Tuesday, 10 July 2018

part 1 : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

Finally the flight landed! Gosh we spent an extra hour and a half just hovering over the airport because the weather in Miami was horrible! As soon as the plane pulled up to the gate I was probably the first to be out of my seat and grabbing my bags from the overhead compartment. I pulled them down and made my way to the front of the plane to get off. As soon as I was out I basically ran to the arrival area expecting an angry Muskaan waiting for me. I looked around but didn't find her so I decided to grab my larger bags that were being rotated on the belt. As I lifted one of my bags from the belt I put my phone to my ear bracing for Muskaan's outburst. "Ms. Shilpa Malhotra! Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?" I held the phone a few inches away from my ears as she continued to yell some more.

After a few seconds I placed it back on my ear, "Not my fault that the weather ended up being bad when the plane was going to land. Where are you?" Seriously. I can't control the weather! But she can control her patience. "Turn around." She said back. I placed my second bag from the belt onto the ground and turned to see Muskaan pouting with her eyes furrowed and her hands on her hips. "Muski!" I went straight to her and engulfed her into a tight hug. She can't stay mad at me. Especially since I spent my summer with family in Italy and not with her. Her hands crept up onto me and she gave me a squeeze. "You know I can't stay angry with you!" We pulled away from each other but still had our hands holding each other's.

I reached to grab one of my bags while she grabbed the other. "So how was Italy? Did you have lots of fun? And what about guys? Meet anyone?" She bombarded me as we walked over to the sliding doors to leave. "Oh Muskaan! It was amazing! Italy is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could go back." She didn't seem that interested in that aspect of the trip I could tell, especially with the next question she asked. "That's cool but what about the guys? Italian men are so hot!" Seriously, is that all she cared about? "Muskaan! What is it with you and guys? Control your hormones!" We made it to the car and loaded the bags into the back. "Did you know that there's this new Indian guy in our dorm? He just transferred to our college! He's flippin' smoking hot!" And it starts again. Only I know how I deal with her. "I just got back! How would I know?" This was getting annoying. I felt like smacking her but I couldn't because she was my best friend. "That's true, But you'll meet him when we get back to the dorm. Some friends kinda invited themselves over for a "return" party thing. You know I love parties so I couldn't say no." She smiled cheekily as she zoomed past everyone on the highway. It's not that I don't like parties. Heck I love them. It's just that I'm just so tired! I just want to sleep. Partying was the last thing I wanted. I'm probably going to just sit on the couch the whole time. I just groaned in response.

Muskaan finally pulled into the dorm's parking and found a spot right by the building. Which was rare, because finding the parking spot you need was impossible during the first couple weeks before and after classes start. I got out and started to pull the bags from the back. "HEY!" I popped my head from side of the car wondering what she was yelling about. Muskaan was frantically waving at some guy who had just started running up the stairs. Not caring, I went back to pulling out my oversized bags from the back of her car. "Shilpa!" Urghh. "WHAT!?" I screamed back getting frustrated that she wasn't helping me. "Why are you yelling?" She said calmly coming around to the back of the car. I looked at her for a few seconds and then turned back to pulling the second bag out. "Gosh, don't get your panties in a bunch! Meet Armaan!" I didn't even bother looking. I was too concerned about trying to lift the bag out. "I don't care about this Armaan, Muskaan. Just help me!" I felt someone approach me and from the corner of my eyes I saw a hand reaching to help. "Finally Muskaan..." My voice drifted off as I realized it wasn't Muskaan's thin hand. It was a strong muscular one. Nearly two times the size of mine. He pulled out the bag in one pull. I turned to see who this strong hand belonged to and saw such a beautiful sight in front of me. I mean the guy was gorgeous! On top of that he was smiling. And my gosh, those dimples! I'm such a sucker for them! "Shilpa, this is Armaan that new guy I was talking about." Stupid Muskaan. She had to ruin the moment. "Hi, I'm Shilpa." I moved away from him a little and put my hand forward. He held my hand and instead of just shaking it he pulled it to his lips and kissed my knuckles. "Nice to meet you, beautiful." I gave a nervous smile and pulled my hand away. "Don't worry Shilpa, that's how he greets every girl. Except with a different adjective. He used sweetheart on me." I saw her oogling at him from behind. I have to say, she was damn right about how attractive he is.

