Wednesday, 25 July 2018

part 10 : Taming the Unknown

The sun shone right through the windows, as armaan and ridhima slept peacefully in each other's arms. Ridhima's head was rested on armaan's shoulder and armaan's head rested onto ridhima's head. The love between them was visible to anyone who walked into the door, as the sun shine hit armaan's face; he moved a bit thinking that he was sleeping peacefully.

 He turned towards his right and put a hand around the soft body beside him, not knowing who it is what so ever, he snuggled closer to hot body beside him, pulling the person closer, armaan nuzzled into the person's hair.

"Ummmm" he groaned smelling the sweet cinnamon scent in the hair.

Armaan's eyes snapped open. "Cinnamon?" his mouth dropped down as he turned his head around to see the most angelic creature ever.

"Oh crap" armaan whispered as he realised that he slept next to ridhima the whole night. "Oh gosh she looks so damn cute" he brushed his slender finger along her cheek.

Armaan looked deeply into her eyes, as ridhima was shifting around because of the interaction of armaan's touches within her, armaan gasped as ridhima hugged his shirt tightly close to her.

"Jaan" armaan gasped as ridhima's lips came in contact with his chest.

Armaan looked down to see his angel fast asleep, as armaan's arms were securely around her, not letting anything ever harm her in any way what so ever.

 He laughed as she pouted in her sleep. "What's Ms Gupta thinking about huh?" he smirked as he saw those delicate lips waiting to be filled.

Armaan lifted his finger and touched her lips, his fingers quivered at the touch of her lips on his finger; he parted them slowly by gliding his fingers through them.

As they parted under his hold, the hot breath hit his lips, gaping at her beauty he bent down and pressed his lips hard onto hers, but made it as gentle as he could, not waking her up. He didn't take it too far, knowing that ridhima couldn't respond as she was fast asleep, backing away he lightly moved his lips away from hers but as carefully as ever, not leaving a single trace of his lips behind.

"My shona" he kissed her head, getting up from the bed he put the comforter over her.

"Sleep tight by sleeping beauty" he smiled as walked over to the balcony.

Opening the door, armaan gave one glace back as he put one over the railings, making sure the door was closed securely, putting the other one, he took hold of the pipe, with a swift push, armaan slided down the pipe. Dusting his butt, he walked over to the swing, touching it slightly, remember when he and ridhima has been sitting there talking a few nights ago, a smile spread across his face as he remembered that she thought that he was dating Anjali. Laughing, he shook his head at the little princess in his mind, how much he loved her now.

Armaan walked over to the fence to jump over, he caught a branch of a tree.

Laughing "The same tree, i fell over the day i met you" shaking his head he jumped over the fence, he tried holding on the branch but before he could he fell straight on the grass as a flower pot dripped mud out of it straight onto his face.

"ARMAAN!" armaan eyes snapped open.

"I'm dead, i'm gone" he whispered to himself, as he got up as wiped the mud of his face.

Turning around "Kaka, bring that water here please" armaan said as he avoided looking at his mother's eyes.

Armaan kept his eyes low, while kaka walked over with the water pipe in his hands, he was actually watering the plants, but armaan really didn't bother, taking the wipe he pushed his head back, as water poured out on his face.

"Thanks" he politely said to kaka as he walked away

Armaan turned around, he put on the biggest smile ever, making his cheek hurt like hell, as he walked over to gauri

"Mommy" he said babyish, hugging her

Gauri patted him on the beg "Armaan, inside NOW"

Armaan jumped back, hearing the hard voice from his mother, he didn't know what to do, and he was even more scared than ever now.

Armaan looked at gauri, standing there right in front of the door, her hands on her hips, her eyes narrowed. "Mom, you ok? I mean fever.... anything else?" he walked and touched her cheek.

Gauri gave a big smile and took it off quickly. "Not going to work today my son, inside now, everyone's waiting" armaan eyes widened everyone?

Armaan gulped, gauri took his wrist, as the both walked in. There sat down was Rahul, atul and Hitien sitting on the sofa drinking coffee.  Armaan's confident level grew very low, as he watched his dad's eyes turning towards him, he felt like jumping out right now. What was he supposed to tell his parents? They hardly knew about ridhima?

