Thursday, 26 July 2018

Last part : Taming the Unknown

"Muskaan" Rahul said looking at Muskaan, when he saw her, he looked at her beautiful hair flying out the window, her rosy cheeks so beautiful, he felt like kissing them so much, her lips, one thing that Rahul earned to kiss again and again but because she was mad at him he couldn't do it.
"LOOK AT THE DAMN ROAD" Muskaan screamed right into rahul's ear.
Coming out of the shock, Rahul looked at her again. "I'm sorry" he whispered. "Mom wanted to talk to the whole family in the morning, so i couldn't get out of it" he said as sweetly as possible, while the car came to a stop.
"Rahul" Muskaan said scared now. "Where are we?"
Rahul looked at her scared face. "Japan" he said sarcastically. "Come on muski" he got out of the car, just the same as Muskaan di.
Muskaan looked around the place, they had come to a temple, and it was a very beautiful temple, she looked around, it was placed in a garden. Green grass covering it, Muskaan stopped for a while and thought, well usually temple's be on a big hill with dirt everywhere, which is in movies, but here it was in a beautiful garden, flowers; roses, lilies, dandelions, daffodils, jasmines, flowers covered each inch on the place.

"Rahul?" Muskaan whispered but was caught off guard, as Rahul placed his sweet lips right on her, slowly as capturing her sweet lips right into his mouth, he caressing her waist, pulling her closer, and closer each second. He lowered her down onto the front of the car bonnet; he pressed himself right on top of her, as the kissed lowered won from her lips to her neck, and Rahul caressed every bit of her.
"I love you" Muskaan said breathless
Smiling against her neck, he pulled her up, he smiled up to her. "Come on then" he said interlocking his fingers with hers, pulling her up he ran up the stairs to the temple.
"Rahul what are you doing?" Muskaan asked annoyed, as Rahul rang the bell for the temple.
"Marrying you" he said casually
"WHAT!" Muskaan shook her head. "What?" she repeated again
Rahul didn't say or do anything; he just took her right in front of the middle, not listening to any of Muskaan's complains or her shouting and screaming behind him.
"Rahul! For god sake listens at least"
"Nope, i'm marring you and that's final" they stood in the middle of a temple
"This isn't right" Muskaan said to herself
"Everything it right, in love Muskaan, everything"
 Rahul placed slit his finger onto the knife in the temple, as the droplets trickled down, Muskaan looked shockingly into his eyes as whatever was happening now should've have been happening at all.
"Wait a second" Muskaan said as his hand stopped right in the middle of air. "Where did you get the knife from?" she said looking around.
"Muskaan!" Rahul screamed. "My blood is running out, and you're bloody worried about the knife"
"Yes i thought that-"

"WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" Muskaan and Rahul both turned around to see armaan standing there outside his car.
Muskaan smiled, relaxing she ran towards armaan, and hugged him
"Ohey, you're my girl, why are you hugging my brother" Rahul screamed from the back as he followed her down.
Armaan hugged Muskaan back, as he saw Rahul walking down. "You cut your finger"
"No" Muskaan said annoyed. "He was about to marry me"
Armaan looked at Rahul, confused as ever. "Wow, mom and dad need to know about this" armaan said laughing as he took out his phone.
"Oh shut up armaan" he said taking the phone from armaan's hand.
Muskaan smiled. "By the way, what are you doing?"
"And how did you find us?" Rahul asked in annoyance.
Armaan smirked and then grinned wider. "Well one question at a time" they waited for him to continue. "Well, the reason i'm here is because, there is something very important that you all need to know, atul and Anjali are waiting for us at home, and you guys need to be there" armaan said as they both were puzzled, then he turned his face towards Rahul. "And Rahul, the next time you decide to take Muskaan somewhere and getting married, then don't bother keeping a note of the fridge saying 'Mom, going with Muskaan to a temple'" rahul's face dropped as Muskaan started laughing.
"But how did you know, he was coming to this temple?" Muskaan said coming out of the laughter.
"This is the only temple he knows" he joined his laughter with Muskaan's as Rahul stood there annoyed.
"Can we go home now" Rahul said annoyed, he opened his door and walked in. While Muskaan followed him into the passenger seat, giving armaan a hi 5
"Oh does he want a band aid?" armaan grinned as Muskaan laughed louder.
"I've got one, thank you!" Rahul said from inside the car.
As they both started their car, the zoomed off to home.