Armaan brought my bags up the stairs to our room. When I entered everyone yelled my name and I plugged my ears with my fingers. I was in no mood for this. "Thanks guys." I just walked over to the couch and plopped down onto it. Everyone started to mingle with each other once again and I just shut my eyes with my head on the back of the couch as they did. I heard Muskaan talking to me but I just replied in monosyllables. I felt her lean closer to my ear. "Armaan's been checking you out for a while now." I brought my head up and opened my eyes facing her. She nodded back when her eyes shifted to me and then back to him. I was going to turn my head but was stopped by Muskaan. "Don't just turn your head and look. Pretend like it's not on purpose." I took a deep breath and put my head back on the couch. Muskaan continued to whisper in my ear. "When I saw go, bring your head back up and open your eyes in his direction." I found this to be ridiculous, why couldn't I just look at him? I mean seriously, he's been staring at me, why can't I even give him one glance? "Go." I waited a few seconds and then did what Muskaan told me to. And what do you know? She was right. He was staring at me with a smirk on his face while someone was talking to him. He winked when he noticed and I couldn't help but look away as I felt my cheeks warm up.

"Shilpa! Are you blushing?" Muskaan asked in total shock. "Psh... No." I tried to brush it off and looked the other way. "You totally are!" She grabbed my face and turned it toward her. Seriously, was that necessary? I yanked her hands off my face and got up to leave her behind. I began to walk toward my room so I could have some quiet time. But apparently I didn't even deserve that much, Armaan blocked my way by leaning on the door. "Can you please move?" I was in no mood for this. "After you give me a kiss, sweetheart." My mouth dropped open. He stood there smirking at me. We just met and he wanted a kiss? "Hell no!" I tried to pass him but he was too quick. It just frustrated me even more. I grabbed the drink in his hand and splashed it on his face. "I said MOVE." Armaan stood there in total shock at what I just did. I quickly brushed past him, shut the door and locked it. Finally some peace!

I stayed in my room for a good 3 hours before I heard the noise die down outside. I got up off my bed and headed to the door as I heard Muskaan yelling my name and knocking. "What's wrong Muskaan?" "You! You splashed Armaan with his drink?!" I shrugged my shoulders and replied back, "He was being irritating." I plopped down on my bed again and looked at her. Her face was priceless! So stunned after hearing my reason. "You realize that he was pissed afterwards right?" I could honestly careless. He was just a pathetic flirt as far as I'm concerned. "Don't care Muskaan." "You're impossible, Shilpa." She walked out huffing and puffing like it was such a big deal.


            The following few days passed by smoothly. Well, at least in my opinion. Muskaan and Armaan grew closer and started to avoid me. I can't believe Armaan had more priority in my best friend's life than me. It's ridiculous. I didn't let it affect me though. I guess that saying is true that you find your true friends in college, and obviously Muskaan wasn't one of them. It was too late to change roommates now too. Every time Armaan came over to the dorm he would just glare at me. His eyes were always filled with anger when I came in front of him. He's overreacting according to me.

            Muskaan was out tonight. She said she'd be back late. She was probably going to be with Armaan. I just sat near the window of my room and worked on my laptop sipping some coffee. The breeze from outside felt amazing against my face. I was so engrossed in the work until I heard a noise in the living room. I got up to check what it was but saw nothing. The lights suddenly went out. "Muskaan... this isn't funny." She knew I was afraid of the dark. I hastily turned around as I heard footsteps behind me. "Muskaan, stop it." I started to feel my way around the room hoping I could find something that could provide some light.

            "Hey baby." I heard a deep voice behind me and froze where I was. I now knew Muskaan wasn't here. Someone else was. I slowly turned around to see a masked man standing in front of me. He slowly walked toward me as his eyes secured to mine. I backed away when I saw his hand reach up to me. "Who...who are y- you?" I managed to ask. His hand reached for the side of my arm and he slowly dragged it down my upper arm. I brought my hand up trying to push it away. "You don't need to worry about that, darling." I couldn't move further back. The desk stopped me. I was frightened at the thought of what this man could do to me. Screaming wouldn't help. The whole floor was at the party in the other building. The only possible thing I could do is run. But in the dark it would probably be unachievable. I couldn't see a thing; I'd have to hope that I didn't run into anything. But it was the only way. I estimated where the door would be and moved away from him hoping he wouldn't catch me. I made it out of the room and was so close to the door until I was roughly pulled back into the arms of the man.

            "Please" I struggled trying to free my hands from his hold. "Please let me go." My tears began to form and fall down my cheeks. "Don't worry baby, it'll be over before you know it." He pulled me into my room as I struggled and pleaded for him to leave me. He wasn't letting go. I was thrown onto the bed and saw him coming over me. He lowered onto me and brought his face close to mine. "Leave me alone... please." I sobbed as I turned my face away from him. "Can't do that, honey." I continued to plead to him but he wasn't listening. I tried to move away but it was impossible, he was too strong. I felt him tearing my clothes off and I desperately tried to cover myself with my hands. "Stop, please stop!" I yelled at him.

It was too late. I felt disgusted. I lay there on the bed crying at my fate. Why me? Why of all people me? I wrapped the blanket around myself trying to cover up. But what was the point? It was over. All over.


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