Monday, 9 July 2018

Last Part : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

"Come on Shilpa stop kiddin around! you know well what am I talking around!" Armaan screamed at her as last attempt to make her accept how much they loved each other. They had been in the cabin since an hour arguing. Shilpa was totally drunk and had a bad hangover. She does not even remember drinking. She was all blank. However hard she tried, the memories of last night was erased from her life. The most precious moment was erased from her life. And Armaan was as pissed as he ever could be. He still can not believe she does not know what happened with them last night.

"Look, I have no freaking damn idea what the hell you are talking about! Last night you dropped me home, and I am really thankful for that. Thank You! Now please stop trying to tell me what happened last night, I am not a bit interested..."

"To hell goes your damn interest! You are not interested in the fact that I Love You, and You freaking love Me!" He shouted back at her. He was losing his temper now. How long can a Human bare anyways?

She looked at him shocked. Her eyes said that she did not believe what he said. She trembled with an unknown, probably known to her fear. He sighed and tangled his fingers with hers. the join so perfectly, he thought.

"Look Shilpa!" He started softly."I dont know what is wrong in me now that you are denying to accept me, but I swear to god, you did said you love me last night. And I did too! Dont you really love me Shilpa?" He asked with all the sweetness. God! Only if looks looks could kill, shilpa would have been in heaven. Chances of hell?

She slowly let go of his hand and turned away. Tears trickled down her face. She quickly wiped them away and said in a shaky tone."I Do not Love you!" Pause " It was just the drink caught up in my head. I was drunk for god sake!"

"I think you do not know the biggest, strangest and bitter-est fact that 'Insaan zyada se zyada sach tabhi bolta hai jab woh apne senses mein nahi hota' In other words, A person never lies when He or She is Drunk!"

"Armaan please. Maine keh diya na. I have stated what I had to. I guess this incident have wounded our friendship of years too. Love the bloody word makes all life hell." She spitted the word love.

"Hum kuch bhi ho Shilpa, we are best friends more than anything else!"

"We are nothing more or Nothing less than best friends Armaan!"

"I will put my soul to get you Shilpa, I am ready to die on the edge of sword, in modern world, on the nook of a gun"  He left the room with that and Shilpa locked the cabin sliding down crying her heart out. She literally broke down there. Who would not? After all life is not as you always want it to be.

It had been a week now, and Armaan did not leave a single chance to confront her. To try to get her. Ad that all made Shilpa break more and more.

"shilpa!" He whispered her name through tears as they sat in her bedroom at 2 at night arguing again. She looked up at him her eyes glisteing with tears, sadness, and fear. "Do you love someone else?" He asked as more tears ran down his face. She instantly shook her head in no. He dug his finger in her arms and pulled her close with force.
"Then why the hell are you not telling me your freaking reason? Why are you not accepting my love?"

"Armaan you are hurting me!" She winced.

"You are hurting me Shilpa! You are. I cant sleep, cant eat, cant work. I cant do nothing. I am paralized even with all of me working. I am paralized by heart, mind, soul. Why ? Why you doing this to me?"

"Because I am a widow god damn it!" She screamed back and he suddenly let go of her as if he just got shot by an electricity power. She broke down feeling rejected.

"I am a widow! Mein ek vidhva hu!" She cried harder. "He died on the day of our marriage. ON THE DAY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? ON THE DAY! Do you have any idea how much that hurts?" She asked him, but he stood there his face pale. No answer. "We were driving to his house and then, the accident, took him away. Away from me! Raj! before I could even know him. Before we even became friends. He was dead." She said as more and more tears rolled down her soft cheeks. Armaan did not respond.
"Who will maary me now Armaan? Who will want to love me now? Kya kar sakte ho tum ek vidhva se pyaar? kar sakte ho? nahi na? No one can! No one can love me anymore. No one!" She screamed at me ad then slowly fell unconsious on the floor.

The room was revovling around him as he stood rooted to the spot. Did he just hear right?What was all that? How can that be possible? His mind was filed with so many questions, but before he could even answer them the room fell silent. He cant hear her sobs anymore. He looked down at her to see her lying there unconsious. He suddenly jerked out of his thoughts and took her to the hospital.


She slowly opened her eyes. They felt so heavy. She closed them with snap as the light made her eyes hurt. She fluttered them for a while and then opened them. She looked around to see herself lying on a bed with white bed sheet. Everything was - White. And she knew where she was. She hissed as she tried to get up. Her head hurts.

"How are you feeling now?" She suddenly jumped as her hearbeat raced. She looked on her lefft  to see Armaan walking upto her. She sighed.

"I am...I am good!" She stuttered. He sat beside her as she shifted a little.

"Armaan i am sorry, I should not have said all that, I was just...I am sorry!"
Armaan did not reply. Instead he fed her a piece of an apple.

"Apology not accepted" He said atlast after a long silence. She looked dow guiltily.

"You have been crying all night since a week. All because of me." He hesitantly took her hands in his not meeting  her gaze."Because of me you were all stressed out. I have annoyed you alot! Hai na? But, what can I do? Pyaar toh andha hota hai na? Andha kya...Love is Blind, deaf and dumb."


"Leking agar aaj mein yeh mujhe koi fark nahi padta ki tumhari...tumhari shaadi ho chuki hai....ya tum vidhwa ho..ya...kuch bhi ho! Agar aaj mein tumse yeh kahun, ke sab kuch jaan ne ke baad bhi..." He looked up to meet her emerald eyes before continueing.."I Love You! Will you maary me Shilpa?" Tears started rolling down her eyes. Armaan slowly wiped them off. He could not make out if they were tears of happiness or sadness.

"Shilpa, if you feel that I am trying to go against your wishes, than Its ok, no problem. can live your own life freely. You dont need to commit yourself to can - " Before he could complete his senntence her lips enveloped his. It felt bliss. It felt best thing in the world. She broke the kiss and hugged him. It was the first kiss for both of them. And both of them felt as if they had achieved something that was long lost.

"I will not lose you even on the nook of gun."

"I will never let that happen. Because The Way I Loved enough for me to beat the world down for you!"



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