"Anji what's wrong?" atul kept asking her as he got home with 10 plants.
Anjali kept pacing around. "Wait till armaan comes" she kept saying it again and again.
Getting really annoyed, atul walked over and hugged her. "What's wrong baby?"
Anjali's eyes started welling up, as atul felt her sob in his chest. "I've been a horrible, i hate myself" she cried in his chest.
Atul soothed, he patted her on the back, caressing her hair, and he didn't know what was wrong.
"Anji" they both turned as Muskaan walked in, followed by Rahul and then armaan. Wiping away her tears, Anjali calmed herself down; atul looked at them, as all of them looked very much puzzled as well as confused. "Armaan" atul asked confused as ever.
"Sit down" armaan replied, as they all took a sit.
Rahul next to Muskaan, Anjali next to atul and armaan in the middle
"Armaan what's going on?"
"Yeah armaan, i'm confused" Rahul joined in to Muskaan's comment.
Anjali looked at armaan, her tears were going to give her away. "Are you going to tell them?" armaan asked Anjali
"No" she whispered softly
Armaan knew that Anjali was going to break soon. Taking the power armaan started off telling all of them the whole story, Muskaan kept butting in, saying that it was all wrong but armaan kept saying it was true, once Anjali had enough of Muskaan defending sakshi.
"SHE DID IT MUSKAAN" Anjali screamed. "IT WAS SAKSHI THAT F**KING BITCH, NOT RIDHIMA" she cried harder as atul hugged her tight.
Muskaan went numb, she was right, whatever Rahul was saying for the past few days was right, she shouldn't have blamed her sister without knowing the whole truth, Rahul was right, he had told her to find out the other side of the story but she never took the whole thing in her mind.
"Prove it" Muskaan whispered
Armaan turned the tape on, and the same things that Anjali heard, it was now heard by all 5 of them, tears came rolling down anjali's eyes and Muskaan was numb, she didn't know how to react, Rahul looked at her, her eyes were turning red, her face took hold of no expressions what so ever. Tears came now down her eyes, Rahul took Muskaan's hand into his own, and he pulled her closer, as Muskaan sobbed in his arms.
Atul looked at armaan and then armaan looked at Rahul, they all nodded their head; a plan had already come up.
"Revenge, that's what we need" atul said firmly.
"Where are mom and dad?"
"Gone out" armaan said sweetly. "So what are we going to do then?"
Muskaan looked at Anjali. "We can't say sorry to her yet, not until tomorrow" it's like Anjali just answered Muskaan's thoughts.
"Call Abhi and nikki" armaan said loud and clear, as a smile formed on both the brothers.
"What?" Muskaan stuttered
Armaan smiled at both of them. "Abhimunyu Modi, an inspector in India, well one of the biggest"
"I've heard of him" Anjali said as Muskaan nodded.
Rahul butted in. "And our best friend, i think he'll come in handy" atul laughed at rahul's comment.
"And who's Nikki?" Muskaan asked
"Nikita Modi" armaan said as both of Muskaan's and anjali's eyes widened. "Know her?"
Muskaan smiled. "Ridhima's best friend in nursery" she said as her eyes started watering again. "She left to Dubai, leaving ridhima by herself"
"Now she's married to Abhimunyu Modi and the best working lawyer around" Rahul finished off. "Living the India right now, so we'll get her" he smirked.
"Call them, we need a big finale for tomorrow" atul grinned at what was coming their way.