Armaan this is your last day of leaving. Look carefully around your surroundings and take everything in, as it might be your very last day here. Oh gosh, what am i supposed to say? Gosh Rahul just whispered something to atul, sometimes feel like they're planning against me, and the call themselves brother! Tch i'm ashamed, look at dad's face yaar armaan, his eyes are like gonna burst out any second. What has these Malik's up to now?

"Dad" armaan said in joy. "How nice to see you here" smiling extra hard

Turning towards his mom and then to his dad. "You know what-" he started off as atul rolled his eyes. "I need a shower, i smell horrible" he said putting his fingers on his nose and making a smelly kind of action.

Armaan made a run for it, walking quickly, he was about to pass atul and Rahul and his dad but then-

"Sit armaan! Now" Hitein said in a loud voice.

"Yes dad" he gulped and walked back to the sofa, keeping his eyes lowered.

He sat down right beside gauri, who was dressed in a beautiful black saree with white beads covering the sides, it looked very beautiful.

Taking that as an opportunity "Mom, you look beautiful today" armaan said loud and clear.

"Armaan, it's not going to work today my brother" Rahul laughed as atul hi 5 him.

He looked at them with daggers in his eyes. "You guys are the worst, repeat worst-"

"WORST" they both said in unison while armaan groaned.

"Brothers ever" he completed.

Hitein looked at them, as armaan had his eyes closed and Rahul and atul laughing.

"Armaan, where were you last night?" Gauri asked curiously

His eyes snapped open. Shit. "Mom" he started. "Come on mom, i'm not a girl, you know that party.......... Yeah it took a very long time to get home... so i stayed over a friend's house" he hated lying to his parents.

Atul smirked and Rahul laughed. "We got home on time, and we left after you" atul said making armaan glare at him.

"Well you know the traffic" armaan said in defence.

"Ummmm hum" Hitien said nodding.

Armaan looked at Rahul who was smiling the whole way through. "Actually, there was no traffic last night, if i remember correctly" he said innocently. "Right atul"


"Oh shut up" armaan said annoyed. "I was you know............. here and there"

Hitien looked at armaan underneath his glasses. "Where's here and there armaan?" he asked casually.

"My friend's place dad, we had a few drinks, and i don't know when i dozed off" he said back in ease

Gauri looked at her son; she knew that he was up to something. "Which friend?"

"Why are we playing 20 question's today?" armaan said hastily. "Find some other day to annoy me, why today?"

Gauri glared at him in annoyance. "If you tell us everything armaan, then we don't have the play this stupid game of yours" she said quickly.

"Why are you asking me?" armaan asked confused. "I go out every night mom, why are you harassing me today?" he asked now more curious. "Actually why"

Hitein looked around the room to look if anyone was going to give an answer back. "Well.............. You know...... we're just worried about you..... And well ya" he said as his face turned to look around his family.

Armaan knew something was cooking. "Well if you're worried, then don't be, i'm fine and fit as ever. Ok" he got up to leave but the door creaked opened.

"Armaan baba" the same kaka that was watering the plants outside came.

Atul looked at him. "Jee kaka, what's wrong?"

"Woh- actually armaan's baba's phone" he said calmly as gauri walked over and collected it. Shit

"Why now kaka why" armaan said to himself

Hitien saw that kaka was leaving. "Kaka where did you find it?" he said curiously as Rahul cocked his eyebrows up.

"Jee, that girl who works in that house........ Her name..... Deepika" he said as he was thinking hard. "She found it on the end of one of the pipes" next time armaan, you carry your phone in your hand when you come down a pipe

Gauri looked at armaan, while armaan just looked up into the ceiling. "Kaka, do you know where exactly the pipe was?" are they planning to kill me. "Anyone's room" she asked

Kaka looked confused. "I don't know madam ji" he said politely as gauri told him to leave

"Don't worry mom, i know who's room it is" Rahul said smirking.

Atul looked at armaan, while armaan looked at the ceiling.

"Can i have my phone please?" armaan said sweetly.

Ignoring the question "Whose room Rahul?" gauri asked

Rahul watched as armaan said a soft prayer, how he liked troubling his brother. "Mom, you know na, of course Ridhima!" armaan's eyes snapped open

"WHAT!" armaan said defending himself "Mom, don't believe him, why would i spend my night with ridhima?" he said in a hurry

Atul smirked. "Did we say that you were spending the night with ridhima?" armaan bit his tongue as soon as he realised what it actually meant.

