pouted cutely, making him smile warmly.

"OMG! Your soooo cute' just stop it" he pinched her cheeks, making her frown.

"Love you my baby" he kissed her cheeks and hugged her.

"Armaan do you think my parents would ever accept us being together?" she sat on his lap and hugged him.

"I don't know Ridhima' but I do know for now what they don't know wont hurt them" he winked at her.

"What about the future Armaan?"

"Well I don't normally like thinking about the future' but what I do know about the future is that Armaan will always be with Ridhima' throughout every step you take, just turn around and I'll always be there" he hugged her tightly.

"Thanks Armaan' rather than being my weakness you became my strength, and I'm positive after knowing how much in love we are, we are ready to face the world'"


"Anjali, why are you so deep in thought?" her mother asked her, seeing the concerned look on Anjali's face.

"Mom' can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead my child' you know you can ask me anything'" the mother smiled assuring Anjali to speak.

"Did I ever disrespect you guys? Did I ever do anything that would make you guys distrust me?"

"What' never baby' you and Ridhima made me a proud mother' I can never ask for anything more'"

"Then why all this isolation mom' why can't you let us be free and live life' Experience life'"

"Anjali' I know we are really strict, but we are only doing this for your good' We want our children to be on track, and know respect'"

"Mom' we are on track' and you already told us we never disrespected you'"

"And I do agree with you' but why are you asking me this all of a sudden?" she asked slightly suspicious.

"Mom I have to tell you something' promise me that you wont freak' otherwise I wont tell you'"

"Ummmm' I promise beta' just tell me'"

"Mom I love this guy' and I want to marry him'"

"WHAT! Anjali? What am I hearing' you can't be in love, you don't even know what love is'"

"MOM! You promised you wont freak' and of course I know what love is' I been in love for the past 2 years'"

"How long did you know the boy for?"

"Mom for like 4 years' he was my boyfriend for 3 years' and I been in love with him ever since' please don't make me break up with him mom' I just felt that I needed to tell you guys before making the decision of marrying him'" she said firmly.

"I don't know what to say Anjali'??"

"Say go for it mom' say something inspiring that will give me a cue to marry this guy' tell me how I should be with the person who will make me happy for the rest of my life mom' please'. Because I know that no other person is better for me' just him'" she practically begged her mother.

After 5 minutes of silence Anjali got up to leave, after hearing nothing from her mother.

"Go for it Anjali' marry the guy" she heard her mother, all firm and strong.

"MOM! Are you serious'?"

"Yes my child' I am serious' you stood up for your love, that's all I needed to see to know that you truly are in love'"

"Mom there is something else I have to tell you'"


"About Ridhima' ummm she'"

"Please don't tell me she loves some one also' I picked out the best guy for her'"

"Umm sorry to burst your bubble mom' but yeah she is in love with a person' deeply in love'"

"Anjali' one night I had this dream of Ridhima getting married' Her husband was this handsome man' and then I saw the face, just as I expected it was Armaan."

"WHAT! Armaan Malik' no way" Anjali started laughing.

"I am serious Anjali' I mean I know he's Muslim, but I don't really care' Armaan is an exception."

"No mom' hush'. The guy Ridhima loves is Armaan' she's been wanting to tell you guys, but has been freaking out for the past months' why do you think she was in such a rush to go to Princeton' she wanted to spend her everyday with him'"

"Now I feel content Anjali' all my dreams came true' My daughters planned out their future, what more do I want" she hugged Anjali.




Ridhima- Morning Mr. Malik

Armaan- Morning Mrs. Malik



Ridhima- I love you.

Armaan- Love you too'

"Happy Anniversary mama and daddy" two little boys came in.

"Love you guys" they said at the same time.

Yes it has been exactly 5 years since they have gotten married, and thanks to God they have been blessed with 2 twin boys named Ryan and Bryan.

 Life for them can't get better than this.


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