Rahul picked up the phone and called them, smiling and grinning he told them the whole story, and Nikki was even more worried than ever, she was scared. Her anger rose when Anjali and Muskaan talked to her, she hated them at that moment, but hearing their cries for their sisters, her heart melted.
"Ok fine, tomorrow it is, the plan is simple, Kidnap him" Abhi said as Nikki agreed and said bye.
"Wait" Muskaan interrupted after the phone call. "Who do we have to kidnap?"
Rahul waited for armaan to answer. "Well not kidnap, but we need to lock him up in some place to keep him away from your house, and also we need to keep him in a place where no one would check"
"Who's him?" atul asked confused.
"Dev, Sakshi's hubby" armaan answered.
Anjali nodded. "Ok, so who's going?"
"I think, Rahul and atul should go" armaan suggested
"No, me and Rahul will go" Muskaan said.
Armaan shook his head and looked at Rahul. "She is really strong, believe me" he said
"Ok fine" armaan gave in. "Tomorrow morning, we need it done before the puja, and abhi and Nikki will arrive on time, so dev should be ready" Rahul and Muskaan nodded.
"How we going to get his address" atul asked as he hugged Anjali from the side.
"Don't worry about that, i'll be going to meet ridhima tonight, i'll go in the room and get the address, it should be there somewhere around" armaan said quickly, as he turned to see Rahul, Muskaan, Anjali and atul all smiling at them.
"Oh of course, since you spent the whole night with her yesterday" Rahul said teasingly
Muskaan's mouth was hanging open. "You spent the night with her? Did you...." she stopped short. "Ahem, ahem you know" she blushed, even thinking about it.
"Of course not" armaan said blushing harder. "She confessed all this to me yesterday night" he said smoothly.
"Ok then, me and Muskaan are going home" Anjali said as she got up and kissed atul on the kiss. "So everything set for tomorrow ok, i need you armaan and atul at my house in the morning and Rahul and Muskaan hide him in a place where no one would check" saying that Anjali and Muskaan left the house.


"THAT STUPID BRAT, HOW DARE HE" ridhima cursed armaan under her breaths. She was sitting down on the bed, covered with only a pink towel, her hair left down wet, she had been waiting to meet armaan the whole day and now it was 9 at night, she had her dinner but he still hadn't come to meet her.
"'Oh ridhima i love you'" she mimicked at what he said last night.
Fuming in anger, ridhima walked up and down the room, she hardly knew that she was still naked only with a towel around her. "That stupid, stupid guy and I......... Uh i hate him"
"But I love you" ridhima snapped around, hearing the voice she rolled her eyes.
Turning her back towards him, as he was sitting on the balcony railings "Get lost armaan" ridhima said annoyed with him.
"Did i ever tell you, that you look extremely hot in a towel" he smirked, just then ridhima felt conscious, she grabbed the front of her towel, holding it very close to her.
Seeing her tensing up armaan laughed as he walked inside her room, closing the balcony door. Watching her closely, armaan bit his lip, from going and pouncing right on her, ridhima walked a bit back, holding the towel securely around her.
"Armaan" ridhima said shaking a bit. "Please go"
Before she could say anything else, she fell on the bed, ridhima was even more scared then before, she saw the hunger in his eyes, his lips lush and ready to be filled, ridhima tried getting up, she put herself up by getting her elbows up, but her top went up, and then armaan's eyes were travelling all around her, it was hard to get off the bed, ridhima put her elbows down and just slept on the bed.
"You look so sexy" he whispered as he reached the bed, putting one knee on one side of her leg and the other on the other side, ridhima gasped as he bent himself downer, his breath now touching her neck.
"Hmmm" he breathed in the scent, as he lingered his lips swiftly moving across her neck, leaving ridhima wanting for more. "You're so indecent, but so utterly enchanting" armaan said as his lips hovered along her neck.

Ridhima was getting annoyed every second; she was there under the man she loves, with such less clothing, more likely nothing, with just a towel wrapped around her and he was playing games, how much he loved torturing her, and how much ridhima wanted him to just kiss her neck all over.
"Armaan" ridhima looked up to see him gazing right back down at her, his eyes travelled from her lips to her neck, and then coming down to her chest, as his eyes were fixed to that same spot, ridhima's breaths came hot and strong, as she breathed out far too high, as her breast touched his skin, how hot he was feeling right now under all those clothing.
Armaan bent down and nuzzled the side of ridhima's neck, as he heard her gasp again and again, but didn't stop, he pushed his chest right onto her breast, hearing her moan in pleasure he bit the side of her neck, as he kept coming up, from her neck to her shoulders, kissing and licking them, not leaving a single spot that wouldn't be with his touch.
"Armaan......" she moaned louder, as his fingers pulled her up, so he got more access of her body, feeling his lips on the other side of her neck, they were playing havoc with her body, she closed her eyes and let him take her away to a different world.
Seeing her eyes closed, he moved up and kissed her eyelids, he then moved his lips to her cheek, kissing them so delicately, he lingered it there, as ridhima tried to concentrate on what was happening, but then his lips found her, and then all the concentrating bit was in the drain, he kissed her so passionately, driving her up the last nerves of her brains.
The kiss got even more passionate, as ridhima responded far into her, her fingers into his hair, pulling him down into her lips, there was hardly any air or shall i say space between them left, armaan was pushing her down while ridhima was pulling him down, even ridhima's towel was slipping off, but they didn't mind it.  Ridhima's both was brushing every part of armaan's body, sending him into heaven, slowly and slandering ridhima found armaan's hand on the back of her towel, he was slowly undoing it, her eyes flashed open from the kiss, as she parted off and looked straight into his confused eyes.
Putting a hand on his chest for a stop, she looked up to him again. "I'm not ready for this yet, armaan" she said softly.