"Yeah armaan" Rahul butted in. "And now since you said the truth yourself, so you spend the night with ridhima huh" he winked making armaan blushed

Gauri glared at armaan. "Armaan, ridhima is a very nice and innocent girl, she's not someone you can play with-"


"Who's Juliet?" Hitein said twisting is head around to see armaan gazing on the floor.

"I would never hurt ridhima, she's too venerable to lose" he said softly closing his eyes as how they kissed last night.

Hitien looked at gauri as gauri smiled back. "So..........." he started with a long pause. "You and......... Ridhima?"

Armaan blushed, it was the fact that his name was associated with ridhima, it felt sooo good. "Gosh guys leave me alone, i need sleep" he said annoyed.

"Oh i'm sure that you had a great sleep last night" that comment from atul was all armaan needed as he ran towards gauri, taking the phone he ran upstairs to his room, taking two steps at a time.

"No need to run away from the truth armaan" Rahul teased as all of them started laughing.

"I think Armaan Malik has found his partner" gauri said to herself "She's tamed the unknown" she laughed.

Armaan closed the door hard, he was blushing too hard, and he was shocked to see that he was shying away so much for the first day. It was the first time he had ever been in love; it was a whole new experience for him. But then something ran through armaan's brain.

"Sakshi" anger grew through him. "Anjali!" he took his clothes and took a shower as quick as possible, he need to talk to Anjali.

Picking up his phone, he put it in his front pocket, this time making sure it didn't fall out, he laughed as he remembered the way he had climbed those pipe.

"Armaan?" gauri said as she was the only one home then. "Where you going?"

"Gupta's" he answered quickly. "Where's atul and Rahul and dad?" armaan looked around, they were there a few minutes ago.

"Hitien went to get something, and atul and Rahul, well i'm guessing Rahul's with Muskaan and atul's gone to get some new flower pots"

"With Anjali?" curiously he asked.

Gauri shook her head. "No, he went by himself, anji's a bit busy" thank god for that. "It's their dad's dead anniversary tomorrow" a volt of electricity rushed through him.

"WHAT?" he uttered. "Tomorrow?"

"Hmm yes" she said unsurely, before she could say anything, armaan ran out of the house and straight across the road to the Gupta's.


"Excuse me" Rahul looked around as Muskaan was sat on a high stool

Muskaan looked around, angry. "Did someone say something?" innocently she asked.

"Ok i'm sorry" Rahul tried apologising.

Muskaan got off the stool, and walked over to the counter.

"Thanks for the coffee Zoey" Muskaan smiled politely, while zoey smiled at the cute couple.

Rahul huffed and walked over to the counter. "Oh Muskaan, i said i was sorry" he said sweetly taking hold of her hand, but Muskaan pushed him away and walked out of the cafe

"Women" he muttered.

"They are a mystery Rahul" zoey said laughing as she walked into the kitchen.

He shook his head. "Tell me about it"

Saying so, Rahul walked out of the cafe, as he saw Muskaan waiting for a taxi.

"Muskaan, i'll drop you home" Rahul said as nicely as he could.

"Taxi, taxi" Muskaan wailed across to stop one.

Rahul smirked. "Muskaan, stop being so dramatic, just come with me" he said holding her wrist.

Pushing his wrist away from her hold Muskaan walked a bit forward. "I can take care of myself"

"Muskaan, meri Maa" he said in a high tone.

She snapped around, walking closer to him in high steps. "I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER" she screamed annoyed. "Do i look 30 to you?" loud voice

"Ms Drama queen, please, let's just go" Rahul said not fighting back.

Muskaan breathed in. "Firstly, you come...... wait" Muskaan said checking her clock. "55 minutes and 40 seconds last, now 41" she added quickly. "Secondly you called me 'Maa' and thirdly you called me a 'Drama Queen' and you want me to forget that. No way" Muskaan finished with a sign.

