Thursday, 19 July 2018

Last part : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

Finally. After three years together, we finally got married. I finally felt like I was over the whole incident. I was so grateful for Armaan, he was always there by my side. It must have taken him a lot to deal with all of this, but he did. I don't know what he's made of but I'm just so grateful to have him with me in my life. And now he would be mine forever. He proposed to me two years of commitment on the day we both graduated. It was completely unexpected on my part but Muskaan and Rahul knew. They kept asking me 'Did he do it?' throughout the whole day leaving me confused as to what the heck they were talking about. I even asked Armaan and he said he didn't know. I decided to let it go. Before the ceremony, we quickly introduced all of our parents to each other before rushing into the large room where all the graduates were being organized. Once we had walked across the stage, shook hands with the dean and received our diplomas, the whole crowd surrounding us applauded as some of the students tossed up their graduation caps.
We were taking pictures after the ceremony with friends and family when I saw Rahul and Muskaan bombarding Armaan with questions. I couldn't exactly hear them since I stood a few feet away and the crowds of people congratulating each other didn't help either. After bidding farewell to another friend I made my way over to them and found them happily chatting with the rest of our parents. Muskaan pushed me next to Armaan saying we should take a picture together so I stood next to him. While Muskaan took the picture I saw Rahul take his dad's video camera and start to record Armaan and me standing with each other. I turned my head to look up at Armaan but didn't find him next to me. I looked around but still didn't see him. It was when I heard my name that I looked down and saw Armaan on his knees with a small black box in his hands that held a silver diamond ring. I remember looking at my parents and they were as shocked as I was. I saw Muskaan next to Rahul happily bouncing up and down with her hands clasped together.

            Obviously I said yes, but we waited another year before we actually got married. And right now? It's my wedding night. Muskaan and all the other girls had just left and I sat there on the bed in my wedding gown with my veil slightly draped over my face. I heard the girls giggling outside the door and knew Armaan was probably out there. My hands began to fidget on my knees and I bit my lower lip nervously. I heard the giggles disappear and the door burst open.

"Have fun.... Bhabhi!" Rahul screamed joyfully as he pushed Armaan into the room. I only knew that because I saw his legs stumbling into the room from behind the lowered veil. Before I could stop blushing from that comment another one came, "Oh ho, look at Bhabhi! She's looking beautiful, right Armaan?" I felt the bed shake as his friend jumped onto the side of it. I lowered my head more so none of them could see my face. "Okay guys enough! Get out of here!" The bed moved again as his friend was pulled off by Armaan and pushed toward the door. "You too, Rahul!" I let out a small giggle which didn't go unheard by them. They were about to comment again but I looked up and saw Armaan push them out of the room and shut the door in their face. They let out some howls and whistles as they walked away from the door. I brought my gaze back down when I saw Armaan turning around.

I saw Armaan's feet coming closer and with each step he took, I could feel my heart thudding against my chest faster and faster. Armaan sat down on the bed in front of me. I saw him bring his hand up to take the veil away from my face. My gaze remained lowered as I felt it disappear from the top of my head. "You look beautiful, Shilpa." He whispered before moving closer. Although I wasn't looking up I could sense his face just a few inches away from mine. My assumption was confirmed when he placed a kiss on my cheeks, letting his lips linger. When he moved back I brought my eyes up and he immediately locked his gaze with mine. I couldn't look away even if I wanted to; his blue eyes were so engaging. He reached behind my neck and loosened the necklace, pulling it off my neck. He then pulled my bundled hair over my shoulder and unraveled the braid. One of his hands cupped my cheek and he kissed my forehead.

"Are you sure?" I opened my eyes to see him gazing at me, waiting for a response. I held the hand that was on my cheek and caressed it gently. I gave him a smile and nodded my head. He didn't waste any time in claiming my lips with his. It was a gentle, but passionate kiss. I felt his other hand reach around my waist and to my back. My blouse loosened and he moved to the nape of my neck. I felt Armaan slide my sleeve down from my shoulder as he placed kisses trailing from my neck to my shoulder. He moved back up my neck and to my face as he slowly leaned me onto the bed and covered me with his body. I unbuttoned his sherwani and pulled it off to reveal his chiseled upper half. I ran my hands from his shoulders down the length of his flexed arms and then his abdomen. When my gaze returned to his face, I saw his love-filled eyes watching me and a smile adorned his lips. He leaned down to my ear and gave a gentle kiss, "I love you, Shilpa," he whispered. I couldn't help but curve my lips, "I love you too, Armaan." I whispered back.

I don't know how much time passed, but I lay in bed with my head on Armaan's arm with our two faces facing each other. He had fallen asleep a while ago and I should have too, but I just couldn't. I stayed awake and watched him. He looked adorable as he slept with his hair falling onto his forehead and his mouth slightly open. Every once in a while a smile formed on his lips too. I pulled my hand up from under the covers and touched his cheek. "I don't know how to thank you Armaan. I really don't. You've been by my side whenever I needed you to be. I don't think that there's anyone more understanding than you." I moved closer to him and kissed his cheek before wrapping my arms around him and snuggling into his chest. I looked up to see if he had woken up when I felt his arms wrap around me, but he was still sleeping. Kissing his chin, I closed my eyes and tried to catch some sleep knowing the sun would rise in a matter of a couple of hours.


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