Afraid that he might not like this, ridhima closed her eyes, she didn't want to lose him, but neither did she want to take such a big step for their relationship, she wanted to know him better then go for whatever he says.
"I'm sorry" ridhima whispered. "Please don't hate him, please" the urge of crying was on the edge of ridhima then.
"Shhhhhhh" she heard him say. Looking up to see him gaze "There's no hurry shona, we have forever" he said as she blushed harder.
Getting up from her, armaan moved back, as ridhima got up from the bed, holding onto the towel, seeing his gaze still on her, ridhima ran towards the bathroom, picking up the nearest night clothe she could get her hands on.
"Ohey hoye shona" he laughed seeing her run away from him.
Sitting down on the bed, armaan waited for ridhima to come out, hearing the bathroom door creak open he turned around to see the most beautiful girl in the world with the sexiest night suit ever.
"Did i ever tell you, that you are so sexy?" he said in a daze
She laughed at him compliment. "Yes you have" she walked closer towards him.
"Come here" his voice full of promises that ridhima was staying away from.
But seeing his gaze so lovingly looking at her, she walked closer, giving her hand into his, as he pulled her down onto her lap, leaving his legs straight out on the bed, and ridhima between his legs, her hand put back on his chest.
"I won't do anything that you don't want me too" he whispered in her ear.
Ridhima turned her head around, to see his lovely lips lush and bright, she lifted her head a bit up as it came in contact with his, pushing herself higher, she sat on his crouch, kissing him as hard as ever, she pushed her lips right onto his, feeling the power of his lips kissing her back with the same passion, they drove themselves into a different height. With a slightly pull, armaan turned ridhima around, so she was laying right on top of him, her body pursing past high, up and down, wanting him to have the whole of her, every part of her and he wanted that soon.
Seeing her breathing so fast, armaan placed another kiss on her lips soon, he pulled her up with her hair, as ridhima moaned and bit his lip, while armaan's hands gripped her waist and pulled her higher, kissing her licking her, sucking ever breath of her own into his.
Just when armaan was going to start kissing her neck, his phone started ringing, looking up he saw ridhima shying away, as she got off him and sat a few distance away from him, the hunger in his eyes wasn't filled yet, he wanted more, he needed her.
"Hello" he breathed in into the phone.
"ARMAAN" atul screamed from the other side of the phone. "You better come home before mom comes and checks you in your damn room"
"OH shit" he gasped, looking at ridhima his eyes fixed on hers. "Ok, i'll be there right now, bye"
Keeping the phone back into his pocket "I have to go" he got up, as ridhima went closer and hugged him, a soft and beautiful gesture. "I'll see you tomorrow ok" she nodded.
"Oh" she called out as he opened the door. "Make sure you don't leave your phone here again" she giggled as she saw his shocked expression
Armaan watched ridhima laughing. "You found it? Kaka said it was Deepika" he said confused.
"Yeah, i told Deepika to give it to kaka" she smiled looking at his dimples widened. Ridhima walked closer to him, and kissed his dimples. "Go, now" she whispered
"I love you"
"Me too"