Muskaan walked towards the taxi, as it was stopped, but before she could walk away, Rahul took hold of her wrist and pulled her. As Muskaan pressed her palm right on his heart, she could hear the uneven heart beating; her lips trembled at the sound of his beats against her hand. She looked up to see his eyes gazing down onto her own, Muskaan blinked to shake him off the trance but it was no use, Rahul put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer, he pressed his lips on her forehead.

"Rahul" Muskaan breathed in too hard, her breath came out hot and cold.

Rahul smiled at the affect he was having on her, he bent his head towards her neck, as he brushed his nose up and down her neck, from her ear to her jaw line.

"Rahul" Muskaan gasped. "People are looking at us" she said but was totally in bliss with him.

"Then come with me, and let me do things that you'll love" Rahul whispered in her ear, as shivers ran down Muskaan's spine

"Take me away" she whispered calmly, while Rahul took her hand and walked over to his car.

Opening the passenger door, Muskaan sat in there, as she didn't know what was happening, her mind was filled with rahul's scent. She didn't know what she was thinking, Muskaan jumped out of her thoughts as Rahul touched her cheek with the back of his hand.

"I love you muski" he whispered kissing her cheek.

Muskaan gulped, her brain was frozen, and the closeness was killing her. "I .... Love you too" she said as she hit her head on the back of the car seat.

Rahul laughed at her innocence. "Come on babe" he pressed his leg on the accelerator as the car boomed away into the others.


"Anjali?" armaan walked into the house, he saw a lot of workers, putting garlands down the place. "Anji?" he said again.

"- Yeah i want it there- no, no i said garlands around the pillars" Anjali walked around telling people what to do.

Armaan knew that it was the preparation for the anniversary of shashank; he walked towards where Anjali was talking to the worker of the house. "Anjali"

Anjali turned around to see armaan, she was a bit shocked to see him there, and she would have expected atul to come but not armaan. "Go, go" she said to the worker, while armaan smiled. "What's wrong armaan?"

Armaan didn't know what to say, what was he meant to? "Hmm anji, i need to talk to you, it's important" he said unsure.

Anjali looked at him confused. "Hmmm ok, go on then" they stood there in the middle on the house.

"I mean somewhere alone, not here" he looked around as there were a lot of people, but then he just remembered something's. "Where's ridhima?" he looked around scanning his eyes carefully.

Anjali hesitated for a while but then signed. "She's not allowed to help with any of dad's preparation" she said looking away from armaan's eyes.

"WHAT?" this is what she mean, they don't allow her with anything with their father, and this is going to be hard.

"You don't need to know armaan" Anjali said annoyed.

"We. Need. To. Talk. Now" he said a word at a time

Anjali backed away, she was a little scared now, as she walked into her room, armaan followed her in. Locking the door, Anjali turned to armaan, her eyes clearly showing confusing, armaan looked around her bedroom, there were pictures of Muskaan and her everywhere, but none which showed a picture of ridhima and them, there was a picture of, what armaan thought, padma, ridhima's and the sister's real mother and beside that was a picture of shashank, they both had garlands around them symbolising death.

"What do you want to talk about?" Anjali asked as she saw on one of chairs in her room.

Signalling armaan to sit down he did, watching her carefully from the side of his eyes, what was he supposed to do?

"Ridhima" armaan whispered. "I wanna talk about ridhima"

Anjali's face went blank, as a rush of blood skipped away from her face, she watched in agony as the silence didn't end, anjali's patience was clearly running out as anger was taking over her face.

Armaan carefully tried to be the conversation together, first in his head, as he didn't know what to say but just before he could say anything, Anjali started.

"There's nothing to talk about armaan" Anjali closed her eyes in despair. "Especially not about ridhima" she winced at the name

Armaan closed his eyes and the opened it instantly. "She didn't do anything wrong Anjali" he whispered

"WHAT!" she screamed standing up right away, making armaan jump from his skin. "WHO ARE YOU, TO COME AND SAY THAT, THAT BITCH DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, SHE F**KING DID EVERYTHING" armaan gawked at her.

"SHE KILLED HIM" anjali's eyes started blurring up. "THAT WHORE DID ALL THAT"

"ANJALI!" armaan screamed, he couldn't just sit and take in all the insults, and that too for the girl he loved. "Don't you dare ever, ever say that?" he said back in utter disgust.

"She's your sister for god damn sake" armaan wailed along.

