Tuesday, 10 July 2018

part 1 : Need You Now (ss)

He looked at her across the dance floor, as she laughed and talked with her friends. "Wow, how come I never noticed how beautiful she was" he spoke to himself, only to see his friends giggle at him.

"What are you guys laughing at?" he asked hoping no one heard him say all that.

"Nothing, sorry to disturb you and your eye staring contest with Ridhima Gupta" Atul said, as he caught his friend off guard.

"Atul! Stop bothering me, and let me watch her" he smiled to himself, only to see Atul roll his eyes.

"Just go and talk to her' It's valentines day, to most romantic day ever, just go and talk to her' Be a man" Armaan nodded and approached her.

"Hey Ridhima" he smiled sweetly at her, only to see Ridhima smile back at her in the same manner.

"Armaan' Hi, how are you" she replied back with her radiant tone.

"I'm fine' Just you know walking around and talking to people' how about you" he observed her excitement and how warm she was.

"I'm great as usual' you know finally happy that we all get a break from all the school stuff' How's your new school treating you? And what are you doing here, you don't go to this school anymore?" she asked confused.

"Well we all came up here for the vacation, so Atul told me to stop by the school for the valentines dance, and there was nothing else to do' so I came here' you're not happy to see me?" he asked pouting childishly.

"Are you crazy' Of course I'm happy to see you, missing you living in New York' so how's New Jersey?" she asked carrying along the conversation.

"It's okay, but not as good as New York' Missing this place, and all my friends, including you" he winked at her, only to see her giggle.

The whole evening past with Armaan and Ridhima joking around and talking to each other. At the end both ended up exchanging numbers in order to keep contact.
**1 Week Later**

** Beep ** New text received

Armaan- Good Morning!

Ridhima- HAW! You beat me today'

Armaan- Baby I always win :p

Ridhima- Liar' so how come you woke up so early?

Armaan- Couldn't sleep'

Ridhima- Awww' how come?

Armaan- Because' Can I call you?

Ridhima- NO! my sister is right next to me'

Armaan- I miss you' please can I call you?

Ridhima- I'm sorry, but no.. if my parents even find out I'm talking to a guy, they will kill me'

Armaan- fine' but we are meeting today' right?

Ridhima- absolutely.. Positively' ttyl gotta get ready'

Armaan- Sure baby!

She put her phone down, smiling at their texts. It's been a week since they have meet officially, and even since then they been keeping contact. They would race to see who texts good morning to the other first, and wait to see who says good night the latest. In other words they text each other 24/7 and can't get enough of each other.

"THANK GOD! You made it" he hugged her tightly, as she hugged him back.

"I missed you like hell' I mean I can't talk to you over the phone' and we can't meet up everyday' all we can do is text' I wanna hear your voice everyday" he hugged her again, as they began to walk.

"I told my parents that I was going over to Muskaan's to study' Their being really hard on me now that finals are coming up" she signed, as he nodded understanding her situation.

He took her to a restaurant and sat her down on the chair, while settling down himself as well.

They ate their food and had a great time. He watched her eat and admired her, just then a naughty thought erupted in his mind. He smirked naughtily.

"Uhh Ridhima, remember our conversation about kisses" he looked up to see her choke on her food.

"Ummm' No, I don't" she said uneasily, knowing exactly what he's talking about.

"Then let me remind you" he leaned down to her face, as she was about to speak.

"Armaan.. N'" her mouth was captured by his. The kiss was soft, gentle, and something both wanted.

"Yumm' chocolate ice-cream" he licked his lips, while she looked away blushing.

"You look so cute when you blush" he put is arms around her, and kissed her forehead.

Ridhima- I had a great time today :D

Armaan- oh really' what was your favorite part of our "date" ' I noe wat mine was' wink wink ;)

Ridhima- I dun care wat ur fav part was'.

Armaan idc that udc' I'm still telling you :p

Ridhima- Armaan noooooo'.

Armaan- Can I call you?

Ridhima- Ummm okay' but only for 2 minz.

Armaan- GREAT!

"Hello" her heart started beating.

"Muahhhhhhh" he kissed her over the phone, surprising her.

"HAW" she opened her mouth.

"Now close your mouth and kiss me back'" he laughed.

"Armaaannnnn'. I'm putting the phone down' bye" she said shyly.

"Wait' first kiss me back' or else I'm gonna keep calling" he said stubbornly.

"Armaaan please' noooo"

"Ridhima I'm serious'.."

"Armaan please, my sister can come at anytime'"

"First kiss me back"

"ummm'. Muahhh' bye" she put the phone down really fast' and then suddenly started smiling to herself.


1 month later

Armaan- I miss you :[ when can I see you again?

Ridhima- Not anytime soon' I'm under house lock down' finals are in a week.

Armaan- I wanna kiss you!

Ridhima- me tooo :[ I miss u A LOT!

Armaan- Do you like me?

Ridhima- Silly question'. Of course I like you..

Armaan- How much?

Ridhima- A LOT!

Armaan- You know if you like something or someone A LOT! You tend to love them'. :p

Ridhima- Maybe I love' you

Armaan- Maybe?? :[ yesh or no??

Ridhima- I dun noe'

Armaan- Really.. Cause I know :p

Ridhima- Armaan this is stupid' we can never be together.. I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend, and if my dad finds out that your of another religion, I'm dead for sure'

Armaan- Ridhima' I could careless about religion when it comes to love' What's the point of giving us a heart when religion comes in between.


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