"Morning my darlings" sakshi said as she hugged Anjali.
Anjali hugged her back, how much she wanted to go and kill that lady. "Morning"
"Where's muski?" sakshi looked around the place.
"She's gone out........ With Rahul" she added at the end.
"Oh ok, well the puja is in 3 hours, so get ready ok" sakshi said sweetly as Anjali gave her a fake smile
As sakshi walked away from her Anjali, felt like picking up a knife and killing her, walking over to the nearest thing, which was a stone next to a plant in the house, she picked it up to throw it at sakshi-
"Women!" atul ran into the house, Anjali put the stone down quickly.
Anjali looked down on the floor, as atul walked in laughing. "Were you planning to kill her already?" atul said giggling.
"I can't believe I believed that witch against my sister" Anjali said angrily.
Atul looked at her as he hugged her closer. "Don't worry babe, we'll fix everything"
"Where's armaan?" she said looking around.
"Coming don't worry, Muskaan and Rahul have left to kidnap the git, they'll be back in 2 hours....... hopefully" he added at the end
Before Anjali could enter, they turned to see armaan smiling and laughing as he walked in, talking to Deepika at his side.
"Here he comes, now" atul said sweetly.
But then right in the middle, armaan stopped, he stopped talking, stopped walking, he even stopped blinking, Anjali looked at him surprised as his eyes were locked onto one place and only one place, she saw his attention at the stairs, Anjali and atul both looked at each other and then at armaan who was just staring at the stairs, she looked up and was even shocked herself.

There was ridhima, wearing a white Churidar, which made even more prettier, she looked like an angel as she walked down the stairs.

armaan looked at her, she was looking gorgeous, even Anjali was wearing white, even the room was wearing white due to the fact that it was a death anniversary, but ridhima looked just beautiful, different from others.
"I'm proud to have a sister like her" Anjali whispered to atul
"Do you think they talked about the colour clothing" atul said back as Anjali looked at him confused. "Armaan and ridhima, the colour"
"Atul" Anjali said annoyed. "Everyone's wearing white, i don't think that will be a hard choice"
"Good thinking" atul said feeling stupid himself.

Armaan was still there, standing still by Deepika's side, he didn't know how to react, the most angelic creature was walking down, and she looked like an actual angel from heaven.
"Ohey armaan?" Deepika nudge him.
"Hmmm what?" armaan said dreamily.
"SNAP OUT OF IT" she screamed in his ear, as the whole house looked at him.
Ridhima looked at armaan, and smiled, giggling to herself. She raised her eyebrows.
"You look beautiful" he mouthed to her from afar.
Blushing ridhima mouthed back a 'thank you'
As ridhima went back, to the kitchen, she wasn't welcomed to be in the puja, as ridhima went into the kitchen, Deepika followed her in too. Armaan just smiled and walked over to atul and Anjali.
"Everything's going great i hope" armaan said smiling.
Anjali nodded. "Yeah, what about Rahul and Muskaan"
Atul looked at armaan who just looked back. "They'll be fine, no worries, abhi and Nikki are very much ready for this"
"Ok then let the show begin"


In the same room, 3 hours later, Muskaan and Rahul stood side by side, as did atul and Anjali, armaan looked around to see ridhima standing behind a pillar, seeing tears running down her eyes, he was even more content into killing sakshi right then, but knowing that she had to get a deserving punishment he had to wait.
"I hate to see her cry" armaan murmured as Rahul looked at him.
The puja about to start, everyone there, all their relatives, all their friends, gauri Hitein, zoey, every person was there, knew that shashank gupta was great man; a lot of his staff was there too, and it was a perfect place to take everything out.

As the puja started, armaan backed away from there, and walked over to where ridhima was standing behind the pillar, as everyone was clapping their hands together, while Anjali started the puja.
"What are you doing here?" ridhima whispered
Armaan groaned. "Shona, i'm your guest, please try not to insult me today"
Ridhima just shook her head and started praying again, Deepika had come and stood beside the other side of ridhima, as armaan smiled at her friendly. Muskaan then started with the prayers, as she took the tali, and started doing the puja, as every was clapping and singing for shashank's soul and then came sakshi's turn.
"She's such a cow" Muskaan whispered in rahul's ear.
"No worries babe, just a few seconds and then-"
When sakshi took the tali, a loud noise came, the door stashed open, a gush of wind came through and then the loud voice.
"STOP NOW!" a police officer walked in.
Sakshi turned around and walked in front of the officer. "Jee, what's wrong?" sakshi acted all innocent
"Sakshi?" he said as she nodded. "Abhimunyu Modi, Police offer............ You're under arrest"
The whole mop stood still, no one made a move, except the 3; armaan, ridhima and Deepika, they three walked out from behind the pillar and stood right beside the others.
"WHAT!" sakshi screamed "YOU CAN'T BLOODY ARESST ME, I HAVEN'T F**KING DONE ANYTHING" she shouted louder.
"You killed shashank gupta" Abhi said softy. "AND DON'T YOU DARE SPEACK TO ME LIKE THAT" he screamed back.