Anjali stood still. "She WAS my sister, WAS" she repeated loud and clear.

Armaan closed his eyes, as a tear fell down, wiping it away, he walked closer to Anjali.

"Anjali listen to me please" he begged for his love.

Anjali turned towards him, her eyes welling up. "What's there to listen armaan?" her voice choked up. "She killed my father that bitch" she fell on the floor crying.

Armaan felt Anjali holding onto his hand, as she was crying on the floor, her hand gripping onto his. "No Anjali, No, ridhima didn't" he said softly.

She looked up shocked, standing up on her feet, she regained confidence. "How can you say that? Huh?" she said determinedly. "Oh- oh" she laughed with no joy. "You fell for her little trick didn't you?" armaan looked at her confused.

Anjali laughed louder, as tears trickled down. "That bitch- don't try and defend her armaan, that's what ridhima does, get everyone to her side, the way she did with Deepika and zoey, don't fall for it armaan, she's lying" she shouted out, holding onto the chair for support.

"She isn't lying Anjali" armaan cried out, his heart was crying, crying for the girl he loved. "She's telling the truth, i heard it with my own ears" Anjali looked at him shocked.

"Heard what?" Anjali asked as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "HEARD WHAT ARMAAN?" she screamed out.

Armaan watched in agony, as tears were flooding away from both of her eyes, walking closer towards her, he took hold of her hand, making Anjali look into his eyes.

"I heard sakshi talking to a man this morning, when i had gone to the toilet, it was very early in the morning and she was talking to her love........... Yes Anjali the guy who she is married to, not shashank uncle but a guy called Dev" armaan said as Anjali looked at him, she didn't even say a thing in between; she just looked at him not even a single expression on her face.

"You're lying to me armaan" Anjali pushed him away, as she stumbled along the sides. "Ridhima killed my dad, if she hadn't come in the middle of that road, if she had been a good girl, and not thrown that ball too far than my dad would have been alive" she hiccupped along the way. "She killed him, she killed him!"

"No!" he screamed. Why doesn't she believe me? "No, she didn't, you wanna know the truth" he said determined to get all the things out today. "Come on i'll show you the truth"

He grabbed onto her hand, as Anjali looked at him shocked than ever, as he led her from her room as they started to walk to sakshi's room, Anjali was too into a shock to say or do anything, her mind was black, all she was thinking was 'Is ridhima actually the killer?'

"It's now or never, believe me or not. But you have to believe you're own mother" he said as anjali's face grew sober.

"Wait!" Anjali said as they stopped along the corridor, armaan looked at her, as tears were still coming down her eyes. "What were you doing at my house this morning?"

Armaan looked at her confused, while he tried to smile but through the tears he couldn't. "I'll tell you later" he said quickly

He grabbed on to her wrist again, as they both walked into sakshi's room, Anjali thought for her while, it was the first time she had ever been in sakshi's room.

"I never came into her room" Anjali whispered

Armaan smirked. "Have you thought about that maybe, she's hiding something from you" he made Anjali go back into her thoughts again. "Well today, all secrets over"

Armaan walked inside, locking the door, he looked around the room, he was outside this room in the morning. "Wait" he whispered. "Is Sakshi here now?"

"No she's gone out" Anjali whispered. "There's no point armaan, ridhima killed my father and that's the fact"

"Oh yeah, a daughter killed her own father" armaan laughed. "Sounds weird right?" he said challenging.

"The second wife of shashank gupta, killed shashank, because of property and wealth" anjali's head snapped his way. "Sounds very likely, right?" he smirked watching anjali's puzzled face. "She would never do that, yeah right" he said sarcastically.

Anjali walked over and sat down the bed in the room, her face drenched with tears, who was she supposed to believe? Her tears came down like a fountain, she wondered what was right, what she did was right?

"Did i do it right?" she asked out loud.

"No, you were wrong Anjali" armaan said back, as he walked with a tape in his hand.

"What's that?" Anjali asked narrowing her eyes.

Armaan signed. "This morning, when i walked outside this room, i heard sakshi talking" he spited her name out. "And so i put this small tape here, to tape record everything she says.

Anjali looked at him confused. "If you're wondering where i got the tape from, it from Muskaan's room, she has loads spares in there" he grinned widely.

