Friday, 6 July 2018

Part 10 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

"Shreeya, thanks, tum jao, he will check later! " Shilpa said smiling at shreeya as shreeya left the cabin. Armaan's expression totally made it clear that there was somethig wrong.

"Armaan!" She called him softly. He looked up at her. The sight made her shiver in pain. His eyes were red. So much held in them. Pain. Anger. And many other emotions that were brutal, but hard to figure.

"How could she do this? How can she dare to do this?" He asked her softly, yet inocently. He hugged her, as tears made their way out of his eyes.

"Armaan, Who is Vanessa Cathie Brown?" She asked. More like demanding, though her voice was soft and caring.

"My love, my first love!" He replied in a hoarse whisper. She shuddered. And he felt it.

"Mind elaborating?" She asked as he came out of hug. He nodded and moved out of the cabin, signalling her to follow behind. Shilpa fell into the path behind him as he led her to his cabin. He looked for the letter, finding it at the edge of the table he took it with shivering hands and went out of the cabin yet again.

Shilpa confused went behind him, as he led her to the terrace.
He settled down against the wall. His back supported by the wall. Shilpa took the place beside him. He closed his eyes before he started.

"It was a week or so after you left. I use to go to your house and jump over the backyard wall, sitting on the platform where we use to sit and talk in those days. I was missing you! I had no one anymore who i could be with what I am. I use to hide from my friends. Just to save my play boy, populer image." He laughed a little, and than continued, staring ahead. "I didnt know that Brown family had shifted in their, that week. I as usual went there, just to find me a companion. She was just like any other girl at school. But she was more beautiful. But i guess, i did forgot the proverb 'never judge book by its cover, and never judge a book by its movie'. We started to like each other, and soon fell in love. Maybe. I dont even know if it was love." Armaan stopped, and looked at shilpa. She wasnt looking at him. She was just staring ahead hugging her knees close. He took a deep breath and continued.

"I still remember that day clearly. I was really happy, because I was going to propose her for marriage that day. My mom and dad didnt want me to marry a christian. But I argued. And they finally agrred, unwillingly. I went to her house where I found no one. The house was empty. I had the keys, so I went up to her room to check if she is sleeping or something. But she wasnt there either. I was about to go when her private phone in her room rang. It was a message from someone."


Armaan stood rooted to the spot as her heard the message.

"'Hey honey! You already left? Come on fast. I am waiting at sea wave. My room no. is 324. If you wanna kno more, call me. your phone switched off, so called here. See you soon honey, love ya!"'

Armaan went towards the phone and listened to the message again. Just making sure he didnt make any mistake. He drove to Sea wave hotel, one of the most expensive hotel.
He stood there outside the room 324. Sighed. Dared to open the door. He thought it would be locked. But it wasnt. As soon as he opened the door, the sight left the earth from beneath. Vanessa and the 'dude', were cuddled together in the Queen size bed. Vanessa suddenly looked up at him straightening up.

"Ammy, what are you doing here?" She asked in her stiff american accent.

"Nothing van, was just making sure my girlfriend isnt cheating on me. Guess, i did better find another one." Armaan snapped at her.

"Hey dude, what your problem huh? She is with me, co'z I have money. You got nothing dog" The guy with her rose from the bed towards him. Armaan made a peace sign at him, asking him to calm down.

"Peace, peace dude! Dont worry, you have got ALL of Her!" Armaan cleared out stressing on All.
And left for the exit banging the door on their face.

Flashback ends

"That was the last time I saw her. I was all changed. I did not trust anyone anymore. I just wanted to be alone. But I do not know why, with you, I feel I am not alone. I have someone who cares for me." Armaan completed.

He looked at Shilpa who was now on the verge of crying. She was surely controlling very hard.

Armaan stood up to leave when she got hold of his wrist. Armaan looked at her.
"Do you know, how much you have hurt your parents?" She asked him, as if the story was nothing about his first love as he called it. Armaan frowned. Then realized what she meant. He suddenly felt guilty. He put his hand on hers and sad down on his knees before her.

"Oh my god shilpa, I never thought of that! I have ignored them since that day and...Oh shit! How can I do that to them?"

"You still have time Armaan, Go and live the life to its fullest." She said smiling at him. Suddenly he noticed the letter hr did crumpled while talking. He ook it and tore it into tiny bits. And let the pieces fly in the air before they sat down to the earth due to gravitational force.
Shilpa smiled. They went back together to complete their pending work.

"Rahul!" Shilpa screamed at top of her lungs as she flunged her arms around a man with tanned perfect body in an orange shirt with green eyes beaming with happiness.

"Heyy Princess!" He said hugging her back.

"OMG rahul! I missed you so much!" She cried happily.

"Aww! Really? I didnt know that,, warna mein jaldi aa jata!" Rahul said coming out of hug just to get a smack on his arm by Shilpa.

"Very funny! Achha mujhe bata, how is Muskaan? and what did she say? Does she feel the same? Please tell me everything." Shilpa said excitedly.

"Woah! Chill lady! I will tell ya! She is fine. And I she said yes!" He said blushing and scrathing his head trying to hide his embarassment.

"Oh My Gosh! Rahul you are blushing! " Shilpa said throwing her head back and laughing hard. " OK, come on mein tumhe apne boss se milwati hu!"

"Boss se? Tum toh aise keh rahe ho jaise apne pyaar se milwa rahi ho!" He said laughing hard.

"Haww! Do dungi na!" She said smacking him again and laughed with him.

"Ok, ok! Chalo Princess, lets go!" He said, as she rushed out of her cabin towards Armaan's Cabin.



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