Sakshi took a deep breath. "I didn't kill him" she said softly. "That bloody girl, ridhima did" she screamed as ridhima's tears started falling out, the whole room was hush, no one said anything, ridhima sobbed as armaan hugged her closer to him.
"That bitch-"
Nikki stepped out, as she slapped sakshi right across, the face, tears were welling up in sakshi's eyes then, and she looked at Nikki with murderous look.
"SAY ANOTHER WORD WRONG ABOUT HER, AND I'LL KILL YOU" she shouted as ridhima looked up to see one of her best's friends ever.
"Nikki?" ridhima whispered softly
Nikki looked pettily at ridhima. "You are such a cow, don't you dare blame her for something you did" she said loudly
"But i didn't do anything" sakshi said calming herself down. "I didn't kill him, i can't have, and I mean his my husband"
"Then she's her daughter" armaan butted in.
Hitien looked at his son from the back, he didn't even know what was going on, but armaan taking the side of ridhima was a sign that something has surely being going wrong.
"Oh you shut up" sakshi screamed at armaan. "You have no right to have a say in this"
"AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, TO TALK TO MY SON LIKE THAT" gauri said back angrily
"I have proof" abhi said calmly, as he took out the tape from the morning, and then same thing repeated again.

Ridhima was shocked as ever, she didn't know what was going on, tears were kept coming from her eyes, she had soaked armaan's shirt, and he was holding her in his arms, soothing her down but nothing helped. Ridhima was shocked to hear her tape, her eyes filled with hatred and anger.
"YOU BITCH" ridhima screamed. "I HATE YOU, YOU RUINED MY LIFE"
"I didn't do it, someone's framed me" she said with fake tears.
Muskaan smiled and Rahul grinned. "So you're telling me this is fake" they both walked out from sakshi's room with dev.
"Dev?" sakshi said shocked as ever.
As Dev looked at her, his eyes blood shot, he had bruises everywhere on his face, his eye was black, and Rahul had clearly punched him. Rahul threw him to abhi, as he smiled and Muskaan grinned.
"Muskaan?" sakshi said confused. "You're my daughter how could you-"
"I'M NOT YOUR DAMN DAUGHTER YOU WHORE, AND YOU'RE THE ONLY REASON I WAS AWAY FROM MY OWN SISTER" Muskaan screamed as ridhima looked at Muskaan with utter surprise.
"What Muskaan, you can't believe this tape!" sakshi said annoyed. "Anjali, tell her right?" she ran towards Anjali and took hold of her hand.
"YOU ARE THE WORST WOMEN IN THIS WORLD" Anjali slapped her right across her face, sakshi put her hand on her cheek and she stumbled back.
Armaan smirked at abhi and nodded towards him. "Do you know this man Ms Sakshi?" he said sarcastically.
"NO, NOT AT ALL" sakshi screeched. "I'VE NEVER SEEN HIM"
"WHAT?" dev now screamed, all the talking between them was annoying him. "I KILLED THAT BLOODY SHASHANK BECAUSE YOU WANTED ALL HIS MONEY" he screamed as sakshi stood there still. "AND YOU TOLD ME THAT WE WOULD GET MARRIED AFTER YOU TOOK ALL HIS PROPETY"
"DEV!" sakshi screamed annoyed as hell
Nikki smiled from afar. "So you do know him" she smirked. "Arrest them both"
"WHAT!" sakshi screamed as the police women walked closer to her. "Stay away from me, Ahhhhh" she screamed as they took her away.
"I'M GOING TO GET YOU ALL BACK FOR THIS" she shouted back.

