Friday, 27 July 2018

part 10: Shades of Love (AR)


They was nothing else to be said or heard.. almost immediately, armaan just pulled riddhima into a hug, which seemed to have lasted forever, and nnone of them wanted to pull out of was almost like their new found comfort conveyed hundreds of unexpressed feelings and unsaid words.. they had all that they needed.. it was like heaven on earth right there, right then

Knock - knock

Someone had just destroyed one of their most memorable moments till date.. armaan just wanted to lock their room and let that person wait there forever.. his punished for having disturbed them.. but before he could do anything, riddhima had already opened the door

Anjali : hey di.. dad ka phone aaya tha.. tumko aur dr.armaan ko sanjeevani ke liye nikalna hai

Riddhima: abhi

Anjali: yes.. emergency hai.. aur muskaan aur atul cases mein busy hain.. toh aap dono ko hi nikalna padenga

Armaan: no problem i completely understand the unavoidable circumstances. We will be there. It is our duty after all

Anjali (thinking) : obviously dr.armaan.. how would you have any problem?

Riddhima: haan di.. we'll leave

Anjali(thinking):phew that was easy.. so atul and muskaan are not needed..

Anjali: armaan.. you have to leave in 20 minutes.. go home and pack up .. we'll meet at sanjeevani in 20 minutes.. be there in time.. ok?

Armaan : sure.. why not?

(armaan leaves)

Anjali: i'm packing your bag for you.. you go and freshen up

Riddhima : thanks di..i'm gonna miss you..

Anjali : i'm gonna miss you too

Anjali(thinking) : but it for your own happiness

 (15 minutes later)

Riddhima comes out in a black designer knee length dress that anjali had picked for her after she made her plan and made her wear it ..

Anjali : wow ridzy.. you're looking awesome..

Riddhima: thanks di..ab jaana chahiye mujhe..

@ sanjeevani:

Armaan was waiting for riddhima, in his car.. he had taken all the equipment , information, agenda and everything that they needed.. the only thing that needed to be done was her coming and they leaving for lonavala together..

Riddhima comes in after about 5 minutes and goes towards armaan.. armaan i sleft stunned.. she looked just out of the, it was gonna be very hard for him to keep his eyes off her.. even while driving.. how would they ever be able to reach lonavala safely with her looking so angelic?

Anjali left as soon as she saw armaan staring at riddhima.. she didnt want to be the disturbing factor again.. yes.. she knew what exactly they were doing in that room.. but then she had no choice.. but this time.. she quitely backed out and left them all to themselves, for a journey with each other for the next 7 days..

Inside the car

Armaan : riddhima .. you're looking simply amazing today

Riddhima: oh god you finally said something.. after the great silence.. anyway thanks a lot

this was again followed by a great silence.. there was so much to be said.. but he didnt know what exactly to say, to make sure everything remains fine.. he had millions of questions about their relation, and what exactly it was.. but he didnt know how to ask her.. finally, gaining some courage, he asked her

Armaan : riddhima,.... what exactly do you think of our relationship.. like what is it

Riddhima: i am not sure i know what you mean

Armaan : i mean are we going out, or are we just more than friends or what exactly are we?

Riddhima: that's for you to decide..

Armaan : so we're dating

Riddhima: uhmm... ya if you say so...i told you what i want.. and it's only up to you now ... i have no problem what-so-ever

@ riddhima's

Well armaan and riddima were surely feeling awkward in the car.. all alone.. for hours.. well armaan knew he had to break the silence and make themselves more comfortable or she'll never travel with him every again..he tried to think of something, but failed everytime.. finally he thought that the best question to ask her would be about her books and future plans

Armaan : riddhima.. you know almost everything about me, my relations with nikki , and almost everything about me... but i know nothing about you.. and i'd surely like to know something

Riddhima : hmm.. well i was born in delhi.. shifted to mumbai a few years later.. then went to a boarding school in hyderabad.. then did my MBBS in mumbai.. in sanjeevani... then went to australia for internship.. completed internship and got the title of a doctor.. but then realised that it was not what i wanted to do.. started writing stories.. the first one being about my life itself.. published it.. got a great response from the readers and the book was successful so pursued writing as my career..

