Friday, 20 July 2018

Layak Hi Nahin Ho! (AR os)

Riddhima made her way to the clothes store and started trying out salwaar-kameez but whenever the she put one on, her mind would scream... "Yeh mere layak hi nahin hai!" and this went on and on and on...and on...and on...yawns...aaaannnddd oooonnnn!!!!

Finally she decided to go to the sales person and ask for his advice. The sales person got two jodis of salwaar kameez out and displayed them infront of Riddhima but to his utter shock, the lady infront him went beserk and shouted..."Yeh dono mere layak hi nahin hai!" and ran out of the store, hand against her mouth. The sales person shuddered.

After the stupid incident at the store, Riddhima decided to cool off with an ice cream and chose Vanilla and Strawberry double scoop. As she took a seat and brought the cone near her mouth, her nostrils flared and she yanked her hand away from her face and throwing the ice cream down, muttered, "Yeh dono mere layak hi nahin hai!" and ran away from the ice cream parlor, leaving behind a confused shop keeper and customers.

Now that her break was over, Riddhima was back at Sanjeevani and looking through the cases when Dr. Kirti interrupted her and asked her opinion on 2 cases but was completely taken aback at Riddhima's reaction ... "Who dono mere layak nahin hai!" and with that Dr. Riddhima stalked off and Kirti steadied herself by balancing against the wall!

Finally, Riddhima was in bed, neatly tucked in and lost in the dream world. Anjali was on the other bed, having returned from the lala land of the old DMG cast.

Anjali moisturized her hands and kept the bottle on the side table and turned off the lamp, just as her head was about to touch the pillow, she heard a distinctive ... "Mere layak hi nahin hain!"

She rolled her eyes and muttered back, "Goodnight to you too, Ridzi!"



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