As the police van took the two away, all of them looked around, ridhima didn't say anything or do anything, they finished the puja, while ridhima just stood away from there, everyone left the house as quick as possible. The only one's there was; atul, Anjali, Muskaan, armaan, ridhima and Rahul, and they all were just staring at one person; ridhima.
"W............hat just........... Happened?" she whispered as they all sat on the sofa.
Armaan sat down beside her, as he told her the whole story, at the end ridhima was crying in armaan's shirt.
"Ridhima, i'm sorry" Anjali whispered
"Ridhima i'm-"
"Di" ridhima said as she went and hugged both of them in their arms, ridhima cried as Muskaan started crying too, and Anjali had tears in her eyes.
"Ohey, you don't look crying" Muskaan wiped away ridhima's tears.
Anjali looked at Muskaan. "You look horrible crying" Anjali and ridhima both started laughing as tears were dripping down their eyes.
"Ok, now Muskaan you've got to do my hair" ridhima wailed
"No way, have you seen mine it's a mess" Muskaan screamed
Anjali just laughed at her sisters. "I'm glad to have you guys back" she hugged them again as they were all happy. "I love you guys" she said as Muskaan and ridhima said it too.
"AND SO DO WE" the girls turned around to see armaan, Rahul and atul sitting there looking at them lovingly.
Ridhima, Anjali and Muskaan laughed seeing them sitting there and just looking at them.
"I love you too" ridhima whispered as armaan looked at her and kept staring at her.
"Ohhhhhhhh" came a reply for the other 4.
Armaan got up and walked over to ridhima. "Do you wanna go out?" ridhima looked at him confused. "Now, away from here for a bit" he asked as ridhima nodded.
"Di-" she looked at Anjali for permission
Anjali stood there with a stern face but then she smiled and nodded
"Thanks, salli ji" armaan smirked as he took ridhima's hand and walked out of the house, towards his car.


"This has to be my best day- ever" ridhima said as they both got out of the car. "Aww i love the beach" she screamed, as ridhima ran into the sand, running and twirling.
"Armaan, look, we're just in time for the sunset" ridhima jumped in excitement. "Come on you don't want to miss it" grabbing onto his wrist, she pulled him down to sit on the sand, as the water brushed through their legs and the sun settled perfectly.
Armaan looked at her, as ridhima was just smiling at the sun going down into the water.
"Isn't it so beautiful?" she asked looking at the sun.
Armaan gazed at her deeply. "Yes........ Very" he whispered
Ridhima turned to look at him, she laughed. "Not me, the sun" she smacked him on his arm.
"Ouch, aggressive women" he said annoyed but then smirked. "Armaan likey"
Ridhima giggled and hugged him closer, laying her head on his shoulder, armaan pulled her closer, as he kissed her lips softly and delicately, there was hardly anyone at the beach, but it felt so right to be there with ridhima.
"I love you shona"
"I've heard that before" she giggled but then to her surprised, she felt cold water hitting her face. "Armaan you are so dead" he made a run for it as ridhima got up and ran right behind him.
They both ran through the water, as they were drenched, with one pushed ridhima threw armaan right into the water, while armaan just smirked and pulled ridhima's leg which made her fall in the water right on top of him.
"Uhhhh" she screamed as the waves went over them, laughing and giggling they both got up.
"I am so marrying you" armaan said breathless as he laced his lingers through ridhima's
Ridhima just blushed at his comment. "But i will not marry you at all" she said back.
"Ohhh really?" armaan said sarcastically. "Do you want to meet Mr. Tickles?" armaan said shaking his fingers out.
"No... No thank you" she said a bit scared. "So i'm stuck with you forever then"
"Yes Juliet, you're stuck with your Romeo" he pulled her closer, as they walked through the water across the beach.
"Oh and by the way, i want a whole football team ok" armaan said as ridhima looked at him confused. "Our babies, you can't forget"
"No way, there are 11 players in a football team" ridhima said shaking her head in a no-no.
Armaan smirked. "Yeah 11 playing and then there are so many substituters" ridhima gasped loudly.
"YES" ridhima said and then bit her tongue.
"Ha, ha" armaan said funnily.
As they both walked together, holding onto each other, together forever.


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