"Here's your proof, hear it and then weep" he murmured as Anjali turned the tape on

"Of course darling, na, na they don't know about it yet.............. Come on his death anniversary is tomorrow. What do you think i should wear, white Uhhhh or red lovely, ha, ha i know, they are so gullible, especially Anjali, i had right in my trap the first day i put my leg in this house................. Muskaan, well if she's catching on then don't worry, i'll treat her the same way i treated ridhima, ha, ha......... poor, poor girls, they don't know what hit them. Awwwwwwww dev, i missed you too baby, it's hard to live without you.... well the next business trip, we both are going to Hawaii ok, away from here and then me and you................ *giggled* in one room, jannu..................... Marrying and killing that shashank was the best thing I've ever done, now the property and power will all me mine. Oops i mean ours..................... Bye jannu" *click*

"Believed me now?" he asked as he turned to see Anjali crying her eyes out. He walked over and sat on the bed beside her. "I'm sorry anji" he said as Anjali turned towards him and hugged him right away.

*sob* "I've ............ misunderstood my sister all these girls *sob* *sob* aww armaan, I've been awful *hiccup* she was always there for me *sob* she was there even when i said all these things for god knows how many years, and she *sob* she heard those hurtful things, she has a heart of an angel *sob*" she cried her eyes out on armaan's shoulder, as armaan soothed out her hair, keeping her calm.

"Shhhhhhh" he calmed her down. "You didn't see all this before Anjali, sakshi used you"

Anjali looked up. "I was the oldest; i should have trusted my sister" she cried louder. "But i didn't, i believed a witch over an angel" she said pouring out all her feelings

Armaan laughed. "She is an angel" he went into his own land, just thinking about ridhima got armaan turned on, everything about her was so revealing, she was beautiful from the outside and from the inside too. She was pure as heart; it was hard for anyone to hurt and angel like her.

"Armaan?" he snapped out of his thoughts, hearing anji calling his name out. He turned to look at her, her eyes puffed out, red and round. "I want payback" she said hard cored.

Armaan smirked. "What? You thought that i'm going to let that evil cow keep everything hidden. No way. She's getting what she deserves" he grinned as Anjali smiled back, as plan started coming up in their heads.

Anjali wiped her tears quickly, as she looked surprisingly at armaan. "I need to say sorry to ridhima"

"NO!" armaan screamed. Anjali looked confusingly at him.

"Why? I need to say sorry, she was right all along" Anjali said teary

Armaan felt really bad then, seeing the two sisters now apart from each other, and finally together. "No, tomorrow, we need to come up with a plan first" he nodded while Anjali agreed too.

"let's get out of here, before the evil women comes in" armaan put his hand out as Anjali took it and walked out of the room before sakshi could come back.

They both walked downstairs, laughing and walking, Anjali's make-up had all been trenched out from her face, and she just talked about how she should have believed in her sister instead of her step- mother.  As they reached at the bottom of the stairs, both of them had a smile on their faces, happy that everything was solved but then they smiled even more after hearing a sweet voice downstairs.

"No, no, not there, papa would hate that" armaan and Anjali smiled seeing ridhima's back towards him. "I want the flowers white, it's a death anniversary not a wedding" ridhima said sadly.

"Go on" armaan whispered into her ear.

Anjali was confused to what to say. "Ridhima!" she said loud.

Ridhima turned around, her face filled with fear, seeing armaan with Anjali; there was part in her heart which hurt very badly and then jealousy arousing through her.

"Sorry Anjali" ridhima lowered her head, while Anjali smiled at her sweet sister

Armaan saw the sweetness between the two sisters's now. He looked at Anjali, who was on the urge of crying a lot.

"Hmm, i prefer white too" Anjali said sweetly but tried to put the edge of it. "I want it done by tomorrow" she said cuttingly, walking across the room, she walked over to one of the workers.

Ridhima shook her head again; she was still in a daze. "Anjali are you ok?" ridhima called behind her, her eyes closed.

Armaan looked at ridhima, he laughed seeing her close her eyes, and the questions did make him want to giggle a bit more, Anjali turned around smiling at armaan.