Armaan: so you're actually a doctor.. just not practicing huh?

Riddhima: that's why dad wants me to take charge of sanjeevani.. anji di doesn't have any knowledge about medicine..

Armaan : interesting.. so.. hmm... boyfriends?

Riddhima: oh loads.. my first one being in boarding school i guess.. quite a good person he was.. but then left boarding school and broke up with him.. lond ' distance relationships don't really work.. so then went to australia.. where it was like a game and people had to play long.. soon that culture got on to me too.. but nothing serious you know

Armaan : long- distance relationships don't work.. you think ours is gonna work

Riddhima: well i dont know if i will be going back to australia.... sanjeevani cannot be managed by someone who lives elsewhere.. and dad is retiring pretty soon... so i don't know if i will ever be able  to go back.. and plus, this book might turn out to be my last book

Armaan : start with your story and end with mine.. great going

Riddhima :  well tell me something about your life.. i mean you can exclude nikki part of it...

Armaan : i was born in kolkata.. studied over there.. lived over there.. then after the nikki thingy.. i was depressed.. and couldn't bear the city anymore.. it had too many memories.. then i came to mumbai and applied for internship over here.. completed internship and since then i have been over here...

Riddhima : girlfriends?

Armaan : well i have concentrated only on work.. well there were many rumours about me having an affair with muskaan and some nurses and  an intern called tamanna.. she left after she came to know that i dont love her.. well only rumours..

Riddhima: so why this change in decision all of a sudden.. concentrate only on work and all...

Armaan :   look frankly cause i have fallen in love.. some time ago i may have said that it was just an attraction.. but that was because i believed so at that point in time.. but as time went by..  and i was left packing my bag at my house, and i really gave it a thought, i realised that i had actually fallen in love with you.. it was love at first sight for me..

Riddhima knew that he shouldn't have been left alone then but never in her wildest of dreams had she expected something like this..

Riddhima: you know what.. we share the weirdest love story possible.. i say i love you to you even before i know you.. and then you say i like you to me.. then we start a relation.. and then you say i love you... it looks like a story put in the wrong order..

Armaan : well whats the fun in going with the crowd.. uniqueness makes things interesting.. don't you think so... well we must continue from where we stopped.. i love you

Riddhima : i love you too 

Armaan: you sure?

Riddhima : well yes.. i had heard a lot about Dr. Armaan even before i met you.. most eligible bachelor , all the nurses were after you and i had even heard that you were a bit stubborn.. well i had decided that i didn't like this Dr. Armaan..  but then when i saw you.. those deep ocean blue eyes of yours.. they had something in them.. some deep emotions.. i thought it would be interesting to be friendly with you.. so i started insulting this Dr. Armaan i knew very little about.. well i thought it would make a good start.. but i was probably just unlucky that day.. the next day i had just sincerely come to apologise.. i dont know how time went by that day.. even though i never said it , or showed it.. i did start falling for you the day i met you...

Armaan : so you know about me being the most eligible know how lucky you are...

Riddhima: oh please... how lucky i am? Call up anyone abroad and ask them for riddhima rai.. then you;d know how lucky you are

Armaan : riddhima rai? I thought you were riddhima gupta

Riddhima: well riddhima rai shashank gupta.. my extended name.. so ya.. you've heard of it?

Armaan : riddhima rai.. australian author.. wait.. are you ms. Australia 2008?

Riddhima : bingo.. so now you realise how lucky YOU are

Armaan : and you're also a doctor.. how many things are you? A doctor, an author, a miss world and a future entrepreneur..   are you like a confused soul or something

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