"Yes i'm good" Anjali said hardly. "NOW GET BACK TO WORK" she screamed

Ridhima signed as she thought everything was back to normal, opening her eyes she found armaan smirking right at her, she lowered her eyes feeling his gaze crawling up and down her. But then ridhima remembered that he loved her and she loved him back, there was nothing in that, which could stop them from being together.

Walking closer to ridhima, armaan stood in front of her, he looked as she was blushing far too much, her eyes lowered gown, her lips lush are gorgeous as before, he lifted his hand and touched her lower lip, hearing her gasp, he loved the sound of that, it always drove he him mad, seeing her just blushing and gasping and then always giving in at the end.

"You look so beautiful today" he whispered in her ear.

Blushing again, ridhima's skin colour rose. "Thank you" she replied back with the same tone.

"What were you doing with Anjali di?" ridhima asked as anger was rising.

Smirking even more, armaan looked at her. "Oh is ridhima gupta jealous" he looked around the room.

Ridhima gaped at him. "No............. i was......... well just............ merely asking" ridhima stuttered.

"Yeah, yeah" he said in a non believing voice. "Come with me"

Before ridhima could ask and questions, armaan dragged her into a quiet corner, it was very dark, and there was no people around.

"Did i ever tell you, that you've gone mad" ridhima said annoyed.

Armaan just smirked back, and put her against the wall, his hands around both sides not letting her go.

"Yes" he whispered in her ear. "Mad for you" he said back kissing her neck.

Gasping harder, ridhima closed her eyes, letting around take over every part of her. She loved the way he kissed her neck, wondering of her ear, as he bit her, ridhima closed her eyes harder as he bit her neck, giving her a love bit and then sucking and kissing the same spot again and again making it even redder, she loved the way his hands curled through her fingers, pulling her closer, as he had her fingers behind her back not letting her go.

"I love you" he whispered and then placed his lips over hers, ridhima hesitated for a while, due to the surrounding, but then armaan made her forget everything, as his fingers were caressing her face so beautifully it made ridhima mindless for those seconds. As they kissed, their love together, pulling them even closer, just before armaan could pounce his tongue into ridhima, too take it into tonsil tennis, his name was being called out.

"Armaan?" Anjali voice came from afar.

Ridhima pushed armaan right away, holding her hand onto her heart, as she heard her heart beat racing far too hard, she watched as armaan was gazing right at her, his eyes hungry, hungry as hell, she knew he wanted more, he wasn't finished yet, there was much more coming from his side.

Ridhima shook her head. "Go armaan" ridhima said in quick breaths.

"I need you" he whispered as he moved forward and kissed her on the cheek and then left away from there.

Armaan walked away from there, his mind still occupied with ridhima's face, her lips, her eyes everything about her was just making armaan dizzier as each second past by, he wanted her to be in his arms again, he wanted her to be his completely...

"Armaan?" Anjali said, armaan snapped out of his thoughts.

Armaan was now even more annoyed. "WHAT" he screamed at her face.

All the workers turned to look at them, Anjali took a step back. "Calm soldier" she laughed. "We need to work on a plan for tomorrow"

"Why tomorrow?" armaan asked still dizzy from the kiss

She shook her head. "'Cause tomorrow is pa's death anniversary and tomorrow in front of all our friends and relatives this truth should be revealed" Anjali said as plans were making in her head.

Armaan looked at her annoyed. "Why did you have to call me now- don't argue- i was having such a great time, tch, uh i left ridhima there all by her-"

"You were with ridhima huh?" Anjali said smiling, as she watched armaan bit his tongue. "No- no, go on continue" Anjali said sarcastically. "My bad for interrupting you guys" she put her hands up like she was surrendering herself.

He looked down at his fingers. "I'm sorry" he whispered.

"Take good care of her" Anjali said, shocking armaan, he watched as she was smiling right at him.

Armaan smiled back. "Anji, call atul" before the words could leave his mouth, Anjali was already blushing her wits off. "Ohey hoye, no time for blushing, call atul ok, i'll go and get Rahul" armaan said quickly as he was about to leave

"Armaan!" Anjali called behind him. "What about Muskaan?" she asked. "She doesn't know the truth"

"Well, if i'm right, then wherever Rahul is Muskaan has to be with him" they both smiled at each other. "Meet me at my house ok" armaan said back, as he saw ridhima looking at him very confused.

"Ok then"...

to be continued....


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